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Colorado Homeschooling

Colorado homeschooling associations, support groups, laws and other resources.

Hello and welcome to the A to Z’s Home’s Cool “Colorado Homeschooling” section! Here you will find a nicely comprehensive list of resources that Ann has gathered regarding homeschooling in our friendly state. Colorado’s legal requirements are simple, straightforward and easy to comply with. So first — relax! Then, after you’ve read the law, peruse RMEC‘s translation of the legal mumbo jumbo via the Colorado Homeschool Law in a Nutshellpage so it all makes sense. Then print out and file your Notice of Intent to Homeschool with any school district in the state. The NOI needs to be filed 14 days before you begin your program. Your child will not need to be tested or evaluated until they have completed the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th or 11th grades. You can file test scores and/or evaluation results with a private independent school. Please remember that grade level has nothing to do with age. That’s one of the best parts about Colorado’s law. You are your own school district, principal and schoolteacher! You make all the decisions about your child’s grade level, curriculum choices and method of assessment. Should you have any questions after perusing both of our extensive sites, please don’t hesitate to ask Cindy or Ann. We’ll be happy to answer your questions, or direct you to those folk who are better qualified. In the meantime, welcome to Homeschooling in Colorado!

Cindy Englan Wentz, Homeschooling Consultant
[email protected]
Rocky Mountain Education Connection (RMEC)


Christian Home Educators of Colorado
The state homeschool organization in Colorado, Christian Home Educators of Colorado serves Colorado homeschoolers and beyond by providing information, leadership, and resources, including the Rocky Mountain Homeschool Conference, the CHEC Independent School, Homeschool Intro Seminars, the High School and Beyond Seminar, Homeschool Graduations, and legal watches for homeschool freedom issues. Learn more at CHEC.org.


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Field Trips

Colorado Field Trips
Educational places to visit in Colorado.

Colorado Homeschool Field Trips
Caves, mountains, plateaus, cliff dwellings and dinosaur fossils are just some of the things you’ll find in our list of Colorado field trip ideas. Turn your next day trip into an educational trip for your homeschoolers

Home School Programs in Colorado

Online homeschooling in Colorado is one of the most popular methods for parents who chose a home education for their child.

Legal Information

Colorado Education Code For Homeschooling
Not intended as legal advice. For your information only.

Colorado Homeschool Law “In a Nutshell”
Colorado’s Home School Statute applies to all children between the ages of 7 – 16. If your child will be turning 7 sometime during the school year, you are required to file a Notice of Intent to Home School (abbreviated NOI) no later than 14 days before your child’s birthday. From RMEC.

Colorado Law Basics
When complying with the Colorado law, you must do these four things:
1) Notify the state when your child is of the correct age
The Colorado homeschool statute applies to “…every child who has attained the age of seven years and is under the age of sixteen years…”
2) Send in a Notice of Intent to Homeschool
3) Test or evaluate your child in grades 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11.
4) Keep records

Sample Notice of Intent to Homeschool
Your Notice of Intent to Home School (NOI), must be submitted to your school district of choice no later than 14 days before you begin your homeschool program. From RMEC.

Online Social Networks

Christian Homeschoolers of the Front Range
A small support group of Christian Homeschoolers in Colorado. Feel free to post questions, ask advice, seek guidance, or just vent your frustrations! I would like this group to grow into a friendship and support system! I would love to have playgroups for our kids and other get-togethers!

Colorado Community of Wholelife Unschooling
CCOWU is here to share ideas to support our kids’ interests; to plan get-togethers to enhance understanding of unschooling and share.

Colorado Homeschool Support
This Facebook group was created to be an all inclusive homeschool support group for Colorado families. Let’s help homeschooling families feel welcome no matter what their teaching styles and methods.

Colorado Homeschooled Teens
This is a teen group for homeschool/ online school students. Our vision is to equip kids with a variety of life experiences and skills and give them a diverse place to make life long friends.

Colorado Secular Homeschoolers
A place to find support and share experiences on your secular homeschooling journey.

Homeschooling Littles in Colorado
Almost all events planned are geared towards preschool to kindergarten aged kids. However, this doesn’t bar you from bringing your older children, they are welcome to join us in all our events. Region unknown.

Northern Colorado Home Learners
A place for home/unschooling families in northern Colorado to connect with others and create community. Members can use the group to plan activities, share information, and offer support. This group is intended to be inclusive and welcoming of all homeschooling styles and philosophies.

Northern Colorado Homeschool Association
This group is for members of the Northern Colorado Homeschool Association. If you are interested in becoming a member of NCHA or are interested in homeschooling, please visit our website.


Homeschool Treasury
Whether you’re new to homeschool or a veteran, this website can help guide you to information that can help expand your homeschool experience. It’s your source for field trips, enrichment programs, adventure programs, regional events, co-ops, curriculum sales, family activities, or just fun places to visit around the Colorado Front Range area. Olivia is a mom and a homeschooling teacher of two little ones. She is also a Biblical Studies major with a hobby in creation science.

RAFT Colorado
The Resource Area For Teachers does allow homeschool “teachers” to join, make purchases, and take classes. Do call first and then bring whatever “proof” you have that you are legally homeschooling, and the membership fee for the first visit. You’ll save that amount your first trip. Located in Denver.

Rocky Mountain Education Connection
RMEC ~ Your friendly, inclusive network for homeschooling and unschooling information in Colorado and surrounding states. Need learning ideas, legal or support networks? Inspiration? A little humor in your day? We have that, too!

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