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California Private School Satellite Homeschool Programs

California Private School Satellite Programs

If you want to homeschool in California, you have several options.  You can homeschool independently in the more traditional way, or you can choose to send your children to an existing private school, public charter school, or public independent study program.  All of these educational options for families exist to allow students to thrive who may not have easily reached their potential through traditional schooling.

Choosing to use a private school satellite homeschool program in California may involve some cost, but the fees may be worth it to ensure that you are homeschooling legally and most effectively.  Private schools can offer different structures, philosophies, and means of maximizing your children’s strengths and opportunities for success in school.  The choice is ultimately up to you!


Resources for Private School Satellite Programs in California 

Before you make your decision, or even after you make your decision, you may want to find out more information about incorporating a California private school satellite program into your homeschool life.  Here are a couple of resources:

California Department of Education: Private Schools

The California Department of Education offers information about specialized programs such as private schools.  Although written as a reference for the private schools themselves, you can find helpful information and can search through the Frequently Asked Questions as well.


Private School Satellite Programs in California

Once you have decided that a private school satellite program (also known as a PSP or PSSP) may be right for your family, you then need to identify which one.  Here is a list of some of the PSP homeschool options available in California:


Accelerated Academics

“Accelerated Academics, Inc. provides a variety of support services for students with high intellectual and/or creative abilities and talents and their parents.  Our services include: Private School Satellite Program (PSP); credentialed teachers; comprehensive assessment and evaluation by a licensed child psychologist; the development of individualized learning plans (ILP) designed for highly or profoundly gifted students; one on one or small group instruction in a synchronous online video conference environment; record keeping and portfolio development; and consulting, guidance, and parent support.” Located in San Diego county.


Aegean Academy

“Aegean Academy is a private school satellite program (PSP) filing annually with the California Department of Education…. Aegean Academy offers independent study, record keeping, academic guidance, and academic counseling services for 1st through 12th grade students. Our goal is to encourage families to explore and learn together on their own terms.  Children deserve a safe and nurturing environment where all of their needs, including academic, emotional and physical are met with love and understanding. Aegean Academy is a secular school welcoming students of all creeds, ethnicities, identities and abilities.


The Arbor Learning Community

The Arbor is a non-profit homeschool organization offering academic classes in a gifted-friendly and inclusive community. “We strive to offer classes that are academic, engaging, and creative. Our teachers are passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects and dynamic in their presentation of the material. Classes are small with student-teacher ratios of typically 12:1 or lower. We offer classes with experiences that are difficult to simulate at home, including literature discussions, science experiments and dissections, foreign language conversation, history-themed debates, performing arts opportunities, and more!” Located in Fullerton, CA.


Bayshore School

“BayShore School’s philosophy is to empower each family so that they may develop the best approach by which to nurture their children’s education. We do not require, nor do we provide, a specific curriculum. Rather, our role is to assist families in their quest to meet the individual needs of each child, while staying within the parameters set forth by the California Education Code. BayShore School offers resources, guidance, and encouragement to its enrolled families. We do not offer a program for those who need detailed lesson plans or daily supervision. Enrollment with BayShore School requires self-motivation, the desire to release rigid notions about learning and children, and a sense of humour.”


Branson Academy

“Branson Academy began in 1996 as our family home school. In 2004, Branson Academy, Inc was established as a PSP (private school satellite program) in California to offer a legal umbrella covering for local homeschooling families.   We now support homeschool families throughout the state, international/traveling students, and other states where PSP’s are permitted. Our PSP is designed to support parents in creating an engaging, individualized learning environment that meets the unique needs of their children.” Located in Aromas, CA.


California Christian Academy

Formerly the Fresno Christian Academy, the California Christian Academy is a “non-campus school for any California family wanting to oversee independent study [for] their children at home.  Your student(s) will be enrolled under our private school affidavit.  We are open to all Californians regardless of distance.  All record-keeping is done online for a nominal annual fee…. At California Christian Academy, the parent is the teacher.”


Cedar Life Academy

“Cedar Life Academy is a nonsectarian Private School Satellite Program (PSP) that provides paperwork assistance and homeschool mentoring to California families who wish to home-educate their children…. This school does not teach children directly—the parents are the teachers of their own children. The director of the school helps ensure a successful school year by being available to provide support for Cedar Life Academy parents whenever needed. Friendly regular communication is offered so that no one is homeschooling in isolation.” Located in Walnut Creek, CA.


Creative Learning Place

“Creative Learning Place is a community of families who are passionate about parent-led education. We offer engaging, hands-on classes taught by outstanding educators. Students are respected for their unique ideas and encouraged to delve deeper. We welcome families of all faiths and are proud of our diversity. Students can participate in class discussions, science labs and cooperative learning opportunities not always available to homeschoolers. We welcome unschoolers, those who do school at home and families who have chosen to homeschool through a charter school.” Located in Los Angeles, CA.


Discovery of Learning

“Discovery of Learning is a TK-High School enrichment center born out of a love of children and a passion for providing education with a family and community feel. DOL has designed an enrichment program that considers the needs of the whole child. Whether entering the school years or embarking into young adulthood, we offer meaningful learning opportunities, spanning from alternative education supports to hand-crafted curriculum. At DOL, we believe education is a personal journey for each family and have built in a variety of program options, flexible schedules, opportunities for involvement, and supports along this road. We proudly serve families who have chosen an alternative education or homeschooling path, as well as support families enrolled with a charter school.” Current located in Apple Valley, Beaumont, Indio, Long Beach, Palm Desert, Riverside, Visalia, and Yorba Linda with upcoming locations in Corona and Fresno areas.


Excellence in Education Academy

“Over the years, EIE Academy has expanded into a highly successful Private Satellite Program (the new term for ISP) as well as a very popular homeschool resource center.  Since the birth of EIE we have been working very hard to serve the needs of the entire spectrum of homeschool families.” EIE offers record keeping, curriculum counseling, graduation with diploma, learning style assessments, resources and game curriculum, park days, credentialed supervision, park days, field trips, classes, and services for students with special needs.


Fremont Christian School

“Fremont Christian School has a Private Satellite Program (PSP) for homeschoolers. FCS PSP is a Christian ministry that supports, assists, guides, and helps hold accountable those families who have chosen to educate their children at home.” Located in Fremont, CA.


Grace Prep School

“We are a Christian private school that provides support services to homeschoolling families. Our goal is to provide families with the resources they need to provide their children with a substantive education…. Grace Prep provides record keeping, classes, park days, field trips, parent/teacher training, and much more. The journey of homeschooling is an exciting adventure and we are privileged to be able to provide a support group to come alongside parents as they seek to educate their children.” Located in Nuevo, CA.


HEART Christian Academy

Since 1999, Heart Christian Academy has partnered with parents in South Orange County to not only make homeschooling understandable, but a truly viable alternative to traditional schooling options.  We invite you to discover our unique homeschool program and Christ-centered community!  Experience the flexibility of homeschooling combined with the structure of a small classroom setting where our students learn and play together. Junior Kindergarten-8th grade students spend Monday and Wednesday of each week in grade-level classes at our Harbor Point Church campus. Using Heart Academy’s curriculum lists, the mentor teacher for each grade creates lesson plans for use both at home and on campus.  These tools give parents the confidence to act as their children’s primary instructor, teaching at home the other three days of the week.  In this unique program, the parent-teacher and the on-campus mentor teacher work as a team to provide a multi-faceted learning experience.” Located in South Orange county.


HomeSchool Campus

“Homeschool Campus (“HSC”) is a strategically organized group of classes with instructors who are experts in their field of study and dedicated to teaching. We cater to families who, for a variety of reasons, want an alternative to the traditional educational system for their child…. HSC is the perfect fit for families who have made the choice to homeschool but are not quite confident to teach all the subjects at home, nor wanting to be the sole person to determine what is learned each week…. Our campuses are open two days a week for students in grades TK-12. The classes are ‘a-la-carte’ so students may attend one day, both days, a half-day or a full-day- the choice is yours to meet the needs of your individual course of study. What makes HomeSchool Campus unique, is our desire to see your students succeed and our love for fostering a wholesome community atmosphere on our campuses for parents and their students.” Located in Burbank, Capo Beach, Costa Mesa, Murrieta, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Riverside.


California Homeschool Academy PSP

“California Homeschool Academy PSP is a Private Satellite School Program, that’s easy and well put together, for the family that just needs a plan. offering record keeping, which includes: *Attendance *Grades *Report Cards *Work Sample updates, to make sure you are complying with the state. Additionally, we offer *Free Site Unit Studies, homeschool resources, homeschool articles, helps, educational downloads, planning tips and resources. *We offer a mini online library with downloadable books *Curriculum options to help you build a curriculum made for your students, with paid sources, free sources and workbooks. *And a full family website.”


Keystone Academy

“Keystone Academy provides a full range of private school services while allowing maximum flexibility for the Parent/Teacher to develop educational programs tailor made for each student. Parent/Teachers choose the curriculum and instructional methods that are right for their children…. Keystone provides a variety of support and enrichment programs including Field-trips and Academy Day classes…. Today Keystone Academy stands on nearly 30 years of home school experience and wisdom.” Located in Santa Fe Springs, CA.


Kolbe Academy

“Kolbe Academy, like our namesake, is rooted in tradition and relevant to the world today. We seek to harness the power of technology to offer a truly Catholic, classical, and flexible education…. Kolbe Academy is a full-service curriculum provider and bookstore. Customers may conduct business with Kolbe Academy in many ways: enroll full-time in Kolbe’s Homeschool Program, purchase individual course plans for Homeschool use, enroll in online courses, purchase books, or purchase Standardized Testing services.” Located in Napa, CA.


Liberty Academy

“Liberty Christian Academy’s goal is to provide services, encouragement, and accountability necessary for parents to homeschool their children in the liberty that Christ has given us…. The purpose of Liberty Christian Academy is to provide resources to assist and enable families who wish to train their children to live by Biblical principles, practice responsible life skills and stewardship, and pursue excellence in academics in a home environment. We have confidence that God will develop character in our children as we follow His principles in training them to look outside of themselves for purpose in life. Let us look to God to give us and our children a heart for excellence.” Located in Ventura county.


Live Oak Academy

“Live Oak Academy is a classical Christian educational service for home school families, providing students with excellent studies within a loving, nurturing environment. Our mission is to foster creativity, maturity, knowledge, and wisdom in every area of learning. We emphasize the three stages of educational development that characterize classical education: first, the grammar stage, teaching solid factual foundations; second, the logic stage, focusing on sound reasoning and critical thinking skills; and third, the rhetoric stage, empowering students to express themselves with clarity and confidence…. If you are currently homeschooling or have a desire to homeschool your children with an excellent Christian and classical education, we welcome you to explore Live Oak Academy. We are here to help you!” Located in Santa Clara, CA.


Mother of Divine Grace

Mother of Divine Grace School offers a Catholic, classical approach to home schooling. It is a program that has been developed by “trial and error”. We understand the challenges that home-schoolers face and thus we offer different levels of service. We want to meet the needs of each individual family, and we realize that these needs will vary from family to family. Our consultants, teachers, lesson plans, materials, standardized testing, and assessments can provide families with clear educational goals, the appropriate level of support, as well as the needed structure and flexibility. These will lead to academic success.” Located in Ojai, CA.


Mountain View Private School Satellite Program

“Mountain View Private School Satellite Program is a home school PSP serving primarily East San Diego County…. At Mountain View PSP, we want to discover each child’s individual learning styles, and then consider the curriculum and assignments that best suits each student’s educational needs.  After enrollment, each student will be directed to a free learning style test; one that can be forwarded via email to the parents, and (if needed) on to the school. Mountain View PSP recognizes that parents are looking to better their children’s futures by ensuring they receive a better education than what they feel the public school system is able to provide. While this program will never seek to become accredited, it will always strive to ensure the parents are fulfilling their goals of teaching their children to dream big and reach high!” Located in Julian, CA.


Peach Blossom School

“Peach Blossom School is a private school offering a flexible K-12 Home Education Program for homeschooling families throughout California.… Peach Blossom School provides legal enrollment, record-keeping, guidance, counsel, transcripts, graduation, college application assistance and encouragement to families who are directing their children’s learning outside of a traditional school environment. At Peach Blossom School, the parent is the teacher.” Located in San Jose, CA.


Regina Caeli Academy

“Welcome to Regina Caeli Academy, a private school satellite program in California. Since 1994, RCA has supported Catholic homeschooling families by providing administrative oversight as a private school. We are the “umbrella,” under which parents are considered satellite campuses and teachers….” RCA families benefit from services like record keeping assistance, year-round support, processing of student transfers, teacher and student ID cards, access to homeschool information and resources, networking with other RCA families, and updates related to legal issues concerning homeschooling.


The Realm Creative Community

“The REALM offers a unique and innovative approach to what education can look like when an individual experience for each child is created based on their needs, their strengths and their goals…. Some children are ‘homeschooled’ through charter schools… while other children are homeschooled by their parents through a PSA…. Some of our kids come to The REALM all day, everyday, using our classes as the backbone of their homeschool education…. Some students use The REALM to supplement an already robust homeschool program of their own design, taking only a couple classes on various days. We believe that kids benefit greatly from parental involvement in real world education…. When our classes are not in session, we offer zany and creative camps that offer ridiculous fun along with awesome learning experiences!” Located in Santa Monica, CA.


Saddleback Christian Academy

Saddleback Christian Academy (SCA) is a private school satellite program (PSP). It offers “a wide variety of support activities and resources to our families, including record keeping, testing, special events, field trips, assemblies, monthly parent (faculty) meetings and supplementary classes (e.g., Choir, Speech & Debate, etc.).” Located in Mission Viejo, CA.


Seton Homeschool

“Seton is a private school satellite program, with an office in the state of California…. Seton Home Study School is a nationally accredited, faithfully Catholic private PreK-12 distance school located in the state of Virginia. We serve an enrollment of approximately 12,000 homeschooled students, and several thousand more families through book sales and by furnishing materials to small Catholic schools.” Located in Los Angeles, CA.


Stockdale Christian School 

“Stockdale Christian School is an energetic, positive, and dynamic learning community. Students are inspired and encouraged to discover their God-given gifts, talents, and passions. We believe a great education is one that cultivates the whole person – Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul. For over 40 years, SCS has prepared students to believe, achieve, and serve. We strive to provide students with a biblical worldview of their lives, world, and universe, as revealed through God’s Word. Our goal, through the cooperation of home and church, is to develop the moral strength, spiritual insight, and academic integrity for each student to live a life that would bring glory and honor to God. We welcome you and your family to visit our school campus. Come join us!” Located in Bakersfield, CA – Kern County


Talega Preparatory Academy

“Talega Prep is a California Private School offering satellite programs (PSPs) to support homeschooling families. Our mission is to bring educational freedom to families by offering an alternative to public and charter school independent study programs.  TPA programs are available for all students in grades K-12. Unlike public, or public charter schools, Talega Preparatory Academy supports homeschoolers of all learning styles and methods including traditional classroom, Classical, Faith-based, and unschooling, among many others.  Recordkeeping is kept to a minimum, and you are completely free to educate your children as you see best meets their needs and interests.” Located in San Clemente, CA.


Urban Homeschoolers

“Our Atwater Campus is hopping! We offer classes in all subjects, for all ages, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Tuesdays are Music Days. In addition, we have a calendar chock-full of movie nights, events, and holiday celebrations.  Our Atwater Village families are a wonderful community of both new and experienced hybrid-schoolers. Come check us out!” Located in Los Angeles, CA.


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