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Nexbooks Review



Quick Overview 

Grades Covered: 5-12

Religious Affiliation: None

Complete Curriculum: No (with the exception of math) 

Record Keeping: No (does offer certificate upon completion) 

Nexbooks Information 

Nexbooks was founded by Ryan Teves, a credentialed math & science teacher/ director of a learning center. Nexbooks focuses on the reality that all people learn at different paces and have different interests, which has been largely ignored in traditional schooling models. With this in mind, Nexbooks has strived to create courses with completely varying focuses, from hands-on and computer tech, to music, math, & languages, they have set out to make learning relevant and individualized. 


Nexbooks Courses

Nexbooks offers courses directed at middle and high school students. Nexbooks courses are like textbooks, but where every page is a video and the quizzes grade themselves. These courses are self-paced and self-grading, and they provide a certificate of completion when all quizzes and chapter tests are successfully completed. 



  • Build Your Own Computer

Building a computer almost feels like a “rite of passage”  for most computer engineers. This course helps to facilitate that first step and get your student on the right track of computer engineering. (Note: You must find/buy your own computer parts for this course, but the course will guide you on that as well.)


  • 3D Printing 

This course teaches the nuts and bolts of how to choose, use, and master a 3D printer. 



  • Math 6A
  • Math 6B
  • Math 7A
  • Math 7B
  • Math 8A
  • Math 8B
  • Algebra 1A
  • Algebra 1B



  • Know Your Car

This course is practical and fun but should also be considered mandatory for those near driving age. 


  • Know Your House

How much do you know about your house? Can you turn off the water to your house in an emergency?  This course is designed to teach you about your house, inside and out, so that you can maintain it and even potentially improve it.


  • How To Adult 

From career and taxes to loans and citizenship, this course breaks down what everyone should know in adulthood, and is presented in a way that anyone can understand.  



  • Introduction To Drums 

Drums are a fun instrument, but without help, they may seem rather mysterious. This course removes that mystery and aims to have kids armed with several common “beats” by the end of their studies. From “how to hold the sticks,” and “identifying the parts of the set,” to common rock and reggae beats, this is truly an “intro” course on drums but will also prepare kids to join their first band, if they choose! (Note: You must find/buy your own drums for this course, but the course will guide you on that as well.)


  • Kid Business Owner

You’re never too young to start your own business, and in this course, kids will learn the nuts and bolts of starting and running a business. Aside from being extremely practical, this class is super fun and gets kids thinking like entrepreneurs rather than employees!


  • Kid Investor



  • Conversational Hebrew

Did you know that after Israel, the United States has the largest Hebrew speaking population in the world? This course will help you be able to understand and speak some basic Hebrew. 



  • What Is A Virus?

This is a short course that focuses on just viruses and their interactions with humans. The behaviors of viruses are nothing short of bizarre, and this class is a great introduction to how they behave. 

Nexbooks also has many new courses being added soon.

Nexbooks Assessment

  • Nexbook courses are very self-contained and thorough, making it easy for homeschool parents to provide their children with education on topics that they may not be knowledgeable in. 


  • I love the variety of course electives available. Courses like Knowing Your Car and Kid Investor are topics that are not ones that most homeschool families would think of teaching, so these options help to expand the idea of skills and knowledge children can learn while homeschooling. 


  • The course videos are vibrant and interesting. Students who enjoy YouTube videos will find these engaging, making the learning feel secondary to the enjoyment. 


  • The certificates that Nexbooks provides after the students complete a course are perfect for documentation in their homeschool portfolios.


Pricing Information 

 $99 per year, for unlimited courses


Top 5 Things We Like about Nexbooks  

  1. The unlimited courses for one low price.
  2. The quality of the course videos.  
  3. The variety of skills taught through the courses.  
  4. The fact that all courses are self-paced.
  5. The certificates upon course completion. 


Nexbooks is part of our 

Written in paid partnership with Nexbooks. All opinions are our own.

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