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Texas Homeschool Support Groups

As a new homeschooler, how will you know whether you should join a
homeschool support group or homeschool co-op?  Connecting with other homeschoolers is extremely important, especially when you are new to the journey.  You may be looking for ways to get advice, share ideas, or simply interact. Homeschoolers can be very supportive, but sometimes you need to look a little bit to find people who want to connect in those ways.  Continue reading to find out about homeschool support groups in Texas, including state, regional, and local homeschool groups, co-op homeschooling groups, and virtual homeschool groups.

Want to Add A Support Group?


Texas Statewide Homeschool Groups


Secular Texas Homeschool Groups 

Texas Regional Homeschool Groups



Texas Local Homeschool Groups




Texas Statewide Homeschool Groups   

The benefit of statewide homeschool groups is that they have a broader view of homeschooling in Texas.  They can help you to locate local homeschool groups, homeschool co-ops, and virtual homeschool platforms.  They can also point you to homeschool resources across the state. Here is a list to get you started:

Homeschooling High School in Texas Forum

This Facebook group is “a place to ask questions, answer questions, share ideas, offer encouragement, and generally discuss homeschooling high school in the great state of Texas!”

Minority Homeschoolers of Texas (MHOT)

“Minority Homeschoolers of Texas seeks to promote homeschooling among minorities: Asians, African-Americans, Hispanics, Jews, Native Americans, and Anglos with adopted minority children. MHOT is where minority home educators will be enlightened, encouraged, promoted and motivated as they nurture and train their children in the way of the Lord and in the spirit of excellence.”

Texas Advocates for Freedom in Education (TAFFIE)

“The TAFFIE mailing list is for anyone interested in topics related to homeschooling in Texas. While many of the topics are specific to Texas, there is also discussion related to homeschooling in general. We are now over a decade old, making us the oldest Texas homeschooling list.  The requirement to be on the mailing list is to live in Texas or to be an honorary Texan.” 

Texas Unschoolers

“At Texas Unschoolers our mission is to educate and support those families who are exploring an alternative approach to life and learning—and we have found that learning is not separate from life, but rather is deeply integrated into all that we do. We have seen many kids (including our own) do very well outside the traditional public school model when they are allowed the time and resources to discover where their passions lie.”


Texas Regional Homeschool Groups  

Homeschool groups and co-ops sometimes organize themselves to benefit homeschoolers across counties in the state.  Here are some of Texas’ regional homeschool support groups: 

Home School Athletic Association
Serving Dallas / North Texas Area. Offers baseball, basketball, volleyball an soccer for Christian homeschoolers.

East Texas Homeschool Books for Sale

This Facebook page is “a place to post your new and used homeschool books for sale.”

East Texas Homeschool Hangout

“Homeschool Hangout is a place for East Texas home educators to come together to share information and ideas. We are a social group, and EVERYONE is welcome, as long as you behave yourself and be kind to others. Have fun, post photos, share links…enjoy getting to know each other and please invite all your homeschooling friends to join us!”

East Texas Homeschoolers

This Facebook group “is a place to share resources, for homeschool support, arrange meet-ups within the East Texas area.”

East Texas Christian Homeschoolers (ETCH)

“This is a Christian (1 Cor. 15:1-4) group. Expect the Bible to be our rule of thumb, openly spoke of and followed. Expect prayer to be a common occurrence.”

Homeschool Organization of South Texas (HOST)

“We are a local, Christian support group Homeschoolers in South Texas. We provide many different activities for our members throughout the school year” whose mission is “to provide support and information for homeschoolers in Corpus Christi and the surrounding communities.”

North Texas Home Educators Network (NTHEN)

“NTHEN is one of the largest regional Homeschool organizations in Texas, serving local support group leaders and homeschooling families from more than 225 local support organizations located in more than 75 counties throughout north, northeast, and central Texas…. Our mission in 1988, and our mission today, is to provide homeschool leaders and families with the tools and services necessary to enable their support group or their individual home schools to thrive…. Our services often include sponsoring homeschooling conventions, consultations, meetings, training sessions, seminars, local and regional activities, and a variety of other forums. We also work to foster cooperation among local support groups and promote events that support the homeschool community at large. In addition, we proactively educate the media and general public about the diversity and viability of home education. We assist in organizing new support groups and help existing support groups establish programs such as music, sports, science fairs, public speaking and debate competitions, spelling bees, co-op and enrichment classes, and teen groups. We also conduct special meetings, lead regional activities, co-host leadership seminars and retreats, provide consultations, and offer helpful online information.”

Southeast Texas Homeschool Association (SETHSA)

“SETHSA’s ministry provides support and encouragement in the efforts of teaching at home through a yearly conference, monthly newsletter, sponsoring of a spelling bee, geography bee, and Read to Succeed programs. SETHSA’s goals are to provide support and to help connect homeschool families with the local homeschool stores, support groups, co-ops, graduation sponsors, sport organizations, bands, choirs, robotic clubs, 4-H, and a variety of educational class providers. By connecting with these various groups and organizations, we hope to provide support and encouragement in the efforts of teaching at home.”



Texas Local Homeschool Groups

As a new homeschooler, you may want to connect with homeschoolers who are closer to home.  That direct personal connection can really help you feel supported as you start the homeschool adventure.  Did you know that there are 254 counties in Texas, more than in any other state? So, rather than list homeschool groups by individual counties, here are local Texas homeschool groups and co-ops sorted by geographical areas:


Austin & Hill Country


Piney Woods

Dallas-Fort Worth


San Antonio – South Texas

Gulf Coast, Houston



Panhandle & West Texas





Austin & Hill Country

Homeschool support groups in Austin, Bell County, Bryan/College Station, Hill Country/Central, Round Rock, San Gabriel, San Marcos.



Bryan/College Station


Hill Country/Central Texas

Bastrop County


Cedar Creek


Round Rock

Brazos Valley


Fort Hood Area (Bell County, etc.)


San Marcos–Between Austin and San Antonio

Brazos Valley








Annunciation – Austin

“Annunciation Austin’s education model is Catholic and classical-inspired…. Teachers provide professional instruction in small classes on school days and clear guidance for lessons facilitated by the parents on home days. Teachers cover a range of core subjects from K-12: Theology, Literature, English, Science, History, Geography, and Latin. Mathematics is chosen and directed by parents, but grades are recorded by Annunciation teachers. Our classes are divided by groups of grades (K-1st, 2nd-3rd, etc.), allowing parents to pace their children’s studies at an individual level within that group.”

Austin Homeschool Learning Differences Support

“This page is for homeschooling parents in the greater Austin, Texas area whose children have a learning style difference.”

Austin Homeschool Virtual Curriculum Resale

This is a Facebook “group to post curriculum and educational items for sale in the Austin Area. Feel free to post pictures but please include price, location, and condition of the item. Everyone be polite and this should be fun!”

Austin Rising School

“Austin Rising School is a creative cooperative school for homeschoolers that offers an academic two day (Tues & Weds) or three day (Tues, Weds,& Thurs) a week program that is progressive, project based, and interdisciplinary for Elementary and Middle School aged students (6 – 13 years old). We don’t waste time on busy work. Students are working and thinking hard. This focused academic time leaves space for families to have time for themselves and other extra-curricular activities. Maybe add in an art class, a music class, or a favorite sport. Families are free to create their own learning experiences at home on the days that their children are not at school.”

Austin Unschoolers

“This is a group created to foster community among unschooling families in Austin. This is a space for sharing information, organizing meet-ups, discussing relevant topics, and supporting one another.”

Austin Warrior Basketball

“Our mission is to partner with families seeking a competitive athletic organization where their young athletes are given the opportunity to grow in an encouraging environment. We connect sports and passion to develop our athletes into leaders. Our goal is to help each player reach their potential through the coaching of the fundamentals of basketball, while teaching the overall attitude required in order to build a successful team for the current season, and beyond.”

Lake Travis Homeschoolers

“The Facebook group serves and supports homeschoolers in the Lake Travis area of Texas. The Lake Travis Homeschoolers group is non-denominational. All are welcome. We simply ask that all members be respectful of each other.”

One Day Academy

“We are here to provide the things you are looking for: choice, flexibility, quality, and enjoyment. We have wonderful teachers who love the Lord and are solid practitioners of their subject matter. We have a strong curriculum which is both clear and effective at well preparing each child for success at the university level. And we provide a multitude of events and ministry opportunities to allow you to choose just what you are seeking for your child.”

South Austin Area Homeschoolers

This Facebook group is for communication among homeschool families in the Austin TX area.



Bastrop County

Brazos Valley

Brazos Valley Co-op

“We are a Christian organization with teachers who teach from a biblical perspective. The Brazos Valley Co-op exists to provide quality classes for homeschooled students that will enrich their overall educational experience.”

Brazos Valley LDS Homeschoolers

“This is a resource page for homeschooling families who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and live in the B/CS area.”  The goals are to “share ideas, answer questions, post area homeschooling events, create group events (playdays, field trips, you name it), and most importantly, just be here to support each other in the LDS homeschooling community.”

Bryan/College Station

Bryan College Station Homeschool Expo

“Yearly Event for the Homeschoolers (potential, current, and veteran) of Texas. Groups, activities and clubs serve Navasota to Caldwell and beyond.”

Bryan/College Station Community Homeschool Center

The CHC is a Membership Facility for Homeschoolers, by Homeschoolers. Members can use the facility for any purpose during its hours of operation.  We have a wonderful manager who is present during all operating hours. 


Cedar Creek



Fort Hood Area (Bell County, etc.)

Bell County Christian Home Educators Association

This Facebook group is for “Christian homeschoolers located in Bell County, Texas.”

Fort Hood Homeschoolers

“Welcome to Fort Hood Homeschoolers! We are an inclusive group which welcomes families of all nationalities, races, spiritual beliefs, and homeschooling styles.”




Georgetown Christian Home Educators

“We are a group of Christian families interested in providing a Christ-centered education in the home.”

Inclusive Homeschooling Georgetown, TX

“A SECULAR (activities and discussions will have no religious basis) but INCLUSIVE group for anyone currently homeschooling. There are NO religious requirements…. Ideally, this should be a group for people roughly in the Georgetown, TX area. Feel free to share tips on curriculum, techniques, schedules, laws and more. Let’s meet up for play dates/breaks and educational opportunities. If this sounds like a good fit, and your child is at least 4 years of age, please request to join!”



Hill Country/Central Texas

Boerne Area Christian Homeschoolers (BACH)

“BACH is a Christ centered homeschool co-op that seeks to offer support to homeschooling families by providing opportunities for them to connect and encourage one another by way of weekly classes, field trips, family events, and support meetings.”

Great Minds Learning Community

This is “a three-day secular, alternative micro-school catering to both gifted learners without learning differences and twice-exceptional learners (gifted with learning differences) grades 3-11 (for 2020-2021, adding 12th the following year). We welcome gifted students and twice-exceptional students with learning differences/challenges/disabilities, such as: dyslexia, ADHD/ADD, sensory processing challenges, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, chemical sensitivity and allergies, Asperger’s/High Functioning Autism, anxiety, or social difficulties.”

Greater Waco Christian Home Educators (GWCHE)

“GWCHE is a Christian volunteer homeschool support group in Waco, Texas dedicated to helping families who have chosen to educate their children at home. The purpose of GWCHE is to further the interests of Christian homeschool families by supporting, informing, educating, enriching, and promoting.  We will encourage and support our members to pursue excellence in education, to train their children to love and serve the Lord Jesus all their days, and to positively impact the world.”

Hill Country Christian Homeschoolers

This support group includes “over 200 families from Bulverde, Spring Branch, Boerne, Canyon Lake, New Braunfels, Stone Oak, Northern San Antonio and the surrounding towns.  HCCH strives to provide all types of homeschoolers with social and educational opportunities including field trips, weekly park days, academic classes and support for local homeschooling families…. Our group demographics consist of both families with young children (just starting their homeschooling journey) to families that are close to finishing their journey with high schoolers. We also support different types of homeschooling including traditional families who use curriculum-at-home as well as families that supplement some of their learning outside of the home in classes at SAC Day, HAAC Day, FEAST, Classical Conversations, or Gloria Deo Academy…. HCCH is also proud to offer a yearbook, which is a great memento of your child’s school year.” 

Homeschoolers of Boerne, Bergheim and Bulverde Texas

“Residents of Boerne, Bergheim and Bulverde (and surrounding areas), this page is for you to network with local homeschooling families with old fashioned traditional values.”


“At Ignite, we partner with homeschooling parents to prepare students for college and a lifelong love of learning through advanced, academic classes.”

Texas Hill Country Homeschoolers

“This is a place for homeschoolers in the Texas Hill Country to come together and meet one another, discuss curriculum and general homeschooling subjects and organize and announce events. This group has activities that meet primarily in Burnet County and Llano County. Homeschooling families of all types are welcome!”



Round Rock – Williamson County

Homegrown Learners

“This group is for Christian homeschooling families that desire to meet and interact with other families with similar values. We are a small, active group that currently meets once a week. We keep membership limited to active, participating families only. We meet weekly mostly on Friday mornings for park days, field trips, service projects, science lessons, game days, and family outings.  Our group is limited to families who have at least one child actively being homeschooled third grade and up because our events are geared for that age level. Younger siblings are always welcome at our events. We are here to share tips and advice, pool together ideas, brainstorm problems, and to support one another as we take this journey in educating our children at home.”

Round Rock Home-Educators Offering Moms Encouragement

“Our mission is to provide Christian-based support for homeschooling families in Round Rock and the surrounding areas. We wish to provide a Christian atmosphere for the growth of friendships that will unite and encourage one another. As homeschooling parents our desire is to develop Godly, assured, eager-to-learn, self-disciplined children who have the appropriate and necessary skills and abilities with which to perform in society.



San Marcos – Between Austin and San Antonio

San Marcos Panthers
Christian homeschool basketball teams for boys and girls. Near Austin, Texas.



Dallas – Fort Worth

Homeschool support groups in Arlington, Carrollton, Cedar-Hill, Collinsville, Dallas, Denton County, Ellis County, Era, Gainesville, Garland, Grapevine, Fort Worth, Johnson County, Lake Kiowa, Lindsay, McKinney, Mesquite, Mountain Springs, Muenster, Plano, Rockwell County, Tioga, Valley View, Whitesboro.

Collin County


Greater DFW

Rockwall County


Denton County

Ellis County



Fort Worth

Kaufman County



Tarrant County

Parker County




Collin County

Collin County Ad Hoc (Activities Directory | Homeschooling Open Calendar)

“This Group is an “Open” calendar in that it will be available to ALL members for posting events for other homeschoolers to attend. It will serve as a community-wide calendar for any public homeschooling events in the Collin County (Texas) Area, as well as a portal to a number of smaller, activity-specific groups for more private events (such as girls’ activities or primary play-dates taking place at members’ homes).”

GATE Homeschool Association & Co-op

“GATE is a small, quality co-op serving Collin County and surrounding areas.  GATE offers 12 weeks of co-op classes in the fall and in the spring.  Since 2011, we have provided classes for students in K-12th grades and fellowship opportunities for our member families.  Come see what we’re about…”Facebook Page Email: [email protected]

North Texas Enrichment Classes for Homeschoolers, Inc. (N-TECH)

“N-TECH was organized in September 1999 to meet the educational and socialization needs of a group of Christian home-schooling families located in North Texas. We operate with approximately 80 families each semester and offer classes for children from newborn to high school age.  We currently meet ten consecutive Fridays each fall and spring semester to share educational experiences in a formal classroom setting. We offer classes in physical education, foreign languages, a variety of science subjects, math, writing, art, and much more. Our parents are our teachers. These talented folks are well-educated and enthusiastic about teaching homeschooled students their passion.”

McKinney Area Christian Homeschoolers (MArCH)

MArCH is “a volunteer, non-profit homeschool organization, serving McKinney and the surrounding North Texas communities, where our first priorities are to glorify God and pursue godly character. MArCH provides support meetings, newsletters, fall and spring co-op classes, clubs, field trips, activities, homeschool resources, fellowship, ministry opportunities, and venues for your children to present their accomplishments.”

Teen & Tween Homeschoolers of Collin County

“We are a member-run ACTIVE group that requires your participation in events and planning activities. This is an inclusive, social homeschool group for parents of teens within the Collin County area to plan events. Our goal is to help create and foster long-lasting and positive relationships for our children.”

Salve Regina

“Salve Regina seeks to support and empower parents and other home educators so that they feel equipped to educate their children through the middle and high school years.  Mentors with Salve Regina facilitate a classical curriculum that is both academically challenging as well as spiritually edifying.”




Plano Area Texas Homeschoolers (PATH)

PATH is “a collection of multi-denominational Christians who share a common faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior and believe He has called us to raise and educate our children personally with the Bible as our guide.  Our focus is to provide a fun and social learning environment as an additional enrichment to the homeschool education experience.”

Plano Educational Association of Christian Homeschoolers (PEACH)

PEACH is “a volunteer, non-profit Christian organization committed to serving homeschool families in Plano and surrounding North Texas communities.”




Richardson Home School Association Co-op (RHSA)

“RHSA “is a local homeschool support group that offers a wide variety of services to the greater northeast Dallas area…. We are a Christian organization with teachers who teach from a biblical perspective. Our Co-op depends on the co-operation and participation of parents, students, and teachers.”



Cooke County




Common Ground Homeschoolers

“We are a diverse group of homeschooling families dedicated to preserving a peaceful and accepting community in which to respectfully support and foster life-long learning and friendships. We offer homeschooling families the opportunity for activities, support and friendship.”

DC2: Dallas College Dual Credit Social Group

“DC2 (Dallas College Dual Credit) is a social group open to students and parents of all Dallas College Dual Credit/Enrollment homeschoolers! Members should be enrolled, or be the parents of a dual enrolled student, at a Dallas College Campus including: Brookhaven, Cedar Valley, Eastfield, El Centro, Mountain View, North Lake and Richland. This is an *unofficial* group and is in no way associated with Dallas College. Join to connect students for social opportunities, both virtual and in-person. The more, the merrier!”

DFW Unschooling Families

“DFW Unschooling Families is a social group that includes unschoolers as well as homeschoolers who regularly meet for exploration, fun and adventure. Our members are parents, grandparents, and caregivers of younger and older children. We routinely meet at a variety of locations throughout the metroplex for personal connections, lots of play, and thought-provoking discussion. At present the vast majority of children in our group are under 13 years old. Our group’s activities and events are geared toward children between the ages of 2-12…. DFW Unschooling Families has a long history of connecting like-minded families. For those who feel Unschoolers are a misunderstood subset of the homeschooling subculture, then this is the group for you!”

DFW Homeschool Café

“DFW Homeschool Cafe is a support group for Black homeschoolers and other minority homeschool families. This group was created in order to network and to set up meetups. Our goal is to help and support each other in our homeschool journey, while preparing our children for life. Anyone can join as long as you live near the DFW area. We do not discriminate. Families may consist of people from diverse backgrounds, faith, religion, race, nationalities, etc.

Fellowship of Forethought Dallas

“We are an organization in the Dallas area committed to providing you with opportunities to connect with other Freethinkers, explore some of life’s big questions, reach out to the larger community in which we live, and basically have a lot of fun together. We have plenty of room for you and your entire family, whether you just want to enjoy our many social activities, or you are ready to take a leadership role in our next outreach project.” 

Hip Happy Homeschoolers of Dallas

“Are you homeschooling in Dallas, not the ‘burbs? Living in the city is AWESOME, so let’s take advantage of all the amazing opportunities that DALLAS has to offer! If you have a school-aged student (ages 6 and up), we’d love to meet you! The majority of children in our group are ages 8-14, and we have many TWEENS and TEENS trying to make connections 🙂 Hip Happy Homeschoolers is a community-organized group.” 

Homeschoolers East 

“Homeschoolers East (HSE) is a secular, inclusive, community-based homeschooling group in East Dallas, Texas. We are a thriving group of families with a wide variety of homeschooling methods and philosophies who have been coming together for over a decade. The families of Homeschoolers East meet weekly to hold classes, gather in community, and support each other in our choice to educate our children in our own unique way.



Denton County

Christian Homeschoolers Learning Together

“We’re Christian homeschooling families who love to learn together. There are plenty of playgroups out there for little ones. And that’s much needed for their development. However, our group is aimed more at learning, while providing opportunities for students to strengthen friendships and discover God’s truth…. We meet year-round for history, science, social studies, book reports, math, service projects, discussion, crafting, and games, all with an emphasis on honoring God.”

Denton County Homeschool Association (DCHSA)

“DCHSA is based upon a distinctly Christian worldview. From this worldview stems our conviction that true education cannot take place apart from the acknowledgment of the one true Creator God and the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. While member families are not required to be Christian or sign a doctrinal statement, all members of the Board of Directors must agree with [a] Statement of Faith.

Denton Area Association of Secular Homeschoolers (DASH)

“Denton area Association of Secular Homeschoolers (DASH) is a co-operative of homeschooling families based in Denton, Texas that meets every Friday year-round, except for the month of December…. Hanging out at the park, hands-on activities, classes and mini-camps, field trips and community service projects…all this and more are on our menu!”



Fort Worth

Arlington Association of Home Educators (AAHE)

“AAHE is a nonprofit corporation operating as a homeschool support group that is Christ centered, doing all things in a manner which honors Biblical principles, bringing glory and honor to His name. AAHE understands and accepts that all members of AAHE may not share these convictions. The group will, however, always extend our hand in love and support to all families who have chosen to educate their children at home. We are a nonprofit organization providing opportunities for social, sporting and fun activities for our membership. Our vision is to help families connect into the homeschool community, to provide moral support, to provide tools to help enrich your homeschooling adventure, to exchange resource and curriculum ideas, to provide field trips and group activities, and to provide a place to build relationships both for our children as well as our parents. You Are Not Alone!”

Learning is Fun Together (LIFT) Schoolhouse

“LIFT is a homeschool schoolhouse in the DFW Mid-Cities Area of North Texas. We provide a unique learning experience for pre-k, elementary, middle, and high school students” by “creating a hands-on, experiential environment where children thrive as they discover the love of learning. LIFT aspires 1) to put life into learning (making education relevant) through experiential activities, as words have no meaning without experience, 2) to foster a love of learning rather than simply an acquisition of facts, and 3) to support homeschooling parents by offering a group learning atmosphere that releases parents from service requirements and lesson plans.”

Lux Venit Choral Academy

“The Lux Venit Choral Academy is a choral music program especially designed for North Texas homeschool students and their families! We offer an affordable, Christian program for ages 5-18, emphasizing music concepts and singing skills. In addition to performing in various venues, our older students qualify to compete in local, regional, and all-state singing competitions. No audition is required to join our classes or choirs, except for Chorale, our most advanced high school choir. We meet in six convenient locations in Tarrant County.”

Mid-Cities Homeschooling Group

“We are a secular homeschool group dedicated to providing friends, fun, field trips, and social gatherings. During the school year we offer two meetups a week – an academic opportunity on Wednesday (such as computer coding classes, book club, museums, or tours) and a social activity on Friday (park days, skating, NERF battles, play days). We also offer nature hikes and camping opportunities. We meet throughout the DFW area.

Mosaic Academy

“Mosaic Academy was founded by parents and instructors who felt that something more was needed than what is presently available in public, private, and home-school settings. For seventeen years we have personally experienced how the unique, active learning-based classrooms and parent-instructor partnership enables the family to thrive on their educational journey in a home-school setting and at school…. At Mosaic Academy, our parents are entirely engaged in their children’s education. Rather than merely supplementing home-school curriculum, we fully collaborate with parents in customizing a complete educational plan that meets the unique learning needs for each student…. Mosaic Academy supports each home-schooling parent by carrying the burden of planning and by providing a structure for accountability that empowers each home-educating family to meet their educational goals each year…. Mosaic Academy also partners with parents in nurturing their children’s faith…. Our curriculum is selected with the whole child in mind and is implemented in our classrooms in a way that transfers naturally between school and home for strong success in your home-schooling.” 



Tarrant County

Gracewood Academy 

“Gracewood Academy is a Christian homeschool co-op located in Bedford, TX.”

The Homeschool Society

“The purpose behind The Homeschool Society is to create social, elective, and academic opportunities for cultured homeschoolers. Come and grow with us!” The group meets in Southlake, TX.

Hurst Euless Bedford Area Teen Homeschooling Families Group

“This group is located in the HEB and surrounding areas. HEB welcomes teen homeschool families with children in 6th grade to 12th grade (age not curricula which means almost 11/12-18). Siblings are welcome to attend, but we ask that they are supervised to give our teen members the space that they need to develop friendships. Offering co-ed, girl’s, and boy’s events. Activities are mainly social and unstructured. May have an ice breaker and offer door prizes at some events.

Mansfield Area Texas Christian Homeschoolers

“We are a group of like-minded families, from all sorts of Jesus-following, Christian backgrounds. This meetup is a place for moms to gather and enjoy some much needed adult conversation while letting the kids play together and gives us a place we can interact and build friendships, for us and our kids! Our homeschooled kids ages range from elementary to young teenagers in age, and older and younger siblings are always welcome! The age is predominantly upper elementary to middle school ages…. We get together about once a week with in-home events, field trips, and other activities around town. We generally schedule events in Mansfield and South Arlington, but we do venture out a little further sometimes!”

Mansfield Homeschool Deals

“This group has been created for selling and buying homeschool curriculum and educational items in Mansfield, TX and the nearby surrounding areas.”

Northeast Tarrant County Association of Christian Homeschool Educators (NETCACHE)

“The primary purpose of NETCACHE is to provide Christian-based adventure, character, and leadership programs. Such programs currently include Trail Life USA and American Heritage Girls. NETCACHE exists to pool together volunteer resources provided by member families to sponsor the opportunities we offer.



Greater DFW Area

Kids Unleashed

This is “a homeschool group serving Dallas, Fort Worth, Euless areas and more….  As parents, we sought the need to provide extended socialization to our children which let us to start a local group for our area. With committed and like-minded parents, we organize monthly events,” and “we always seek to provide a fun atmosphere…. We know first-hand how hard it is to research homeschool, which is why we dedicated our resource page to help you.”

North Texas Homeschooled Teen Social Group (NTHTSG)

“NTHTSG is a social group for homeschooled and unschooled teens, their families, and friends, who live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of North Texas. The primary purpose of NTHTSG is to plan and host activities on a regular basis for our member families. We currently host some kind of activity in or near the Dallas/Fort Worth area on a weekly basis. These activities may include, but are not limited to: meet-ups at member homes and local parks, movie meet-ups, ice or roller skating trips, game days, local events (such as dances, concerts, the zoo), swim parties, bowling, camping and hiking, etc.”



Ellis County

Ellis County Christian Homeschool Organization (ECCHO)

“ECCHO is a 501c3 support group for over 100 homeschooling families in and around Ellis County.  We offer many activities including, but not limited to, Mom’s Night Out, field trips, a mentor program, two theater programs, and enrichment classes.  All of these activities are available to any member of ECCHO. We also offer a meal support ministry to ECCHO members in need. We offer two different options for enrichment classes for those who want to participate: 1) Enrichment Classes or EC (elementary/jr. high) meet bi-weekly on Fridays in Waxahachie. 2) ECCHO WEST high school classes (age 13+) meet weekly on Wednesdays in Maypearl…. Students may take as many or as few classes as they wish…. We hope you choose to join us! We would love to bless your family!”



Kaufman County

Mesquite Christian Home School Association

“MCHSA exists to answer the objections to homeschooling. We currently have over fifty families enrolled. We provide a monthly newsletter filled with a wide variety of activities and field trips for the children and a forum for parents to discuss the challenges and rewards of home schooling and an opportunity to get help in subjects where they may need it. Our Vision is to create a network of families who share their Christian and home school experiences together in order to uplift God, support each other, and develop meaningful friendships that will last far longer than the time our children are in school.”



Parker County

Parker County Christian Home Educators (PCCHE)

“We are comprised of families with children ranging in age from newborn to high school seniors. Our co-op is parent-led and classes vary from semester to semester with a few that are offered consistently (piano, choir, etc..). Generally speaking, we offer a blend of academic and extracurricular options. You will find us to be a supportive group that considers relationships and fellowship to be a priority. We do not offer drop off care or classes and require that a parent/responsible adult is present and serving when a student is on campus. We are truly cooperative and need many hands to make co-op a success.”



Rockwall County

Home Education Associational Resources (HEAR)

“H.E.A.R. (Homes Educators Associational Resources, Inc.) is a multi-denominational, Christian based homeschool support group. Our mission is to offer information, assistance, group activities, and emotional as well as social support to homeschool families in the Rockwall County area.”

King’s Harvest Homeschool Collective

“King’s Harvest Homeschool Collective (King’s Harvest Co-op) is a non-profit, multi-denominational, Christian home school cooperative effort. We are not a school in the traditional sense, though we do offer socialization, academic and art classes for grades PreK-12, Student Council, and National Honor Society for area home schooled students. We are here to supplement your home education efforts, and expect you to oversee your child’s work for each class. Our teachers are carefully selected, independent contractors, and classes are taught from a Christian perspective with Christian values promoted both inside and outside of the classroom.”



Gulf Coast, Houston

Homeschool support groups in Alvin, Bellaire, Brazoria County, Brazosport, Conroe, Cy-Fair, Cypress, Deer Park, Gulf Coast, Galveston, Houston, Jones, Katy, Kingwood, Lake Jackson, Missouri City, Pasadena, Pearland, Richmond, Sugar Creek, Sugar Land, Tomball.

Corpus Christi

North Houston


South Houston

Gulf Coast

West Houston

Central Houston




Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi Homeschoolers

“This Facebook page is for all Corpus Christi Homeschool Parents to have a place to communicate. My inspiration in creating this page was to post activities that are going on around town.

Homeschoolers Unlimited Texas (HUT)

“Homeschoolers Unlimited Texas is open to homeschool families in the Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas including Portland, Mathis, Sinton, Taft, Odem, Robstown, Orange Grove and Calallen…. Homeschoolers Unlimited Texas is a resource/support network for those currently homeschooling. We will gather together to play, network, encourage, and learn…. H.U.T. events can range anywhere from field trips, PE / Bowling programs, CO-OP, park days, clubs, dances, and parties.”

IrcleBee Educare – Corpus Christi Homeschool Co-op

“This group is for people looking for a homeschool co-op in Corpus Christi, TX.”




Galveston Homeschool Performing Arts Co-op

“Galveston Homeschool Performing Arts Co-op was established in 2003 as a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), organization to provide comprehensive, high-quality education in choir, band, orchestra, drama, and dance for home-educated students in Galveston and surrounding areas…. When families enroll, teachers are chosen from parents who have performing arts skills. If a parent doesn’t have a particular musical talent to offer, we ask that parent to serve in administrative capacities or other places of need in the co-op. No musical background is necessary for parents to participate, teach young ones, or be a class assistant…. The co-op meets on Fridays in central Galveston, with classes beginning at 8:30. View the calendar for semester-specific dates.”

Galveston ISLE Homeschool Group

This is “a group of Galveston homeschoolers that enjoy getting together for field trips & special events. GalvestonISLE is a homeschool support group in Galveston Island, Texas. We are so lucky to have such a wealth of history and culture on this Island, that our students really can learn everywhere. From historic homes to the beach, to the library and museums, Galveston is the perfect learning environment. Come join us as we explore and have fun!”



Gulf Coast

Baytown Homeschoolers

“The Baytown area homeschool group is dedicated to serving homeschoolers in the Greater Baytown area (Mont Belvieu, Highlands, Crosby, Dayton, Liberty, Kenefick, Winnie, Anahuac, Wallisville, Channelview and surrounding areas) by seeking the Lord’s guidance and providing: Christian support for homeschooling families, companionship for homeschooling children, and activities, as well as experiences, that enhance the homeschooling lifestyle.”

Gulf Coast Christian Home Scholars (GCCHS)

“GCCHS was formed in 2001 by a small group of area moms for fellowship and activities for their homeschooling children. We have since grown, from what was originally only about 20 families to now over 500…. While formed originally as a Christian group, GCCHS is “inclusive” now…. However, please keep in mind that the group has a Christian heritage, so you will see references to Christianity, prayers before a meal, requests for prayer and bible verses throughout our forums and in person. We are all respectful of each other’s choices and differences in beliefs.” Events include big events like prom and graduation, park days, classes, clubs, family night events, holiday parties, Mom’s Night Out, and field trips.”

Homeschool Victoria

“Homeschool Victoria is an inclusive network of independent homeschooling families and members of various support groups, co-ops, and organizations.  These families unite to bless the homeschool community at large by sharing creative ideas, knowledge of educational and community events, personal support and social opportunities with other families who home-educate in and around Victoria, Texas. All families are welcomed to share in this free exchange of information no matter what groups they join or don’t join.”

Triangle Homeschoolers

“Triangle Homeschoolers is a homeschooling support group for parents in the Golden Triangle area of Southeast Texas (Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange) and surrounding areas who are, or are interested in, homeschooling/unschooling their children. Triangle Homeschoolers has 3 individual affiliate groups that serve our community: TH Secular Chat, TH Meet Up, and THINK Co-op…. Our community hosts families of all types, make-ups, lifestyles, religious beliefs and backgrounds…. All Triangle Homeschoolers groups and affiliates are secularly oriented (meaning ‘not religious’) and inclusive – open to all families in the area who are currently or are interested in educating their children outside of the public school system.”



Central Houston

Apostolate of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers (ARCH) of Houston Texas

“The mission of ARCH is to inform and link members of various active Catholic homeschooling groups within the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. It also inspires Catholic homeschool families to keep their primary focus on Christ. We are a regional homeschooling support organization that provides organized events and opportunities to more easily fulfill our duty as the primary educators of our families. We strive to present an authentically Catholic experience to our membership while representing Houston-area homeschooling to the Archdiocese.

Greater Houston Area Home Education List

This Facebook group is designed to “bring people together and allow you to meet people you would not ordinarily know.  This group is set up to discuss home education in and around Houston and 1) to learn about new techniques for accomplishing our goal of educating our children; 2) to find answers to your quandaries in your day to day efforts to educate your children; and 3) to share information about home education in and around Houston.”

Families Learning Freely (FLF)

“Families Learning Freely is a meet-up group for unschooling-compatible families in the Greater Houston area. Our purpose in creating this group is to enrich and expand our lives within a secure community of supportive families…. This group is intended for local families to come together on a regular basis. Though we do not currently have attendance requirements, we expect members will be contributors to the community and either attend or create events within the group. While you don’t have to identify as an unschooler to join, FLF was created by unschooling families to serve as a safe place for unschoolers and their friends.”

Home Ed Plus (HEP)

“We are passionate about offering your children a Christian education in a hands-on learning environment, and we are excited to welcome you to our community. We offer our core classes on Mondays and a large variety of elective classes on Wednesdays.  Students may take as many or as few classes as desired – many families choose to take all core classes at HEP and others choose only classes that they are not comfortable teaching at home or electives not easily available elsewhere. We are located… on the western edge of downtown Houston, in a vibrant food & art-rich area.”

Home Education and Responsible Teaching (HEART)

“HEART is a Christian support group based in the Kingwood/Atascocita/Humble (Houston, Texas) area. HEART seeks to encourage families in their homeschooling endeavors by providing academic enrichment activities, social opportunities and support for children of all ages – and parents, too! We also are a link in keeping families informed of developments in state and local laws, especially pertaining to the legal rights of parents to home educate their children. HEART is divided into 4 segments: Little HEARTs, HEART Elementary, HEART Middle School, and HEART High School. Although there may be age-segregated areas for HEART, most activities are open to younger and older siblings.”

Homeschool Christian Youth Association (HCYA)

“HCYA is one of the oldest and largest homeschool support organizations of its kind in Texas and the United States. For over 20 years HCYA has been serving homeschoolers in the greater Houston area with a variety of programs. We currently offer a broad range of support programs for homeschooled students including competitive team sports (basketball, volleyball, baseball, track & field, soccer, swimming, and football), homeschool PE – sports day, and graduation.”

Greater Houston Homeschoolers (GHH)

“G.H.H. is a great group heavily driven by our awesome families! Feel free to set up an event! We host sporadic park days around Houston, but again, feel free to set up your own. We also offer other activities throughout each month! Posts to inform the homeschool community of events, opportunities, or useful businesses are encouraged.”

Houston Homeschool Events

“This is a group specifically for Houston area homeschoolers. Find & Post classes, activities, and events for homeschoolers in the Houston area.

Houston Unschooling Kids (HUK)

HUK is a meetup group for “families with children [who] reside near Houston (close enough to attend meetups) and [are] interested in unschooling and peaceful parenting.”



North Houston

Big Kids Homeschool Too

“We are a group! We are NOT a Co-op. We do not provide recurring classes. BKHToo! is your place for community, events, field trips, parties, and more. All Ages are Welcome in BKHToo! We are diverse. Here you will NOT find a group of people just like you. You will find a welcoming group of different people who choose kindness.”

 Homewood Christian Association

“Homewood is a Christian organization that strives to offer a number of activities for members to get to know each other, build socialization skills, and share the joys of homeschooling.”  Activities include Kick-Off Party, Weekly Park Day, Field Trips, 9 & Under Activities, Tween Activities, Junior High Activities, High School Activities, Valentine’s Day Party, Iowa Testing for Grades 3-12, Kindergarten Graduation, High School Graduation, and Used Book Sale & Resource Night.

The Homeschool Store

“Randy and Alexie Swirsky are the proud parents of eight children, and each was homeschooled from kindergarten through 12th grade…. Out of a desire to help fellow local homeschoolers and to create a family business where their children could work alongside them, Randy and Alexie set up a dozen or so bookcases of curricula for sale inside his CPA office…. Having long outgrown the Oak Forest location, the store moved to a much larger, brand new building in the northwest part of Houston in 2012; this is our current location on Ann Lane. Come and visit! The Swirskys and their team of homeschool-mom-consultants and high school and college students are ready to answer your questions and help you find the best materials to meet your child’s needs.”

Independent Christian Association of Responsible Educators (ICARE)

“This homeschool support group was first established in Spring as a Christian organization in 1985 with a 25-family membership. Our group flourished concurrently with the growth of the homeschool movement in the state and nation and reached up to as many as 100 families spanning throughout the North Suburban area of Houston…. The purpose of ICARE is to support each other and provide information to help us homeschool our children.  We provide opportunities to gather our children together with other like-minded families in wholesome, Christian environments for the purpose of enjoyment and learning.”

Joyful Sound! Homeschool Choir

“Joyful Sound! is a thriving performing arts organization specifically for Houston area homeschoolers. We’ve been teaching, performing, singing, dancing and serving throughout Houston and the United States for over 20 years. Joyful Sound began, and continues today, with the same two-fold purpose…….train and develop the God given talents of students for musical excellence while nurturing and molding those talents to serve others and bless all who hear and see them perform. We seek to ignite a passion in students of all ages to discover, discipline, train and use their God given talents while making a difference in the generation to whom they have been given.

Montgomery County Area School at Home (MASH)

M.A.S.H. is “an inclusive Texas homeschool group for families in or near Conroe, Willis, The Woodlands, Magnolia, Montgomery, Spring or anyone who does not mind the drive. Most park days and meetings take place in Montgomery County.  We offer many exciting get togethers like weekly park days, field trips, craft days and moms’ night out. Now offering… twice a month sports days and science club.”

North Houston Area Charlotte Mason Support Group

“The North Houston Charlotte Mason Homeschool Support Group has been in existence since 1999. It was started by two moms who wanted to learn more about using CM with their children and wanted some company. Our current group consists of members located all around the Houston area, but our moms’ meetings are in the north part of Houston…. Our meetings consist of food (optional) and fellowship followed by discussion of our monthly reading…. We welcome anyone interested in learning more about Charlotte Mason’s methods.”

Northside Falcons Homeschool Baseball
Christian homeschool baseball program serving the North
Houston / Montgomery County, Texas area. Baseball training, private lessons, baseball camps, tryouts, select ball season and more.

Parenting, Academics, and Leadership Support (PALS)

“PALS is an all-inclusive, secular, homeschool support group meeting in Humble, Spring and The Woodlands, Texas. All are welcome regardless of race, religion, home school style, etc…. No fees or statement of faith to join.”



South Houston

Bay Area Catholic Homeschoolers (BACH)

“We are a support group for Catholic homeschooling families in the greater Clear Lake area of Texas.  We are not a co-op which means that we do not offer classes. We have families from the following cities in Texas: Pearland, Pasadena, Alvin, Santa Fe, Seabrook, Friendswood, League City, Webster, Nassau Bay, Clear Lake, and the Sagemont Area. Any family is welcome to join BACH regardless of where you live; however, most of our activities are in and around Friendswood, Texas, given its central location. BACH offers support to families who are homeschooling. Here are some of the numerous activities that may occur during the year: Mom’s Night Out; All Saint’s Day Party each November; Family prayer partners during Advent; Epiphany Party each January for parents; St. Valentine’s Day Party; Monthly activities for Teens and Tweens – game nights, roller skating, bonfires, etc.; numerous field trips to a variety of places – museums, farms, exhibits, the zoo, Galveston, etc.; and service projects throughout the year. If you are looking for a way to meet other families, and find out more about homeschooling, BACH is a great opportunity for you.  There are many different families in BACH, who follow many different styles of homeschooling (Classical, Charlotte Mason, Unschooling, etc.). Each family does what is best for them, and we provide a community of support for all involved.”

Sugar Creek Christian Home Educators (SCCHE)

SCCHE is “a private member support group for Christian families committed to supporting and encouraging one another in the homeschool journey. We serve the southwest Houston, Texas area, with most of our members residing in Houston, Missouri City, Richmond, Sugar Land, and neighboring communities.



West Houston

Katy Area Christian Homeschoolers (KACH)

KACH was “founded to support and encourage fellow homeschooling families in and around Katy, Texas. We do that by encouraging the formation of small groups to meet member needs and interests, we are a conduit for field trips, and most of all we provide a forum for homeschool parents to announce opportunities, ask questions, and seek prayer from other Christians. Currently our membership is around 400 families.


Panhandle & West Texas

Homeschool support groups in Abilene, Amarillo, El Paso, Lubbock, San Angelo, South Plains, Wichita Falls.



Wichita Falls 




El Paso

San Angelo







Big Country Home Educators (BCHE)

“For more than 25 years, Big Country Home Educators has supported homeschool families of the Texas Big Country. Located in Abilene, TX, we offer homeschool families in the area a number of types of support. BCHE is a non-profit Christian organization, led by a board of volunteers. We provide resources in the areas of mentoring, events, and networking to help families have the richest home education experience possible. If you live in the Big Country area, and are a home educator, we would love to have you join us!”

Homeschool Co-op Friday School

“For homeschool families of school aged children interested in participating in Friday School (local 1/2 day parent-led school age and sibling co-op in Abilene, Tx).”




Panhandle Christian Home Educators Association (PCHEA)

“PCHEA is a vibrant, growing homeschool community in the Texas Panhandle that gathers for homeschool support, resources, social events, information, and referral.  We have a private calendar, secure forums, and multiple events each year.” 



El Paso

El Paso Eastside Homeschool Sports

This is “an El Paso organization for homeschoolers that develops skills in various sports, specializing at this time in cross country and swimming.”

Fort Bliss Homeschool Association

The Fort Bliss Homeschool Association offers a “support system for military families who homeschool” and “to support and enrich the Fort Bliss/El Paso homeschool community. Our group offers many events and is a wonderful communication hub for the area’s active duty and retired homeschooling families….  Come join us!”

Vista Hills Homeschool Ministry

Vista Hills Homeschool Ministry is an interactive group of moms who love and care for one another. Their motto is “If we all pull together, we will all pull through.” According to the founders, it was started and is run by “two fat women on a mission from God” out of their own funds and whatever God provides.




Laredo Homeschool Moms

Their motto is, “Homeschool ideas, encouragement, needs, photos of events…. Let’s just make it functional and fun.”




Lubbock Area Homeschool Exchange (LAHE)

“LAHE is a free classified ad service for all currently homeschooling families who reside in the Lubbock, Texas general area. Join us in freecycling (giving away…FREE), trading or selling (at a bargain price) anything you wish but especially homeschool related items! No item is too large or small!”

Lubbock Charlotte Mason Group

This is a homeschooling support group “for those using or interested in Charlotte Mason philosophies and method in their homeschool.”

Lubbock Homeschool Moms

This is “a place for community among homeschooling parents in Lubbock, TX. Discuss life, curriculum, announce classes and learning opportunities and get to know other homeschool families.”

Lubbock Homeschool Network

“LHN is a support group for area homeschoolers. We work to connect new and veteran homeschoolers to local groups, classes, clubs, sports, events, social activities, volunteer opportunities, and most importantly, each other. We actively encourage our members to share their talents and knowledge with the group and create classes and opportunities to interact.” 

Lubbock Homeschool Prom

“This group is for the students and parents of any homeschoolers interested in the Lubbock Homeschool Prom.”




Choice Homeschool Community

“CHC was born from one mom’s vision to maintain an inclusive and inviting space for all types of families in the Permian Basin. CHC welcomes everyone regardless of religion, political views, culture, learning abilities, or educational philosophy. Our vision is to encourage an engaging and fun learning environment, while also meeting everyone where they are!”

Grace Enrichment Co-op (GECO)

“GECO offers High School, Middle School, and Elementary support for homeschool families…. GECO offers high academic standards, at reasonable costs, through a cooperative effort, in an atmosphere that supports a biblical worldview…. Classes of math and sciences for the upper grades remain the core; studies in English, Spanish, Art, and Music now form the working curriculum.  There is even enrichment activity for the littlest students, as families with diverse ages and needs are welcomed. GECO families have graduated over 100 students. These students have gone on successful lives in medicine, ministry, engineering, professorships, military and police work, writers, artists, physical therapists. With combined experience, GECO represents 100+ combined years of home school experience.”  



San Angelo

Concho Valley Home Educators Info. Swap (CVHEIS)

“Please feel free to invite other homeschoolers or just ladies that might want to learn about homeschooling. Post events, questions, prayer request and just chitchat here to keep it active and rolling.

San Angelo Christian Home School Association

“The San Angelo Christian Home School Association is a volunteer, non-profit home school organization serving the San Angelo, Texas, and the Concho Valley area. For over 20 years, our group has committed to serving the home school community by providing support for families committed to home schooling their children to raise them in the training and admonition of the Lord. We are home schoolers serving one another!”

San Angelo Homeschoolers Community

“We are a homeschool community providing services, opportunities and support for our local home educators. Everyone is welcome, and we hope to see you soon!”

San Angelo Inclusive Homeschoolers

“This group is for homeschoolers who wish to gather together from time to time to support one another, share ideas, and just have fun. This group is for all homeschooling families regardless of religion, ethnicity, or orientation. Welcome and please introduce yourselves.”

Used Curriculum for Sale – San Angelo Homeschoolers

“. . . because we all know it’s easier to do this locally and save the shipping charges. Please post any curriculum you’d like to find a new home for. Items offered for sale should be limited to used curriculum and/or learning aids.”




Home Educators Around Texoma (HEAT)

“H.E.A.T. exists to provide encouragement, support with resources, fellowship, and group learning activities to all persons or families who desire to home school their children or be involved in home school support. H.E.A.T. also serves to promote communication of vital and legal information among homeschooling families. H.E.A.T. desires to present a positive and informed image of the value of home schooling to the community and to encourage others to explore homeschooling as a viable choice in education. H.E.A.T. also seeks to encourage area businesses and churches to support homeschooling efforts.”



Wichita Falls



Piney Woods

Homeschool support groups in Angelina County, Cypress Valley, Dayton, Liberty, Longview, Marshall, Nacogdoches, Trinity County, Tyler.

Christian Home Educators of the Mt. Pleasant Area (CHEMPA)

CHEMPA is “a non-profit Christian organization established to give support and encouragement to homeschool families. Members have access to our CHEMPA E-mail Loop and Facebook group with 100+ families who are dedicated to the God-called task of educating our own children. We welcome families with children of all ages and ability levels.”

Cypress Homeschool Association (CHA)

“CHA offers more than 250 families the activities and opportunities that encourage them to continue thriving in their own home school environments…. CHA offers enrichment co-op classes for registered families during 2 separate semesters each year. Classes are held once a week and vary by semester, depending on volunteer teacher availability.  Co-op is NOT a drop- off activity, and parents must stay on the premises during the hours that their children are in classes. There are 6-8 classes per hour offered for Kindergarten through middle school-aged students.   Our students enjoy getting together and getting lots of hands-on experiences in learning and with other children. There are 8-14 students in each class.”

Cypress Valley Home Educators Association (CVHEA)

The CVHEA, “a Christian homeschool support group based in Marshall, Texas, had its beginnings in 1989 when several local families decided to meet together to gain support from each other for homeschooling. Cypress Valley Home Educators Association of Harrison County ceased meeting in 1997 but continued to offer this website as a source of information for homeschoolers and potential homeschoolers in the Marshall-Harrison County area. In 2004, a group of homeschoolers in Marion County took on the CVHEA name and this website.”

Texarkana Educators Association of Christian Homeschoolers (TEACH)

“Welcome to TEACH Texarkana, a thriving group of Christian families who agree that it is our privilege to teach and train our children, and that this responsibility is given to us by God!”  We meet monthly and offer a variety of field trips and activities.

Tyler Area Christian Home Educators (TACHE)

“Our association coordinates activities of interest to its membership in Tyler, Texas, and surrounding vicinities.  We rely strictly on our parent volunteers to make these things happen for our members, so the activities may vary each year.  By the end of the school year, we usually have 200 member families who are dedicated to the God-called task of educating their own children. There are many activities for kids and monthly Moms’ Night Out coordinated through our active member-only web site with forums and a calendar of events. Interesting field trips for all ages, high school graduation, annual book sale, and other activities are also offered during the school year.  High school classes often have their own service and fellowship projects going, and a private forum is available for each class on the website. We also post a great variety of class offerings from the community. Examples are private piano lessons, Caldwell Zoo education classes, science classes and labs, homeschool sports teams and information from the quasi-homeschool private schools and co-ops.”



San Antonio – South Texas

Homeschool support groups in Brownville, Hidalgo County, Lavaca County, Medina County, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Victoria

San Antonio South Texas



San Antonio

Alamo Area Christian Educators, Inc. (AACE)

“Affectionately known as “Friday School,” Alamo Area Christian Educators, Inc. is an organization comprised of parent volunteers who coordinate with our tutors for tutoring sessions on a weekly basis.  These volunteers coordinate the facilities for our families, the tutors, and the church (for which we are a ministry).”

The Beacon Co-op

“We are a Christian Homeschool Co-op offering academic and enrichment classes for Upper Elementary through High School.  Our educators are excited to partner with you in your family’s education journey. Our goal is to have a place where we can help one another to equip our children and families to defend their faith, encourage one another, and build each other up…. Classes are held on Wednesdays on the far Northwest side of San Antonio.”


This is “a group for Christian homeschooling mothers who live in or around the San Antonio area. It’s a place where we can come together and discuss issues dealing with homeschooling, family, or any other areas of your life that we could help each other with.”

JBSA Randolph Military Home Educators

“We are comprised of homeschooling families on Randolph AFB, Fort Sam Houston, and surrounding areas with the primary purpose of connecting with one another through participation in events and activities. Membership in our group is a great way to build friendships, enrich the home education experience, and create a strong, healthy, thriving homeschool community.”

Lavaca County Homeschoolers

“Lavaca County Homeschoolers is a community-wide homeschool group connecting local homeschoolers to each other and to opportunities that are informational, relational, and educational for the purpose of providing support and encouragement. LCH maintains a private directory of homeschool members and offers monthly park days, activity days, field trips, and more. Free membership, google groups email list and private Facebook group.” Hallettsville, Moulton, Shiner, Moulton Texas and surrounding areas – Lavaca County, Texas
Email: [email protected] Facebook: https://Facebook.com/lavacacountyhomeschoolers

Leaping Frog EDU (formerly HCentral SA)

This is “a central location website where families can come together to share and obtain ideas on better educating their children. This is also a place for teachers to get tips on teaching, too. Enjoy browsing the site.”

PowerHouse Homeschooling

“We are an inclusive community, serving all individuals who are interested in learning more about homeschooling or who are already homeschooling…. As a homeschooling parent who has met hundreds of other homeschooling parents, it becomes quite obvious that no two families, motivations, or situations are the same. Your reasons for choosing to home educate are your own. Regardless of why, when, or how you made the decision, we’re here to help. Our goal is to equip, encourage and empower home educators by meeting two basic needs: connection and information. We are not a co-op, we are a clearinghouse of information and a place to network online in order to find who and what you need in the San Antonio, Texas region.

San Antonio Christian Homeschoolers (SACH)

“San Antonio Christian Homeschoolers (SACH) was established in January 2005 as a Non-Profit LLC to offer support, resources, educational and fun social activities, and encouragement to Christian homeschooling families of school-aged children. SACH is comprised of families from all over San Antonio and surrounding areas. We invite you to explore our site and learn more about us!”

San Antonio Home Education Resources and Opportunities (SA-HERO)

Our goal is to act as referral for individuals new to homeschooling or new to the San Antonio area to the various homeschool groups…. Members will have access to the equipment lending library, mentoring, a San Antonio Homeschool Directory, and an ID Card. We are also planning a Homeschool Roundup of individuals and support groups, a homeschool band, an Odyssey of the Mind team, homeschool information sessions, and an academic competition team. All services and activities are contingent on enrolling members and volunteers.

San Antonio Home Education

This site “has a comprehensive listing of homeschooling resources in the San Antonio area including home school events, support groups, curriculum and co-ops.” 

Smoothing the Way

“Smoothing the Way began in 1999, as a monthly support group for those new to homeschooling. Since then, it has experienced many changes in format, but the heart of Smoothing the Way remains mentoring parents who want to teach their children at home. Through teacher training material, convention counseling, and private consultation, our mission is to equip and encourage parents in the rewarding, but often daunting, task of homeschooling.

Unschooling San Antonio

“Are you unschooling in San Antonio? Let’s get connected!”



South Texas

Homeschool Victoria

“Homeschool Victoria is an inclusive network of independent homeschooling families and members of various support groups, co-ops, and organizations.  These families unite to bless the homeschool community at large by sharing creative ideas, knowledge of educational and community events, personal support and social opportunities with other families who home-educate in and around Victoria, Texas. All families are welcomed to share in this free exchange of information no matter what groups they join or don’t join.”

The Next Generation (TNG)

The Next Generation is a cooperative of parents who desire to teach their children at home in order to achieve academic excellence and family unity, emphasize Christian values, and bring glory to God in all that we do.  We are located in Del Rio, Texas. Del Rio is located in Val Verde County, adjacent to Ciudad Acuna, Mexico and Laughlin Air Force Base. We have put together resources to provide more information about TNG. TNG hopes to meet the needs of current and potential homeschoolers in the Del Rio area. 



Add a Support Group   

Even though there are so many Texas homeschool groups listed, there may be one you know of that hasn’t been included.  Please add the information in the comments below or contact me to include it for the future! 

Field Trips with Kids| Legally HomeschoolingSports Programs for Homeschoolers


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