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California Homeschool

Homeschool Charter Schools in California


California homeschool charter schools can serve as a unique schooling option to students. Discover local homeschool charter schools in California here.
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California Private School Affidavit Sample

California Homeschool Groups by County

Make a copy of the 2017-2018 PSA sample form and then go online to fill out a similar form at the DOE site for your California homeschool.
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California Private School Homeschooling

California Homeschool Groups by County

In a nutshell, what do we have to do as a homeschool family to comply with private school regulations before submitting the Private School Affidavit between October 1-15? You will first need to create a name for your private school to use on these and other documents. Here are some ideas for types of school...
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California Support Groups For Homeschooling

Find a comprehensive listing of California Homeschool Support Groups, including virtual and local. homeschool groups, within the A2Z California Homeschooling pages.
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California Homeschool Laws

requirements to homeschool your child in California

California's homeschool laws are not as rigorous as other states. Learn about homeschooling in California requirements here.
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California Private School Satellite Homeschool Programs

California Private School Satellite Programs

Discover information about incorporating a California private school satellite program into your homeschool life. Learn more here.
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California Field Trips with Kids

things to-do-in-california-with-kids

Whether you are a homeschooler living in California or not, there are many places to visit in California with kids. California’s coastline makes the state a great place for study of waterways and nature, but California also has a rich history and culture to explore. California residents can choose from many fun day trips...
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California Private School Affidavit PSA

California Homeschool Groups by County

California Private School Affidavit Form Sample Make a copy of this form and then go online to fill out a similar form for your California homeschool. The new form for the next school year will be available on or about October 1st. Though it is often available before October 1st, it is recommended that...
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California Public Independent Study Programs

California Homeschool Groups by County

Home School Programs run through California School Districts Some California homeschool families prefer not to homeschool independently, but rather through an institution operated either through the state or as an independent organization. This is a list of school districts with Independent Study or Home Study Programs sites online. About Independent Study California Consortium for...
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New Term for Independent Study Programs

California Homeschool Groups by County

Independent Study Programs Renamed By Debbie Schwarzer Co-Chair HSC Legal Team This notice is both for families who enroll in private school independent study programs and for people who operate private school independent study programs. It is being announced more or less simultaneously with announcements from CHN, CHEA and HSLDA. Debbie Schwarzer Co-Chair HSC Legal Team...
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