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Florida Online Homeschool Groups

Florida Online Homeschool Groups and Social Networks for Homeschooling Families in Florida.

A place for you to find ideas, encouragement, legal requirements, plan field trips, find areas of interest and all that you need (or can think of) to be provide a rewarding and fulfilling Fla homeschool experience.

Central Florida Homeschoolers
Share events and good deals, tips and advice with homeschoolers nearby.

Dual Enrolled Florida Homeschoolers
We’re so glad that you found this group for students and parents that are thinking about, or are already, utilizing dual-enrollment. Dual-enrollment is a great opportunity for high school kids to get some college classes and credit. This is an all-inclusive group for homeschooling families in the state of Florida.

This is an unmoderated list set up for all homeschoolers to discuss Florida homeschooling statute and proposed law changes. It is also to share and discuss portfolio inspections and evaluations.

A Christian homeschooling list for Floridians, where Moms and Dads can discuss exciting and unique ways to homeschool their kids.

Florida Homeschool Evaluations
This group is for discussing Florida homeschool (home education) evaluations, portfolio evaluations, and various related aspects of homeschooling in Florida.

Florida Homeschool Leaders
It is a forum for open sharing of ideas and information. This list is not affiliated with any specific support groups. It is open to all homeschool leaders in the state of Florida.

Florida Homeschoolers Using Public School Activities-Sports
This group will be for those homeschooling families in Florida that utilize part of the public school arena for their children. A place to discuss how it’s working (or not); how your child is doing with it; things you wish you would have known before; things you would suggest to make it easier.

Florida LDS Homeschoolers
This group is intended for the support and fellowship of LDS and other Christian families that homeschool in Florida. Although the group owners are LDS, the group is not open ONLY to LDS members and welcomes families of all faiths and beliefs.

Discussion list for the statewide support and networking group, LIFE of Florida, and affiliated state chapters. LIFE believes that Learning Is For Everyone and should be a rich and satisfying experience that creates a never-ending desire to learn more.

Florida Pagan Homeschoolers
A statewide group comprised primarily of Pagan home educators throughout Florida. Even those who are not homeschooling are welcome to join.

FLVS High School Families
This is a support group for those that that utilize high school FLVS (Florida Virtual School): parents, students, and teachers. There is no faith basis for this group. It is open to everyone and anyone who needs the support.

FLVS Middle School Families
This is a support group for those that that utilize middle school FLVS (Florida Virtual School): parents, students, and teachers. There is no faith basis for this group. It is open to everyone and anyone who needs the support.

FPEA leaders
FPEA is a state homeschool support association. This eloop is for leaders of our local support groups and schools to network.

This list is for the discussion of topics related to homeschooling in Florida.

Florida Traveling Homeschool Adventurers
This group is primarily set up for Florida homeschoolers looking to participate in adventurous field trips or meet ups with other homeschool families and to also use as a loop to communicate with other “traveling” homeschoolers (families on the road) in the state of Florida.

Florida Unschooling Adventures
This is a group for all types of unschooling adventures in Florida. It is a place to support the unschooling community and all members are welcome to post events and meet ups. Let’s have FUN!

Florida Unschooling
This group is for families who have decided to unschool their children in the state of Florida. We hope to foster a sense of unschooling community among Florida unschooling families.

Home Education Talk
This list is for home educators to exchange information pertaining to homeschooling and family life. Most information pertains to homeschooling in the SouthEast FL area.

Homeschool Bulletin Board for Central Florida
A home education network designed to share homeschooling news and information including announcements on upcoming events, educational activities, classes, workshops, meetings, co-ops, study groups, faires, get togethers, etc among individuals and homeschool support groups and coops.

Homeschool Happenings in Florida
We are a statewide group open to all homeschooling families in Florida to share activitites, events, co-ops, associations, organizations and support groups with other homeschoolers.

Homeschooling High School in Florida
I have made this a closed page for now, I want to make sure we don’t get any riff raff going on. Qualifications for joining – Child in 7th grade and up.

Homeschool support list for Northwest FL. Very active list.

LEGO – Homeschool Florida
This is a networking group for Florida Home Educators to learn about the various LEGO programs available and how to use them in a homeschooling environment.

Unlimited Learning
This group focuses on unschooling in Florida. Regardless of your extent of unschooling we believe in Unlimited Learning and providing a stimulating environment and the tools and desire to explore and learn.

Florida Homeschool Resources A2Z

Field Trips
Legal Information
Support Groups
Support Group Lists
Umbrella Schools


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