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Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Resources

Charlotte Mason Curriculums and Free Charlotte Mason Homeschool Resources

Charlotte Mason Curriculums
By Mindy Scirri, Ph.D.

If you are considering or actively using the Charlotte Mason homeschool method, you need resources! Luckily, there are curriculums—both Christian and secular—as well as other educational materials—like Charlotte Mason living books—that can provide a basis and inspiration for your homeschool. A2ZHomeschooling is here to help with some resources to get you started!

Charlotte Mason Curriculums, Programs, and Materials

Free Charlotte Mason Curriculum and Materials

Additional Charlotte Mason Homeschool Resources

*This post contains affiliate links. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission. Although many of the resources listed here are free, those marked with a $ have a cost or require a fee/subscription in order to access the full range of materials.


Charlotte Mason Curriculums, Programs, and Materials

As a homeschooling approach rooted in Christianity, there are plenty of Charlotte Mason resources out there with a religious foundation. What you may not know is that there are also some secular Charlotte Mason curriculums and materials ready to use without modification, too. Explore the list below for ideas about what could work in your homeschool—whether it is a Christian or secular homeschool:


A Gentle Feast $
Following A Gentle Feast has breathed life and beauty into our homeschool. It has been a night and day difference. I took the plans I used for my own family and packaged them to share with others. I wanted other homeschooling parents to find the freedom and peace I found in implementing Charlotte Mason’s methods and philosophy in our home.

Copywork: A Workbook Collection of Aesop’s Fables for Children: Grades 1-4 $
By Wildflower Press (Author)
From the beloved Aesop’s for Children, this collection of Fables, combined with lined handwriting pages, is perfect penmanship practice for early writers.

The History Book of Centuries: A Portable Timeline for Charlotte Mason and Classical Education Students $
By Anna Travis (Author)
The Homeschool History Book of Centuries gives a double page spread to the earliest historical eras. As students move forward along their timeline, they will find more pages for each century, giving them room to record personal interests such as family history. […] Note: A Charlotte Mason-style book of centuries is meant for students to record the history they are studying. This is a project they will fill out over several years, so that they can see how history overlaps. It is not a pre-filled list of dates and history.”

Learning Cursive in Narnia: Cursive Handwriting Practice $
By Robyn Joyner (Author)
Cursive workbook designed to give meaningful handwriting practice through copywork of beloved classic literature. Can be used as a first introduction to cursive or penmanship practice for teens and adults. Includes Cursive Alphabet Reference Chart (D’nealian Script), upper- and lower-case practice, Narnia-related word practice, and quotes for copywork. This book is perfect for use in homeschool, classroom, during summer, or anytime your child needs handwriting practice. Ages 2nd to 5th learning cursive beginners, and 6th to adult practicing their penmanship.” Workbooks also available for The Hobbit, Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, and more.

Living Books Curriculum $
Living Books Curriculum is a K-8 Christian homeschooling solution based on the visionary philosophy of British educator, Charlotte Mason. Living Books Curriculum offers homeschooling parents Teaching Guides, Subject Guides, and Classic Living Books, along with competent, caring support whenever you have questions in the process of educating your children at home. Using high-quality literature and real-life experiences, Living Books Curriculum emphasizes oral expression to promote literacy, learning, and strong character. Our curricula exceed national standards and honor children as people with unique, God-given gifts and talents. Living Books Curriculum provides instruction in all the traditional subjects such as history, language arts and science, and incorporates classic literature, music, fine art, nature studies, narration, storytelling, and the use of local resources to create an atmosphere of love and learning.”

Simply Charlotte Mason $
Homeschool your children with the enjoyable SCM Charlotte Mason curriculum. We’ll show you how to confidently teach your whole family together using the Charlotte Mason method, living books, and our open-and-go daily plans. You will find all the support you need to be successful in our Learning Library articles and videos, our encouraging discussion forum and live events, and our helpful weekly blog articles and podcast.”

Writing Through Ancient History Level 1: Cursive Models  $
By Kimberly Garcia (Author)
A complete open-and-go writing program for students in grades 1 to 3 that is based on the teaching methods of Ms. Charlotte Mason. Children learn to write complex sentences by copying passages from living books, and they learn to spell and punctuate via studied dictation. Along with writing instruction, children using this volume learn about ancient history through interesting historical narratives, poetry from or about ancient times, and fun cultural tales from around the world. This new writing series, Writing Through History, is an elementary grade writing curriculum that combines writing, history, and handwriting practice all in one workbook. […] Available for ancient history, medieval history, early modern history, and modern history.




A Quiet Growing Time: Charlotte Mason with Your 3–6-Year-Old | Juniper Pines $
Confidently create a magical Charlotte Mason lifestyle for your littles. You’ll learn how to apply Charlotte Mason’s ideals to modern life, how to create a peaceful rhythm to your days, how to effortlessly incorporate by-the-way geography and nature connection into your outside time, simple hacks that make storytelling easy, and more, all in a practical and down-to-earth way.

Build Your Library $
“Education is not one size fits all. I’ve spent years creating a secular homeschool curriculum that takes a literature approach to educating children in all the subjects you’d learn in public school – only better. My focus is on education with all the essential foundations built into a Charlotte Mason-inspired curriculum that is progressive and fun. Your children will learn subjects like history, literature, science, and language arts – just to name a few.”

Fun Facts Copywork #1 Mammals: Print Handwriting Practice Workbook for Kids $
By Wildflower Press (Author)
“Short mammal facts for handwriting practice. Perfect for elementary age children. Over 60 fun mammal facts for copywork. Read, trace, write and draw for great practice in handwriting. Great open-and-go practice that includes reading, writing, and drawing. Also available in cursive!”

Living Geography for the Primary Grades: Secular Charlotte Mason for the 21st Century $
By Charlotte Mason (Author), Marjorie Lang (Author)
Finally, Charlotte Mason’s Elementary Geography has been completely updated and revised for a modern, secular audience. Includes supply lists, notes for teaching lessons, poems from diverse poets, and digitally enhanced illustrations. No need to edit on the fly, the work has been done for you! Collect your supplies in a handy box, then just open and go. Living Geography for the Primary Grades is sure to become a well-loved addition to your Charlotte Mason elementary homeschool.

Rooted Childhood $
I stumbled onto the Charlotte Mason educational philosophy and discovered the beauty of delaying formal academics. I started making our homeschool more about home and less about school. […] Rooted Childhood offers a seasonal collection of beautiful craft projects and opportunities for connection with your child. Each month contains an introductory section with everything you need to get started. You’ll find simple craft projects suitable for beginners with a detailed supply list, whole food recipes, ideas for family gatherings and celebrations, stories to tell aloud, seasonal poetry, songs and fingerplays, and picture book recommendations, all geared toward families with children from 3-8 years old.”

Wildwood Curriculum $
We at Wildwood Curriculum are excited to bring you a modern day secular curriculum based on the original works of 19th century educator Charlotte Mason that can be used by all families. We are busy building the curriculum as we go. Our team are busy homeschooling parents who are using the curriculum. […] You can follow our progress on our Facebook page, or on our user group. You can also listen to us chat about all things CM on our podcast, Stonechats.


Free Charlotte Mason Curriculum and Materials

Want some Charlotte Mason curriculum for free? How about ideas for how to do Charlotte Mason activities that are easy on the budget? Check out these free resources to use in your Charlotte Mason homeschool:

Cantiamo Tutti | Legends of the Staff of Musique
“Bring music into your everyday life by finding opportunities to sing with your wee folk! The Early Childhood Guide provides seasonal inspirations for incorporating music into your day with your young children. Included in the guide are lyrics and sheet music to the songs, instructions for creating simple musical instruments, musical book recommendations, and listening examples of songs to inspire your days full of music. ​Whether or not you already read music, you can sing with your children. Let us sing together! Cantiamo Tutti!”

A Charlotte Mason Approach to Math: Living Math | Homeschool.com
Read this article to discover free ideas about incorporating living math in your homeschool—an approach to math that is based on the Charlotte Mason concept of living-learning.

Ambleside Online
Ambleside Online is a free homeschool curriculum that uses Charlotte Mason’s classically-based principles to prepare children for a life of rich relationships with everything around them: God, humanity, and the natural world.

Enjoy the Summer…with a Charlotte Mason Flair | Homeschool.com
Check out this blog for some free ideas about how to include Charlotte Mason in year-round homeschooling—right through the summer months.

Hiking with Homeschoolers
“Hiking into nature provides the perfect environment for some whole learning that can cross the subject borders: physical education, science, history, social studies, literature, and art.” Read these suggestions for homeschool hiking by Sheri McGregor.


Additional Charlotte Mason Homeschool Resources

If all the above is not yet enough, here are just a few more homeschool resources that can make your Charlotte Mason homeschool even more effective and fun:

The Charlotte Mason Homeschool Journal & Delight Directed Learning Handbook $
By Sarah Janisse Brown (Author)
This curriculum handbook is designed to be used along with library books, audio books, tutorials, documentaries, and classical music. Unlike our other core journals, we tap into the Charlotte Mason method by incorporating Picture Study daily and creative writing/ narration sections. Make homeschooling fun for your students, while tapping into their interests and covering all the basic subjects.

Charlotte Mason Lesson Planner: Homeschooling Daily Plan and Schedule Notebook $
By M. Ramirez (Author)
“Perfect for homeschool families that use a Charlotte Mason curriculum. Planning your home education is important. This planner supports you in your development of the year ahead by planning daily your child’s learning goals and objectives, as well as providing a great reflection tool.

Charlotte Mason Wall Decal $
By CustomVinylDecor
Decorate your homeschool with these famous words from Charlotte Mason! “Easy to apply and lasts for years. High quality, industry leading vinyl materials. Proudly handmade in the USA. Perfect wall décor for any living space.”

Homeschool Planner and Organizer $
By Charlotte Mason (Author)
“With 122 fully customizable pages, here’s what you’ll find inside: customizable yearly view to help you map out the curriculum for the whole year; monthly pages to record your goals, important dates, ideas, and to dos; customizable weekly timetable that can be used to plan your lessons for the weeks ahead; grade tracker after each 4-week period to keep records of your children’s achievements; 6″ by 9″ so it is small enough to carry around in a handbag; enough pages to last you a whole year.”

Narration Notebook: Primary Ruled $
By Classical Charlotte Mason (Author)
Narration Notebooks provide students with a place to complete narrations and copywork for reading selections. Our Narration Notebooks have been tailored toward the needs of Charlotte Mason and Classical Education [students]. Inside each Narration Notebook you will find a space for picture narration and copywork in addition to written narration and copywork. If your student is not writing narrations yet, no problem! Simply note their narration on the lines for them as they narrate orally.”


What do you think is the best Charlotte Mason homeschool curriculum? If you know of other great Charlotte Mason homeschool resources, like Charlotte Mason living books you would recommend, let us know in the comments below!

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