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Kansas Homeschool Laws

Kansas Homeschool Laws

Homeschooling laws can change, so be sure to check the Kansas Department of Education website for updates. 

Are you ready to start homeschooling in Kansas? You may have many questions about topics like what you need to do to begin, what recordkeeping and testing is required, and how you need to interact with your local school district. You will want to start by understanding Kansas homeschool law. You may feel overwhelmed as you start this process, but there are resources available and other homeschoolers who have already succeeded on this adventure!

Here is some information on Kansas homeschool requirements to get you started

Kansas Homeschool Law 

According to the Kansas Department of Education, “Compulsory school attendance laws apply to children who have reached the age of 7 and those who are under 18 years of age (may be under 7 for children identified as handicapped). Every parent or guardian of children in that age group must require such children to attend a public, private, denominational, or parochial school for the duration of the school term.”

Homeschools in Kansas are considered “Non-Accredited Private Schools” (NAPS) and must follow regulations pertaining to private schools. Homeschools satisfy the state’s compulsory attendance laws but are not accredited by the State Board of Education (K.S.A. 72-4345). As a homeschooler, you are responsible for acquiring books and curriculum materials and maintaining all records.

What do I need to be eligible to be a homeschool parent?

The Kansas Department of Education offers this guidance on the qualifications of homeschool teachers: “Non-accredited private schools are not required to employ teachers who are licensed by the state, but their courses must be taught by competent instructors.”

Do I need to notify the school district of my intent to homeschool my child?

Yes! “When a student transfers to a non-accredited private school, the school previously attended must be notified by the parent/guardian that the student is changing schools. If a student simply stops coming to school, the school is required by law to report the student as truant.”

In addition, according to the Kansas Department of Education and K.S.A. 72-4345 through 72-4347, “Non-accredited private schools are required by law to register the name and address of the private elementary or secondary school (homeschool) with the State Board of Education. Registration consists of completing a form [Non-Accredited Private Schools Online Registration form] provided by the state showing the name and address of the school and the name and address of the official custodian of the school’s records. Registering a school does not mean the school has been “approved” by the State Board of Education.” There are no approval/review processes or fees associated with registration, and you only need to register your homeschool once while it is active. Simply use the form again and mark your homeschool as “Non-Active” if you decide to discontinue homeschooling.

What educational options are available to my homeschooler?

If you are considering homeschool but would prefer an accredited option, you may want to explore participation in a Virtual School Program. According to the Kansas Department of Education, “Students enrolled and attending virtual schools that are accredited by the KSDE will receive credit for coursework as though attending an in-person school.”

Kansas Homeschool Requirements 

Even though Kansas does not highly regulate homeschooling, there are some Kansas homeschool requirements you must satisfy when you homeschool:

  • Begin homeschooling by age 7.
  • Register your homeschool as a non-accredited private school with the state of Kansas.
  • Teach “for a period of time which is substantially equivalent to the time public schools are in session. The time required for public schools is at least 186 days of not less than 6 hours per day, or 1116 hours per year for grades 1-11.”
  • Stay current with homeschooling laws and requirements.

Although not required, you may choose to follow the state’s recommendation for coursework based on the Kansas Curricular Standards:

  • 4 units of English Language Arts
  • 3 units of History and Government
  • 3 units of Science
  • 3 units of Mathematics
  • 1 unit of Physical Education
  • 1 unit of Fine Arts
  • 6 units of Electives

Do I need to administer testing to my homeschooler?

No, there are no assessment requirements for homeschoolers in Kansas.

What records do I need to keep when I homeschool my child?

The Kansas Department of Education makes this suggestion regarding homeschool recordkeeping: “It is in the best interest of students attending non-accredited private schools that accurate and complete records of their progress be kept. These records will be needed if the student transfers to a public or an accredited school or applies for admission to a college or university.”

We also recommend you do some personal recordkeeping to provide verification of education in the event you would need to show some form of educational proof to the state or other legal entities or to prepare for re-entry into public school or post-secondary pathways. This includes the following:

  • Attendance
  • Immunization records
  • Lists of texts and workbooks used
  • Student schoolwork samples and/or portfolios
  • Test and evaluation results
  • Correspondence with school officials

You may also be able to find more information on Kansas homeschool requirements through your local school district.

Other Kansas Homeschool Policies 

Once you make sure that you are following Kansas homeschool law and meeting Kansas homeschool requirements, here are some other things you need to know:

Can my homeschooled child participate in extracurricular activities offered by the public school?

To find out about participation in sports, contact the Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA) at 785-273-5329 or [email protected]

What if I want to re-enroll my child in public school after homeschooling?

You can re-enroll your child in a public school after homeschooling. According to the Kansas Department of Education, “If a student transfers from a non-accredited private school to an accredited school, the accredited school is not required to accept the transfer of credit. The accredited school may find it necessary to test the student in order to make a decision regarding the transfer of credit.”

What are my child’s postsecondary options after homeschooling?

The Kansas Department of Education provides this information for postsecondary planning: “Private schools, including non-accredited schools, issue their own high school diplomas. These diplomas are not recognized by the State of Kansas as meeting any requirements. The State does not issue diplomas. Colleges and universities determine their own criteria for admission of students who graduate from a non-accredited private school. Most institutions of higher education will require a Graduate Equivalency Diploma (GED) or other criteria to be met for admission.”

See the Homeschooling in Kansas and Homeschooling in Kansas Fact Sheet pages on the Kansas Department of Education’s website for even more information on homeschooling in Kansas.

Connect With Local Homeschoolers

Remember, too, that you are not alone. You should connect with local homeschoolers from your state, who can help you with Kansas homeschool law and Kansas homeschool requirements and offer you all kinds of practical advice and suggestions. They can give you guidance on everything from curriculum to daily schedules to recordkeeping, and they may be able to share information about local resources, support groups, and field trips. Click the image below to find Kansas Homeschool Groups by county.

Kansas Homeschool Laws

More Kansas Homeschool Resources


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