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California Homeschool Social Networks

Social networks, email lists and message boards concerning homeschooling in California

Statewide Support

CA-Homeschooling-HSC List
This community, sponsored by the HomeSchool Association of California, HSC, provides a network for asking questions, exchanging ideas, meeting new friends, information about homeschooling, events, contacts, and NEWS.

California Homeschool Discussion and Information
CHDI is an open space to discuss issues and share information related to homeschooling in California. This list is not affiliated with any group or organization.

California Homeschool Network
This is our open Facebook group for people to post questions, share resources, ideas and support each other through the homeschooling journey.

California Homeschoolers for Freedom
Parents dedicated to protecting the fundamental right of parents to educate their children. We hope to help with current state and federal legislation affecting homeschooling, and non-homeschooling families, and how to get started educating your children at home if you wish to do so.

Welcome to THE CALIFORNIA LIST for homeschoolers! This is a supportive and friendly list for all who are interested in homeschooling in California, and sponsored by the California Homeschool Network (CHN).

CHN’s Statewide Calendar of Events gives the latest on activities, field trips, & classes for all California homeschoolers.

HSC Homeschool Association of California Discussion Group
This group is for talking about California homeschooling in our families and communities.

Unschooling California
This is for California people to help each other with unschooling in our families. It is for those considering it, leaning toward it, doing it, or have done it.

Regional Support

Homeschool Family Camp (Southern California)
This group is for people who -will attend Camp .-have attended Camp -are interested in attending Camp. De Benneville Pines is located in the San Bernardino National Forest about 2 hours East of Los Angeles in the City of Angelus Oaks.

Homeschooling Southern California
This group is for posting events in Southern California of interest to the Homeschooling community. It is not exclusive to Christians but it does have a Christian bias and unchristian views will not be tolerated.

S F Bay Unschooling Network
We are an online support group for home schooling with an unschooling approach in the San Francisco bay area.

Information, resources, and support for homeschoolers in the San Francisco Bay Area. This list is sponsored by Homefires~The Journal of Homeschooling.

SoCal HomeSchool Enrichment
This group is for homeschooling families in Greater Los Angeles and surrounding Southern California communities, who are interested in getting together for specialized classes and other interesting activites.

It seems that there are small pockets of unschoolers here and there throughout Southern California, but there hasn’t been an easy way to connect with each other. This group is a place for sharing ideas and planning get togethers with other like-minded families.

Southern California Affiliated Homeschoolers
A group that is designed to serve the transitioning homeschooling families who temporarily reside here.

Southern California Christian Homeschool, Field Trips, Classes & Resources
I am a Young Earth Christian and as such, my posts will often reflect that. Secular resources are welcome, as long as they do not contradict Biblical teachings.

Southern California Homeschoolers with Different Needs
This group is intended for families whose kids either think differently or just have a hard time fitting into the “norm” for whatever reason.

Southern California’s Homeschooling Entrepreneurs
Deals for homeschoolers.

Teens & Preteens

CHASE Teen Group “CA Homeschool Activity Social Enrichment”
This is a fun and active group of homeschooled teens ages 12-18 and adults. We are an all inclusive group welcoming anyone that is looking for a social group of tweens and teens. The group meet ups and activities are always chaperoned.

So Cal Homeschool Teen Connection
This board is strictly for promoting TEEN Only activities around southern California and connecting teen homeschoolers to groups in their locality.

More California Homeschool Resources

Associations | Events | Field Trips | Publications | Resources

Forming a Private School | Laws | Legal Information | Legislation Watch
Private School Affidavit | PSA Sample

About Charter Schools | Charter School List

Private School Satellite Programs | Public ISPs
Online Support | Support Groups | Support Group Lists

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