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Charlotte Mason Social Networks for Homeschoolers

Join a social network to help you figure out how to blend the Charlotte Mason Method of education into your own family’s lifestyle.

Catholic Charlotte Mason & Vintage Homeschoolers
In this group anyone interested in Charlotte Mason homeschooling is welcome. Whether you use her method in a “pure” way, or use it in a relaxed fashion or in combination with other approaches, you will find a safe haven here. As long as you are not anti-Catholic, we’re happy to have you.

Charlotte Mason Email Lists
Yahoo lists about 116 email loops ranging from the philosophical to the regional or specifically about one aspect of the Charlotte Mason method, such as music.

Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers
ncorporate the ideology of Charlotte Mason into their daily curriculum. Whether you use CM in a loosely-based or purist style, share your ideas here.

Charlotte Mason Inspired homeschoolers
This is a group for those who partially or fully use the Charlotte Mason Method of homeschooling or want to learn more about the CM method. Secular Charlotte Mason homeschoolers are welcome along with Christian and Catholic ones.

Charlotte Mason Special Needs Homeschoolers
This group was created by a homeschooling mother of three children, two with special needs, who has been newly introduced to Charlotte Mason. This group is for new and veteran homeschooling moms who are using and have used a CM approach.

Charlotte Mason Study Loop
Our discussions are centered on Charlotte Mason philosophy, methods and applications, and suitable or adaptable curriculum. List mom is Lynn Hocraffer. Yahoo Group.

NW Charlotte Mason & Homeschooling
For CM style (or any style!) homeschooling families in the Pacific Northwest.

Secular Charlotte Mason
Have you been looking for a group of like-minded home schooling parents using CM’s home schooling philosophy in a secular manner? Welcome.

Unschooling Charlotte Mason
In this group we have a delightfully eclectic bunch of ladies…from unschoolers who are interested in incorporating the lovely ideas of the Charlotte Mason method into their family’s lifestyle of learning.

by Charlotte Mason
Read Inside
Home Education consists of six lectures by Charlotte Mason about the raising and educating of young children (up to the age of nine), for parents and teachers. She encourages us to spend a lot of time outdoors, immersed in nature and handling natural objects and collecting experiences on which to base the rest of their education. She discusses the use of training in good habits such as attention, thinking, imagining, remembering, performing tasks with perfect execution, obedience, and truthfulness, to replace undesirable tendencies in children (and the adults that they grow into). She details how lessons in various school subjects can be done using her approach. She concludes with remarks about the Will, the Conscience, and the Divine Life in the Child.

More Charlotte Mason Resources

Charlotte Mason Approach and FAQs
Charlotte Mason Social Networks for Homeschoolers

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