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Maine Homeschooling

Welcome to Maine Homeschooling.

Not so many years ago information for new homeschoolers was scanty, the Maine homeschooling marketplace was virtually nonexistent, and support was where you found it. Now, there is a river of organizations, resources, products, information, and opinion. The newcomer to home education, and even the veteran, can feel a bit paralyzed. Our support group gets lots of telephone calls at this time of year from bewildered parents who ask, “What is all this stuff?” — Earl Stevens.

Homeschool Resources in Maine

Miss Piggy Mailbox where letter come to the Salt River Farm and our friends, the Rittalls.
Field Trips
Legal Information
Online Social Networks
Support Groups
Support Group Lists


Homeschoolers of Maine
HOME is a Christian association. Sponsors state-wide events. Facebook Group.

Maine Home Education Association
Only nonprofit, non-sectarian, statewide home educator’s association in Maine. We are a membership supported association managed by member volunteers. Contact email: [email protected]

Maine Unschooling Network
This blog serves several purposes: to give the Maine Unschooling Network’s Facebook group a web home, to provide a place for community and calendar of events, to provide support and discussion, and to provide a platform to those who would like to share their perspectives on unschooling in Maine, who may not otherwise do so in a public forum.


Posted by People like You in our Homeschool-serving Community
Enter an Event you know about or control. Create and find notifications of homeschool events. Click here.

No Events

Central Maine Homeschool Expo
Due to a continuous scheduling conflict we will be bowing out of holding an Expo in 2016. We will be holding the graduation however and more details will be coming for that.

Events Calendar from the Homeschoolers of Maine
HOME’s events listed here. HOME holds a good number of Getting Started workshops for new Christian homeschoolers.

Field Trips

Maine Field Trips
Educational places to visit in Maine.

Legal Information

Maine Education Code For Homeschooling
Not intended as legal advice. Laws for your information only.
May 7, 2003. LD 160 passes. The person responsible for ensuring a child’s attendance shall provide a written notice of intent to provide home instruction to the commissioner within 14 calendar days of the beginning of home instruction.

Online Social Networks

Homeschooling In Maine
Maine Homeschooling and support go hand and hand. Without the support of at least one other person, homeschoolers often find that they are questioning themselves and the way that they have decided to school their children.

Maine Christian Homeschool
This is a Facebook group for Christian homeschooling families from Maine (although Christian homeschoolers from other states are MORE than welcome!!) to support each other and get encouragement as we teach our children according to God’s word. Yahoo Group.

Maine Homeschoolers Buy & Sell Page
A place for Maine homeschoolers to Buy & Sell books, supplies, programs, etc. Please post pictures and detailed descriptions of your items for sale.

Maine Homeschooling
This is a list for people who live in Maine have decided to homeschool thier children.

Maine Homeschooling – A Statewide Homeschool Discussion Group
This is a diverse list and different points of view exist. Maine Homeschooling hopes to be a place where all homeschoolers can feel comfortable to find support, information, and also to post information that they find useful in homeschooling their children.

Maine Homeschooling Questions, Answers and Ideas
This is a place where homeschooling parents can come for support from others homeschooling parents. Ask questions, give ideas, tell us what you did with your homeschoolers that worked or didn’t work. What’s your favorite homeschooling programs? Are you part of a co-op, tell us about it… If you need support, encouragement, etc, ask for it here.

Maine Homeschooling Swap
A Facebook Group for Maine homeschoolers to buy and sell used curriculum, books, educational materials, computers, software, livestock and equipment, and items related to homeschooling. Canines, felines, birds, and exotic animal listings are also welcome. Services and products offered by hsers are also welcome to be posted. Yahoo Group.

Maine Homeschooling/Unschooling Families
This is a community for parents in Maine who are homeschooling or unschooling, plan to unschool or home school, or are interested in learning more about homeschooling and unschooling, to come together, share ideas, and make friends.

Maine Unschooling Network
A secular group for Maine unschoolers, parents and kids to network, discuss activities, lend and find support and discuss Unschooling Philosophy.

Unschooling Maine
This group is open to anyone who unschools in Maine/NH or is moving to Maine/NH and plans to unschool. The goal is for unschoolers to talk and or meet other unschoolers in a welcome accepting environment.


Down East Books & Gifts
We have 25 or more children’s titles, some of which are true stories about whales, seals, etc. We also publish fiction that would be of interest to teens (especially Kenneth Roberts’s historical fiction–e.g.,Northwest Passage.). We also have some Maine art books, nature guides, and books about Maine history.

Tilbury House Maine Books
Older students of Maine history and lore will enjoy these books from a Gardiner publisher.


North Atlantic Regional Schools
Commercial service that will help you define your “unhomeschool” work into a transcript colleges may accept. 25 Adams Avenue, Lewiston, Maine 04240, 207-753-1522.

Waterboro Library – Homeschooling Resources
Resources are ranked within each topic; the first resource listed is the most useful and the last one is the least useful, in my opinion, based on depth and breadth of content, quality of links, ease of use, organisational structure, and general appearance.

Support Groups

Bangor HS Network
No description available. List active since 2004.

Central Maine Home Educators
Members live in the area of Central Maine – mostly in the Madison/Skowhegan area although some are further afield and don’t mind traveling. Anyone who is home educating a child or children is welcome to join.

Central Maine Homeschool Swap & Sell
This is a group designed for homeschoolers to buy, sell and trade homeschooling materials and supplies.

Central Maine Homeschoolers
On-line forum to network with other local homeschool families.

Central Maine Secular Homeschoolers
This group is a gathering place for families in the Central Maine region to connect and communicate. While we are listed as secular, we are inclusive of all; we believe that religious instruction is a very personal choice.

Central Maine Self-Learners
An inclusive homeschool group for families in central Maine who live within an approximate 30 mile radius of Augusta. CMSL serves as a network for homeschooling families to engage in events, field trips and activities with other homeschooling families in our area.

Earthy Homeschoolers of Penobscot County
If you are an open-minded, simple-living, “earthy” homeschooling/ unschooling family that is interested in creating a nurturing community of like-minded people for your child(ren) and you live in Penobscot County, Maine (or at least nearby)… Please join us.

A secular homeschooling network based in Portland, Maine. It is for active homeschooling families residing in Maine and along the New Hampshire border.

Guilford Christian Academy
A Recognized Private School in Maine. We offer an opportunity for parents to educate their children in their homes or by means that is best for the family. Our students are private schoolers but we work closely with home schoolers.

Homeschool Support For Parents In Maine
This group is intended to help you gain the confidence that you want and need, this group is also intended to make each other aware of upcoming activities.

Homeschoolers ‘R’ Us Lisbon
This is a homeschoolers group page to encourage one another, plan a field trip, share homeschooling tips, and to share photos of our children learning. This group prays, believes in God and the Bible.

Homeschooling Families of Seacoast
This group is a place for families in the Seacoast Area of NH and Southern ME who are homeschooling. It is a place to exchange information, ask questions and post information about local activities. This should be a welcoming place for ALL homeschooling families regardless of philosophy and style.

Homeschooling Teens Of Maine
Are you a homeschooling teen in Maine or the parent of a homeschooling teen in Maine? If so, please feel free to join us.

L/A Co-op
We are a group of parents who meet Bi-weekly in the Auburn area and conduct Fun Cooperative classes together. This is our online forum to encourage each other as we teach and learn daily… For information about our Co-Op please see our website.

Learning All the Time
A diverse group of Southern Maine homeschooling parents. We request that our members be local, in the Southern Maine area.

Maine Christian Homeschool
This is a group for Christian homeschooling families from Maine (although Christian homeschoolers from other states are more than welcome!!) to support each other and get encouragement as we teach our children according to God’s word. Yahoo Group.

Maine Unschooling Network
a secular group for Maine unschoolers, parents and kids to network, discuss activities, lend and find support and discuss Unschooling Philosophy. Blog.

Midcoast Maine Homeschool Center; Bath, Maine
A big center just for homeschoolers to play indoors.

Mid Coast Maine Homeschool Group
Coordinating Field Trips and Activities for Home Schoolers in the Mid Coast Maine Area. This is a Christian Home School Group.

MidCoast Maine Homeschoolers
This is a homeschool and educational site only, and is not limited: include or exclude anyone based on religious denomination or reasons for homeschooling. We respect everyone who has their childrens best interest at heart.

Oxford Hills Homeschoolers
an open support group in the Oxford Hills area of Maine. We exist to share area opportunities in the common goal of educating our children and to provide encouragement in our individual home-school journey. As a group we do not endorse any one resource, method, or philosophy over another. Our Facebook Group.

Penobscot County Homeschoolers
If you are an open-minded, simple-living, “earthy” homeschooling/ unschooling family that is interested in creating a nurturing community of like-minded people for your child(ren) and you live in Penobscot County, Maine (or at least nearby)… Please join us.

Penobscot Valley Homeschool Adventurers 4-H Club
Being a part of 4-H offers members the opportunity to participate in many activities that homeschoolers might not. Many of our club members enter projects into the Bangor State Fair.

Seacoast Unschooling
group for *unschooling* families to come together, find like-minded parental support, share interesting activities, discuss unschooling philosophy and organize social events. Please share unschooling events in the Seacoast such as potlucks, playdates, park days, family activities, workshops, etc. The Seacoast includes the cities Seacoast Area of NH, Southern ME and Northern MA and surrounding towns.

Used Home school curriculum Southern Coastal Maine/New Hampshire
Facebook forum for buying and selling used homeschool curriculum in the Eastern Seacoast area.

Waterville Area Homeschoolers
A group for homeschooling families from the Waterville, Maine, area.

Western Maine Homeschool Support Network
A network of very diverse homeschooling families who get together when the mood strikes, for fun and/or learning.

Western Mountain Homeschoolers
Do you live in the western mountains of Maine? This group is to help centralize information about field trips, activities, projects, and information about homeschooling.

Support Group Lists

Maine Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters
Compiled by Leaping From the Box.

Maine Homeschool Support Groups
List from The Homeschool Mom. To be listed, Submit a Local Resource on her site.

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