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Australia Homeschooling

Australian Homeschool Resources By States and Territories

Each state and territory has its own government and laws – all have legislation covering home education – and they all differ from each other! In South Australia, the legislation provides for exemption from attending school rather than home education registration. The states and territories, not the federal government, are responsible for the provision of education. That means they are responsible for funding education. Because the federal government took away the opportunity to derive tax from personal income from the states early in the federation, it gives the states and territories funds to help cover the cost of education. Each year the states and territories haggle with the federal government for sufficient or increased funding. Funding is provided to both state and private schools but not to registered home educators (who are seen as being ‘outside’ of the education system even though all have to comply with education regulation).
~Beverley Paine. The Educating Parent.

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Home Education Association Inc.
HEA was formed in April 2001 to promote the practice of home education in Australia and aims to provide members with benefits which would be difficult to obtain by individuals or smaller groups. Event organizers especially should look into this group for insurance.

Muslim Home Education Network Australia
Provides information and support on the viable and responsible option of Home Schooling to the Muslim Community.


Tasmanian Home Education Advisory Council
Information and support for parents interested in educating at home in Tasmania.

Cover Schools / Distance Learning Programs

Brisbane School of Distance Education
Queensland government-sponsored program for children who live in remote areas.

Charters Towers School of Distance Education
Our school provides quality education to children who for a variety of reasons do not attend mainstream schools. Based in North Queensland.

School of the Air
Australia is a huge continent and is home to some of the most geographically isolated and remote communities in the world. How do children living in these communities go to school? The answer is Community Government schooling and the School of the Air.

Swan Christian College Online
Swan Christian College is a co-educational high school with over 850 students. Situated in Metropolitan Perth at the gateway to the Swan Valley.


An Everyday Story
A homeschool blog inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach and Project-Based Homeschooling.

Australian Homeschool Bloggers
Have a homeschooling blog? Wanting to connect, share, encourage and collaborate with other Australian Home School Bloggers? This group is for you!

Expedition Homeschool: Book Review: The Australia Book
This would be my favourite out of all the books we have bought and borrowed in our schooling journey so far. Not only is it perfect for a Right Brain Learner as it is a visual timeline of Australia’s History, but it is beautifully illustrated, clear, to the point, contains the information you need and is a great reference point for the kids.

First Class Australian Curriculum Homeschool
My name is Carolyn and I’m a home educating mum of two boys. Our children were not always educated at home, however, when the time came to do so, we grabbed the opportunity and haven’t looked back since. Facebook page.

Homeschooling Downunder
Charlotte Mason flavored ideas, teaching tips and resources for the homeschool journey. Many of the resources have an Australian and New Zealand flavor but others are universal in appeal. Also includes a list of more Australian bloggers!


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Legal Information


Legal Requirements and Registration in NSW
This article deals broadly with legal requirements in NSW and the registration process. Author: Janelle Hardy, HEA.


Legal Requirements and Registration in NT
Parents who wish to home educate children of compulsory school age must ensure that, prior to home education commencing, approval is received through DET.


South Australia Education Code For Homeschooling
In South Australia, parents may choose to educate their child(ren) at home rather than accessing a school based education program.


Tasmanian Compulsory enrolment & attendance
Home education is a legally supported alternative to enrolment at a school, provided that the parent is registered as a home educator in respect of that child. This means that the parent meets the requirements for undertaking home education, as described in the policy statement on home education.


An online education magazine with downloadable stories for children and loads of tips for educating your kids.

Online Support Groups

ADF Homeschooling Families
This is a nationwide, tri-service supportive group for all Australian Defence Force (current serving members) families who are home educating or considering home educating their children. This group offers support, friendship and encouragement to home educating families of the Australian Defence Force community.

Australian Christian Homeschoolers
This group is intended for fellowship, encouragement, events and practical advice (particularly in comparing the various Christian homeschooling curricula).

Australian Highschool Homeschool
Hi all, this is a group for those who are home educating highschoolers in Australia, that is, Year 7 – 12 (age range approx 12- 20, but this is not set in concrete).

Australian Secular Homeschool
This group is for nonReligious Australian Home Educators to connect. A place to gather, share ideas and support each other.

Homeschool Australia
There is a ‘where do you live’ doc – please add your name if you want to make contact with others in your area. There are also several other files of interest, including samples of approved learning programs. Beverley Paine started this group.

Homeschool Australia High School Mums & Dads
This group is for homeschool parents that want to share how they homeschool their high schoolers and make some wonderful friends.

Indigenous Homeschoolers
A community of Indigenous homeschoolers that share idea’s and find support. This group welcomes all, including settler allies who want to learn how to be more inclusive and decolonize their own homeschooling.

Jewish Australian Homeschoolers
Parents and kids and anyone else or supporting them – a forum to have dialogue, share ideas, support each, ask questions and organize activities.

Unschool Australia
For anyone wanting to know more about unschooling, share their stories, chat about unschooling. It’s not exclusive. People transitioning to unschooling are welcome too. This group welcomes conversation about any kind of unschooling philosophy, ideas and practice. This group was originally started by Beverley Paine, http://theeducatingparent.com/ (formerly Homeschool Australia and Unschool Australia).

Unschooling Info Australia
This is a discussion group for Australian parents who are unschooling or are considering unschooling their kids. We will discuss unschooling philosophy and how to become better unschooling parents.


Australian Homeschool House Swap
This group is for homeschoolers interested in setting up a group for house swapping holidays or home hosting (where you have a spare room etc). It is a work in progress and currently is the phase of getting ideas on how it will operate in practicality and generating interest.

Overland Australia
Imagine trekking where human feet have barely left a mark and discovering outback Australia without leaving your own classroom. Join our expedition and enjoy the ultimate adventure!

Supplies and Curriculum

Always Learning Books
Family friendly how to begin homeschooling, unschooling and parenting books, including books by Beverley Paine.

Australian Bookshops
This directory is a collection of information about Australian bookshops. Any submissions are most welcome: the more information the better.

Australian Correspondence Schools
For the eclectic learner. All sorts of courses you can enroll in one at a time. Ideal for independent teens.

First Class Resources
Educational resources that are fully aligned to the Australian Curriculum and teaching tools that make learning fun.

Homeschooling Supplies (Aust.)
Run by Frank and Valerie Marett, who have homeschooled for over sixteen years. Their catalog includes a large collection of high quality, attractive, Australian material that is self-instructional. Placement testing provided before you buy.

Kingsley Educational Pty Ltd
KEPL is a mail order supplier of home education curriculum and support materials. Primarily Christian materials.


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