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Afrocentric Homeschooling in Black Families

Support for mothers and fathers of color who have decided to homeschool their children.

Associations of Black Homeschoool Families
Articles about Homeschooling Children of Color
Books about Homeschooling Children of Color
Online Black Homeschoolers
Support Groups for Families of Color

Associations of Black Homeschool Families

Mocha Moms
A support group for mothers of color who have chosen not to work full-time outside of the home in order to devote more time to their families and communities.

National Black Home Educators
The goal of this organization is ultimately to see strong families with healthy parent-child relationships. NBHE also desires to see every child provided with the excellent education they deserve. We believe that every child deserves a world-class education.

Articles about Homeschooling Children of Color

3 Reasons why black people don’t homeschool
Blacks have a duty to honor achievements of the Civil Rights Movement. Black girls are raised to be self-sufficient. Blacks think private school is a good alternative.

African Americans & Homeschooling
Podcast. Ama Mazama, Ph.D., is an African American Studies scholar at Temple University. She has published 14 books, most recently African Americans and Homeschooling: Motivations, Challenges, and Opportunities. She is also the mother of two home-educated children. Today we hear why she believes homeschooling to be the best educational option for African American children.

For Some Black Parents, the New Home Room is Home
Public schools are failing black boys, say a growing number of parents who are homeschooling. Deion Terry Rhoden, P. Aurora Robinson and her son Tau Issa Robinson-Farrar holding class in Bread-Stuy, a Beford Stuyvesant cafê. By Chloe A. Hilliard, The Village Voice, April 8, 2008.

The Freedom of Unschooling: Raising Liberated Black Children Without The Restrictions of School
But unlike most children their age, Marley and Sage are not enrolled in school, nor are they homeschooled. Instead they—along with my husband Kris and I—embrace an alternative to the traditional adult-to-child learning and living environment of schedules, structures, and schools. Through unschooling (also known as worldschooling or free-range learning) they learn what they want to learn, at their own pace. By Akilah Richards, Atlanta Black Star. April 5, 2015.

Simone Biles Homeschooling Helped Her Become A Gold Medal Olympian
Some people worry about homeschooling their kids and how it can work out. But Simone Biles’ homeschooling experience was the only way to push her gymnastics career forward, she recently told Individual Undefeated.

A Talk with Paula Penn-Nabrit on Homeschooling
Home-schooling is a radical step. What caused you and your husband to take your children out of school and take their education into their own hands?

Why more black parents are homeschooling their children
Black families have become one of the fastest-growing demographics in homeschooling, with black students making up an estimated 10 percent of the homeschooling population. They make up 16 percent of public school students according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

Why more black parents are home-schooling their kids
But other parents cite incidents of racial bullying, studies showing that black students are less likely to be recommended for gifted and advanced classes, and multiple studies showing that African-American children – especially boys – are disproportionately likely to be suspended or arrested.

Yes, Black People Homeschool Their Kids, Too
When we began this educational process, school was only 15 minutes per day. We hadn’t worked out all the kinks about which curriculum to start a 1.5 year old on, neither did we know if the process would succeed. We did know that this schooling option was being adopted by white families throughout North Carolina, where we lived at the time. Taking this step would steer our family in a beautiful path of learning, growth, and pioneering education for our race. By Athelda Ensley.

Books for Black Homeschool Families

by Zakkiyya Chase
Read Inside
Kindle Edition

Education is essential to success, but the school systems in America are constantly and inexcusably failing black and Latino children. In their desperate search for a solution, many families are realizing that homeschooling may be their best option.

No Dream Deferred delves into the history of black and Latino education in America—from slavery through the civil rights movement to the return of de facto segregation that students are experiencing today. The book’s specific, justified criticism of the American education system is unflagging. In public schools, private schools, and even relatively new charter schools, black and Latino students are not receiving the education they need—the education that is their only chance for success when the deck is already stacked against them. Can homeschooling turn this tide?

In the past, homeschooling was championed for ideological reasons, often used by conservative white families in response to the lack of religion allowed in public schools. But more and more black and Latino families are using it as a tool to restore equality. As these stories from real families show, it can be powerful—and it is necessary.

It’s time to make a change. The children cannot wait.

Online Black Homeschoolers

African American Homeschool Moms
This group is a pleasant and active one, full of helpful and supportive African-American homeschooling moms and homeschooling moms raising African-American children. This amazing community of moms happily shares resources, gladly answers questions, and joyfully offers encouragement. Thank you for your interest in joining the AAHM Facebook group.

African-American Unschoolers
This Facebook page is intended as a meeting place for African-American unschoolers along with any family, friends, and allies from other backgrounds interested in the subject.

Black Homeschool Families
This group is intended to support all caregivers who homeschool (or intend to homeschool) black (including multi-racial) children. Posts to the group should reflect respect of ALL people, including white Americans. In addition, this group is to be supportive of all families regardless of what their homeschool looks like.

Black Homeschooling Families Support Group
This group is for African American homeschooling families that are looking for more opportunities to support and communicate with other homeschooling families. Our group has been created to provide opportunities for black families to support, motivate, uplift, educate, and inspire one another while we provide better opportunities for our children.

Homeschooling Black Families
This group is based on raising the level of thinking in respectful ways and manners. Welcome to y(OUR) group! Please feel free to share with us, what you have learned through experiences over the years. It’s very much appreciated as we all learn from each other.

Homeschooling for Black Freethinkers
This group is for non-religious and freethinking people in our black community, who currently home-school or are thinking about homeschooling. We also welcome those who use the traditional school system, so that they too can benefit in co-educating our black children.

The Mahogany Way
A Place For Parents of Color to Discuss Natural Living. Including homeschooling and unschooling.

Support Groups for Families of Color

Black Homeschoolers DFW
This is a group for Homeschooling Parents in DFW that are black/African-American. There are a few of us here and there, and it would be nice to connect and share and either go to or create events together. Join us if you’re in the Metroplex!

Black Homeschoolers of Central Florida, Inc.
This group was started with the intention of finding other families of color in the Central Florida area that are educating their children at home. A place for support, motivation, and comfort in sharing experiences unique to the black community and the education of our black children. Established for support, motivation, and hopefully enduring friendships. Group is not affiliated with any one religion and is open to people of all faiths.

DMV Black Homeschoolers
Resources, support, information, and promote activities/field trips for Black Homeschooling families (even if multicultural) in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Ebony Homeschoolers
A Christian homeschool support fellowship established to strengthen and encourage the African-American homeschooling community in Memphis, Tennessee.

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