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Japan Homeschooling

Q. Is Homeschooling in Japan illegal?

There is no definitive answer as yet and you will obtain a different understanding by different parties depending on where you live and who you are talking to.

There is a small fine or penalty for not complying with the compulsory schooling requirement. In the past, there have been a few cases of parents who have had to pay that fine in court, so some infer from the mere existence of the fine that homeschooling is illegal. But we should question that assumption. (The fine is rarely applied and amounts to less than ten thousand yen.)

by Aileen Kawagoe. Homeschooling in Japan

Distance Learning Programs
Online Social Networks
Support Groups


Association of HomeSchoolers in Christ
In Japanese.

CHEA Japan
English Version. Since Chea Japan has started since 2000 May, Japanese Christians has began to consider to start homeschooling to build up in Christ and to make them as a disciple of Jesus.

Homeschooling in Japan
Site no longer updated, but still has relevant information.

Japan Home School Support Association
HoSA plans to publish its own magazines and bulletins, introduce Japanese versions of home-schooling manuals from the United States, host seminars and symposiums, and facilitate the sharing of textbooks. [Site in Japanese.]

Distance Learning Programs

Atmark Inter-Highschool
Partner of Alger Learning Center in Washington to provide a distance learning program for homeschool students in Japan. Site in Japanese. (Note: a diploma from this school is not recognized in Japan, only in the US.) English version.

Kikokushijo Academy International School
A junior high and high school located in Tokyo, Japan, which provides an American curriculum based on the principles of homeschooling and individualized learning to primarily returnees, bi-cultural students, and international students, through our relationship with Stanford University and Laurel Springs High School, in California.

Tokyo Shure
A free school, Tokyo Shure currently has about 550 families registered in its Home Shure network. [Site in Japanese.]

West River Academy
Caters to unschoolers, so it is important for you to understand this concept. Based in Grand Junction, CO, this program also accepts Japanese “school refusers” to come and learn English with the family owners.


Forging a Path for Homeschooling
One family’s example helps raise awareness of education options in a land obsessed with academic records. by Takehiko Kambayashi.

Home study gives ‘freedom’
In a country where public schools dominate, educating a child at home is beyond most people’s imaginations. But Mrs. Kubo, who has home-schooled her children for 10 years, says home-based education has enriched their life. By Takehiko Kambayashi.

Online Social Networks

Japan homeschooling
The homeroom teacher may visit the home periodically, and may or may not try to persuade the parents to send the child to school. Post from an A2Z list member who lives in Japan.

Otherwise Japan
onibabatachi no irutokoro
PO Box Kugayama, Suiginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Email: [email protected] .

Support Groups

Misawa Home Educators
This group consists of local members who work closely together to provide the best homeschooling experience at Misawa Air Base, Japan.

Okinawa FISH Homeschool co-op
FISH (Faith In Schooling Homes) is a Christ centered homeschool co-op on the island of Okinawa

Okinawa Homeschool group
We are a supportive group, where you can connect with other homeschooling families on Okinawa, find information on resources available on the island, brainstorm ideas and activities, ask questions, and find encouragement and positive attitudes! We welcome people of all faiths – or none – all political persuasions – or none – and all methods of homeschooling.

Okinawa Middle and High School Homeschoolers
This page supports families living on Okinawa who are homeschooling, or considering homeschooling their middle and high school children.

Okinawa Mommas Who Homeschool
I started this group Okinawa Momma’s Who Homeschool, Because I would like to have a group of us together so that we can ask each other questions. I am new to homeschooling and I would love to have other moms to talk to about it.

Okinawa Secular Homeschool Co-op
We are American homeschooling families living in Okinawa giving our children a secular/non-religious education, working together to enhance their studies with field trips and group activities and projects.

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