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Malaysia Homeschooling

FamilyPlace has evolved into Family.com.my, a more general family website for those raising children in Malaysia, but they still have several good articles about homeschooling.

A forum for Christian homeschoolers in Malaysia. This is where we meet to exchange ideas and interact with one another.

Homeschool in Malaysia: A Foresight Study
Homeschooling in Malaysia is a form of alternative education that emphasizes quality education based on moral values and beliefs while strengthening family bonds. This alternative form of education is being practiced by a growing number of families in Malaysia. As such, the Ministry of Education has given the green light for intending parents who wish to homeschool their children to do so with prior permission from the Ministry.

Homeschool Malaysia
A Compilation of Homeschool Resources. Includes “Things to Do with Kids in KL.”

Homeschooling Hub Malaysia
Everything to do with the betterment, growth and positive development of our children, it’s all here! Naturally, we all strive to be better parents all the time and with our positive collaboration, hopefully we can build a strong nation of unity.

Homeschooling in Malaysia: Legal Issues
Education in Malaysia is in constant flux. Policies are made and unmade, and flip-flops are not unusual. This section is not intended to review every controversy, but to provide a brief overview of regulations (legislated and unwritten) pertaining to educating a child outside the traditional schooling system.

KL Home School Centre
International Homeschool Program for Grade 1-12. Located behind Maybank, next to Sihat Pharmacy & Sanctuary Church, near Salak South LRT station.

Malaysia Education Info (And Homeschooling too)
We welcome everyone except trolls and we discuss everything and anything so long as everyone learns something.

Malaysian Catholic Homeschooling Network
A way to reach out as well as to build an electronic community of Catholic Homeschoolers in Malaysia. A Yahoo Group mail list.

Malaysian Christian Homeschoolers Network 
a forum for Christian homeschoolers in Malaysia. This is where we meet to exchange ideas and interact with one another. Like other Christian homeschoolers around the world, we’re in it because we believe it’s the best way to bring up our kids, and that this is what God wants us do as a family.

Malaysian Home Educators Network
MALHEN is an informal network to bring Malaysian home educators (practising or potential) was created after the dialogue session. It is platform for parents to exchange ideas and share experiences. Most important of all, to provide support and encouragement to help on another as we embark to educate our children at home. Yahoo Group.

Malaysian Homeschool Tribe
Our aim is to create opportunities for our kids to socialise (especially for non-academic purposes). We also share information which may be of interest.

Malaysia Homeschool Unite Community
Whether you are considering homeschooling, beginning the adventure, future parent, new family or you’re a veteran homeschooler, this is the place for you.

Malaysian Homeschool Teen (and tween) Club
This club is for homeschooling teenagers (and tween) ages 11-18yrs in Malaysia. It’s also for those schooling kids who are interested with homeschooling activities. It’s created to get them connected, to offer teens the opportunity to participate in unstructured, yet supervised, social time, to update on relevant events happenings, to share information, etc.

Malaysian Homeschooling Network
MHsN welcomes those who are:
1) currently homeschooling their children or planning to homeschool / home-educate their children; and/or
2) pro-homeschooling (for example like you love homeschooling but may not able to homeschool yet or you don’t have children but support homeschooling or you want to homeschool but your parents/spouse disapprove).

Malaysia Homeschooling, Unschooling and Private Education Network
To bring forth education in its pure form. No bureaucratic process, no stereotyping…just to provide knowledge to all that needs it.

A Model of Homeschooling Based on Technology in Malaysia
Homeschooling in Malaysia is a form of alternative education that emphasizes quality education based on moral values and belief in strengthening family ties. The purpose of this study is to produce a model of homeschooling technology- based learning activities in Malaysia as a guideline to improve the quality of education, curriculum and organize the delivery of learning content and teaching for homeschooling children.

Out of the Box Learning
Learning without schooling in Malaysia. I’m a homeschooling father. Husband of one wife (Sook Ching) and dad to two boys (Ethan and Elliot). Homeschooling means educating one’s own children in the home and both my wife and I have been doing that with our 2 sons all their lives.

The Rafelsia Learning Centre
Our growing body of diverse learners progress individually at their own pace and enjoy the company of peers who are high achievers each with their own different style of learning.

Special Needs Homeschooling Club Malaysia
This group is here to offer support and information to those of us who homeschool our kiddos with special needs or for those who are considering it and want to know if its parents and dont have time to read through a bunch of sites that arent answering our questions.

Syaheed Homeschool-Malaysian Islamic Homeschool
Assalamu ʿalaykum wa Raḥmatullahi wa Barakatuh
Alḥamdulillah, Syaheed Homeschool has launched! Welcome to the online resource for Muslims who are educating their families especially in Malaysia.
Syaheed Homeschool is a blog for Muslim families that are seeking a community & resources related to the Islamic development of their families. Website.

See also Islamic and Muslim Homeschooling

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