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West Virginia Homeschooling Academic Assessment Report

Administrative Code 3301-34-04
Option # 2 – Written Narrative

A written narrative is a document which states that a certified teacher has reviewed a portfolio of work on behalf of a home schooled child, and states whether or not the child has completed successfully, understood completely, and has comprehended his or her academic studies throughout that grade level.

It does not have to be an essay type of document. It does not have to be any longer than a page, though some feel more comfortable with more than a page. It is not required in 18-8-1 in any section or subsection that a written narrative has to be in any great length of words or pages.

(A) The parent(s) shall send to the superintendent an academic assessment report of the child for the previous school year at the time of supplying subsequent notification.

(B) The academic assessment report shall include one of the following:

(2) A written narrative indicating that a portfolio of samples of the child’s work has been reviewed and that the child’s academic progress for the year is in accordance with the child’s abilities.

(a) The written narrative shall be prepared by:

(i) a certified teacher
(ii) other person mutually agreed upon by the parent(s) and the superintendent.

I hereby attest that a portfolio of samples of work was completed by


and was reviewed by me for the 20___ – 20___ academic year, and is in accordance with his or her abilities.

Signature of Assessor


___(i) a certified teacher
___(ii) other person mutually agreed upon by the parent(s) and the superintendent.

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