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Oak Meadow Kindergarten + K-3 Essentials Package Review



Quick Overview 

Grades Covered: K

Religious Affiliation: Secular 

Complete Curriculum: Yes 

Record Keeping: Yes (includes assessment reports within the package) 

Oak Meadow Kindergarten + K-3 Essentials Package Information 

Oak Meadow Information: 

Oak Meadow is one of the few providers of secular homeschooling curriculum on the market. The Oak Meadow curriculum provides students and families with an accessible, well-rounded, and academically complete education for their entire school year. Oak Meadows products are creative, hands-on, and rigorous, with many nature-based projects in the early grades and a wide variety of engaging assignments and projects in every grade from K-12.


Kindergarten plus K-3 Essentials Package Information:

Oak Meadow’s Kindergarten plus K-3 Essentials Package curriculum is inspired to use the natural creativity, open-heartedness, and imaginative way that young children meet the world. 

For Language Arts, the Kindergarten plus K-3 Essentials Package uses a rich tradition of oral language and classic stories to provide the foundation for your child’s first exploration into the world of literacy. The curriculum provides students with an immersive experience in a language-rich environment as they listen to stories, recite poetry, and learn new songs. Children are taught letter fluency through activities that engage the student artistically, physically, and musically. Emphasis is also placed on integrating the sounds and shapes of each letter in preparation for Grade 1.

For Math, the Kindergarten plus K-3 Essentials Package gently introduces students to the world of numbers through play-based activities, crafts, and storytelling. The curriculum builds math skills through working with patterns, grouping, and sorting, and learning to draw geometric shapes.

Science, Arts & Crafts, Music & Movement, and Health round out the Kindergarten experience in the Kindergarten plus K-3 Essentials Package. Each week students participate in nature walks, watercolor painting, puppetry, storytelling, circle songs and games, cooking, gardening, movement activities, and imitative games. A healthy, nurturing rhythm of learning is established that will serve you and your child for years to come.


Kindergarten plus K-3 Essentials Package projects, crafts, and activities through the year include:

  • Leaf prints
  • Flower pressing
  • Sewing hand puppets
  • Baking bread
  • Making musical instruments
  • Finger knitting
  • Alphabet board
  • Beeswax numbers


The Kindergarten plus K-3 Essentials Package includes: 

  • Kindergarten Coursebook
  • Kindergarten Resource Book
  • Heart of Learning

This resource provides important support and guidance for the homeschooling parent through a series of essays on the educational philosophy and learning principles behind the early grades of Oak Meadow. It includes information on child development as well as suggestions on how to develop your skills as a home teacher.

  • Oak Meadow Guide to Teaching the Early Grades 

This resource includes practical information on how to present the lesson material, as well as an extensive collection of songs, poems, and action verses that you’ll be using through the early grades.

  • Oak Meadow Crafts for the Early Grades

This resource includes all the instructions for crafts and projects.

  • Oak Meadow Circle Time CD

This resource provides musical inspiration for your circle time and includes all the songs listed in the Oak Meadow Guide to Teaching the Early Grades.

  • Healthy Living from the Start

This resource offers a wide range of activities around health-related topics. Each lesson includes a set of activities to choose from for each grade level, making it easy to use with children of different ages.

*The Kindergarten Craft Kit is not included in the Kindergarten plus K-3 Essentials Package; however, it can be purchased as a kit or as individual items.

Oak Meadow Kindergarten + K-3 Essentials Package Assessment

  • Oak Meadow curriculum isn’t just a school curriculum but an immersive all-day learning experience with activities from morning to bedtime to help your homeschooler learn. This fits well into a homeschool lifestyle as our children are constantly learning. 


  • I love the connection between learning and nature found within the Oak Meadow Kindergarten + K-3 Essentials Package. My children looked forward to the activities like creating letters in nature, finding letters in nature, and making science and nature observation. 


  • The Kindergarten + K-3 Essentials Package is a self-containing curriculum that provides all the materials to get your homeschooler learning. The stories are provided, and the additional materials are listed clearly.


  • The overview in the Kindergarten + K-3 Essentials Package gives great insight into the skills and topics that will be covered for each semester. This can be a great resource for homeschool parents to keep as a reference on their child’s education goals and accomplishments for the year. This also fits nicely in the homeschool portfolio for documentation. 


Pricing Information 

Kindergarten + K-3 Essentials Package – $580

Kindergarten + K-3 Essentials Package – Digital – $399

Kindergarten + K-3 Essentials Package and Kindergarten + K-3 Essentials Package – Digital – $863

Kindergarten Craft Kit – $140


Top 5 Things We Like about Oak Meadow Kindergarten + K-3 Essentials Package

  1. The comprehensiveness of the curriculum. 
  2. The connections with nature provided in the curriculum.
  3. The all-day learning experience. 
  4. The documentation resources of overviews and assessments. 
  5. The flexibility to purchase the curriculum physically, digitally, or bundled. 


Oak Meadow is part of our 


Written in paid partnership with Oak Meadow. All opinions are our own.


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