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Montessori Programs & Materials for Homeschoolers

Lisa Nolan Montessori
Offering Montessori on-line distance learning for parents, home school, teachers and aids by a certified Montessori teacher. (Formerly Montessori for the Earth)

Michael Olaf Publications
Buy Michael Olaf’s The Joyful Child (birth-3), and Child of the World (ages 3-12+) which are used as parent and teacher manuals, and as accessible introductions to Montessori philosophy. Kindle version.

Montessori Concepts
Montessori materials that are affordable to everyone while maintaining a certain quality level. We sell the core Montessori materials and employ a montessori consultant who develops new products.

Montessori for Everyone
As a Montessori teacher, I know that a prepared environment filled with high-quality, beautiful materials produces children who are curious, independent learners.

Montessori Materials for Homeschooling
Montessori Materials
From Amazon. Toys and games for sorting and learning basic skills. Sort by age range to get materials of older children to learn fractions and multiplication, for example.

Montessori Reading
A series of books that introduce phonetic letter sounds, phonogram combinations, reading simple sentences, and reading and writing words that name everyday objects. A teaching guide and a child’s journal are included.

Montessori Sensorial Education & Early Math Experiences
Montessori believed that you should introduce math to young children as “materialized abstractions.” This was accomplished with hands on apparatus for math.

Montessori Services
Our expanding collection remains true to Dr. Montessori’s vision of transformational education, offering hundreds of Practical Life items and more-choices that will help you nurture your children as they grow and flourish.

My Montessori House
These beautifully-animated cartoons combine Montessori reading and math instruction with classical music and instrumental sounds, providing young minds with ideal instruction at their own pace.

NAMC’s 3-6 Montessori Homeschool Program
A resource-rich program that provides you with the foundation you need to set up and put into practice a three-year homeschool educational program for your child. In a convenient, single shipment, you receive all the curriculum, key materials, material templates with preparation instructions, and support material you will need to build an active, cohesive learning environment. Facebook Page.

A learning kit with activities, sensory components and guidebooks, inspired by Maria Montessori.

Trust Tutoring
Commercial site featuring Evaluation of Basic Skills: A standardized test of reading, writing and math skills for ages 3-18 for those wishing to apply Montessori principles to basic skill development.

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