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Connecticut Homeschooling

Welcome to A to Z Home’s Cool Connecticut Homeschooling page. Connecticut parents are given the responsibility of instructing or causing their children to be instructed (by sending them off to a government or private school) in a variety of basic subjects. Now the fun begins! How, when and where this instruction takes place is for each family to decide for themselves. The most common problem homeschoolers in Connecticut seem to face comes from misinformed districts trying to force parents into following voluntary guidelines developed by the state department of education. Follow the links below to find local homeschoolers to network with and to get a clear understanding of the laws and guidelines in place in Connecticut today. You have to know your rights in order to stand up for them.
Field Trips
Legal Information
Online Social Networks
Support Groups
Support Group Lists


Connecticut Homeschool Network
An independent, online-based homeschool community, that is dedicated to sharing information, knowledge and resources that support homeschool families. CHN offers networking tools including a free e-newsletter for Connecticut homeschoolers.

The Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers of Connecticut
TEACH’s purpose is to further the interests of Christian home education of children by their parents.


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Field Trips

Connecticut Field Trips 
Educational places to visit in Connecticut.

Legal Information

Connecticut Education Code For Homeschooling
Not intended as legal advice. For your information only.

Law & Policy
CHN answers your most pressing legal concerns on this long page of detailed information about homeschooling legally in CT.

Legal Information about CT Homeschooling
In Connecticut there are two main things homeschoolers need to understand; the law, and the Guidelines. The two sometimes cause confusion for people. The Guidelines (C-4 or C-14) are part of the Suggested Procedure on Home Instruction in CT. The law, is Ct General Statute 10-184 that mandates parents having the care and instruction of their children unless they choose another venue for it.

Tips on Conducting a Portfolio Review
The limited purpose of the portfolio review, according to the Guidelines, is to “determine if instruction in the required courses has been given”. There is to be no evaluation of the student’s academic progress, no review of standardized test results, and no review of curricular materials. Keep this in mind.

How to withdraw your child from school
If you are about to withdraw your child from public school, you need to write a letter of withdrawal to the school superintendent, before you become a homeschooler. In doing so, you break the bond with the school district for your child and they are no longer under the school’s jurisdiction.

Notice of Intent Form
From the TEACH site.

Online Social Networks

Connecticut Homeschooling Magazine
Facebook page with resources and activities for Connecticut homeschoolers.

Connecticut Homeschool Network
An Facebook group for homeschooling parents in Connecticut. You are welcome to join and share your thoughts, experiences and ideas about home schooling.

Connecticut Pagan Homeschoolers
A non-profit organization dedicated to helping Pagan homeschooling families connect. At times we like to get together in order to meet and allow our children to interact with those whose families are of like mind.

CT Homeschoolers Community Chat
This group is for all those off-topic conversations like, where are the homeschool friendly doctors and crockpot recipes and more. Its a great place to ask a question that doesn’t fit on most homeschool related message boards.

CT Homeschoolers’ Community Cupboard
For swapping or selling tangible and intangible offerings. Feel free to share/ask for talents & skills as well (ie…piano lessons traded for home improvements).

CT Homeschoolers Inclusive
Our goal is to work cooperatively with all CT homeschool groups and associations both large and small including CHN, Teach, NHELD, Unschoolers and more for the benefit of all CT homeschool families. While the majority of our connections will be made on-line, group members are welcome to schedule gatherings at different locations around the state to accommodate our membership; have car will travel. Facebook Group and Page.

Homeschool Helpers of CT and RI
A page to share R.I. & CT Homeschool Community Events, Resources and Helpful Tips for Homeschool Families.

The group is to provide a friendly forum for all Muslims everywhere. We share and discuss about everything we need to teach Muslim Kids.

Homeschooling in the Quiet Corner
Share information about homeschooling in Connecticut.

Pondering Homeschooling
This group is for parents who would like to ask questions about homeschooling in Connecticut and hear about support group and park date meetings.

Quiet Corner Homeschoolers
A local online presence for Quiet Corner Homeschoolers, plus homeschoolers from across the state. Members must be currently homeschooling (CT, RI and MA welcome!)

Support Groups

Christian Homeschooling Adults Leading Kids
Milford, Stratford, Orange, West Haven and surrounding areas. We are mainly looking for families with children in elementary school so we can grow together in our homeschooling endeavors.

Connecticut Cooperative of Home Educators East of the River
This group is a collaborative of homeschool families who are doing community outreach, sharing events, helping new homeschoolers get started, and more.

An East of the River unschooling support group.

Fairfield County CT Homeschoolers
To allow area homeschoolers to connect for support, activities and fun.

Great Ways to Home Educate
We are an all-volunteer, nonprofit homeschool support group. We are an inclusive group, serving many families in New Haven, Hartford, Litchfield and Fairfield Counties. We offer access to national spelling and math competitions. We sponsor a used curriculum fair, information nights, annual picnic, book clubs, co-ops, amusement park day, and much more.

Shoreline Homeschoolers Support Group
An inclusive organization that supports member families living along the Connecticut shoreline, from the greater New Haven area to Lyme, and north towards Middletown and Haddam. The organization respects diversity and individual choice in educational philosophy and welcomes all families as members, regardless of their reasons for homeschooling. Facebook Group.

Southeastern CT Homeschoolers
A group for all those homeschooling in the Southeastern part of Connecticut, though we welcome people from all over the state.

Tri-State Homeschoolers
Newsletter and Calendar of Events for homeschoolers in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange, and Rockland Counties; also Fairfield County in CT and Bergen County in NJ.

Support Group Lists

Connecticut Homeschool Organizations
List from the Homeschool Mom. To be listed, click on Submit a Local Resource on her page.

TEACH Support Groups
This support group list benefits and encourages homeschooling families and is not to be used for soliciting business.

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