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Money-Saving Ways to Homeschool!

Homeschooling comes with lots of perks. We have the freedom to customize our children’s education and be flexible on when, where, and how we do it. We have the ability to make changes mid-year if needed and take breaks when it becomes too much Even with those bonuses, the downside to homeschooling can be the cost. Many states do not provide homeschooling parents with any assistance when it comes to homeschooling materials so we are left to fend for ourselves. 

So, what can we do to help make homeschooling possible but stay within the budget


Hit Those Sales


Like any budgeting project, it is important to know when to buy what things. Many places have back to school sales each year that can help you find some fun homeschool supplies as cheaper costs. If you are lucky, you might even have a tax free day or weekend to save even more! 

I also save money by checking out the Homeschool Buyers Co-op for great deals on specific curriculums and resources. It is free to join so no risk involved and the deals change often so if you don’t see anything useful today just wait and try again in a few weeks! 



Use Free Online Resources  

Another way to save some money is by finding free online resources

Free curriculum might not be perfect and you might have to modify it to work for your homeschooler but it is FREE! There are many different sites out there so take a while and find the best fit for your family that will require the least amount of tweaking.

If you can’t find a curriculum you love, you can find free resources that can help you piece together a curriculum to use for your year. This was what I did for the first few years of our homeschooling. It wasn’t always easy but it was cheap and it worked well for us. 


Try Unit Studies 

Unit studies are another great option to homeschooling cheaply. Themed lessons allow for you to pull from may different resources (online and offline) and to do it for free. 

I have lots of unit study ideas in the explorations for kids directory but those are just a few suggestions there are premade ones all over the web. Try some state unit study supplements. Do you have avid readers? Then try a literature-based unit study.  If you can’t find one you love then try your hand at creating your own! This also works great for those reluctant to do work homeschoolers. Let them pick the topic and build around it. Do they love spiders? Learn about spiders for science, find out what spiders live where for geography, ready Charlotte’s Web for reading, and so on. 


Find Used Materials 

My favorite money-saving way to shop for homeschooling is by buying used school materials. There is something satisfying about finding exactly what you need for a few bucks! 

  • Check out the local second-hand shops.  
  • Try our homeschool classifieds online.  
  • Don’t forget to visit your library’s book sale. Many homeschoolers just donate those used materials there. 
  • If you are looking for something specific try eBay or Better World Books.
  • Look for homeschool swap events happening near you or take the lead and put together one of your own! 


Homeschooling cheaply is possible. It might take a bit more work but with the internet, it becomes so much easier. Do you have a money-saving tip to homeschooling? Let me know in the comments below! 


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