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Montessori Homeschooling Resources

Montessori Homeschool Curriculum and Free Montessori Homeschool Materials

Montessori Curriculum
By Mindy Scirri, Ph.D.

If you have decided to try the Montessori Homeschool Method or have been using it for years, you are likely just as eager to find a new Montessori curriculum and Montessori homeschool resources as your child is to discover the next new adventure. If you look, the Internet can bring a wealth of knowledge, connections, and even free materials for use in your Montessori homeschool. Check out some of the resources we have found:

Montessori Homeschool Curriculum and Materials Free Montessori Homeschool Curriculum and Materials

Additional Montessori Homeschool Resources 

*This post contains affiliate links. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission. Although many of the resources listed here are free, those marked with a $ have a cost or require a fee/subscription in order to access the full range of materials.


Montessori Homeschool Curriculum and Materials

Finding the right homeschool Montessori curriculum may seem like a daunting task, but remember that you always have options, and you can always change along the way. Think about the way you want to homeschool, your budget, and your child’s unique ways of learning and then explore some of these possibilities:

Age of Montessori: Montessori for Early Childhood Homeschool Families $
“Thousands of families all over the nation are opting out of public schools. Parents are choosing not to put their young children into preschools. Due to health concerns and other personal reasons, parents are looking for the best option for their children elsewhere. Many are not able to afford the high price of private schools or are on long waiting lists for their child to be accepted. Many would prefer to homeschool or perhaps join a co-op of like-minded parents to educate their children the way they want. We aim to support parents in any way we can. The first being Montessori Homeschool Guides. Each guide includes step by step instruction for the lessons necessary to complete each avenue at home!”  – Mary Ellen Maunz, Founder, Age of Montessori.

Alison’s Montessori Materials $
This is the place to shop for puzzles, curriculum materials, furniture, and more. Alison’s Montessori premium quality materials are sourced in Sri Lanka, made using Baltic Birch with non-toxic Italian paint, all meeting US and European safety standards.

Edoki Academy Montessori Preschool Online Curriculum $
With more than 1000 learning activities, our subscription service is the most comprehensive digital preschool around! Want to focus on one learning activity? Discover our apps covering everything from reading and letter tracing to math and music.”

Guidepost Homeschool $
“Guidepost Homeschool was founded by a team of experienced Montessori educators on a mission to demystify Montessori and reimagine homeschool for parents of all backgrounds and experiences. Anchored around an online curriculum bank with more than 2,000 Montessori lessons, you can use the platform to prepare yourself for working with your child. Or your older child can connect directly with the lessons to plan and execute at their own pace. More than a curriculum bank, Guidepost Homeschool also enables you to simplify the logistics of planning and tracking your child’s progress: it embeds resources, trainings, and videos that empower your own learning as a new homeschooler; and it offers a meaningful source of community with regular access to connect with each other and our educators.”

Montessori at Home Guide: 101 Montessori Inspired Activities for Children Ages 2-6 $
By A M Sterling (Author)
In this edition of the ‘Montessori at Home Guide’ series, you, the parent or caregiver, get 101 practical activities to help your 2–6-year-old learn in a Montessori-inspired way. 101 Montessori-Inspired Activities for Children Ages 2-6 contains A. M. Sterling’s favorite activities along with activities submitted for inclusion by well-known Montessori bloggers […]. This easy-to-understand guide is created to quickly fill your child’s learning environment with activities that help them attain and sharpen these necessary skills: gross and fine motor, cognitive, logic, dexterity, hand/eye coordination …and more. These activities also teach practical life skills, including self-care and care of the environment, as well as getting children started in food preparation. For each activity in this book, there will soon be released an associated children’s story book.”

Montessori By Mom $
Subscribe to receive a monthly Montessori Toolbox: “Each box has everything you need for all the activities. We balance a mix of beauty, economy, and creativity for maximum value! Plus, we include some amazing items, like a REAL dinosaur fossil, geologist certified meteorite, a mortar and pestle to make your own paint, and more!” Receive access to videos that explain each Toolbox and the basic principles of Montessori. Then enjoy online resources like printables and other activities, use household materials to continue learning through extension activities, and then connect with other parents and teachers through an online community.

Montessori Concepts $
“High quality, affordable Montessori materials.” Find materials and resources for educating your child in math, language, geography, botany, and practical life. Also, find products specifically designed for sensorial learning and infants and toddlers.

Montessori for Everyone $
We offer high-quality printable materials in PDF file format for all the curricular areas, including art, language, reading, math, science, music, history, and geography.”

Montessori for Homeschoolers $
“We make the Montessori approach to home education accessible for you and your young children. Here, you will find at-home, step by step solutions for Montessori Math, Reading, and a Full Homeschool Preschool Curriculum.”

Montessori Materials $
Check out this Amazon collection of Montessori toys, games, and educational materials for self-directed learning.

Montessori Outlet $
This is a place to find “authentic Montessori” curriculum and materials for language, mathematics, biology, geography, as well as products for practical and sensorial learning and early childhood furniture.



Montessori Reading $
The Montessori Reading Program was developed by Marianne Calnan, Founder and Head Educator at the Mundaring Montessori School, Perth Western Australia. […] In the course of teaching Marianne realized there was something missing. In her own words: ‘Amongst the educational materials we bought for the school were sandpaper letters and a moveable alphabet with which the children made phonetic words. It soon became obvious that the children needed books to practice the letters and words. So, I set about making booklets using old greeting cards as covers so that the children could take a book home every day.’”

Montessori Services $
Explore the curriculum and materials for learning practical life skills, community and peace, music and movement, geography and culture, art, mathematics, language, science, and more. Find resources for preparing the environment, books, and resources designed for “at home.”

My Montessori House $
“Montessori Teaching Albums:  Curriculum to Use at Home or School. We love our own teaching albums from the AMI Montessori training courses, so we have compiled the best exercises and presentations to share with parents and teachers at a reasonable cost.  The courses are divided by age group, so that you can buy the binder you need when you need it.” Also find animated programs on DVD, printable books, and more.



NAMC’s 3-6 Montessori Homeschool Program $
“The Montessori 3–6 Homeschool program is an all-inclusive program that provides you with everything you need to set up and put into practice a three-year educational program for your child. In a convenient, single shipment, you receive all the curriculum, select materials, preparation instructions, and support material you will need to build a solid homeschool foundation. The program is rooted in Montessori philosophy and methodology and is designed to meet the cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development needs of your child.”

Nienhuis $
Over 40 years ago, the Dutch family business Heutink opened a distribution center in the United States with only one mission: providing the children in North and South America with the best educational materials they need to become independent and critical thinkers. We develop and distribute high quality Montessori products and offer preschools and elementary schools in the US the very best, self-made materials.Explore products by age levels: infant-toddler 0-3, early childhood 3-6, and elementary 6-12 across content areas.

Shiller Learning $
ShillerLearning, part of the non-profit Rising Stars Foundation, provides Montessori-based math and language arts, the core knowledge areas that let young students flourish, as well as other multisensory resources to homeschool families with children of all abilities, ages 3-16. With ShillerLearning, parents have the reassurance that they can provide a high-quality, robust education to their young ones without having to spend time on lesson preparation or investing thousands in curriculum.”

Teachers Pay Teachers $
Browse the collection of Montessori materials that you can purchase, with some items available at no cost. To narrow down your search, simply sort by grade level, subject area, price, or resource type.


Montessori Curriculum


Free Montessori Homeschool Curriculum and Materials

Not finding the right Montessori-style homeschool curriculum? Looking for a less expensive way to build your Montessori homeschool? Depending on your state homeschool laws, you may have the option to put together your own homeschool Montessori curriculum from a number of sources or to augment a more structured curriculum. You can certainly spend a lot of money in this process, or you can search for more cost-effective materials and resources. And who doesn’t like free? Take a peek at these links for activities and materials that are sure to meet your budget:

1+1+1=1 Montessori Printables
“Here you will find a variety of free Montessori-based printables. Match-Up, Memory, 3-Part Nomenclature Cards, & more.

8 Summer Montessori Inspired Activities | Homeschool.com
Check out these fun summer activities from Nancy, a homeschool mother and tutor, who has a Montessori Certificate in pre-primary education.



Every Star is Different
We homeschool our children using a Montessori-inspired approach.  Through the years, we have made countless printables to use in the classroom.  Here you will find our high quality free printables sorted by category, making them easily accessible and available for use by teachers and parents alike.  Enjoy!”

Montessori for Everyone
Looking for some materials to perk up your classroom? Look no further! We have over 130 free downloads available. Try our Montessori materials before you shop! Just download and print.

Montessori Homeschool Pinterest Boards
Find everything from printables to posters to information and DIY materials.

Montessori Mom
This site is a collection of “free education resources and printouts” for teaching the Montessori way. Find “printables and lesson ideas for academic skills, reading, math, and science.”

Montessori Nature
Discover all kinds of free activity ideas, as well as information on room setup, ways to use toys, and more. Access the Free Resource Library, too!

The Montessori Notebook
Enjoy these free Montessori resources just for you to help you bring Montessori principles into your home today. Bring back the calm and joy into parenting your children.” Find free downloads, videos, blogs, FAQs, book lists, and more.



Montessori Print Shop
Find free downloads here for word cards, puzzles, outlines, story cards, labels, etc., as well as a “Primary Montessori Education – Understanding the Theory” guidebook.

Montessori Soul
“I have set up this site to share everything I make in the classroom for FREE. Please help by sharing my page. I hope that you find everything useful.” Discover lots of downloads, phonics teaching materials, and Forest School ideas.


Additional Montessori Homeschool Resources

Still hungry for more Montessori finds? Below are just a few more places to look for Montessori support, information, and resources:

American Montessori Consultants $
American Montessori Consultants is a big name when it comes to Montessori consultancy. We have been here in the market for quite some time now and are reputed for our different services pertaining to Montessori approach or Montessori methodology of education. We have some of the most qualified consultants who will provide you two predominantly different services. Our first service is that we will recommend some of the best schools where you can get your child admitted. Our second service is more about training and development pertaining to different aspects of Montessori methodology of education. This service is ideal for people who are interested in pursuing their careers in Montessori.  We provide both offline and online consultancy.” Also available are articles and free information, as well as a chat room for sharing information.

American Montessori Society
“The American Montessori Society is a hub for all things Montessori: an information center for its members, the media, and the public; a voice in the public policy arena; and a mobilizing force for the global Montessori community, through support services, research, and professional development events.”

Child of the World: Montessori, Global Education for Ages 3-12+ $
By Susan Mayclin Stephenson (Author)
In this book the author, who has almost fifty years of AMI Montessori teaching and consulting experience, briefly presents authentic Montessori practices for ages 3-6 (the primary class), ages 6-12 (the elementary class), and ages 12-18. There are details for preparing the Montessori learning environment and for using these ideas in the home. This is not by any means a Montessori course but a valuable introduction to real Montessori and an inspiration for learning more.”

The Joyful Child: Montessori, Global Wisdom for Birth to Three $
By Susan Mayclin Stephenson (Author)
The first three years of life are too important for experiments, but the Montessori guidelines presented here have held true all over the world, no matter what the culture of the child, for over 100 years. It is the goal of this book to help parents look for, discover, appreciate, and support the mental, physical, and emotional needs of the child in the first three years of life. There are over 180 black and white pictures from the author’s work around the world with children from birth to three years of age. The Joyful Child is used in Montessori teacher training centers, middle school human development classes, birth preparation classes, and it is of interest to anyone studying education and child development.”

The Montessori Foundation $
The mission of The Montessori Foundation is to inspire, nurture, and support the development of strong Montessori schools worldwide. […] The Montessori Foundation also serves as a source of information, advice, and assistance to parents who are interested in Montessori education, or who have children currently attending Montessori schools.” This site also contains the resources of the Montessori Family Alliance and the International Montessori Council. Membership is required to access all articles, webinars, videos, Q and A sessions, and discounts on courses.

The Montessori Toddler: A Parent’s Guide to Raising a Curious and Responsible Human Being $
By Simone Davies (Author) and Hiyoko Imai (Illustrator)
Turn your home into a Montessori home—and become a more mindful, attentive, and easygoing parent. It’s time to change the way we see toddlers. Using the principles developed by the educator, Dr. Maria Montessori, Simone Davies shows how to turn life with a “terrible two” into a mutually rich and rewarding time of curiosity, learning, respect, and discovery. With hundreds of practical ideas for every aspect of living with a toddler, here are five principles for feeding your child’s natural curiosity, from “Trust in the child” to “Fostering a sense of wonder.” Step-by-step ways to cultivate daily routines with ease, like brushing teeth, toilet-training, dealing with siblings, losing the pacifier.”

Trust Tutoring $
Trust Tutoring arose from the experimental work of Lee Havis in the field of Montessori education. In the 1970’s, while engaged in this work of Montessori teaching, he set up an in-home instructional program to help children learn in an optimal manner at home under the guidance of laws of nature. Based on his further work and discoveries with Montessori’s scientific “new education,” Lee established the International Montessori Trust in 1990 to conduct his tutoring program, now under the name “Trust Tutoring”. […] At present, Trust Tutoring conducts its in-home tutoring program primarily in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC. The EBS testing materials are sold separately for use by educators, schools, and programs anywhere testing is conducted in the English language.”


If you know of other great Montessori homeschool materials, let us know in the comments below!

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2 Responses to Montessori Homeschooling Resources

  1. liahughes on April 11, 2022 at 7:48 pm

    I have always loved the Montessori pedagogical system! As a teacher myself, I have always been interested in this work. I also try to develop my children according to this methodology. The system implies freedom in the education and development of children. Here a parent or teacher, educator does not play with a child – as in the traditional system – but plays the role of a “facilitador”, that is “co-leader” of the child. The child approaches different games and materials, goes through all levels by himself and tries to do all tasks himself, and if he cannot, asks a nearby adult to help. Thus we accustom the child to independence. Just be there, support and help him/her when he/she asks, and don’t replace the child’s cognitive activity with yourself.

  2. wilderharrison on April 11, 2022 at 4:34 am

    Learning is not scary part I know!

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