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What is Lapbooking for Homeschool? Where Can You Find Lapbooking Resources?

Homeschool Lapbooks

By Mindy Scirri, Ph.D.

“Lapbooking” is another one of those terms you may find necessary to look up in your Homeschool Dictionary when you begin homeschooling. What is lapbooking? Well, it can look like different things to different people, serve a number of purposes, and be used with other homeschool methods or all on its own. What is universally accepted is that it is a way to increase the engagement of your child by making learning more hands-on. And what child doesn’t love that? Discover how lapbooking can be an effective addition to your homeschool here!

What is Lapbooking for Homeschool?

Benefits of Lapbooking
Tips for Using Homeschool Lapbooks

Free Homeschool Lapbook Templates and Resources

*This post contains affiliate links. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission. Although many of the resources listed here are free, those marked with a $ have a cost or require a fee/subscription in order to access the full range of materials.


What is Lapbooking for Homeschool?

In short, lapbooking is a homeschool technique, some would even say method, where children create mini-books of concepts that are learned. These mini-books are then combined or collected into a larger binder or folder with other mini-books to create a larger lapbook on a given topic. For example, you may have your children create mini-books on each of the various systems of the body and then put them all together in one big “human body” lapbook. Fundamentally, lapbooking is similar to notebooking, but there are some differences. For example, notebooks tend to contain flat pages while lapbooks typically involve three-dimensional foldables. Like notebooks, lapbooks are completed over time and are generally driven by a child’s interests.



Lapbooks can be used to learn new information, to review and reinforce concepts that have already been learned, to serve as a method of assessment, and/or to prepare for a future assessment. Regardless of their purpose, lapbooks can be constructed in a variety of ways. There are simple lapbooks that you can make using manila or colored folders or cardboard or thick paper, or you can choose to buy or find pre-made lapbook templates. Sometimes just looking at examples can get those creative juices flowing. Here are some homeschool lapbook templates that are ready to go:

60 Easy-to-Assemble (write-it-in) Lapbook Templates | A Journey Through Learning $
“Lapbooks are a 3-D presentation of your child’s work. As adults, we may not remember all those worksheets we did, but we do remember the amazing hands-on activities that helped us learn and grow.” Browse these 60 templates all in one place!

BFG Lapbook Book Report Project $
By Norah’s Teacher Nook (Author)
“Wrap-up your novel study with this Book Report disguised as a lapbook craft. This cute BFG lapbook will be a big hit with the kiddos.” Another lapbook by Norah’s Teacher Nook is also available here for the book, Sign of the Beaver.

Circle C Adventures Lapbooking Activities: with Study Guides $
By Susan K. Marlow (Author)
“This perfect-bound workbook of lapbooking activities is 93 single-sided pages (blank pages on the backsides to allow for cutting out the booklets). It includes the study guides and full-color booklets to cut out and create forty-two hands-on activities. Just tear out the pages. Also includes an answer key and easy-to-follow instructions. Students can work independently. All you need are six file folders, a scissors, glue, and a stapler to create a fun hands-on learning experience to accompany the Circle C Adventures six-book historical adventures series. Grades 4-7.”

Circulatory System Lapbook $
By Cyndi Kinney (Author)
“The circulatory system is a fascinating topic of study. Your circulatory system is made up of many parts including your heart, lungs, blood, arteries and veins. Each one of these parts plays an important role in keeping you alive and well. This Lapbook includes an extensive Study Guide and all of the booklet templates and instructions to create a beautiful 3-folder Lapbook. Designed for K-8th grades, with younger children requiring some assistance and explanation from the teacher. Could also be adjusted to fit older students as well.”

Lapbooks | Confessions of a Homeschooler $
Here you can purchase animal habitat lapbooks for caves, coral reef, desert, grasslands, islands, and rainforest. Some free lapbooks are also available.

Lapbook Templates | Teachers Pay Teachers $
Browse the collection of editable lapbook and fold-it templates, book report lapbook projects, history and science lapbooks, lapbooks for specific texts, and more.

Noun Lapbook Activities $
By Emily Educations (Author)
“Get your students loving nouns with this interactive and engaging Noun Lapbook for Concrete Nouns.”

Spiders Lapbook Templates and Spider Fact Cards $
By Sweet Integrations (Author)
“With this Spiders Lapbook, students can have fun as they learn about spiders. I’ve provided templates for students to create their own lapbook about spiders. I’ve also provided cards with different spiders and facts about them.” Find other lapbook templates by Sweet Integrations here.



Benefits of Lapbooking

While you certainly don’t want to overwhelm your child by creating a lapbook for every tidbit of knowledge that is uncovered in your homeschool, you will also certainly love some of the benefits when you do use lapbooks. Here are just a few:

  • Engagement: When children are using their hands, they are more engaged with the material. Through cutting and pasting and a little creativity, a boring topic can miraculously become fun!
  • Associations and Connections: While creating lapbooks, children are invited to think differently about a topic. They are asked to make new associations and connections and to translate information from textbooks or other sources and create lapbooks that are meaningful to them.
  • Creativity: Lapbooking can build creativity for both you and your children! You can think of creative ways to organize and use lapbooking—for example, by designing lapbooking projects on new and exciting topics—and your children can embrace their creativity by doing the rest.
  • Opportunities to Support Interests: Lapbooks can also be built in a way that allows children to go deeper into subjects that are interesting to them. Rather than just skim a topic as part of a curriculum’s scope and sequence, children can pause and take a deep dive that fulfills their curiosity.
  • Assessment: Lapbooks can also become a source of progress monitoring as you can plainly see the depth of children’s knowledge within their lapbooks. The end results can also be great sources for studying should more formal assessment be part of the plan.


Homeschool Lapbooks


Tips for Using Homeschool Lapbooks

You are not the first person to be interested in lapbooking, which means that others have tips for how to use homeschool lapbooks most effectively. Below are some places to look for information on how to best use lapbooking in your homeschool:

Homeschool Lapbook Tips for Anytime of the Year | Homeschool.com
Discover information about  “What is a homeschool lapbook?” and the cost of lapbooking, as well as how to get started.

How to Make a Lap Book: A Free Lapbook Template | Appletastic Learning
“When I first heard of lapbooks and saw some samples that other teachers had made, I was afraid it would be too time-consuming and project-heavy without a focus on real learning. I was wrong. […] Lapbooks do not have to be huge, multi-paged contraptions. They are actually quite simple to make. Here is how to create a basic lap book, using ONE file folder.”



Lapbooking and Time4Learning | Time4Learning
Find out more about lapbooking, how to use lapbooking with Time4Learning, and some of the benefits of doing so. Read one parent’s story of how lapbooking is used in their homeschool.

Lapbooking: How to Lapbook + Over 90 Free Lapbook Printables | Homeschool Giveaways
“Lapbooks are super easy to make work beautiful with unit studies and are a great way to record everything kids have learned about a subject. So today I’m sharing with you a quick guide to lapbooking. You’ll learn how to make a lapbook, and you’ll find over 90 free lapbook printables for you to use in your homeschool! Plus, download free lapbook templates for DIY lapbooking at the bottom of this post.”

Interested in taking your lapbooks to a new level? Try this:


Free Homeschool Lapbook Templates and Resources

What you may need most as a new lapbooker are resources. Wouldn’t you love to not spend a fortune on these learning crafts? Look here to find ideas and materials to make free lapbooks for homeschool and even full DIY templates for free homeschool lapbooks?

Best 12 Free Foldables & Lapbooks Resources for Your Homeschool | Raising a Self-Reliant Child
“Foldables and lapbooks are a fun way to spice up your homeschool from time to time.  They definitely spark imagination and creativity in your children’s learning. And you can adapt them to almost any subject. […] When we need a little color in our routine, we pick up a lapbook. […] So, I put together the best list I could gather of free resources —all about foldables and lapbooks.  From overviews, explanations, and printables, I hope you’ll find all that you need here.”

Blank Lapbook Template | Twinkl
Start a free account and get access to thousands of free teaching resources, including a variety of lapbooks and lapbook resources.

Free Lapbooking & Notebooking Resources | How to Homeschool for FREE!
“A lapbook can also be called a layer book, flap book, or shutter book. Basically, it is made of at least 2 manila folders with sections of mini-books, pictures, facts, poems, or anything related to the lesson at hand. It can be about anything you choose. Some companies sell pre-made kits or they might charge you for downloading the sheets for cutting & coloring. But all of the resources [here] are completely FREE!”

Lapbook Templates | Homeschool Share
Find some information about lapbooking along with a host of free printable lapbook templates to make your own accordion book, fan book, flap book, layer book, matchbook, petal book, pocket, simple fold book, tab book, and/or tri-fold book.

Lapbook Templates | Pinterest
Let these ideas inspire you to create lapbooks in your homeschool around a variety of topics. So fun!

Lapbook Templates for Making Custom Homeschool Lapbooks | Homeschool Helper Online
“We have a variety of free lapbook templates for you to customize and create your own lapbook elements. […] You will find petal folds, fan books, index cards, fan folds, flap books, shutter books, matchbooks, layered books, shaped books, and more. Each free lapbook template includes cutting and folding instructions.”

Lapbook Templates Printable Parent Resources | abcteach
Find a collection of free lapbook templates or become a member and have access to over 49,000 teaching resources.


Remember to share your experiences with lapbooking and any good lapbooking resources in the comments below….

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