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Quebec Homeschooling

Legal Information
English Speaking Support Groups
Groupes Francophone


ACPEQ (Association for Christian Parent Educators of Quebec)
“The Association of Christian Parent-Educators of Quebec (ACPEQ) is a bilingual, non-profit Christian organization whose goal is to inform, support and encourage families who have chosen to teach their children at home, or who are considering this option. ACPEQ strives to support parents in their responsibility as educators, to help them to equip their children so that they can flourish in life, excelling in the use of their gifts and talents, and thus make a difference in their community.”

Rideau Valley Home Educators’ Association
A Christian organization. The association serves a membership made up of families from the Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec region in Canada.


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Legal Information

Canadian Homeschool Laws: Quebec
In Quebec the ONLY law for homeschoolers is the following:
Education Act
15. The following students are exempt from compulsory school attendance:
(4) a student who receives home schooling and benefits from an educational experience which, according to an evaluation made by or for the school board, are equivalent to what is provided at school.

Can I Homeschool in English in Quebec?
It is important to note that the language law applies to public institutions, and as such it does not apply to homeschooling. Parents should keep in mind that some French instruction must be provided to meet the requirements of an “equivalent” education.

English Speaking Support Groups

Catholic Homeschooling Group Montreal
I just met with Bishop Tom Dowd. He is a big supporter of homeschooling. I am starting this group in hopes that one day soon we can meet the several Catholic homeschooling families that are in our community in person.

Centre Communidée
A community centre for homeschooling families in and around Montreal. Atelier Communidée is a community workshop for families, and has equipment and tools for pottery, sewing and woodworking. Camp Communidée is a summer day camp for children aged 5 and up. Organized and run by volunteer homeschool parents, we offer weekly themes through the summer months. Facebook group.

Quebec and area Homeschool buy/sell/swap/borrow
Quebec homelearners sharing resources (either with cost of without) related to homelearning. No outside sellers! If you are not a homelearning family or about to be, please don’t request to join.

Quebec Association for Home Based Education
QAHBE-AQED is a bilingual service-oriented centre for information for homeschoolers in Quebec. Its success, efficacy, and sustainability depend entirely on the active participation of homeschooling parents who have a vested interest in home education.

Quebec Homeschooling with Exceptional Families and Kids
Facebook group.


Association québécoise pour l’éducation à domicile
Association provinciale chrétienne opérant dans la province du Québec dont le but est de maintenir les droites nous devons à la maison instruire au Québec et aider des familles à avancer avec leur intention au homeschool.

Ecole à la Maison de Montreal – Montreal Homeschool
Vous trouverez des ressources internet pour instruire votre enfant gratuitement ou pour accompagnement scolaire de la maternelle à l’université.


Homeschool Montreal Stuff For Sale
This is a buy/sell group for homeschooling related material…from toys, puzzles , games, to books and curriculum…all local…Montreal and surrounding area.

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