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Classical Home Education Programs for Christians

Homeschooling Programs using the Classical and Tutorial Methods of Education

This is just a sample of classical home education programs. Visit our Classical Christian Education for Homeschooling page for a more complete discussion.

An educational resource site that offers live online tutorials in Logic, Rhetoric, History, and Latin. We offer Classical Christian education with in-your-living-room convenience.

Classical Conversations
Our purpose is to lead the home-centered education movement by equipping parents and students of all grades with the classical tools of learning needed to discover the order and beauty of God’s creation and to inspire others to do the same.

Escondido Tutorial Service
Escondido Tutorial Service is a program dedicated to bringing classical Christian education to homeschoolers.

Logos Online School
Begun in 1981 by a small group of parents, Logos School offers a uniquely classical and Christian education for families which desire this kind of education.

Schola Classical Tutorials
Group tutorials over the internet in the subjects of a classical liberal arts curriculum: classical languages, the great books of literature and history, rhetoric, and logic.

Scholars Online Academy
A non-profit educational corporation chartered by the State of Louisiana. Genuine education begins and ends with love for and preservation of truth; that truth as such exerts an inherent moral force; that the pursuit of information without veneration of timeless truth is a waste of human energy.

TAC Summer Great Books Program
What better recommendation of a program such as this than by two homeschooling teens from high school. Site includes links to the official pages as well, at the Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, CA.

by Kevin Clark and Ravi Jain
Read Inside
This new booklet introduces readers to a paradigm for understanding classical education that transcends the familiar three-stage pattern of grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Instead, this booklet describes the liberal arts as a central part of a larger and more robust paradigm of classical education that should consist of piety, gymnastic, music, liberal arts, philosophy, and theology. The booklet also recovers the means by which classical educators developed more than just intellectual virtue (by means of the seven liberal arts) but holistically cultivated the mind, body, will, and affections. A must-read for educators wanting to take a second big step toward recovering the tradition of classical education.

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