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Results for: Math

Math Art Projects For Kids

Artful Math Classroom Polyhedra Activities Polyhedra-related construction activites which can be used for art and math projects. Connect the Dots Complete the picture by clicking on the next number until the picture is complete. For kids learning to count. Coolmath 4 Kids – Fractals An amusement park of mathematics. Come on in and enjoy...
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Math Manipulatives At Home

Unless otherwise noted, these are all math curriculum resources with whom I have no commercial connection. Manipulatives Astro-logix This inexpensive, mind-expanding system can be used to build tessellations, polygons, polyhedra, multi-level fractal stars, bridges, spaceframes, as well as fun shapes such as UFO’s, skeletons and dinosaurs. Cuisenaire Rods Seventy-four rectangular plastic rods that vary...
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Interesting Math Lessons for Children

Help Teaching Math Topics Benezet Centre Over 70 years ago in Manchester, New Hampshire, children learnt no formal arithmetic until grade 6 (about age 11). The program’s creator, Superintendent Louis Benezet, describes it. Crazy for Calculating! Making Math Fun My children love math. They like the challenge of ripping into a complex algebra problem...
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Primary Math

Math for the early years. Addition Table Handy table to print out and use for learning addition facts or to find patterns by coloring certain numbers to see where the reappear. Dinosaur Math/Coloring Activities Each print-out involves having you add single-digit numbers in order to color a dinosaur scene. You’ll need a pencil and...
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Back To Homeschool: Fun Homeschool Supplies

Getting new school supplies is my favorite part of the back to homeschool activities. Plus, the homeschool perk is that you can get whatever you, and your kids, want! No classroom restrictions! Get back to homeschool ready with these fun homeschool supplies that we love!
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How can you use notebooking in homeschool? Get tips and resources to get started notebook homeschooling today!
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