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Global Village School

Educating for a better world.

Global Village School (GVS) offers an accredited, customizable, K-12 homeschool diploma program via online and text-based courses. Enrollment comes complete with individualized teacher services and the option to customize curriculum based on student interests, needs, and learning style.

GVS is an international school with a creative, flexible approach and an emphasis on peace, justice, diversity, and sustainability. Their mission is “to provide a transformative education that empowers students to cultivate their gifts and passions and prepares them to be wise and capable stewards of the planet and each other.”

GVS works with unschoolers, secular homeschoolers, Buddhists, Unitarian Universalists, Native American tribes, athletes, actors, children being bullied in school, students who are labeled learning disabled and more. The school supports all students in leading authentic and meaningful lives, so they can leave school feeling confident in their ability to make an impact on the world around them.

Global Village School Homeschool Founder, Sally Carless, Earns Peace Award

Whole Child, Healthy Planet
K-8 Curriculum Guides

The Global Village School K-8 program focuses on engaging the whole child. The curriculum combines a student-centered approach (creative, flexible, holistic, and experiential) with an emphasis on learning styles and developmental stages..

The K-8 curriculum guides are centered on the four core principles of the Earth Charter:

  • Respect and Care for the Community of Life
  • Ecological Integrity
  • Social and Economic Justice
  • Democracy, Nonviolence, Peace and Diversity.

While most standard curriculum is shaped by a textbook and a workbook, the Whole Child, Healthy Planet curriculum is built around the idea of “living books.” It covers all of the core academic subjects in a way that engages students through a sense of enchantment, awe, and wonder as well as through the incorporation of art, music, nature, imagination, and story.

“We received our Whole Child, Healthy Planet curriculum guide last week. We are so excited that we found Global Village School. I feel as though the curriculum was written for our family. I truly never thought I’d find a curriculum… that “fit” us, but now we have! Thank you for helping us navigate an even more meaningful path of homeschooling with our kids. The resource list in Whole Child, Healthy Planet allows me to spend a little less time hunting for the right materials and more time enjoying learning with my kids! What a gift. ~ ~ Parent, Beth Campbell-Rafdal.

Please feel free to investigate these independent reviews of our K8 curriculum:

The Global Village School High School Program

GVS offers text and web-based courses. Students are free to collaborate with their teachers to customize a curriculum to match their unique interests, needs, and learning styles. In addition to courses like U.S. History, World Literature, Chemistry, Trigonometry, and Algebra, each core academic area contains a course that takes up the themes of peace, justice, diversity, and sustainability. Students become familiar with inspirational role models like Gandhi, King and others through courses such as Reflections on Peacemaking, International Human Rights, and Environmental Science. Service Learning at GVS converts theory and idealism into meaningful action in the students’ local communities.

The course content often goes beyond the traditional curriculum to ask deep, meaningful questions about the world we live in. Here are some examples from the high school curriculum:

  • The Economics course poses questions such as:
    How are international monetary policies impacting the world? How are they impacting the lives of indigenous people and the state of the environment?
    What is the real cost of that pair of basketball shoes – what natural resources were used, who made them and under what conditions?
  • The U.S. Government class begins with the quote “Some men see things as they are and ask why. I dream things that never were and ask why not?” – Robert F. Kennedy.
  • The Buddhist Path to Peace course asks the question: “What is happiness?”

Students enrolled in the high school program receive yearly transcripts, credit reviews, and a diploma upon completion of our graduation requirements.

You are Already Learning – Why Not Get Credit For It?

GVS students can earn elective credit for many different kinds of life experiences! Activities such as traveling, participating in cultural events, performing in community theater, pursuing a career in athletics, starting a business, organic gardening, studying alternative medicine, working on a political campaign, volunteering at a botanical garden, publishing an alternative newspaper, operating a home recording studio — all can earn you high school credit. The world is your classroom!

What if you only want curriculum?

Some experienced homeschooling families are grow weary of creating their own curricular plans from scratch each year but they also don’t feel like they need teacher services. For families that do not wish to enroll we offer the option to purchase curriculum only.

Visit the Global Village School web site

Contact Global Village School

Web Address:

[email protected]

(805) 646-9792

Mailing Address:
Global Village School
PO Box 480
Ojai, CA 93024

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