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Charlotte Mason Method, Approach and FAQs


The A – B – C’s of Charlotte Mason
Designed for homes, private schools, and homeschools, her blend of practices includes Narration and copywork, Nature Notebooks, Fine Arts, Languages, a Literature based curriculum instead of textbooks, and real-life applications.

The Charlotte Mason Approach to Education
“Nourish a child daily with loving, right, and noble ideas… which may bear fruit in his life.”

Charlotte Masons Cure for Tired Text-taught Tots
“Never,” she writes, “be within doors when you can rightly be without.”

Charlotte Mason Home Education
Timeless Educational Ideas for Today’s Homes and Classrooms – This page will include tips, ideas, and recommended resources for Charlotte Mason home educators – Visit our website, too.

Karen Andreola, modern version Charlotte Mason method.

Karen Andreola is the author of the perennial bestseller A Charlotte Mason Companion:Personal Reflections on The Gentle Art of Learning™. The Andreolas were responsible for the modern day revival of the Charlotte Mason method of education dating back to 1988 when they republished Charlotte Mason’s 6 vol. Original Homeschooling Series. The modern day Charlotte Mason movement has been based largely on Karen’s practical interpretations and writings. Enjoy reading her inspiring blog: Moments with Mother Culture.

The Charlotte Mason Method
One of the first things that impressed me about Charlotte was her method of using whole books and first-hand sources. By Karen Andreola.

Hiking with Homeschoolers
Hiking into nature provides the perfect environment for some whole learning that can cross the subject borders: physical education, science, history, social studies, literature, and art. By Sheri McGregor.

Outdoor Adventure
Lessons in survival in the school of nature can be great fun for older homeschoolers.

Secular Charlotte Mason
I’m currently homeschooling my children, roughly, using the Charlotte Mason (CM) approach. We use a secular approach to it (vs the Christian approach which is most often attributed to CM) and tweak it wherever necessary for our purposes.

Simply Charlotte Mason
Helping you homeschool with the Charlotte Mason method. A Facebook page.


A Charlotte Mason Education
This approach advocates reading good books from original sources and spending lots of time in nature. Catherine Levison, author of A Charlotte Mason Education, explains what this method is for those who wish to delve more into the subject.

Charlotte Mason and Special Needs Children
It is time to take up the question of the child who is not normal, the child with problems – learning disabilities, handicaps. From the Charlotte Mason Study Loop.

In An English Garden
Catherine Levison writes in The Link: Charlotte Mason wrote extensively on various educational philosophies and she held to an unusual emphasis of taking children outside every day to be in direct contact with nature. She really means every day!

Is Charlotte Mason Unschooling?
CM looks to the children like unschooling. The lessons are short, on-topic, as interesting as possible. There are few if any textbooks or workbooks or drill sheets. By Lynn B Hocraffer.

More Charlotte Mason Resources

Charlotte Mason Curriculum Packages
Charlotte Mason Social Networks for Homeschoolers

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