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Moore Homeschool Method

Discover the Moore Method and How Your Homeschool Can Be Better Late Than Early!

Moore Method
By Mindy Scirri, Ph.D.

Are you a current or potential homeschooler who is appalled at the trend to push formal education earlier and earlier? Do you see the push for early academics—with letters and numbers replacing toys at the earliest grades—as a mistake? If so, you may be interested in the Moore homeschooling method. Although it has deep roots in Christianity, the Moore approach has certain tenets that even secular homeschoolers may choose to implement in their homeschools. Discover how the controversial work of Dr. Raymond Moore has influenced homeschooling and how the Moore method can be implemented in your homeschool:

Who is Raymond Moore?

What is the Moore Method? Tips for Using the Moore Formula in Your Homeschool
Support for Families Creating a Moore Homeschool  

Raymond Moore Books and Resources

*This post contains affiliate links. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission. Although many of the resources listed here are free, those marked with a $ have a cost or require a fee/subscription in order to access the full range of materials.


Who is Raymond Moore?

Dr. Raymond Moore began his career as a teacher, principal, and superintendent of California public schools, eventually holding dean and president roles at several Seventh-Day colleges in the U.S. and abroad. His research, however, is what moved his career from public education to homeschooling. He published an article in 1972 in response to California’s proposal to make education compulsory for children as young as 2 years, 9 months. This article then grew into the book, Better Late than Early, and Dr. Moore and his wife, Dorothy, became involved with legislatures and courts in establishing legal precedents for homeschooling all over the world. Because of the support and guidance that they and their foundation, the Moore Foundation, have provided homeschoolers throughout the years, Raymond and his wife, Dorothy, have been called “the grandfather and grandmother of homeschooling.”



What is the Moore Method?

Dr. Raymond Moore combined an ancient Christian method of education with modern data. The Moore method uses a Christ-centered Seventh-Day Adventist curriculum focused on academics and character development and focuses on the delay of formal education until children have reached an Integrated Maturity Level, as late as age 10 for some children. The Moore approach to homeschooling follows what has become known as the “Moore Formula,” a low-stress three-part program of study, work, and service:

  • Study: Children may do minimal study (a few minutes to a few hours per day, based on children’s interests and typically emphasizing science and social studies, music appreciation, and arts and crafts). Phonics, writing, and math, if taught, consist of easy, fun activities (like writing in sand or cornmeal) using hands-on manipulatives and real-life application.
  • Work: Children will spend at least as much time doing chores or manual work of some kind and will receive pay to help them develop skills in budgeting and spending.
  • Service: Children will join parents in service in the home or in the community (e.g., visits to nursing homes or service to children’s organizations).

Basically, children are given time to play and mature at their own pace while following their interests and developing a work ethic that will transfer to later academics.

Here are some resources for you to dive deeper into the Moore Formula and the Moore method as a whole:

Homeschool Methods Explained: Moore Formula | Free Homeschool Deals
Read a summary and discover the benefits and drawbacks of the Moore method of homeschooling.

Moore Formula | Love to Know
Learn about Dr. Raymond Moore, and his wife, Dorothy, and the Moore Formula. Get an overview of the Moore Academy and its curriculum.

Raymond & Dorothy Moore: Homeschool Pioneers | Canadian Centre for Home Education
Find out more about the couple and the Moore Formula.


Tips for Using the Moore Formula in Your Homeschool

Does the Moore method work? As with any method, there are ways that can increase the likelihood of its success. Try these resources for more information about how to make your Moore homeschool effective:

Better Late Than Early | Homeschool.com
Read an excerpt from Homeschooling for Success: How Parents Can Create a Superior Education for Their Child for some thoughts on teaching your child to read.

Implementing the Moore Formula | Home Educating the Whole Child
Read this article by Laurie De Laune to discover some of the details of starting your own Moore homeschool.



Support for Families Creating a Moore Homeschool

Fostering your child’s interests, allowing for maturity to come at its own pace, and instilling a positive work ethic at an early age can reap benefits throughout life, but as a secular homeschooler, you may find modifying the Moore method a bit challenging. What you need is support and guidance from others who are already doing the same thing. First, check with your own network and with local support groups. Then try online support groups that target homeschooling, especially for early childhood. Online groups specifically focused on the Moore Formula may not be common; think about starting your own!


Raymond Moore Books and Resources

Wouldn’t you love to find a quick start guide to the Moore method? Here are some resources you may want to use to get started:

Better Late Than Early: A New Approach to Your Child’s Education $
By Raymond S. Moore (Author), Dorothy N. Moore (Author)
Read the book that started the whole story of the Moore method. “This book is a result of research on the young child’s mental development” and explains the philosophy upon which the Moore method was built.

Home Grown Kids: Practical Handbook for Teaching Your Children at Home $
By Raymond Moore (Author), Dorothy Moore (Author)
“Raymond and Dorothy Moore have prepared this influential book to show how, by using the everyday resources and experiences of your own home environment, you can truly enjoy your child and give him or her a wholesome, first-class education that neither stifles creativity nor hampers character development.”

Home School Burnout: What It Is. What Causes It. And How to Overcome It. $
By Raymond S. Moore (Author), Dorothy N. Moore (Author)
“This book has been written as a reassurance to all parents of the undeniable value of home-based education. By means of real-life examples and new, continually reaffirming research, the Moore’s will take readers “back” to the indisputable “why’s” of home schooling. Then they systematically guide parents through the reasons why many disassemble their home schools. Why they–and their kids–burn out. And in explaining this, the Moore’s carefully escort parents back to their own sound reasons for deciding to homeschool, reassuring them to stay with it. For the good of both them and their children.”

Moore Academy
“Welcome to the Moore Academy! We are happy to introduce you to an exciting adventure in homeschooling where God is the center of all learning and every child can find success and fulfillment. Moore Academy is dedicated to assisting parents who wish to educate their children at home with a low stress program of study, work, and service.”

The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook $
By Dorothy Moore (Author), Raymond Moore (Author)
“If you are thinking about homeschooling or are struggling with an educational homeschooling curriculum that is difficult to use, let Dr. Ray and Dorothy Moore show you how to make homeschooling an easy-to-live-with family adventure in learning. This low-stress, low-cost program shows you how to build a curriculum around your child’s needs and interests – and around a realistic family schedule. Instead of a cut-and-dried approach, you’ll discover the freedom of a flexible program that encourages creativity and initiative.”


Does the Moore method work in your homeschool? Have you modified the Moore method for a secular homeschool? Are you aware of support groups or resources that can help new homeschoolers using the Moore method? Please share what you know in the comments below….

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