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Homeschool Children In Entertainment Industry

Young entertainers and athletes often need especially accommodating studio tutors, willing to travel with them. Also, the laws regarding the tutoring of children in the entertainment fields are often stricter than with ordinary homeschooling.


How to Become a Studio Teacher
Contact the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for information on various types of teaching credentials and how to get them.

The Studio Teachers Local 884
FAQ, links, and a list of teachers who are members. Includes online Blue Book, a summary of California statutes and regulations governing the employment of minors in the entertainment industry.


British Columbia

Children in Film 
The British Columbia Employment Standards Act and Regulation sets out minimum working conditions for all workers covered under provincial labour laws. These web pages cover the special rules that apply to children in the film industry and their employers in British Columbia.


California On-Set Schooling
California has the most specific regulations about on-set schooling in the industry. Unlike some areas of the country where productions rely completely on SAG regulations for guidance, California actually legislated schooling requirements for kids working in the entertainment industry so that even non-union jobs must provide education. On a union job, when SAG and State regulations conflict, the more strict interpretation generally applies. Here’s the “Cliff Notes” of set schooling in California.

Chapter 6. Division of Labor Standards Enforcement 
Subchapter 2. Employment of Minors in the Entertainment Industry
Article 1. Motion Picture Industries. §11755.2. Use of Studio Teachers.

California Code of Regulations, Title 8
Chapter 6. Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
Subchapter 2. Employment of Minors in the Entertainment Industry


Illinois Compiled Statutes
Sec. 8.1. (a) Notwithstanding the provisions of this Act, minors under 16 years of age may be employed as models, or as performers on live or pre-recorded radio or television, or in motion pictures, or in other entertainment-related performances, subject to reasonable conditions to be imposed by rule of the Department of Labor. This Section shall not apply to employment covered under Section 8 of this Act. The Director of Labor, or his or her authorized representative, shall issue the waiver if, after investigation, he or she is satisfied that (i) the employment will not be detrimental to the health or welfare of the minor, (ii) the minor will be supervised adequately, and (iii) the education of the minor will not be neglected. See link and scroll to Sec 8.1.

Overview of State Regulation of Minors in the Entertainment Industry

Child Entertainment Laws As of January 1, 2016
Stay by state comparison of laws regarding children in entertainment including school laws.

A Minor Consideration
In these pages you will find many issues concerning children who work in the entertainment industry. The most critical factor we are currently dealing with is the crazy-quilt patchwork of laws that impact today’s working child.


Studio teachers certification database
From the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement website. This database contains the following information: Certificate number; Expiration date; Name; City; State; and Date of data. Check here to see if someone is state certified.


On Location Education (OLE)
Teaching service for performing children. Complete coordination of on-set education services for film, television, and theater productions, as well as for young athletes, recording artists, and celebrity clientele.

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