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Florida Portfolio Review Alert – Archive

by Cheryl Boglioli, FPEA Chairman

Archived: Historical Document. Links will take you to current resources.

Dear FPEA members,

You may have received an HSLDA “alert” concerning random portfolio reviews within certain Florida counties. Please be aware that there is no cause for panic. The FPEA has worked hard to provide Florida homeschooling families with support and resources such as our local District Directors and the Guide to Homeschooling in Florida. Your best legal recourse as a parent is to be informed of your legal rights. Read through the Guide and don’t hesitate to contact your District Director with specific questions. By knowing your rights as a parent, you have the power and confidence to direct your child’s education.

One of those rights concerns portfolio reviews within Florida, which are only legal with 15 days’ written notice by the district superintendent. If the superintendent requests a review, it only gives the right to determine if the portfolio is legal or not. It does not grant any right to evaluate the portfolio. If you receive such a notice, call to schedule the appointment in their office and take only the portfolio with you. This protocol has been established to prevent misuse of the home-education law.

With such potential misuse in mind, the DOE called a July 13 meeting with home-education contacts from the school-board offices in each county, and invited representatives from the FPEA and HEF to attend. Many home-education county contacts are new to their positions. Mary Lou Carothers, the home-education contact at the DOE, hopes to continue these meetings so as to help county contacts and Florida homeschoolers work together more effectively to provide parents with the most options for directing their children’s education.

The home-education law in Florida is a good law supported by the FPEA. We work hard on your behalf with the DOE and HEF to make our Florida homeschooling experience the best it can be. The FPEA recognizes the value of the HSLDA on a national level, and we continue to work with them to maintain an ongoing relationship that serves you most effectively.

Thank you all for your continued support.


Cheryl Boglioli

FPEA State Chairman

[email protected]

P.S. A note regarding social workers visiting homes: Please tell your group members that they do not have to allow any visitors into their homes.

NOTE: Only this whole page is copyrighted. You may copy the text written by Cheryl Boglioli and pass it along or publish it on your own website or in a newsletter without the permission of Ann Zeise. If you do copy it, please pass along in its entirety.

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