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Montessori Homeschooling Method & Groups

Using the method and materials developed by Maria Montessori for your homeschool.

About Montessori
Montessori Associations
Montessori Books
Montessori Materials for Homeschoolers
Social Networks
Montessori Support Groups


International Montessori Index
Definitive site for this method of early childhood education. Good section about applying Marie Montessori’s method at home.

Montessori Homeschooling
Can I do Montessori at home with my child? What Montessori ideas can I use for school age children?

The Montessori Method
eText of Maria Montessori’s great book. A quite inspiring work you’ll want to print out and read.

Montessori Mom
There is a vast supply of early childhood materials and activities in traditional approaches. Our site shows you how to use these materials that follow Maria Montessori’s techniques.

What is Montessori?
“There was no method to be seen, what was seen was a child… acting according to its own nature.” Dr. Maria Montessori, from Secret of Childhood, p.136

Montessori Associations

American Montessori Consulting’s Resources
Read seven of our *online* newsletters here at our site. You’ll find our newsletters are filled with valuable educational web site information, teaching tips, computer software reviews, book reviews, and other resource information of interest to parents and teachers.

Montessori Online
The Montessori Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of Montessori education in the United States and abroad.

Online Social Networks

DIY Montessori Homeschooling
All about setting up your Montessori class on a budget (homemade things), ways to save money, lesson ideas, and support.

Montessori Elementary and Adolescent Homeschoolers
We focus on the Montessori method for ages 6-18. A variety of topics will be discussed, from the Erdkinder to the Urban Adolescent concept and everything in between.

Montessori-inspired Homeschoolers
A place for homeschooling parents to exchange both playful & Montessori-inspired ideas, photos, links & more.

Montessori and Waldorf Hybrid Homeschooler’s Group
A group for families of school aged children that homeschool and want to uses materials and aspects of Montessori and Waldorf educational methods. This group will be a place to ask questions and support members as they navigate creating a paradigm of education that fits their families needs.

Pinterest Montessori Homeschool Boards
Find dozens of free printables. Learn how to start a Montessori homeschool co-op. Make your own Montessori materials.

Here is a place for home schoolers, using Montessori Method in their home education, to share and learn. All home schooling topics/methods are welcome.

Wildflower Ramblings’ Tot School
Making and using Montessori materials and using them with your two year old. By Amy.

Montessori Support Groups

Montessori Connections
A directory of resources for parents participating in any way with the Montessori programs.

Montessori Homeschool Groups
Families interested in forming a Montessori Homeschooling group.

Montessori Homeschool Meetup Groups…
See feed below of the largest Montessori homeschool group son the Meetup site.

Montessori Books

Magellan Montessori's Guide to Homeschooling Early Elementary (Ages 6-9 Years) (Complete Volume) [Kindle Edition]

Magellan Montessori’s Guide to Homeschooling Early Elementary (Ages 6-9 Years)
Complete Volume
Kindle Edition
by Miriam Coates (Author), Suzanne Rouaix (Editor)
One of the few Montessori curriculum packets for children in the early elementary age group and is poised to become the leading choice for homeschooling families interested in the method. The ebook offers three years of curricula, lesson plans, presentation examples and information on acquiring materials that are integral to the Montessori method. Families will benefit from Coates’ formal education and research of the writing and lectures of Dr. Montessori to create an authentic Montessori learning environment at home.

Teach Me to Do it Myself [Print Replica] [Kindle Edition]

Teach Me to Do It Myself: Montessori Activities for You and Your Child
by Maja Pitamic (Author)
Paperback Edition
Based on the key Montessori principle that children learn best through active experience, Teach Me to Do It Myself presents simple activities through which children explore and develop their skills. These skill areas include sensory perceptions, body coordination, language, understanding of numbers, and movement. This practical, color-illustrated parenting book is filled with activities and instructions for overseeing children as they carry out a variety of learning activities. Most activities will seem simple to parents, because once mastered, adults perform them automatically. However, toddlers experience a sense of accomplishment and self-worth when they learn to perform them independently.
Kindle Edition

See also ~ Montessori Materials for Homeschoolers

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