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Germany Homeschooling

Basically, all children of school age residing in Germany have by law to attend a duly-certified school or be taught at home by a qualified teacher certified under the German system. A very important consideration is how long the children will be in Germany: if, for example, a family is only going to be there for one or two years (a normal corporate assignment), officials will typically be less concerned, and may be satisfied if the parents can (for example) document that they have been homeschooling successfully in another system (US, UK) and plan to do so when they return.

Specifics vary from one German Federal state to another, and the attitude of local school officers is very important. There are provisions allowing homeschooling for religious convictions, but the parents have to satisfy the authorities that the children are being “properly” taught, which normally means certification and typically involves the children taking the same examinations as local children.

If we were moving to Germany now, my wife (who has a BS, MA, with qualifications in education) would get herself certified as a teacher in our US state, and I’d get a copy of our state’s education code and check the exact language of the exemption clauses. We’d also sign up with one of the correspondence schools to make everything look as normal and official as possible. Finally, we’d make arrangements to have the whole family learn German in some formal framework – probably Goethe Institut.

Paul Danaher

News & Controversy

German ‘ghost school’ uncovered after 30 years
October 18, 2007. The “ghost school” began as a project by leftwing, mainly academic parents, who set it up in a villa in the district of Steintor, wanting to create an alternative to the rigid pedagogical practices of the state system.

Melissa is free!
Since her 16th birthday on Monday 23th April Melissa is back in her family. Although the youth welfare office refused her to return back to her family the courageous girl left her foster family in the night of 22th April and indepentendly travelled back to Erlangen where her family lives.

In English

The German Way
Site is exerpt from the book explaining German educational system in general.

International Schools in Germany
If all else fails, you can enroll your child in an international school.


In German

AREF-News: Home-Schooling aus Gewissensgründen
Bericht über Schulverweigerer in Deutschland und die gesetzlichen Bestimmungen.

Bundesverband Natürlich Lernen (BVNL)
Bundesweiter Zusammenschluss von Personen und Initativen, die sich für selbstbestimmtes Lernen engagieren. Informiert über Hausunterricht und die rechtlichen Schwierigkeiten mit denen Eltern in Deutschland zu kämpfen haben.

Clonlara-Schule Deutschland
Informationen über die Privatschule und ihr Programm für unbeschulte Kinder.

Auch Heimunterricht, “Domizilunterricht” oderHomeschooling auf Englisch, ist eine Form der Bildung und Erziehung, bei der die Kinder zu Hause von den Eltern oder Privatlehrern statt in Schulen unterrichtet werden. Die konkrete Praxis des Hausunterrichts kann sehr unterschiedlich aussehen. Das Spektrum reicht von stark strukturierten, an traditionellem Schulunterricht orientierten Formen bis zu sehr offenen wie dem Unschooling. Wikipedia.

Homeschool-Initiative Baden-Württemberg
Wer wir sind und was wir wollen Perspektive für Kinder Voraussetzungen und Chancen Wo gibt es Homeschooling?

Informationszentrum Leben ohne Schule
Es wird zum Thema “Home Schooling” und zur Schulpflicht in den deutschen Bundesländern sowie zu den geltenden Regelungen im europäischen Ausland informiert.

Netzwerk Homeschooling Deutschland
Informationen über die Elterninitiative, zu Petitionen an den Bayerischen Landtag und über Hausunterricht als Alternative zum bestehenden Schulsystem.

Philadelphia-Schule freies christliches Heimschulwerk
Ein freies christliches Hausschulwerk stellt sich vor. Homeschooling als Alternative zur oeffentlichen Schulmisere. Grunde, Vorteile, Geschichte von Homeschooling in Deutschland. Paedagogisches Konzept, Aufbau, Traeger, Organisation der Philadelphia-Schule.

Schulunterricht zu Hause
Verein zur Verwirklichung des grundgesetzlich garantierten Erziehungsrechts der Eltern. The webmasters are American, Christian, home schooling people. If you need more information, please feel free to contact them at [email protected].

Military Homeschool Communities

United Homeschoolers of Germany
Located in the Ramstein/Kaiserslautern region of Germany, our group is comprised of homeschooling families living temporarily in Germany. Because of this, the group is quite transient. We encourage diversity and welcome all regardless of race, religion, or homeschool style. Together, we provide a network of support where homeschooling families can share ideas, organize field trips or enrichment classes, connect with local organizations, provide information about living in Germany, and help families new to homeschooling. Because of the unique and often transient nature of this community, UHSG strives to offer a welcoming and safe place for parents as well as children. Facebook Group. Forum.

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