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Thomas Jefferson Homeschooling Method


The Educational Theory of Thomas Jefferson 
Jefferson hypothesized that literacy and self-government work hand in hand and was a key component to self-preservation.

A Thomas Jefferson Education
Official TJED site with free and subscriber resources, including the favorite: “This Week in History”, which gives daily suggestions for correlated and project-based themes tied to events in history during that week. Also, articles on family, education, etc.; free and subscriber audios, pdfs, etc. This one is a great confidence builder for those who are anxious about their ability to homeschool – whether because they’re really busy, have lots of kids, feel undereducated themselves, or what-have-you.


Mentoring our Own
Donna Goff’s Facebook page. She is a Mentor, Speaker, Author, and Homeschool Curriculum Developer. Join her Facebook group, which replaces her Yahoo Group. She calls her method “The Bicycle Approach” or “Tandem Approach,” as in a bicycle built for two.

TJEd Mentors United in Support of Education
This group is open to all who are interested in applying the educational principles described in “A Thomas Jefferson Education” by Oliver DeMille. The purpose of this group is to support each other in the application of these principles in our own education and in that of our children by sharing our experiences.


Liber Community Series
Keys in on the TJEd ideal of parent-led projects and positive peer support for optimal academic progress in youth. It provides training for developing local “commonwealth” schools for Transition to Scholar and Scholar youth, with leveled “Scholar Projects.”

Support Groups

TJEd Marketplace
Facilitates regional TJEd Conventions (“Forums”), lists providers of TJEd-related services, free newsletter.

Face to Face with Greatness
Provider of local seminars and regional conference calls on TJEd across the US, Canada & Mexico. Participants learn the basics of TJEd and how to personalize it for their homes or schools; they read and discuss classic literature to help them get started in their own education and become familiar with the process of mentoring in the classics. These really put parents in the driver’s seat with skills and experience right out of the chute, plus you have your neighbors and friends there with you sharing the experience, so it’s a great community builder. I don’t know if I’d say most, but many TJEd’ers attend these, and everyone knows and relies upon the experience of people that have.


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