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Unschooling Defined

What is unschooling? How is unschooling defined? How is it different from homeschooling?

Unschooling: the Movie
Lee Stranahan’s film to show a little bit of what unschooling is about: a film based on the Stranahan family’s personal experience, as well as talks with Sandra Dodd, her family and other unschoolers.

“Beginner's Guide to Unschooling
by Adam Muller
Kindle Edition
Read Inside
Are you thinking about unschooling your kids? Or you’re still hesitating?
Do you want to know what unschooling is? And how to unschool your kids?
There’s nothing I get asked about more as a parent than unschooling, and nothing I recommend more to other parents.
In unschooling, life itself is learning. There is no “doing school” … you are learning all the time.
That’s why my wife and I unschool four of our kids, and have been for several years.
And in this book I’m going to give you the answers to:

  • What is unschooling?
  • Why you should unschool your kids?
  • How to unschool?

Plus, I’m going to tell you “The 8 Essential Skills That All Kids Should Learn”

Radical Unschooling
This is the unschooling “office” of Sandra Dodd, of Albuquerque. Mother of three.

Radio Free School
An all-volunteer weekly radio show by, for and about un-schoolers. Select a show, and on the show’s page, at the very bottom, click on “download” or “pls” to listen. Shows are about 30 minutes long.

Unschooling FAQ
To believe in unschooling is to believe that true learning happens best when it arises from the experiences and interests of the learner, not from an imposed curriculum or a teacher or a parent.

Unschooling is not “Child-Led Learning”
The term, “child-led learning,” does emphasize something very important – that the child is the learner! I couldn’t agree more. However, it also disregards the significant role played by the parent in helping and supporting and, yes, quite often taking the lead, in the investigation and exploration of the world that is unschooling. by Pam Sorooshian in Learning Happens.

Unschooling Info Mom2Mom
Unschooling is simply living a full rich life, offering opportunities to your child to learn and grow. For unschooling to work at its optimal level, the parent must be engaged with the child, probably more than if they chose another learning modality. Children are natural learners. They want information. But they do not necessarily know what’s out there in the world.

Unschooling Undefined
What is it unschoolers don’t want anyway?

Viral Learning: Reflections on the Homeschooling Life, by Mary Griffith
Mary Griffith pulls no punches with her witty insights into her life as a homeschool mom, the making of herself into a “famous homeschool author,” and her part as a vital leader in the growth of homeschooling. By Ann Zeise.

What Is, and Isn’t Unschooling
Unschooling isn’t so much a method, as it is a way of looking at learning. It’s seeing the learning in everything. To me, it’s much more than just dropping the curriculum, although that’s an excellent place to start.

What Is Self-Directed Education?
Education that derives from the self-chosen activities and life experiences of the person being educated. Self-Directed Education can be contrasted to imposed education, which is education that is imposed upon individuals, regardless of their desire for it, and is motivated by systems of rewards and punishments, as occurs in conventional schools.

What is Unschooling?
Karen Gibson explains, “I find that one of the hardest things with unschooling is learning to trust that your child will learn what he needs to know for his own life, in his own time frame.”

What Really Matters
But when people care more about the label of unschooling than actually unschooling their children, a problem exists. The cart is before the horse. By Sue Patterson.

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