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Time4Learning Demos

Time4MathFacts Review


Quick Overview 

Grades Covered: 2-5

Religious Affiliation: None 

Complete Curriculum: No 

Record Keeping: Yes

Time4MathFacts Information

Time4MathFacts uses the ease of technology to motivate and engage students to help them learn and master math facts. Math facts are the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These operations are the foundation elements to higher-level math concepts your homeschoolers will encounter later in their education. 

Time4MathFacts is recommended for grades 2nd-5th grade. However, it can be used to help older students that need help with math fact fluency. 



When your student first logs onto Time4MathFacts, they will find a cast of amusing characters. These characters will help to keep them interested and motivated while they are playing. Crabby the Crab helps to explain the program and also does some initial assessments to help place the student in the correct fact families. Then the students head to the carnival where they meet Dwight the Bunny who also completes some other assessments in the form of carnival games to help with placement. Through the carnival games, the students will earn their island-hop ticket to move on to the game section. 

In the game section, students will find a variety of games. In the beginning, two games are offered: “Ninja to the Stars” and “Wind Rider.” Students will start first with fact families, and as they show progress, they will be moved into different games to build their confidence and keep them learning. 

Feedback is another big key to the Time4MathFacts program. Consistent rewards for effort and improvement help with confidence and encouragement. Time4MathFacts completes this through a system called the green light feature. This indicator that is located on the top right of the screen helps your child know when they have reached their daily usage requirement based on their answers and not time played. Over time, as your child reaches the green light, they will gain tokens to use in the program store and to grow their progress tree. Continued green light achievements also unlocks more games over time. 


Parent Reports

Time4MathFacts offers parents quick overview reports as well as in-depth insights to fit whatever your homeschool needs may be.  All of this information can be found on the parent’s dashboard. 


Parent Dashboard Information

  • The Overview section provides quick data of usage, fluency, and green light achievements. 
  • The Fact details on what fact families your child is fluent in, not fluent in, and not assessed on yet. 
  • The Milestones section keeps track of milestones reached, what date they were achieved, what assignment it was on, and the ability to print certificates to celebrate those milestones.
  • The Usage chart details minutes per day, number of days, and number of weeks used.
  • The Fluency growth section details the facts gained and green light usage. 


Other Things to Note:

  • It is recommended that students use Time4MathFacts at least three days a week. However, your homeschoolers can play it more frequently if they want.
  • Parents will be alerted if the child’s usage is low. 
  • Time4Learning members using the elementary program automatically gain access to Time4MathFacts with no additional cost.
  • Time4MathFacts is aligned with math standards.
  • Time4MathFacts runs on PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad, and Android tablets. It works best with the latest versions of Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.
  • You must be connected to the internet to use Time4MathFacts. 

Find more information in the Time4MathFacts FAQs.


Time4MathFacts Assessment

  • My children enjoyed the ability to create their own avatars at the beginning. They also liked the fact that they can modify them further with items from the shop as they reach green lights and earn tokens.


  • The instruction on how to use the program is given by a fun character named Crabby the Crab, which had my homeschoolers interested in the first few minutes. 


  • The carnival games led by Dwight the Bunny are fun and a fantastic low-stress way to help the students prepare for further gameplay. 


  • The first game, “Ninja to the Stars,” was easy to understand but was engaging enough to keep my children playing for a long time. Both were motivated to keep going and loved the extra bonuses they could grab along the way. My son especially liked the additional dangers included in the game so that it felt more like a videogame than a learning game after a while. 


  • The second game, “Wind Rider,” felt a little more relaxed during play. Both of my children enjoyed avoiding all the different obstacles and came back to play this one multiple times.


  • We all loved the graphics in this program. They are smooth and helped expand the learning instead of being distracting, as I have seen in other game-based programs. 


  • We loved the different voices of the characters during each section. Our favorite was Dwight the Bunny that runs the beginning carnival games. 


  • The instant feedback through the greenlight was a perfect way to signal to my children when they had practiced enough.


  • It does take a while for the parent reports to update after your child plays for the day. For us, it was only a couple of hours, but the site does say it can take about a day. This wasn’t necessarily an issue but something to keep in mind while using the program. 


  • Initially, there are only two games unlocked. As the student completes the specified number of Green Light Days, more games are unlocked. This was a bit stifling for my children, who were ready to try something new after day two. 


  • The price for Time4MathFacts is quite low for families with one or two children; however, a family purchase option would be a nice option for those with more homeschoolers. 


Pricing Information 

Time4MathFacts is $39.95 per student per year with a 14 day 100% money-back guarantee. 


Top 5 Things We Like about Time4MathFacts

  1. The gameplay is set up with engaging graphics and amusing characters. 
  2. The program’s ability to run on PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad, and Android tablets. 
  3. The low cost ($39.95/student/year). 
  4. The adapting ability to meet your child where they need extra help. 
  5. The printable certificates for completing math facts. 


Time4MathFacts is part of our  

 Written in paid partnership with Time4MathFacts. All opinions are our own.


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