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Texas Legal Homeschooling

Parental responsibility is protected and upheld by the Texas Constitution. The Texas legislature is given authority over the public free school system only; furthermore, the Texas Education Code is specifically designed for and applicable only to state tax funded educational institutions, per its applicability section.

Home schooling has been a legal alternative to public schooling since 1994. In the case of Leeper et al. v. Arlington ISD et al., the Texas Supreme Court upheld a lower court’s decision that children being taught at home are exempt from the compulsory attendance requirement to the same extent as students enrolled in private schools. Parents who choose to home school are required to follow a course of study that includes good citizenship. A public school district may ask parents to provide assurances in writing that they intend to home school their child.

Field Trips

Texas Homeschool Field Trips
Browse these fun one-day trips in Texas and discover new places to visit with your children all around the Lonestar State!

Home School Programs in Texas

Online homeschooling in Texas is one of the most popular methods for parents who chose a home education for their child.

Keep Texas Homeschools Free
Popular “School Choice” legislation proposals will change that. When money from the state or federal government “follows the child,” so will standardized regulations. Flexibility and tailored learning programs will disappear when homeschool parents are forced to meet the regulations set by the funding agency. Senator Cruz, we continue to fight for and protect this freedom by asking you to examine all upcoming legislation that would purport to offer “assistance” to homeschoolers through state or federal funds, and further ask you to leave Texas homeschoolers out of this federally-funded “choice.” Sign petition to Senator Cruz today!

Texas Education Code For Homeschooling
Not intended as legal advice. Laws for your information only. [Note: Texas government has no jurisdiction over non-state support schools.]

Drivers Ed - Parent-taught Drivers Ed - Texas Adult Drivers Ed - Teen Driving Lessons

Texas teen drivers ed online is the fastest way to get behind the wheel and start in-car training. Sign up and start our TEA-approved course today! A2Z’s 15% Discount Applied!

Are You the Parent or a State Babysitter?
Differing views of parental responsibility in Texas. By Bev Jones, HomeSchooling Texas.

Commissioner’s Home School Policy Letter
January 14, 2000. Students transferring from home schools should be afforded the same treatment as students transferring from unaccredited private schools.

Legal Issues for Texas Homeschoolers
The state of Texas puts very few restrictions on homeschooling families. A bona fide homeschool has been defined as a private school by the Texas Supreme Court. From Austin Area Homeschoolers.

Parent Taught Driver Education – Texas
The TxDPS outlines how parents may instruct their teens to get their drivers license. A complete curriculum.

Texas Homeschooling Curriculum Requirements
Some Texas homeschoolers are being given false information by some school districts. This is the Texas Home School Coalition’s response from August 15, 1997.

Texas Education Agency
Official Packet of homeschooling Information from TEA.

Texas Law, Lawyers and Leepers
If your home ‘school’ is not wholly or partially state tax funded you are free from state regulation. This is as it should be.. Homeschooling Texas.

More Texas Homeschooling Resources

Withdrawing your child from school
Some friendly, non-legal advise from me to you based on my experiences and others who also homeschool. From Home Educators San Antonio.


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