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Christian Unit Study Curriculum

Unless otherwise noted, these are all off-site links with whom I have no commercial connection.

Bible Based Spelling Lessons
A series of lessons written to help our young people to become better spellers and writers. They are appropriate for lower elementary, but could be modified for use with other groups. Free online WORD for Windows downloads.

Cadron Creek Christian Curriculum
Academic material to assist parents in training their children in godliness, while challenging students scholastically through literature unit studies.

Highlights of Homeschooling
A free, online magazine around 65 pages, packed with ideas for unit studies and Christian curriculum reviews and offers.

Homeschool in the Woods
We chose unit study among other various forms, because we are a vary ‘hands-on’, project oriented group! My children (as well as myself!) are very visual, and unit studies allow for lots of role-play, activities and arts of all kinds.

Two paths to choose with their “character curriculum:” one for those who like to do a lot of their own resource selecting, and one for those who want it all in one box.

Learning Adventures
A home based publishing company, dedicated to serving the needs of Christian home school families.  Our first book, A WORLD OF ADVENTURE, is a history based unit study, covering all subjects except math.

Unofficial Weavers Web Pages
Site with links, email list and boards for those using the Weaver Curriculum. Facebook page.

Weaver Curriculum
A unique unit-based, Christian homeschool curriculum for grades PreK-12. This family-based curriculum uses the same daily Bible theme as a foundation and then creates lessons for each student.

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