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Waldorf Homeschooling Resources

Waldorf Homeschool Curriculum and Free Waldorf Homeschool Resources

Waldorf Homeschool Curriculum
By Mindy Scirri, Ph.D.

If you are starting or continuing the Waldorf Homeschool Method, you know that this is a journey where you must do some research to find curriculum and materials. To help you out, we have put together a collection of resources to get you started!

Waldorf Homeschool Curriculum, Programs, and Materials

Free Waldorf Homeschool Curriculum and Materials

Additional Waldorf Homeschool Resources 

*This post contains affiliate links. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission. Although many of the resources listed here are free, those marked with a $ have a cost or require a fee/subscription in order to access the full range of materials.


 Waldorf Homeschool Curriculum, Programs, and Materials

As a homeschooler, you need to determine the best Waldorf homeschool curriculum for your family. How tightly you adhere to the guidelines of the Waldorf philosophy and techniques is a personal choice, but it is an important one. Do you want a simple nature-based homeschool curriculum, or do you envision a Waldorf online homeschool? Will you put together a collection of pre-made Waldorf homeschool supplies or create them on your own? Explore these resources for options and ideas:

The BEearth Institute $
“Home of the first online Waldorf curriculum since 1994. The Earthschooling Curriculum is an award-winning, secular, and diverse curriculum that offers core blocks, lesson plans, teacher support, and Living Lessons. These complete lessons take you through an entire year of any grade (preschool through high school) with different themes every month. Earthschooling goes above and beyond other curricula by offering international content, Eurythmy, music lessons, French lessons, exclusive content, high school lessons, certificates, and transcripts. Earthschooling is also vertically and horizontally aligned and coordinates with your state core standards.”

Bella Luna Toys $
Beyond simply being natural toys, what exactly makes a toy a “Waldorf toy?” Nourishing to the senses, beautiful to behold, inspiring to the imagination…. these are the themes running through all the toys we carry here at Bella Luna Toys.”

Christopherus Homeschool Resources $
“Our experience as homeschoolers, Donna’s lifelong involvement with Waldorf education, our therapeutic experience and our commitment to anthroposophy enables us to bring you a rich, inspiring and doable curriculum. As Donna has taught at the pre-K, grades and high school level at several Waldorf schools as well as having homeschooled her (now adult) sons, she is in the unique position to guide parents through the Waldorf curriculum and Waldorf pedagogy, explaining and translating the school experience to the home experience.” In addition to the curriculum, you can also find books and audio downloads, blogs and newsletters, and other information.

Grimm’s Large Four Elements Building Set $
Rainbow, Flame, Stone Cave & Wave represent the 4 Elements: Air, Fire, Earth, & Water. Colorful solid wood shapes can be used as puzzle pieces or creative building blocks. Oversized set includes wooden tray for storage; measures 17″ square. Made in Europe from sustainably harvested wood and finished with non-toxic, water-based dyes. A hand-made toy of heirloom-quality that can easily last for generations.”

Live Education $
“Live Education! produces homeschooling supplies for families and institutions inspired by a Waldorf perspective. Designed for students from kindergarten through eighth grade, our curricula are created to cultivate creativity, intelligence and imagination.”

Lotus & Ivy $
“We offer curriculum elements inspired by Waldorf education to English-speaking students around the world in a live, online interactive format, offering: Morning Garden for Age 3; Main Lessons for Kindergarten through Class 9; Math & Language Arts Skills Curriculum for Classes 1 – 9; and Spanish, German, Cyber Civics, Pentatonic Flute or Alto/Soprano Recorder, Practical Arts and Form Drawing, Painting & Drawing, and Handwork. […] Since our students are registered homeschoolers with their county or state, the grown-up is ultimately responsible for the child’s education. That said, Lotus & Ivy teachers provide all you need to cover the content for the class(es) your child is enrolled in. You will not need to research, read textbooks, or make lesson plans, and you can simply follow the teachers lesson plans provided to you weekly. If you have questions along the way, our teachers are an email away, and there are times during the year for 1:1 and whole class parent meetings.”

Making the Children’s Year: Seasonal Waldorf Crafts with Children $
By Marije Rowling (Author)
“Thirty years since its original publication, The Children’s Year has been a much-loved book that has never been out of print. Now called Making the Children’s Year, with color illustrations and new projects that bring it up to date, it will appeal to a new generation of people keen to engage children in creative play, the seasons, and the joy of handcrafting. […] From beginners to experienced crafters, this book is a gift for parents and adults seeking to make toys that will inspire children―and to provide an alternative to a throwaway culture.”

Oak Meadow School $
“Oak Meadow’s homeschool curriculum is based on rigorous academic standards, integrated with personalized, student-led education. Our accredited distance learning school is led by experienced teachers who provide attentive, one-to-one support. Learning objectives offer guideposts for the development of core competencies; students are given a variety of ways to demonstrate their mastery of skills and knowledge. We believe it is essential to give children opportunities to engage not only their heads, but their hands and hearts as well. Students participate in experiential explorations that combine core knowledge, creative problem solving, and artistic skills. We encourage students to reflect on their learning, build communication skills, and develop a sense of empathy, social responsibility, and Earth stewardship. Subjects and skills are introduced in a sequence that respects the unique developmental needs of children. […] Our personalized learning approach encourages students to take ownership of their learning and develop an academic curiosity that will serve them well throughout their lives.”

Painting and Drawing in Waldorf Schools: Classes 1 to 8 $
By Thomas Wildgruber (Author), Matthew Barton (Translator)
“This comprehensive teachers’ manual provides a complete artistic curriculum for Classes One to Eight in Steiner-Waldorf schools (age six to fourteen). At each stage, the book demonstrates the skills that teachers can help children to develop. There are 280 practical exercises for teachers to use, and over 800 drawings and paintings as inspiring examples of artistic possibilities. The curriculum moves from free drawing, to guided color exercises, to precise perspective drawing. The exercises draw on elements of the Steiner-Waldorf curriculum at appropriate ages, incorporating themes from fables and legends, the Old Testament, Norse mythology, animals, Ancient Greece and botany.”

Stockmar Beeswax Crayons: Set of 12 Blocks in Carton $
Twelve colored blocks of wax resist crayons in organic shapes as used in Waldorf classrooms. Children can draw colorful areas easily and arrive at interesting effects using these chunky crayons. Eco-friendly, waterproof, and nontoxic crayons that are safe to use by small babies when put in their mouths. The box is really sturdy; the crayon blocks can be thrown, and they don’t break!”

Syrendell $
Syrendell is a resource of creative learning, supporting you with professional development, homeschool enrichment, and creative engagement. Built on one-on-one lessons, group retreats and workshops, and a summer camp, Syrendell now brings our creative courses to your home! We may be physically distant, but we defy being socially disconnected! We can learn together.  Learning together, we form relationships, harmonize work/life, and make new discoveries.”

Waldorf Alphabet Book $
By Famke Zonneveld (Author)
“In this delightful, best-selling alphabet and game book for young children, each consonant and vowel comes to life in vivid pictures that show each letter’s unique qualities in the world. The vibrant and playful illustrations help children learn the alphabet in the most natural and living way. This new expanded paperback edition includes a complete essay by master Waldorf teacher William Ward, “Learning to Read and Write in Waldorf Schools.” This is the alphabet book for parents and teachers who want to encourage the most natural development in children. It is ideal for both at home and in the classroom.”

The Waldorf Book of Animal Poetry $
By David Kennedy (Author)
“The world’s largest collection of animal poems, verses and rhymes ever published! Celebrate and honor our furred, feathered, and finned friends with the world’s largest collection of animal poetry ever published. The Waldorf Book of Animal Poetry brings the animals of the forests, mountains, jungles, deserts, rivers, seas, and even your own backyard to life on every page. An essential companion for teachers at every level from kindergarten to college. Parents, children, and animal lovers alike will discover old favorites, make new friends, and revel in over 425 animal poems by classic and modern authors.”

The Waldorf Book of Poetry: Discover the Power of Imagination $
By David Kennedy (Author)
“Discover the power of imagination in an inspiring journey through time that brings history, mathematics, social studies, science, language, and geography to life. Readers will experience poetry like never before as it opens doors to ancient cultures, faraway places, the seasons and rhythms of the year, and the wonder of plants, animals, and nature. The Waldorf Book of Poetry includes more than 425 poems by classic and modern poets in a comprehensive collection that reveals the power of imagination in a wide variety of subjects.”

Waldorf Essentials Online Curriculum $
“Teaching a Waldorf inspired curriculum is much easier than you think! Yes, there is planning that you’ll need to do, but we walk you through it all! Hi, I’m Melisa. I’ve been a Waldorf inspired homeschooler for almost 20 years and the co-owner of Waldorf Essentials for nearly 15 years. I started writing Waldorf-inspired curriculum when my children were young and there were very few options on the market. What was available was written by teachers, teachers that had never homeschooled! They didn’t know what it was like to juggle three kids at a time and main lessons. The needs of homeschoolers are much different than those in the classroom and while the curriculum was the same, it needed adaptation and cultivation that only someone who had walked the homeschooling path could give.” In addition to the curriculum, you can also take advantage of weekly mentoring, as well as coaching and training.

The Waldorf Homeschool Connection $
“When you started a new job, you were given some guidance and training on how to be the most effective and do things correctly, right? Well, you have to think of “homeschool teacher” as your new position!  (We all know it is much more than a job, and that is all the more reason why you need to know what to do and how to do it.).” Find training, mentoring, blogs, and links to curriculum and resources.



Waldorf Shop
Featuring Waldorf-related vendors and services – waldorfshop.net is more than a one-stop Waldorf shopping experience. The Waldorf Shop is an opportunity for the world-wide Waldorf Education community to take stock of our true resources, move beyond competition – toward mutually supportive service, and welcome outstanding providers not directly connected with Waldorf education. We’re a network of folks creating a more beautiful, purposeful and wonder-filled world.”

Waldorf Without Walls
“Barbara Dewey at Waldorf Without Walls provides Waldorf Homeschooling curriculum and support, individualized for you and your child, ongoing throughout the year, with unlimited access by phone and e-mail whenever you have a question. On this site, you can learn more about Waldorf Homeschooling, order books or consulting services, and find out about seminars and other resources.”

Writing to Reading the Steiner Waldorf Way: Foundations of Creative Literacy in Classes 1 and 2 $
By Nicky Teensma (Author), Abi Allanson (Author)
This book provides teachers with appealing, easy-to-use plans and practical activities for immediate use. It also sets out fundamental principles of Steiner Waldorf pedagogy. It shows how this dovetails with the best of both mainstream primary approaches and specialist dyslexia-friendly methods. […] The book showcases the holistic, creative aspects of the Steiner Waldorf literacy approach. The teaching of writing before reading is prioritized so as to engage children’s creativity in learning. Developing the child’s own voice through writing and storytelling, to lead over into reading, is highly effective for motivation and success.”


Free Waldorf Homeschool Curriculum and Materials

While there are a lot of Waldorf curriculum and materials out there to purchase, there are also ways to homeschool using the Waldorf approach inexpensively. Check out these free Waldorf homeschool curriculum and materials:

Millennial Child
Find master classes for teaching at the different levels, podcasts, articles, videos, curriculum/ courses, and information about conferences. You can also request consultation. Some information is free, or you can become a member for more access.

Online Waldorf Library
This site has been created to provide useful information in English and now also in Spanish for Waldorf teachers, parents, home schoolers, and anyone interested in Waldorf education. Our aim is to make visible all the available book resources on Waldorf education that are currently in print and where to purchase these. Also included are an ever-increasing number of eBooks in pdf format that can be downloaded to your PC or electronic reading devices. Articles from back issues of North American and International Waldorf educational journals are all available in pdf format and can also be downloaded to your PC or electronic reading devices.”

Waldorf Blogs
Pinterest board by Esra Ergun Alis of her favorite Waldorf blog sites.



Waldorf Blogs 2
Pinterest board by RosyUndPosy of her favorite Waldorf blog sites.

Waldorf Teacher Resources
“The mission of this site is to provide Waldorf teachers with a means of sharing with each other what has worked. It is a place where we can share our curriculum ideas, main lesson pages, music, resources, and, most of all, our inspirations and experience. This site is dedicated towards making Waldorf teaching sustainable. The preparation each year for a new curriculum is a monumental task. This site is provided as a resource for ideas and materials so that we can spend more time with our families and nurturing ourselves which, in the end, makes us better teachers.”


Additional Waldorf Homeschool Resources

Still want more resources? Not sure how to make a Waldorf homeschool schedule? How about some extra special Waldorf homeschool keepsakes? See below for a few more resources that you may just find useful or enjoyable:

The Christopherus Waldorf Curriculum Overview for Homeschoolers $
By Donna Simmons (Author)
“The book’s focus is on First through Eighth Grade. The Overview is just that – an overview of Waldorf education, written by a homeschooler for homeschoolers. This is a practical book and parents will find help on questions ranging from how to make a schedule to working with multi-age children and from parental self-education to designing a language arts program. Suggestions as to how one might use non-Waldorf resources but stay true to one’s educational ideals will also be a feature throughout the book. Hundreds of books and other resources, both Waldorf and non-Waldorf, are reviewed. Homeschoolers will find lists of great read-alouds, books for Main Lesson preparation, suggested source material for students and books explaining different aspects of Waldorf pedagogy.”

Rhythm & Waldorf Homeschool Planning $
By Melisa Nielsen (Author)
“Compiling this book made me smile. It is full of several years of parenting. As I edited this together, I relived some of the years when my children were younger. The wisdom I share here is real. It is palpable. Breathe it in. Take what resonates and set aside the rest to ponder. I hope this volume gives you tools and peace as you walk this journey. I have written to you, the mom in the trenches from experience in my own trenches. These are moments to savor and moments to learn and grow from. This mom thing isn’t easy but it is worth it.”

Through the Rainbow: A Waldorf Birthday Story for Children $
By Lou Harvey-Zahra (Author), Sara Parrilli (Author)
The Waldorf tradition is to tell the birthday story — the tale of a little soul who crossed the rainbow bridge, came to earth, found a loving family and became the birthday boy or girl. The birthday story has been told for generations and holds a unique place in the hearts and memories of thousands of families. Through the Rainbow is a faithful and inspiring retelling of the most well-known version of the story by parenting coach and Waldorf parent, Lou Harvey-Zahra, and is accompanied by soft, ethereal illustrations by Waldorf artist and teacher Sara Parrilli. This beautiful picture book can become part of a family’s traditions, read every year to celebrate a child’s special day. Through the Rainbow can be personalized, making it unique for each birthday child.”

The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Creating and Understanding a Waldorf-Inspired Homeschool Plan $
By Donna Ashton (Author)
If you want your family’s homeschooling education to be nourishing while also allowing your children the freedom to grow, The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook is the homeschool education guidebook you’ve been looking for. This book shares the patterns, philosophies, Waldorf terminology, and Areas for Optimum Learning that can be applied to any age or grade. By setting up the homeschool setting with quality supplies and natural playthings, kids will have the “tools” they need for imagination and learning. […] Within the pages of this comprehensive homeschooling guide, parents will find information, lesson plans, curriculum, helpful hints, behind the scenes reasons why, rhythm, rituals, helping you fit homeschooling into your life. Discover how to educate your children in a nurturing and creative environment.”


Do you have an opinion about the best Waldorf homeschool curriculum? What Waldorf homeschool supplies and resources have you found useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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