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Hawaii Homeschool Support Groups

By: Andrea Dillon 

One of the first steps when deciding to homeschool is to reach out to local homeschoolers for support, friendship, and interactions. As you start homeschooling in Hawaii, you will want to connect with online homeschool Hawaii groups, Hawaii homeschool associations, and other families homeschooling in Hawaii.  Below we have different Hawaii co-ops and Hawaii homeschool groups to help you start your homeschooling journey. 

Navigate the page by clicking the sections below to go to statewide, regional, and local groups by county.  To have your group listed please add the information in the comments below or contact me here. 

Statewide Hawaii Homeschool Groups  Hawaii Homeschool Groups By County  Secular Hawaii Homeschool Groups


Statewide Hawaii Homeschool Groups 

Statewide homeschool groups can help you find different available resources throughout the state as you are homeschooling in Hawaii. These groups can help locate local homeschool groups, co-op homeschool groups, and online homeschool Hawaii groups. Hawaii homeschool associations are also listed here. 


Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii

CHOH shares information regarding homeschooling from a Christ-centered perspective and provides support for homeschooling families.


Hawaii Homeschool Community_NEW

“Hawaii Homeschool Community (HHC), is an inclusive support group for families with children who are educated at home, grade level K (ages 5) and up. The group serves to enrich and extend educational experiences by facilitating interactions, activities, and resource sharing among members.”


Homeschooling in Hawaii

“Aloha and welcome to Homeschooling in Hawaii! This group is for those NOT currently Home Educating in Hawaii.. It is For those who are THINKING about, WONDERING about it, TRYING to figure it all out. We hope that you will find the information you need to begin your homeschooling journey here in Hawaii.”

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Hawaii County Groups 

Most homeschool families are looking for the direct personal connection that local groups can provide while homeschooling in Hawaii. Below are Hawaii homeschool groups and Hawaii co-ops sorted by county. 


Hawaii County Honolulu County Kalawao County Kauai County Maui County 


Hawaii County 

East Hawaii (Big Island) Homeschool Hui

“For families homeschooling in East Hawaii.”


Secular Home Education of Hawaii

“This Homeschooling Co-op is a place for homeschoolers to collaborate and create community on the Big Island, East side. We currently offer weekly meetings in the Hilo/Keaau area, monthly scouts (hacksperts), monthly field trips, and occasional family weekend potlucks. It is our goal to offer enrichment classes through this community as it grows. If you are a secular homeschooling family or even thinking about homeschooling / unschooling, please join and help us create community!”


Honolulu County 

Amazing Homeschool Hiking Club (Oahu)

“This group is for Homeschooling families who would be interested in meeting other families and doing hikes all around Oahu. We will be limiting this group to so that we will be able to get to know each other better.”


AMR Hawaii Homeschoolers

“AMR Hawaii Homeschoolers is a group for those familes home-educating (or learning about homeschooling) grades K-12 on or near the AMR community and their homeschooling friends.”


Hawaii Catholic Homeschoolers

“Welcome to the Hawaii Catholic Homeschoolers website! We are a network of homeschool families, actively living out the Spirit and Purpose of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Honolulu and in our homes and community at large.”


Hawai’i Homeschool Association

“Hawai’i Homeschool Association, HHA, is an inclusive support group of homeschooling families for Oahu. We are a diverse group of families with different backgrounds and many different approaches to homeschooling.”


Hawaii Homeschool Ohana (H2O)

“Hawaii Homeschool Ohana (H2O) is a Christian based support group created to serve the home schooling famlies of Central Oahu. Our purpose is to provide an environment where new and seasoned home school families can find support and encouragement through group activities and online communication.”


H.E.R.O (Home Educators Residing on Oahu)

“This group is primarily made up of atheist and agnostic homeschool educators. We do not seek to exclude those who follow religion, but we have not found a warm welcome among the religion-based homeschool community, and that is why the group was formed. This is a safe place for everyone, especially for those that are atheist, agnostic, and the LGBTQI community.”


Hickam Homeschoolers

“Hickam Homeschoolers is a support group for families that live on Hickam with children who are primarily educated at home. The group serves to enrich and extend educational experiences by facilitating interactions, activities among members.”


Home Educated Keiki

“Home Educated Keiki is a group for Ohana with home educated keiki of ALL ages, in the Ewa Beach and Kapolei areas. We welcome Ohana from all over the island of Oahu,but note that most activities will be on this side of the island.”


Homeschoolers of Older Children, Oahu

“Homeschoolers of Older Children, Oahu was created for those on Oahu who are homeschooling children ages 9 and up. This group exists to provide support, encouragement, advice, and opportunities to learn and have fun on this beautiful piece of paradise we call home.”


Honolulu Christian Homeschoolers

“Christian Homeschoolers support group in the Honolulu area.”


Living Waters Homeschool 

“Living Water is a homeschool cooperative that provides a Christ-centered environment to support parent-directed education.  Our organization meets one day per week, with classes ranging from Nursery to High School.”


Marine Corps Base Hawaii Homeschool 

“Use this page to follow local homeschool and other educational events, meet new friends, post questions, share experiences, and have fun on this journey together.”


Military Christian Homeschoolers of Oahu – MCHO

“In order to provide the best support for our local Christian military homeschooling families, we limit our group membership to active duty, retired, and reserve service members and their families. There are many homeschooling groups here on Oahu, but military children and parents face specific challenges throughout their frequent moves and life changes, and we seek to support and serve those who are in this particular position.”


Oahu Homeschool Classifieds

“ONLY Homeschool resources for sale, trade, free or ISO (in search of).”


Oahu Homeschool Communities, Resources, and Services

“Oahu Homeschool Communities, Resources, and Services is academic and enrichment focused group for homeschoolers. The purpose of this group is to provide a place for homeschoolers to connect with coops, communities, and service providers to enrich their homeschool.”


Oahu Cosmic Homeschooling Co-Op (Hawaii)

“Oahu Cosmic Homeschooling Co-Op is a learning co-op for children and their families that takes a holistic approach to children’s learning and has a strong and interwoven focus on spiritual facets of growth, learning, and understanding.”


Oahu Waldorf Homeschooling Families

“A place for Oahu Waldorf Homeschooling families to connect.”


Schofield Barracks/Wheeler Home Schooler Support

“Schofield Barracks/ Wheeler Home Schooling Friends is an inclusive group, meaning we welcome people with open arms from all walks of life. Our group is an amazing mix of religious, secular, new and old.”


Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Homeschoolers of Hawaii

“We are a group of Catholic families joined together to promote and support Catholic homeschooling. We are under the Spiritual Director of Rev. Edwin J. Duffy of the Honolulu Diocese. Prayer and Spirituality are essential to our group. We promote the Holy Rosary and devotion to Our Lady of Fatima. We unite under our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI and Bishop Clarence “Larry” Silva of the Honolulu Diocese. Our goal is to be good Catholic examples to our children and the community and to teach our children to know, love, and serve God and His Holy Church.”


Waianae Homeschool Ohana

“We are a network of homeschool families on the Waianae Coast.”


Kalawao County 


Kauai County 

Christian Homeschoolers of Kauai (CHOK)

“Aloha, we are a group of Christian families from all over the island of Kauai who enjoy teaching our children at home.”


Homeschool Kauai

“Homeschool Kauai is a group of Christian homeschooling families on Kauai who educate their children with a biblical worldview.”


Homeschooling Ohana on Kauai

“This is an open group for families on Kauai who are homeschooling, considering homeschooling or know people who do. All methods and philosophies of homeschooling are welcome.”


Kauai Homeschool

“Kauai Homeschool Group is a grassroots organization encouraging families to come together and share homeschooling ideas ask questions of one another and co-create group experiences, classes, events and field trips. We are a diverse group of families with different backgrounds and many different approaches to homeschooling all with valuable gifts to offer. So let’s join together and support each other along this homeschooling journey.”


Kauai Homeschool Hui

“This is a weekly meet-up that is similar to a homeschool co-op but without strict rules or age restrictions. We’ll generally meet on Thursday mornings but activities can and will happen any day of the week and anywhere on Kauai.”


Kauai Homeschoolers

“Kauai Homeschoolers is a resource/support network for those currently homeschooling. We will gather together to play, network, encourage, and learn.”


Kauai Homeschooling Friends

“Kauai Homeschooling Friends is an ALL inclusive group and its a forum where all homeschooling and/or unschooling families on the island can connect.”


Kauai Unschoolers

“Learning joyfully through island excursions, gaming, deep nature play, permaculture, and child led experiments. We aim to grow our unschooling community through meetups, excursions, game play dates, and potlucks.”


Maui County 

Maui Homeschool Friends

“Maui Homeschool Friends is an all inclusive group where ALL homeschooling and unschooling families on Maui can unite. Our goal is to serve families who choose to homeschool by networking through information, conversation, activities, classes, field trips, and more. We have a friendly, caring group of people who want to meet others!”

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