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California Homeschool Groups

If you are a new homeschooler in California, you may be overwhelmed by all of the possibilities.  Should you join a homeschool co-op or homeschool support group? Connecting with other homeschoolers can be beneficial if you are looking for advice, support, or socialization. You may even want to share resources. There are many homeschool support groups in California in the form of statewide associations, regional support organizations, and local social networks. You can find co-op homeschooling groups, local homeschool groups, and even virtual homeschool groups in California. You simply need to determine how involved you want to be.


Navigate the page by clicking the sections below to go to statewide, regional, and local groups by county.  To have your group listed please add the information in the comments below or contact me here. 


California Statewide Homeschool Groups 


Secular California Homeschool Groups 

California Regional Homeschool Groups 



California Local Homeschool Groups





California Statewide Homeschool Groups

California homeschool groups can be very large or have very few members. Statewide associations and advocacy groups are important because of their broader perspective on homeschooling. As a new homeschooler in California, you may want to access statewide resources in order to understand California homeschool laws or to find local homeschool support groups and resources. Start with this list:

California Homeschool Discussion and Information

“California Homeschool Discussion and Info (CHDI) is an open space to discuss issues and share information related to homeschooling in California.”

California Homeschool Network

“California Homeschool Network is an inclusive, statewide homeschooling organization serving families across a diverse spectrum of homeschooling styles and philosophies. California Homeschool Network exists to protect the fundamental right of the family to educate its children in the manner it deems appropriate without regulation or interference by federal, state or local agencies. California Homeschool Network monitors and responds to legislation which may pose a threat to homeschooling, and to this end, maintains a dialog with local, state, and national homeschooling organizations. California Homeschool Network serves to inform and empower homeschooling families, educate the public, and foster community among home educators in the state of California.”

Christian Home Educators Association of California (CHEA of CA)

“The Christian Home Educators Association (CHEA) of California, Inc. is a non-profit ministry established in 1982 to provide information, support, and training to the home education community throughout the state, to advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ by promoting private Christian home education as an outstanding educational opportunity; providing information, training and support to the homeschool community; and protecting the God-given right of parents to direct the education and training of their children, to the glory of God.”

Homefires Homeschool California

Homefires is the site of The Journal of Homeschooling Online. Check this website for many resources for homeschooling in California.

Homeschool Association of California (HAC)

“The Homeschool Association of California is a nonprofit volunteer-run homeschool organization.  HAC is here to help you navigate the homeschooling world with information, networking, and support.”

Homeschool Association of California’s (HAC’s) Facebook Discussion Group

“This group is for talking about California homeschooling in our families and communities. It is for those who want to learn more about homeschooling whether they are just considering it, are leaning toward it, are now homeschooling, or have homeschooled. It is a place for us to offer each other the benefit of our own homeschooling experiences and ideas and observations.” 



California Regional Homeschool Groups

Also valuable to homeschoolers are support groups that represent regions of the state. These may allow for shared resources and opportunities across county lines without the large focus of statewide associations. Here are some of California’s regional homeschool support groups

Bay Area Homeschool Network

“This group was created as a resource/support group for families who are considering homeschooling. All are welcome, but I’m most interested in building this community in the Bay Area because there may be laws, ordinances, rules, etc. that are specific to this region with regard to specific districts, local charter schools, etc.”

Bay Area Life Learners (BALL)

“Bay Area Life Learners (BALL) is a weekly Monday and Friday park day and activity Life Learning/Unschooling group that meets at various parks around the lower San Francisco Peninsula and upper South Bay.”

Bay Area Special Needs Homeschoolers

A private group where you can discuss topics through posts and comments.

Christian Heritage Sports (CHS Sports)

“Established in 2003 by the directors of CHS Sports (Christian Heritage School) with a desire to see homeschoolers from all around have physical education and athletic competition provided in high quality settings. California Home School Sports (CHSS) is a complete sports program and league for girls and boys ages 7-18. Whether you want to introduce your young child to his/her first sport, or help your established athlete become even more skilled, it is a place for all ages and abilities.” Based in Southern California.

San Francisco Bay Area Gifted homeschoolers

“We are a private group of families homeschooling intellectually gifted children in the San Francisco Bay Area…. We share resources, organize park days and other gatherings, and serve as a local support network for families who are independently facilitating their gifted children’s learning. We find friends among the parents, children, and teens within our community. Our main goal is to facilitate connections and friendships among our member families, so we emphasize real-life participation and ask that our members live within a one-hour radius of Redwood City, California.”

Homeschool Family Camp (Southern California)

“This group is for people who -will attend Camp -have attended Camp -are interested in attending Camp. De Benneville Pines is located in the San Bernardino National Forest about 2 hours East of Los Angeles in the City of Angelus Oaks. The Camps for Homeschooling Families are organized by a group of homeschool parents who volunteer their time and energy to make these camps happen.

Homeschooling Southern California

“This group is for posting events of interest to the homeschooling community in Southern California. A place for homeschooling families to give and get tips, support and resources.”

SoCal Homeschool Adventures

“Offering date-specific field trips, open-ended field trips and events for homeschoolers in order to create an environment where the kid in all of us can experience the adventures of life while connecting parent to child and developing a community.”

Southern California Christian Homeschool Resources

“This group is a place where Christians Homeschoolers, in Southern California, can come to find and post classes, resources and field trips.” 



California Local Homeschool Groups 

If you want a more personal connection, you may want to join a local homeschool group. In order to help you sort through the possibilities, here are some local homeschool groups arranged by county:







Contra Costa

Del Norte

El Dorado










Los Angeles
















San Benito

San Bernardino

San Diego

San Francisco

San Joaquin

San Luis Obispo

San Mateo

Santa Barbara

Santa Clara

Santa Cruz




















Alameda Oakland Home Learners (AOHL)

“Alameda Oakland Home Learners (AOHL) was formed in the mid-90s by a group of parents committed to teaching their children at home. Our goals are developing friendships amongst members, organizing activities, sharing resources, creating liaisons with other home-learning groups, and providing information to those considering or new to home-learning.”

Da Vinci Homeschool Group

“This friendly & supportive group is geared for families who are actively homeschooling with at least one school-aged child (siblings are always welcome). We have a strong teen/tween presence and are developing more events for that age demographic. We are located in the SF East Bay Area, and meet primarily in San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Castro Valley & Hayward. Our weekly park day is on Tuesdays. We are a secular group that encourages diversity and our members vary in homeschooling styles, religions, political views, family structures, and probably anything else you can think of.”

Fremont Area Homeschooling Families

“We’re here to provide support for each other and other homeschooling families in the Fremont and surrounding areas of southwestern Alameda County, California.”

Gifted Homeschoolers Together (GHOTO)

We are around 100 member families homeschooling gifted and 2e children in the San Francisco Bay Area, centered in the East Bay (Berkeley, CA). Our members are of all ages and stages of gifted homeschooling, from newbie to veteran.

Kids Out in Daylight (!) Homeschoolers

“Homeschoolers, unschoolers, slow-schoolers welcome here for events and classes in and around Alameda CA.”

Teaching Hearts @ Home

“Teaching Hearts @ Home is the Homeschool Support Group of Newark Community Church of Newark, California. Our desire is to provide Godly nurturing, encouragement, and networking to maximize our efforts in the calling we share to teach and raise our children with a Biblical worldview.”

T.H.I.N.K Together Homeschooling, Inspiring & Nurturing Kids

“This is an inclusive homeschooling group for all ages and all types of homeschoolers. Our main goal is to establish a caring, thoughtful and safe community for our children to grow and learn.”

Tri-Valley Explorers

Tri-Valley Explorers is an all-inclusive homeschool support group in the San Francisco East Bay Area (580 and 680 corridors). We welcome all homeschooling families regardless of worldview, lifestyle, or homeschooling method.”  

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Amador County Homeschool Connection

This group is for Amador County Homeschool Families to post about Home-school specific classes, activities, and field trips. This group is a resource for parents or grandparents of home-schooled children…. We want to provide resources, answer questions about options and curriculum, give information re: current legislation, classes, field trips, and encourage one another in our home schooling!

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Butte HomeSchoolers

“A parent support group for homeschooling families, information center for all homeschooling or home charter types, information on programs and classes available to homeschooling. Feel free to ask anything~ more than likely there are parents in the group that have been through it or going through it too.”

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Calaveras Homeschoolers Support Group

“We are a group of homeschooling families, both private and charter. You do not have to be a Christian Homeschooler, but as we are a Christian group…. We have field trips, weekly park days, and other activities.”

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Contra Costa

The Contra Costa County Homeschool Meetup Group

“The decision to educate your children at home is a big one that can be both challenging and very exciting. We welcome new and seasoned homeschooling families and all learning styles. Every Tuesday, at 10:30 AM, we meet for park days at a variety of parks and locations throughout Central and East Contra Costa County.”

Contra Costa Homeschoolers

“A Facebook group for homeschool parents in Contra Costa county to connect to each other, share events in the area, and (of course) support!”

The Diablo Valley Unschooling Co-op

“This is a place for unschooling families to plan and host events, and to build connections for children and parents. Every person who joins will be an Assistant Organizer, and will have the ability to plan events, outings, play dates, etc. Most of our events take place in Contra Costa County, and most of our children are currently under ten years of age. Our group holds kindness and empathy as core values, and we all commit to work proactively to teach our children solid conflict resolution skills.”

East Contra Costa Explorers

“We are an inclusive and diverse group welcoming all homeschoolers! We are not an on-line group. Together, we work to offer encouragement and support and to plan educational and social events such as field trips, classes, co-ops, parties, and more!”

Home Educating and Reflecting the Savior (H.E.A.R.T.S.)

“Membership in HEARTS is open to Christian homeschooling families…. Membership allows a family to receive the monthly newsletter and to participate in all HEARTS activities, including Class Day, park days, field trips, parent meetings and special events.”


“Homebuilders is a Private Christian homeschool support group serving Eastern Contra Costa County including but not limited to Antioch, Brentwood, Oakley, Pittsburg, and Discovery Bay. Homebuilders is composed of Christian families who volunteer to organize classes and events for their homeschooled children. Within the large group you will find several sub-groups which focus on different areas: academics, social groups, speech, park days, teen activities, etc.”

Tri-Valley Explorers

“Tri-Valley Explorers is an all-inclusive homeschool support group in the San Francisco East Bay Area (580 and 680 corridors). We welcome all homeschooling families regardless of worldview, lifestyle, or homeschooling method….   Our members plan and coordinate our many activities, including classes, field trips, and other fun events for toddler-aged children through teenagers.”

Walnut Creek Homeschooling Meetup

“We are a group of families who are homeschooling high schoolers. We have social outings and meetings. We go to the movies, field trips and more. We encourage families to coordinate activities to give our kids the opportunity to meet up with other kids.”

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El Dorado

El Dorado Homeschoolers Network Resource Center

“Welcome to the El Dorado Homeschoolers Network. This group is designed to be a resource for local homeschooling families living in and around El Dorado County, California. There are no fees, meetings, or required time commitments. This is simply a place where homeschoolers can swap resources and ideas.”

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Christian Home Educators of the Fresno Area (CHEFA)

“CHEFA is a non-profit organization created for the purpose of providing information, training, and support to the Private Christian Home School Community of the Central Valley. We envision supplying resources and help for all private California homeschool families in Fresno, Madera, Clovis, Reedley, Kingsburg, and Visalia.” 

Fresno Area Homeschoolers

“This group’s main purpose is bringing together Fresno Area (California) homeschool parents for support and the sharing of information relevant to our homeschool journey.”

Christian Homeschoolers of the California Central Valley

“This group has been created to connect homeschooling families in the Central Valley areas: Madera/Oakhurst, Fresno, Clovis, Kingsburg, Hanford/Lemoore, Visalia, Tulare/ Porterville.”

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Christian Homeschoolers of Humboldt County CA

“This group is not to be confused with Christian Home Educators which is a local membership group for private homeschooling families. This group is NOT endorsed by CHE in any way.”

Humboldt County Homeschool Key Club

This group is for present and past HCHS Key Club members. Have any great ideas for the club? Let us know!

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Bakersfield Classical Homeschoolers

Private Facebook group. Contact administrators to join.

Bakersfield Homeschool Activities Group (BHAG)

“Bakersfield Homeschool Activities Group is an inclusive support group for homeschooling families living in the Bakersfield, CA, area. Our basic purpose is to provide fellowship, foster friendships, refresh veterans and empower newbies! We do that through park days, field trips, holiday parties and other social activities, as well as through conversations and information exchanged on the Facebook group.”

Bakersfield Homeschooling Mama’s

“I am wanting to start a support group for mama’s who are homeschooling their kiddos or are interested in homeschooling and needing info and help. I was homeschooled out of 5th grade and I know my own mom had a great group of supportive moms to help her get things started and bounce ideas off of each other, it’s good to have friends who are there for you, who you can talk about stuff with and get help through the struggles or get a little extra encouragement from so I thought maybe a Facebook support group might be a great idea and a good way to start making friends and sharing resources.”

Bakersfield Homeschooling Network

Bakersfield Homeschooling Network is open to all homeschoolers in the Bakersfield area. I hope that you will find this group useful for staying on top of local homeschooling events and information and connecting with fellow homeschoolers in Bakersfield.”

Bakersfield Latter-Day Saint Homeschool Families

This is a group for us to support and uplift one another in our callings as mothers and fathers in Zion. Also a way for us to connect with one another so that we may make friends for ourselves and our children.”

Christian Home Educators of Ridgecrest (CHER)

Welcome to the official page of the Christian Home Educators of Ridgecrest, in the sunny southern California desert!”

Edwards AFB Homeschoolers

“This page is intended to be a resource for homeschool families stationed at Edwards AFB (or on their way to Edwards AFB) … as well as families (at or on their way to Edwards AFB) who have interest in homeschooling!”

Greater Tehachapi Area Homeschoolers

“Post questions, helpful links, suggestions, upcoming events, curriculum for sale, etc.”

Homeschoolers of Ridgecrest and Cal City

“This group welcomes all homeschoolers in the areas of Ridgecrest, Trona, California City, and Inyokern. Share ideas, organize park days, inform of local events of interest, and even plan field trips to area parks and museums here. There are lots of places that have “free” days for homeschoolers!”

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Lake County CA Homeschoolers

Private Facebook group. Contact administrators to join.

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Los Angeles

African American Homeschoolers of Southern California

This is a group for families who homeschool African American children in Southern California and respect all homeschooling styles.

Antelope Valley Christian Homeschooling

Antelope Valley Christian Homeschooling is for Christian Homeschoolers! If you would like to join this group, please ask the Administrator to add you.”

Antelope Valley Homeschool Book & Supply Swap

A LOCAL place to swap by whatever means you desire, albeit sales, trading, in kind, bartering, or free, ANYTHING relevant to the homeschool lifestyle. In other words, if you’ve got baby chicks to sell or a climber toy you just want to pass along, do it right here. We’re not limiting this group to books only.”

Antelope Valley Homeschoolers

Private Facebook group. Contact administrators to join.

Antelope Valley Homeschooling Families

“This group is for homeschooling families of the Antelope Valley! Go ahead and add other homeschoolers to the group! Only homeschooling families please.”

Burbank Homeschoolers

“Burbank Homeschoolers is a group of local Burbank homeschooling families who have meet ups and events within our community to support each other on our homeschooling journey. Opportunities for park days, picnics, project sharing, field trips and celebrations are just a few of the ways we come together for our children and ourselves.”

FaCE-LA (Family Centered Education Los Angeles)

“We are a homeschool group serving families in Los Angeles, particularly those in the Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, and other nearby areas.”

Gifted Unschooling Los Angeles

Meetups for gifted unschoolers in the greater Los Angeles area. All unschoolers and radical unschoolers welcomed. We discuss gifted issues, unschooling philosophies and respectful parenting.”

Holistic Homeschool Network

“Holistic Homeschool Network is based in the South Bay and Westside Areas of Los Angeles County, Southern California. HHN organizes faith building activities, which focus on Catholic principles (Sacred Scripture and Tradition). HHN offers monthly Eucharistic Adoration, Stations of the Cross, community service, field trips, traditional Catholic parties, park days, physical fitness challenges, and an academic fair and talent show. Both Catholics and non-Catholics are welcome! Holistic homeschooling describes educating our children in a whole or balanced way — interweaving spiritual, intellectual and physical disciplines.” Google Group

Home 4 Kids

“Welcome!  Home4kids is an inclusive group of homeschoolers in Pasadena and its surrounding areas.  It meets on Tuesdays for crafts and recreation from 1:30-4:30pm.  We also share homeschooling ideas, field trips, information and support…. Homeschool groups have met at our park for more than 25 years, and we strive to preserve the tradition at this happy place for our children.  Welcome, please jump in and be a part of the tradition of friendship!”

Homeschooling in Santa Clarita Valley

“We’ve been a homeschool group since April 2001! We provide organized Homeschool activities for the members of Homeschooling In SCV! Our group is FREE to join! We have Field Trips, Parkdays and PE Classes! In the past 11+ years, we’ve done over 800 field trips!! We have had over 16 large group trips (Beach camping, lodging in Yellowstone, camping and lodging in Sequoia National Park, camping and lodging in Kings Canyon, Julian, CA, Ventura, LA County and many other exciting and fun places)! We have helped answer home education [questions], offered support and helped over 2,000+ families with their homeschool adventures over 10+ years!

LA Freethinking Unschoolers & Homeschoolers

“Welcome homeschooling and unschooling families in the Los Angeles area! We meet for park days, field trips, learning activities and any other fun events that take place in Los Angeles…. This is a community where our kids can grow up around like-minded families. All ages are welcome. If you are new to homeschooling or if you’ve been homeschooling for years, we can all learn from each other’s experiences. If this sounds like a group for you, please join us!”

LA Homeschoolers

“A virtual homeschooling cooperative for families to connect and share interests through park days, community service, classes, trips, tours and more.”

LA Teen Christian Homeschoolers

“This is a group for parents and their homeschooled teens who want more opportunities to connect with other Christian teens in LA. Let’s get together for social, educational, athletic and other activities with other homeschoolers ages 12 through 19. Your acceptance to this group assumes that you become joint organizer of this group with other members and are thereby willing to host an activity from time to time. We are looking forward to an exciting time together!”

Los Angeles Area Homeschoolers

A place for Los Angeles area homeschoolers to connect, share outing information, park day information, playdate information and to discuss homeschooling & parenting.”

Los Angeles Unschoolers

We are a community in Los Angeles providing support to families who live outside the traditional school box. We are an eclectic group coming together to celebrate the understanding that play is an essential aspect of life and that deep, authentic learning stems from real life experiences in the child’s home, community and the big wide world. Our goal is to build bridges within our diverse community by sharing a wide variety of experiences and resources. Our hope is to create more chances for play, connection, and joy! Let’s have fun together!”

South Bay Homeschool Network

“South Bay Homeschool Network offers a support network for ALL families homeschooling their children in or around the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Membership dues are not required to join our forums or park days. We hope to create an environment where homeschoolers can meet, exchange ideas, and build relationships.”

South Bay Unschoolers

This page is for parents who are unschooling their children, specifically in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. All types of unschoolers are welcome here.”

Westside Homeschooling/Unschooling Group

“We are a fun Homeschool/Unschool/ Eclectic group of families that are looking to connect and build a community of support and fun for everyone. Families with children of all ages are welcomed however, we are focused mainly on elementary and middle school age activities.”

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Homeschoolers of the California Central Valley

This group has been created to connect homeschooling families in the Central Valley areas: Madera/Oakhurst, Fresno, Clovis, Kingsburg, Hanford/Lemoore, Visalia, Tulare/ Porterville. It is a blessing to fellowship with others of like mind and heart…even on Facebook! If you are a Christ-centered, homeschooling family (and we mean Jesus Christ of Nazareth) then please join our group. But even if you may not believe what most of us here believe, please join us anyway and feel welcomed.” 

Madera Ranchos Homeschool Group

Private Facebook group. Contact administrators to join.

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Homeschoolers in Marin

“Homeschoolers in Marin (HIM) is a diverse group of Christian homeschool mothers based in Marin County. Our purpose is support, education, and friendship (both for our children and ourselves) to help us live grace and truth filled lives, rich in beauty, truth, and goodness, with love binding them all together. We have an afternoon park day, monthly moms’ group, field trips, family potlucks, and more…. Our members are from all over the county, as well as Petaluma and San Francisco…. All are welcome as long as they are respectful of our faith-based foundation and Biblical values.”

Marin Homeschoolers

“With over 300 member families, Marin Homeschoolers is an inclusive network for homeschooling families and those who are interested in learning more. If you would like to connect with other homeschooling families for information, support, and activities, we invite you to join our group. Members have many resources available to them: a current family roster; an in-depth message board with forums covering several topics; and a calendar filled with field trips, classes, social gatherings and other events.”

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Merced Homeschoolers

“Merced Homeschoolers is a safe place for current and prospective private homeschoolers, public school at home families, and others looking at alternative educational options to share information, ideas and encouragement. Remember: each of us is doing our best to educate our kids in a way that makes sense for our particular situation. Let’s take advantage of our diversity and learn from one another. Be kind. Stay humble. Extend grace.”

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Homeschool Curriculum Buy – Sell – Trade Klamath Basin

“This group is for buying, selling, and trading new and used homeschool curriculum in the Klamath Basin and surrounding area (Southern OR, Nor Cal, Medford).

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Classical Conversations, Salinas

“Classical Conversations supports homeschooling parents by cultivating the love of learning through a Christian worldview in fellowship with other families.”

Living Water

Living Water is a homeschool cooperative that provides a Christ-centered environment to support parent-directed education.  Our organization meets one day per week, with classes ranging from Nursery to 8th Grade.  Our focus is primarily school-aged children in Kindergarten to 8th Grade, however, we provide nursery, toddler and preschool classes for younger children. Each class is led by the parents themselves and offers numerous extra-curricular activities and core enrichment classes to help children grow throughout the year.  Beyond the designation of homeschool cooperative, we want Living Water to be a ministry to the children and parents.  We want the fellowship with other homeschool parents and the structure of a formal organization to be a blessing to everyone involved.”

Monterey Peninsula Homeschoolers

“Our goal is to promote community among the Monterey area homeschoolers. We share local homeschooling resources, coordinate educational and social events, and generally support each other. All home educators – independent or charter, secular or faith-based – are welcome. We are glad you are here!”

Monterey Peninsula Secular Homeschoolers

“Monterey Peninsula Secular Homeschoolers is a collective group for homeschooling families who are either teaching without the influence of religion or are not holding religion at the core of their teaching. Perhaps you prefer to share faith with your family privately or are without faith. Either way, you are welcome here.” 

Unschooling Meet-up Group of Monterey Peninsula

“A group for homeschooling, unschooling and attachment parenting families to help us co-ordinate activities and meet-ups to allow our children some fun social interaction, and maybe some good parent social interaction too.”

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Nevada County Homeschooling/unschooling Connections

“This group is dedicated to connecting homeschooling/unschooling parents and their children so that they may meet up at the park, go on field trips or otherwise create social interactions. Anyone interested is welcome, homeschoolers, unschoolers, special needs, or even those curious about homeschooling as long as all interactions are positive.”

Penn Valley Homeschoolers

“We’re here to provide support for each other and other homeschooling families in the Penn Valley and surrounding areas of western Nevada County, California. We welcome those who are new to homeschooling or considering homeschooling for the future and have questions.”

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Future OC Homeschoolers

“Just trying to set up a place for folks in or near Orange County, CA who have children under 5 and plan to homeschool. The homeschooling network is very strong, and as folks tend to group up by age range, I thought that a jump start might be nice. This can serve as a like-minded social group, an informational network for references and ideas, or a place to get started on small group lessons and sessions, depending on the interests of those who join.”

Home School Fun & Learning in Tustin

“Open to home-schoolers, work-at-home parents, and all families who are looking for extra enrichment and support for their kids. You don’t have to live in Tustin but driving to Tustin should probably not sound like a burden to you. Please contact the organizer if you have suggestions or something to offer as an organizer or activity-leader!”

Homeschool Moms Of OC

“My vision for our group is to support other homeschool moms to connect, share talents, interest, business opportunities and prayer requests! It takes a village to raise a child and the calling of a homeschool mom is special and unique… Let’s share in our journey!”

Homeschooling in Orange County

“This is a group for all moms in Orange County, CA who are homeschooling or even just interested in finding out about homeschooling their children.

Homeschooling OC

“Homeschooling OC is a cooperative group exclusively for those who are actively homeschooling (school-aged children) in the Southern California area. The purpose of this group is to share links, ideas, inspirations and to arrange group field trips and events.”

Homeschooling TnT

Welcome to Homeschooling TnT (Teens n Tweens), formerly RK SoCal Teens. We are a diverse group of homeschooled and unschooled teens, tweens and their parents located in Southern CA who gather for dances, field trips, campouts, movies and other fun events.”

OC Gifted

“We are a warm community of homeschooling families with gifted children in Orange County. Our mission is to provide opportunities for social and emotional support for our often highly sensitive, often creative and asynchronous kids. I have found that when gifted kids come together with like-minded peers who truly get and understand them- they often feel they finally belong for the first time in their young lives.”

OC Homeschoolers

“Designed to help homeschooling/unschooling families in North Orange County connect, build community, and share resources. We welcome all families: from unschoolers to charterschoolers, whether you stay at home or work full time… or even if you’re just curious about this whole homeschooling “thing” … join and share with each other your homeschooling experience! We have regular park days and schedule field trips throughout the year to various locations around southern California.”

OC Homeschool Group

“An adventurous homeschooling and unschooling community for Orange County tweens… where life is for the learning!”

OC Homeschooling

“Since 2001 OChomeschooling.com has been the clearinghouse of information for homeschoolers in Orange County California!”

OC Unschoolers

“A place for unschooling families to connect and share ideas.”


This is a local homeschool group for Orange County. They run reading groups, handicraft fairs, and an annual conference each year. Also available on MeWe.

South OC LDS Homeschool Group -Orange County (“Mormon”)

“Just a way to connect with other LDS homeschoolers or those interested in homeschool who are in South Orange County. (LDS referring to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints or “Mormons.”) To be used for general homeschool discussion, setting up park days, field trips, meet ups, study groups, etc., etc.”

South Orange County Christian Homeschoolers (SOCCO)

“Families supporting families who are pursuing independent home education with a Biblical worldview.”

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Auburn Homeschool Network

“The Auburn Homeschool Network is an online community of local homeschool families. This group exists to provide a way for families to connect with other local homeschool/charter school families in and near the Auburn, California area.”

Auburn Secular Homeschoolers

“A free secular home-schooling group for those that live in the areas of Auburn, Foresthill, Newcastle, Penryn, Loomis, Rocklin, Roseville & all the in betweens, California. This is a place where secular home-schoolers & un-schoolers can gather to discuss secular home-schooling/un-schooling, plan field trips, meet ups and be social.”

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Corona Norco Eastvale Homeschoolers

“This group was created to help other local homeschoolers meet up for social time, field trips, and share curriculum and best practices. Please share with any homeschooling friends who are in Corona, Norco or Eastvale. We limit the area to help create a local community of people who will hopefully be more than online friends.”

Desert Christian Home Educators Association 

At Desert Christian Home Educators Association, it is our mission is to encourage, inform, support and build up a community of private Christian home educating families. Desert CHEA is part of the statewide CHEA Support Network. We serve the private Christian homeschool families of the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas. We believe that children belong to God who has given the responsibility and authority for their education to their parents and it is their responsibility to protect this parental right.”

Desert Valley Creative Learning Collaborative (DVCLC)

While many of our members share a love for God and Christian faith, we believe that everyone has a place in our learning environment. It is our desire to help our children discover the many hidden treasures within themselves and also in their peers by lovingly providing a creative learning environment where they can have abundant opportunities to enjoy personal as well as public success….Co-op is a unique, parent-led program that offers students a full day of classes, with a variety of choices to enrich the lives of your students. We have found that when parents are able to teach things that they love and are interested in, they bless our students with amazingly creative classes!”

Hemet Christian Homeschool Group and Co-op

Hemet Christian Homeschool Moms is a Christ-centered homeschool support group ministering to encourage you on this journey of homeschooling. We are a non-profit religious organization. Some of the benefits of HCHM monthly field trips, weekly park days, bible studies, family potlucks, moms’ night out & co-op classes at a local church.”

Desert HomeSchoolers (Greater Palm Springs & Morongo Basin)

“This is a group for any and all homeschool families living in the Desert of California (Morongo Basin & Greater Palm Springs). Ideally this is a place to share curriculum suggestions, ask questions and find information to enhance one’s homeschooling experience.”

Homeschooling in Temecula Valley

“A group where we can post all information related to Homeschooling in Temecula, Murrieta, Wildomar, Lake Elsinore and the surrounding areas. We can create events, talk about different curriculums and any other topic that will help us in our journey.”

Riverside Area Home Learners (RAHL)

“RAHL offers friendly, homeschooling support to all families, whether they are just beginning their homeschooling journey or have been traveling the road for years.” 

Riverside Area Homeschool Believers

“We are believers in our families, our kids, our home-schools and our God. We unite to share ideas, outings, playdates, trials, and inspiration. Let’s connect in this adventure of home-schooling in the area of Riverside, CA.”

Riverside Area Homeschoolers

“Designed to help homeschooling/unschooling families in Riverside County connect, build community, and share resources. We welcome all families: from unschoolers to charterschoolers, whether you stay at home or work full time… or even if your family is just curious about this whole homeschooling “thing” … join and share with each other your homeschooling experience! We have regular park days and schedule monthly field trips to various locations around southern California.”

Veritas Christian Homeschool Co-op Riverside

The mission of Veritas Christian Homeschool Association is to support and yield a safe environment for Christian home school families while working cooperatively in service to one another according to 1 Peter 4:10. We seek to deliver exceptional educational and enrichment classes to supplement each family’s individual home school program while encouraging and building up each member in love towards diligence in the areas of spiritual, personal and academic growth, doing all as unto the Lord.”

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Big Oak Homeschoolers

“Big Oak Homeschoolers is a diverse group of fun, friendly, welcoming unschoolers and gentle homeschoolers in the Sacramento area. Our active membership includes families with children ranging in age from infants to teens. As a group we do not endorse any one resource, method or philosophy over another. Our members homeschool in a wide variety of styles, from unschooling, to independent study charter schools, to purchased curricula, and everything in between.”

Children Involved in a Respectful Cooperative Learning Environment (CIRCLE) of Homeschoolers

“Formerly known as Citrus Heights Homeschool Meetup Group and Folsom Homeschoolers – We’ve merged and changed our name to more accurately reflect our group focus and location. Our events are held several times a week and we have activities in various areas surrounding Citrus Heights including Fair Oaks, Folsom, Orangevale, Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Antelope, Granite Bay, Carmichael, Rancho Cordova, and wherever else our adventures take us! Our events, field trips, educational days, holiday parties, classes, etc. are held throughout the surrounding areas depending on what families want to do each year.”

Homeschool Materials Buy, Sell, Trade, Borrow – Sacramento

“Buy, Sell, Swap or Borrow learning materials that can be used in the homeschool environment.

Private Homeschoolers of Sacramento

“Private Homeschoolers of Sacramento was created for Christian homeschooling mothers and their children, who homeschool independently. If you’d like to connect with fellow homeschoolers who have chosen to function as a private school, this is the group for you! Free membership!”

Sacramento Area Homeschoolers

A place for homeschooling families of all ages and types in the Sacramento Area to come together to plan events, ask questions, encourage and share with each other. The group is closed, but new members are welcome.”

Sacramento Christian Organization of Parent Educators (SCOPE)

SCOPE is a non-profit volunteer organization that supports a community of private independent homeschoolers centered around the gospel of Jesus Christ. We exist to encourage, edify, and empower one another in our biblical conviction that parents have the responsibility and privilege to disciple their children and guide their education…. SCOPE accomplishes its vision through local support groups (chat groups) in the greater Sacramento region.”

Sacramento Fun Homeschoolers

“We are a community and support network for homeschoolers, unschoolers, and anyone providing a home-based education for their children in the Sacramento area. Join us for: – Park days – Special holiday events – Tours of museums, exhibits, and local businesses – “Parents only” meetups to connect with other parents for info-sharing and support – Various other member-initiated activities — the possibilities are limitless!”

Sacramento Homeschoolers

Private Facebook group. Contact administrators to join.

Sacramento Homeschool Meetup Group

“Sacramento Homeschool Meetup Group is a support group for Christian homeschooling mothers and their children. We meet up for Field Trips, Crafts, Park Days, Skating, Bowling, and more! Free Membership!”

Sacramento Muslim Homeschoolers Coop

“This is a private group for Muslim homeschoolers in [Sacramento]. Post projects, lesson plans, upcoming educations events, ask questions and more.”

Waldorf-Inspired Sacramento Homeschoolers

“Founded in 2002, WISH (Waldorf-Inspired Sacramento Homeschoolers) provides support, encouragement, friendship, and a sense of community to Sacramento area homeschool families who are interested in or already working with Waldorf methods/ideas. Also welcome are families whose values generally align with Waldorf ideas, i.e. enjoy time in nature, low media, healthy eating, seasonal festivals, creating rhythm in family life, and providing developmentally-based learning opportunities.”

West Coast Impact Athletic League
We have an athletic league based out of Sacramento, CA, with competitive seasons for boys and girls, ages 12-18 in volleyball, cross country, basketball, ultimate frisbee and we do a one time yearly outdoor overnight endurance race. Our focus is on teens as we see the need for teens who have “aged out” of rec sports to continue to have a place for competitive sports, but all within a positive and encouraging atmosphere.

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San Benito

Oceanside Homeschool Connection

“We are an Oceanside homeschool park day and support group. We meet each Wednesday, September through mid-June, noon to 4pm at community parks in Oceanside. Please come anytime, and leave anytime, any Wednesday. Bring your own lunches, blankets, chairs, and whatever your kids want. Some parks have skateboarding, big fields, basketball, etc. We occasionally have field trips, and various other activities, as members choose to do them. Our “support” time is at the park. Park time is an opportunity for us to get to know one another and support each other. It is also an opportunity for our children to make friends and be outside for free play! We look forward to spending many Wednesdays with you!”

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San Bernadino

29 Palms Home Educators

We are a homeschool cooperative group serving the High Desert of California. We, as homeschooling parents, agree to work together to provide educational enrichment activities & opportunities for our home-schooled children, ranging from kindergarten to high school.”

Christian Home Educators of Ridgecrest (CHER)

“Welcome to the… Christian Home Educators of Ridgecrest, in the sunny southern California desert!”

Inland Empire Catholic Homeschoolers (IECH)

“Members of Inland Empire Catholic Homeschoolers: homeschoolers in the Inland Empire, and parts of LA County and Orange County ~ parents and students ~ past, present and alumni!!

Morongo Basin Homeschoolers

“Welcome to the Morongo Basin (Yucca Valley, Morongo Valley and 29 Palms areas)! This group was created for all CURRENT (or soon to be) Morongo Basin homeschooling families to find resources, events and support.”

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San Diego

California Athletics

“California Athletics provides Fundamentals of Sports PE classes for home schooled students in all areas of Southern California, as well as classes in Woodworking, Aviation Science, and competitive sports team opportunities. Classes are open to student’s grades K-12.”

Christian Family Schools of Poway

We are Christian, Bible-believing parents who regard our children as gifts from God.  We believe that private Christian home education is the best method by which to fulfill our God-given responsibility to raise and train our children.  We exist primarily to support privately homeschooling families, but families who homeschool through a charter or other public school are also welcome to join our group.” 

Christian Military Homeschoolers of San Diego

“Membership is open to all denominations of Christianity, all military branches, active duty, retired and reserves. Homeschool families using any curriculum and style are welcome.”

Heritage Christian School
HCS exists to support and encourage Christian families in the high calling of biblical discipleship through Christ-centered home education by providing administrative help, mentoring, classes, and parent-driven activities, all while honoring family sovereignty. Email:[email protected] Phone:(858) 541-2254

Homeschooling in San Diego

“A Networking Group of Homeschooling Families in San Diego. We are here to share and support each other in our homeschooling adventure.”

San Diego Christian Homeschools (SDCH)

“SDCH is a county-wide support group network. We feel that the homeschool community is much larger than our local neighborhoods and should include the many interesting and varied homeschoolers within it while encompassing all that San Diego has to offer. We meet regularly for support, encouragement, friendships, field trips, special events and so much more. It seems we always have something going on and being planned. We are open to all Bible-believing homeschoolers regardless of the methods or means they have chosen to use so long as the adhere to the legal requirements of homeschooling in California.”

San Diego Homeschool/Unschool Toddler Group

“This is a group for parents of children ages birth to 6 years old who are interested in alternative education paths. We welcome all those looking to homeschool/unschool during the “pre-school” years. This is a forum for lively debate and idea sharing on Education matters only.”

San Diego Homeschoolers

“This group was created to provide support for homeschooling families in San Diego. Any and all philosophies of homeschooling are welcome.”

The Homeschool Gathering

“We are a hybrid Christian homeschooling community seeking to follow Jesus by being Good Neighbors. We seek to bring together like-minded families who are interested in gathering together to support each other’s unique homeschool calling and to build community by coming together in the messy middle of life. We believe that God has called us to be a community of families living out a vibrant faith that blesses our world through serving and loving one another and our community.”

Unschoolers San Diego

“Open to unschooling families all styles, multicultural and religion. A community for children and friendship.”

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San Francisco

San Francisco Homeschoolers

“If you’re looking for a supportive homeschooling community in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, you’ve come to the right place! The San Francisco Homeschoolers group is an all-inclusive, enthusiastic community focused on fun, friendship, and support for all homeschooling and unschooling families in the Bay Area.”

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San Joaquin

Central Valley Homeschool Scholars (CVHS)

“The absolutely BEST homeschool group that has EVER been on Facebook in the History of the Internet!!”

Tracy Homeschoolers

“Tracy, CA Homeschoolers is a group for parents in the Tracy, CA area who are homeschooling, and/or are interested in homeschooling/alternate schooling of their children. This group is great for setting up playgroups, fieldtrips; and for networking to help support and guide other local homeschooling parents. Have homeschool related ideas, advice, links, materials etc., to share, swap or sell? Please post it here!”

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San Luis Obispo 

California’s Central Coast Homeschool Teens

“If you are currently homeschooling on California’s Central Coast (San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara Counties) let’s connect!”

Calvery Christian School

“Established in 1989, Calvary Christian School exists to help parents successfully homeschool their children through High School.”

Central Coast Homeschoolers

“We opened this group for homeschool families in the Central Coast cities of Paso Robles, Atascadero, Templeton, San Luis Obispo, Los Osos and surrounding areas as way to share ideas, resources and to build a community.”

Hearthstone Educators

“Becoming a Hearthstone Member is easy and economical. Our membership fees are used to support our various activities such as Fine Arts Night, Science and History Fair, Support Group Meetings, End of Year and Graduation Ceremony, and of course, to pay for insurance.”

SLO County Christian Homeschoolers

“This group is for Christian Homeschoolers in SLO county to connect for fellowship and support. Please feel free to post questions to the group as well as buy/sell/trade items that are related to homeschooling. You may also post park days, field trips, meet-ups and other social events that you would like to invite other Christian homeschoolers to. 

SLO Homeschoolers

Private Facebook group. Contact administrators to join. 


Public Facebook group.

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San Mateo

HEART for Christ Schools Homeschool Support Group

“We are a local support group for Christian homeschoolers in San Mateo County, part of the Bay Area, California. Our members come from cities such as Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Redwood City, San Carlos, Belmont, San Mateo, Foster City, Half Moon Bay, Pacifica, Burlingame, Hillsborough, Millbrae and South San Francisco. Our name, HEART for Christ Schools, stands for Home Educators Achieving Results Together for Christ.” 

Mid-Peninsula Homeschoolers

“Mid-Peninsula Homeschoolers warmly welcomes families of diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and homeschooling philosophies who love their children and wish to provide them with the best possible education.  We meet in Mitchell Park, Palo Alto, every Wednesday afternoon for fun, friendship, support, networking, and information gathering.”

Organic Homeschoolers – San Mateo County

“We are a Bay Area (Northern California) based group…. Organic Homeschoolers is a group of mindful and authentic families intent on creating a kind and supportive social space for each other and especially the children. We meet at parks and create events, along the Peninsula, where we can enjoy each other’s company, find supportive community and create lasting memories.”

Portola Valley Homeschool Choir

“Barbary Grant’s Homeschool Choirs are non-sectarian, non-audition choirs for homeschooled children between the ages of five and sixteen.  Originally founded as the Palo Alto Homeschool Choir in 1997 by Julia Simon, the baton passed to “Mrs. Barbary” in the spring of 2003. In 2006 she relocated the choir to a larger venue and renamed it the Portola Valley Homeschool Choir (PVHC). Mrs. Barbary’s lively, fun approach to making music has made PVHC a weekly highlight for scores of homeschooled children in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties.” 

San Mateo/Peninsula Homeschool Moms

“A group for homeschooling moms/parents in or around the Peninsula (Bay Area, CA).”

Welcome Homeschoolers

“Welcome Homeschoolers is a support group for homeschooling families in and around San Mateo County.  Our purpose is to offer support, information and encouragement to homeschoolers and those interested in homeschooling. We agree on our love for our children and our commitment to homeschooling.  Except for these, our most outstanding characteristic is our diversity….  We practice tolerance and inclusion for all.”

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Santa Barbara

California’s Central Coast Homeschool Teens

“If you are currently homeschooling on California’s Central Coast (San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara Counties) let’s connect!”

Hearthstone Educators

“Hearthstone Educators is an interdenominational Christian-based home school support group.  Primarily designed for those filing their own affidavit as a private school and those enrolled in Private School Satellite Programs (formerly known as Christian Independent Study Programs)…. This includes families that have chosen to enroll in government (public school) Charter Schools or Independent Study Programs.”

Lompoc Christian Educators

“Support for the Christian Homeschool Family, including monthly fellowship and support meetings for moms, co-op gatherings of homeschool educators and their children, and mentoring from experienced homeschoolers to new homeschool moms.”

Santa Barbara Forest Homeschoolers

“A group for Santa Barbara homeschoolers to arrange forest/nature-based meetups, discuss forest schooling and share local areas and activities.”

Santa Barbara Homeschool and Educators Swap

“The purpose of Santa Barbara Homeschool Swap is to provide a place for Educators of K-12 in Santa Barbara County to sell or swap educational materials.”

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Santa Clara

A TEAM Homeschool Community

“A TEAM is a community where homeschoolers can come together and learn in a safe and fun environment…. With A TEAM, you and your child get to pick and choose which classes you want to attend. You can stay on site or drop them off. You will be amazed at how awesome it is to have a safe, fun, organized learning and friendship environment for your homeschool child…. We have classes for TK – 12 grade Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Academic Antics

“Academic Antics offers summer camps, afterschool classes, and homeschool programs. We are a community started and run by homeschool parents, but with professional, qualified teachers whose love for working with kids shines through. We welcome all families to participate in the ways that serve you best — through classes, field trips, short-term workshops, clubs, and more. We invite you to participate on your own terms — some families join us only for field trips or a single class. Others are an integral part of most things we do. Our program is non-sectarian.”

All Ways Learning

Our hope is to develop a community of homeschoolers and unschoolers whose students are in their last six years of homeschooling. Our kids are in 7th and 12th grades. Our 7th grader is a roam-schooler. She takes classes away from home, homeschools, and has a few unschooling days every month when she is too busy with her own projects to have a typical homeschool day. Our 12th grader is really just a 2nd year college student. We started this page to find and share ideas with homeschoolers of all kinds through the middle and high school years. Please share ideas, interests, links and communities that have enriched your homeschool. Thanks for joining us!”

Bay Area Christian Homeschoolers (BACH) 

“Bay Area Christian Homeschoolers (BACH) is a group whose membership includes both private and public/charter Christian home educators in Santa Clara County, California, and surrounding areas. Our purpose is to encourage, support, and mentor one another in our shared conviction that Jesus Christ should have first place in our lives and in our homes. BACH provides an online group, Sports Day in Sunnyvale, Park days, Math Circle, annual Art & Science Fairs, High School Information Night, social dinners, family gatherings and field trips.”

Milpitas Homeschool Support – East Side Silicon Valley, California

“A homeschool support group for those living on the east side of Silicon Valley, primarily Milpitas, south Fremont, and northeast San Jose, California. We use this Facebook page for organizing activities, announcements, home education discussions, a bit of socializing, and exchanging non-personal information. While we’re based in Milpitas, California, we welcome those from Fremont, San Jose and other cities in the general Silicon Valley and SF Bay Area. We’re an inclusive, relaxed group, with no bylaws, dues or participation requirements: everything is free or pay as you go.”

Morgan Hill Homeschoolers

“This group is about creating a homeschooling community with families having school-age children (kindergarten – 12th grade) living in or around Morgan Hill, CA. Post recommendations of homeschooling resources, homeschooling questions, field trips you are organizing, or other homeschool-related topics.”

Portola Valley Homeschool Choir

“Barbary Grant’s Homeschool Choirs are non-sectarian, non-audition choirs for homeschooled children between the ages of five and sixteen.  Originally founded as the Palo Alto Homeschool Choir in 1997 by Julia Simon, the baton passed to “Mrs. Barbary” in the spring of 2003. In 2006 she relocated the choir to a larger venue and renamed it the Portola Valley Homeschool Choir (PVHC). Mrs. Barbary’s lively, fun approach to making music has made PVHC a weekly highlight for scores of homeschooled children in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties.”

San Jose Homeschool

“Welcome to new and long-time Friends!! This group is about empowering and supporting the homeschool community in Santa Clara County. San Jose Homeschool supports parents’ rights to choose the best educational option for their own children, which will be different for each family. San Jose Homeschool includes and supports members who hold diverse and opposing views on many topics (vaccination, creation/evolution, HSLDA, charter schools, politics, religion).” 

SELAH Christian Homeschool Support Group

“SELAH is a Christian homeschool community open to families wishing to home educate their children.  Through the community of small, local support groups we offer field trips, park days, mom’s nights out, and other special events throughout the school year. We are families serving families.” 

South Bay Unschoolers

“This group is for San Francisco Bay Area Unschoolers who want to hang out in the South Bay.”

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Santa Cruz

Discovery Learning Center (DLC)

“The DLC is a homeschool collaborative. We support families who want to learn together outside of traditional school environments. We host social events for the broader Santa Cruz County homeschooling community. We are different from learning centers that provide outsourced academic classes. We are 100% volunteer run and non-profit. We only offer classes and social activities based on what our active member families are passionate about teaching, learning, and doing together. Our members enjoy access to our lending library of curricula, educational materials and learning games.”


“HomeCruzers is an inclusive group for Santa Cruz County homeschooling families. All homeschooling families that live in or near Santa Cruz County are encouraged to join regardless of homeschooling method or religion. We are committed to being a source of support, providing homeschooling information, socialization, and educational opportunities in a fun, welcoming environment…. HomeCruzers members offer weekly park days, monthly field trips, nature walks, local events, arts and crafts, mom’s night out, family outings, and more for all ages…. We are all about having fun and getting to know each other. We would like to create a friendly and safe environment where our children can grow together, form lasting friendships, and a place where parents can gain support and encouragement along this exciting journey.

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Redding Area Homeschool Support

“A place for home educating families in the Redding area to get to know each other, share ideas and resources, and maybe make new friends.”

Shasta County Homeschool Network

“We welcome ALL Students, Parents and Teachers in Shasta County – homeschool, charter school, and beyond!!!  I know there are a few groups in the area for home educators – but this OPEN group was designed for anyone (parent, student, educator, home educator, etc.) to be able to connect, share ideas, offer classes and services to the homeschool community and more! With the rise of charter schools, I do want to be clear that ANYONE is welcome to join and share their own thoughts and ideas.” 

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Christian Homeschoolers of Solano County (CHSC)

“CHSC is a group for homeschooling families in Vacaville, Fairfield, Suisun, Winters, and Dixon, California. We unite children and parents together in fun, social activities and offer support and encouragement to one another. We are open to all local homeschooling families of the Christian faith. Because we are a parent-driven group, active member participation is encouraged. We offer clubs for all ages, park days, mom’s group, field trips, holiday parties, and much more!”

​​Heritage Homeschoolers of Solano County

​​Heritage Homeschoolers of Solano County is a parent managed Christian homeschool co-op for students grades Pre-k through 12. We offer academic and enrichment classes for homeschool students and partake in other outside events to enhance students’ learning. Opportunities for parents to connect is also part of our agenda as we bring homeschool parents together to grow, and to be encouraged and supported in the homeschool journey.”

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CAVA-Sonoma and Homeschool Parent Co-op

“This group is for Cava-Sonoma families, Visions families and other interested Northbay families to form groups for outings, study groups, and workshops. We are also forming in order to give all of us the opportunity to take on some of our own responsibility to meet other homeschool families, rather than always leaving that to our teachers and administrators. Input is welcome, ideas are important! We look forward to meeting you all!”

Christian Home Educators of Rohnert Park (CHERP)

“CHERP is your home school link to social and structured activities in (and around) Sonoma County. Christian Home Educators of Rohnert Park – Cotati welcomes all students, families & friends! You do not need to be a member, nor affiliated with any religious denomination, to participate in events and ongoing activities.”

Sonoma Co. Christian Homeschool Moms

“Bringing Christian homeschool moms together to share experiences, advice, fellowship, support, prayer, events, field trips….” 

Sonoma County Homeschoolers Nonprofit

“Sonoma County Homeschoolers Nonprofit is an inclusive organization providing support, resources, and networking opportunities to families who educate their children at home.” 

Sonoma County Unschoolers 4 LIFE

“Welcome to Sonoma County Unschoolers 4 LIFE! This group is intended to facilitate connections among unschoolers and other eclectic/alternative homeschoolers in the Sonoma County and surrounding areas. This is also an appropriate place for local families to connect with one another, to find and to share resources, to help each other with our journey of unschooling/homeschooling.”

Sonoma Homeschool Park Day

“Hi Everyone! I hope this will make things fun and convenient for communicating with the group. Also for sharing and posting photos, activities, homeschool information, recipes, advice when asked for and all things fun.”

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Catholic Homeschoolers of Modesto

“Facilitating news, information, and support for Modesto Area Catholic Homeschoolers.” 

Grace Homeschool Co-op

“First and foremost Grace Homeschool Co-op’s goal is to support homeschool moms. This is played out in community, building friendships, and supporting one another along the journey. We are a group of Modesto area homeschool mamas who have come together as a community for Christian fellowship, support for homeschool mamas, and to have some fun learning along the way! We support homeschool families with encouragement for moms, field trips, community activities, and faith-based classes for homeschoolers in the Central Valley.”

Turlock CA Homeschooler

“We educate our children at home. We support the greater Turlock area. We seek to encourage, connect and guide each other through this journey together. The Lord is the administrator of this page! Let’s see how he makes connections happen.”

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South Sutter Homeschoolers

“This is a homeschool group for South Sutter Charter School families in Yolo County. It is a place for families to connect with one another sharing experiences, knowledge, asking questions, and making friendships.”

Yuba-Sutter Homeschool Meetup Group

“Our homeschool group is committed to providing opportunities for families to meet other homeschoolers and become involved in the community. We welcome all types of homeschoolers throughout the Yuba-Sutter area from Wheatland to Live Oak and everywhere in between. We want to build a close-knit community of homeschoolers where moms and kids can socialize, form lasting relationships and friendships. We also provide support to those who need it during their homeschooling journey. We do park days, field trips, Mom’s night out, tween/teen events, book clubs, theme park days and much more.”

Yuba / Sutter Homeschooling Moms

Private Facebook group. Contact administrators to join.

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Homeschooling in Red Bluff and Tehama County, California

Inspire others by sharing your wonderful moments of homeschooling in this great part of the country!

Red Bluff Christian Homeschool Co-op

“This group is for members of the Red Bluff Christian Homeschool Co-op to share information. The co-op has programs for nursery through highschool kids. They meet every other Tuesday at North Valley Baptist Church on David St. in Red Bluff.”

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Christian Homeschoolers of the California Central Valley

“This group has been created to connect homeschooling families in the Central Valley areas: Madera/Oakhurst, Fresno, Clovis, Kingsburg, Hanford/Lemoore, Visalia, Tulare/ Porterville. It is a blessing to [have] fellowship with others of like mind and heart…even on Facebook! If you are a Christ centered, homeschooling family (and we mean Jesus Christ of Nazareth), then please join our group. But even if you may not believe what most of [us] here believe, please join us anyway and feel welcomed.”

Sierra Christian Homeschoolers of Porterville

“We are a group of Christian homeschooling families living in and around the city of Porterville, California. We enjoy monthly Park Days (typically the second Friday of the month) and outings/field trips, and our primary goals are to support one another spiritually, relationally, and academically.”

Visalia Charter Homeschool Academy

“This group is only for parents of children attending CHSA. You can receive event notifications-updates-and communicate with other parents.”

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Connecting Tuolumne County Homeschoolers

“Connecting the homeschooling families of Tuolumne County. Helping connect activities, resources, curriculum and some regular everyday support.”

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Association of Christian Home Educators of Ventura County

“The Association of Christian Home Educators of Ventura County is a non-profit, non-denominational organization of Christian homeschooling families. Our aim is to offer educational and social support for both parents and children. We have purposed that this organization and all its activities and publications will be consistently and forthrightly Christian, to the honor and glory of our Lord God.”

Conejo Valley Homeschoolers

“We are Conejo Valley Homeschoolers, an all-volunteer homeschool support group, accepting of all homeschool styles and religious faiths. We are a community in which homeschooling grows and flourishes, and to bring this about, we offer opportunities for socializing and making connections through positive group experiences.”

HomeSchool Curriculum ReSale Ventura County

“Welcome to Ventura County Homeschool Curriculum ReSale! This is an open group to buy/sell/trade curriculum. Feel free to post homeschool curriculum items you have to sell or ask a homeschooling question.”

Military Homeschoolers of Ventura County

“The purpose of Military Homeschool Moms of Ventura County is to connect with other military Homeschoolers in the area, cultivate friendships, sharing of information and resources, plan field trips, etc…. Families that have children Pre-K 4 to 12th grade that are homeschooled or will be homeschooled soon are welcome to join. Younger siblings are always welcome to any group function. We have such a great group. If you are just thinking about homeschooling, starting out, or seasoned, feel free to post questions on the wall. We have such a diverse group here that I’m sure you’ll find the answers for which you are looking. Check out the events tab for field trips, park days and other celebrations.”

Ojai Valley Homeschoolers

“Support group for Homeschooling Families in the Ojai Valley.”

Christian Homeschool Ventura & Friends

We are a group of Christian homeschool parents coming together for mutual encouragement, support and idea sharing. If you homeschool some or all of your children, for some or all of their education, or if you are considering homeschooling for the future, come and join us! While we especially hope to connect people in the Ventura, California area, we have friends far and wide who are homeschoolers. What a blessing! Welcome, faraway friends!”

Ventura County LDS Homeschoolers

“A place to get support, advice, plan field trips and get to know other local LDS homeschoolers.”

Ventura County Unschoolers/Homeschoolers

“The purpose of this group is to create a community for families who are interested in homeschooling, unschooling, deschooling and alternatives to traditional school. We’ll have regular playdates at parks, visits to museums, arts and crafts, etc. It is also a place for parents to learn, share information, and meet like-minded folks.”

Ventura County Unschoolers

“A group for unschooling families residing in Ventura County and the cities in the adjacent Conejo Valley. This group was created to offer families the ability to connect with other local area “Life Learners” (aka unschoolers), find (and offer) support, and arrange local gatherings. We are open to families with kids of ALL ages!”

Ventura Homeschool

“Welcome to VenturaHomeschool.org – a new homeschooling site started in March, 2005 for homeschoolers in and around Ventura, California.”  Members can “use the private forum area to meet and greet each other, set up playdates and otherwise network.”

Ventura Homeschooling Moms

Private Facebook group. Contact administrators to join.

Ventura Positive Homeschoolers

Private Facebook group. Contact administrators to join.

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South Sutter Homeschoolers

“This is a homeschool group for South Sutter Charter School families in Yolo County. It is a place for families to connect with one another sharing experiences, knowledge, asking questions, and making friendships.”

Woodland Area Christian Home Educators (WACHE)

“WACHE is a support group for Christian home educators in Woodland, CA and surrounding areas…. As homeschooling families, we work together to provide opportunities for our children to grow, through classes, field trips, monthly support meetings, and many other activities. Working together also provides strong support and encouragement for us as individual families.”

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Yuba-Sutter Homeschool Meetup Group

“Our homeschool group is committed to providing opportunities for families to meet other homeschoolers and become involved in the community. We welcome all types of homeschoolers throughout the Yuba-Sutter area from Wheatland to Live Oak and everywhere in between. We want to build a close-knit community of homeschoolers where moms and kids can socialize, form lasting relationships and friendships. We also provide support to those who need it during their homeschooling journey. We do park days, field trips, Mom’s night out, tween/teen events, book clubs, theme park days and much more.”

Yuba / Sutter Homeschooling Moms

Private Facebook group. Contact administrators to join.

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