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Power Homeschool Review



Quick Overview 

Grades Covered: K-12 

Religious Affiliation: None 

Complete Curriculum: Yes

Record Keeping: Yes/Automatic 

Power Homeschool Information 

Power Homeschool LogoPower Homeschool is the official provider of Acellus courses for homeschooling students. With this program, homeschoolers can provide their children with the same Acellus courses that are used in thousands of schools nationwide.

Power Homeschool contains course materials that are standards-based and provides a complete online learning experience in each subject area.

Each student may take up to six courses simultaneously and the selection of courses may be adjusted at any time.



  • Video-based lessons
  • Interactive practice problems
  • Help videos for difficult concepts
  • Reviews & exams
  • Memorization drills
  • Digital books
  • Onsite lesson plans

Power Homeschool’s course set-up allows students to work on their own schedule and at their own pace. If a child is struggling, the system will provide additional practice and instruction to assist the student in learning the material. If a student is advancing quickly, the system will assess the students’ mastery and move them forward in the lessons and concepts. 


Elementary Grades

Elementary courses are designed for kindergarten to fifth-grade students. Parents can select up to six courses for their homeschoolers. Subjects covered in this grade groups are mathematics, language arts and reading, science, social studies, and electives. The electives offered for the elementary grades include coding, engineering, and more. 


Middle School Grades 

Middle school courses are designed for grades sixth to eighth grade. These courses are created to prepare students for high school expectations and expand on the general courses offered in the elementary grades. Parents can select up to six courses for their homeschoolers. Subjects covered in this grade group are mathematics, language arts and reading, science, and history, social studies, and electives, plus emotional and physical health. Middle school students are also offered the ability to enroll in foreign language courses. Currently, the languages offered are German, French, and Spanish. The electives offered for middle school grades include coding, ecology, music, and more.


High School Grades 

High school courses are designed for grades ninth to twelfth. These courses are created to help students prepare for future career paths. Parents can select up to six courses for their homeschoolers. Students are offered courses in the core subjects of mathematics, language arts and reading, science, and history, social studies, as well as, emotional and physical health. Foreign language is also offered in the languages of German, French, and Spanish. In addition to these courses, the high school grades are offered electives tailored to a variety of career and technical courses. The career and technical courses include computer science, management, plumbing, and more. 



Power Homeschool provides automatic record-keeping that will keep track of your child’s progress, attendance, and report card (complete with GPA).

  • Progress Reports are made available to the parents and to the students. The reports note the grades received by the student in each course and the scoring of each lesson completed. 
  • Attendance is recorded automatically as the students log into the program. An attendance report is available to print that will show days the student worked and for how many hours they were active on the program. 
  • Power homeschool also offers parents access to their Live Monitor tool. This tool keeps track of the student’s progress and alerts the parent when the student may be having trouble with a problem, lesson or concept. 


Other Notable Features: 

  • Power Homeschool is open for registrations year-round so you may start at any time. 
  • Homeschooling can continue during the summer if you choose to do so. 


Power Homeschool Assessment

  • Power Homeschool is a complete curriculum, making it perfect for the homeschool parents that do not want or do not feel comfortable creating their own curriculum. 


  • I am impressed with the number of electives they offer for each grade group. There is something there that would interest both of my children and help them advance their interests into possible career choices. 


  • The variety of lesson formats keep learning interesting and help reach children at all of their learning preferences.


  • Power Homeschool also provides great audio consistency. I have used many programs that have rough audio that varies in quality from lesson to lesson. Power Homeschool offers audio that is clear and consistent throughout, which makes it easy to follow.   Plus, the audio isn’t computerized or monotone. 


  • The animation and graphics are polished and professional allowing for the student to focus on learning.  


  • Power Homeschool provides a short video lesson taught by a teacher who is an expert in their field. I love the presentation quality in these videos. The teachers teach directly to the child behind the screen and it is like being in the same room with them. They also bring a sense of whimsy to the lessons to make it entertaining as well as educational.  


  • I love the fact that there are extra help videos for students that need it. They are very well put together and help explain the instruction without being overkill or redundant.  


  • The Live Monitor tool is a great feature to have as a homeschooling parent. I love that I can feel secure to let my child use the program at their own pace and time without having to be over their shoulder. The security knowing I will be alerted of any issues is a huge plus for this program. 


  • The cost of Power Homeschooling is quite low for the amazing quality and variety of features included in this program. 


Pricing Information 

Power Homeschool provides two payment options. Families can pay $25 a month per student or yearly at $250 per student. 

Power Homeschool also offers you the ability to cancel within 7 days for a full refund. Plus the benefits of no contracts and the flexibility to cancel at any time.


Top 5 Things We Like about Power Homeschool 

  1. The quality of the curriculum. 
  2. The price point and flexibility of canceling. 
  3. The ease of use and the capability of low parental involvement.
  4. The automated record keeping, especially the Live Monitor tool.
  5. The varied course features. 


Power Homeschool is part of our 








Written in paid partnership with Power Homeschool. All opinions are our own.

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