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How To Unschool Legally

It's So Much Fun It Can't Be Legal!


It’s so much fun, it can’t be legal
But homeschooling is legal and fun for the whole family.


Unschooling High School and College Advisor
Alison McKee writes on how to help your unschooled high schooler enter college or a career path.

Course of Study Descriptions

ACME Academy Course of Study – Elementary Students
This is a plan for elementary that took Carol’s unschooling curriculum and expanded it using the California state educational standards’ language. It could be customized by someone needing to submit something to a school official. It would also be useful as a “suggestion list” for putting different activities under educationese-sounding headings, if you have to turn something in like a report or portfolio.

ACME Academy Course of Study – Secondary Students
This is a secondary education plan that took Carol Narigon’s unschooling curriculum and expanded it using the California state educational standards’ language.


Records and Reports
An Excel spreadsheet from your guide and other resources to help you plan, record and report.

Unschooling Record Keeper
The HomeschoolMom site gives you two pages to track your observations of your children’s learning over a week.

More about Unschooling

Christian Unschooling
Constructing Knowledge With Children
How to Report Unschooling to School Officials
How To Unschool Legally
Natural Learning Method At Home
Pros And Cons of the Unschooling Homeschool Method
Resources For Unschooling
Success of Unschooling vs. School-At-Home
Unschooling All Summer
Unschooling Beginning Guide
Unschooling Defined
Unschooling Mail Lists, Social Networks, etc.


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