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Jewish Homeschooling

Sources for Jewish and Hebrew educational material and homeschooling support.

Best Sites

BeitHaChatulim Jewish Vegetarian Homeschool
This site doesn’t count visitors, but telemarketers they’ve hung up on! Lots of good links for Jewish homeschoolers… and vegetarians.

Chinuch At Home
Sharing Chinuch resources with Jewish homeschooling and non-homeschooling parents and teachers, learn all about Chinuch from various perspectives, and join our growing community. Created by a Jewish homeschooling

League of Jewish Homeschoolers
LJH is a not-for-profit league that was designed to satisfy the growing demand for Orthodox Jewish Homeschooling in the South Florida Area. Site has loads of resource links for Jewish homeschoolers everywhere.

Our Jewish Homeschool Blog
The Schusterman’s have done a complete turn around in their style of learning! They now realize how much kids learn through play, hands on activities and just life.

All Jewish homeschoolers, and families who are interested in learning more about the homeschooling alternative, are welcome to be part of the Room613 online community! We are here for you at every step of your homeschooling journey.

Sustainable Jewish Schooling
Shoshana Zohari’s blog with lots of useful and interesting tips and resources for Jewish families which homeschool. Like her Facebook page, too.

Courses for Learning Hebrew

Living Language Hebrew

Living Language Hebrew
by Living Language, Amit Shaked Pasman
A unique multimedia course that takes you from a beginner to an advanced level in one convenient package.At the core of Hebrew, Complete Edition is the Living Language Method™, based on linguistic science, proven techniques, and over 65 years of experience. Our method teaches you the whole language, so you can express yourself, not just recite memorized words or scripts.Millions have learned with Living Language®. Now it’s your turn.
• 3 Books: 46 lessons, additional review exercises, culture notes, and a grammar summary
• 9 Audio CDs: Vocabulary, dialogues, audio exercises, and more—listen while using the books or use for review on the go
• Free Online Learning: Visit our Language Lab for additional practice and reinforcement of lesson material.

Hebrew Lessons
Free lessons, games and kids’ sites, many from Israel.

News Articles

A First In Jewish Homeschool: The Online School
Chabad Shluchim living in remote places or cities where there is no Jewish school, have long contended with schooling their children at home. A newly developed online school now gives these children the benefit of a classroom situation where they daily interact with classmates–children of other shluchim, and their teacher.

A Green Jew Mama: Q & A With Mayim Bialik
We are a homeschooling family, so that is mainly what my days are like. I teach two home school classes in the week: a neuroscience class and a Hebrew school class for kids. Simple pleasures.

Home Is Where The Lesson Plan Is
Homeschooling, long associated with fundamentalist Christians, is catching on in Jewish circles, though not everyone is sold on the idea.
Steve Lipman, Jewish Week.

Jewish Home-Schooling Advocates Band Together
After sending her children to traditional day school for years, Rosenman — and a growing number of Jewish parents in Los Angeles — now believe home schooling is the only way to go.


Chevra Jewish Homeschooling List
A very chatty place where we discuss Jewish observance, homeschooling, family life, outside interests, and (our favorite topic) why the laundry never seems to get done.

Jewish Homeschool NYC
Jewish Homeschool NYC is a place for Jewish parents to share and receive ideas on Jewish crafts/projects/lessons for their children.

Jewish HomeSchoolers
The focus of this list will be to provide homeschooling support and resources to Jewish homeschoolers of all levels of observance.

Jewish Homeschoolers of Palm Beach County, Florida
This is a place for Jews (whether Conservative, Orthodox, Reform, Unaffiliated, etc.) to discuss curriculum options, holiday celebrations, homeschooling laws, daily homeschooling life, etc. This is a place to compare notes on local events and attractions. This is a place to make new friends.

Jewish, Orthodox, and Homeschooling
This group will support Orthodox Jews who desire to homeschool their children. People who are interested in learning more about homeschooling children in a manner consistent with Jewish halacha are welcome to join and ask questions.

LA Jewish Homeschoolers
Open to all Jewish homeschooling families, regardless of denomination or affiliation, living in or around the Los Angeles area who wish to connect with other Jewish homeschooling families for social and educational purposes.

New England Jewish Homeschoolers
This list is for Jewish homeschoolers in the New England area. Most of us are in the Greater Boston area, but since we know homeschoolers in CT, NH, VT, and ME (and maybe even in RI) who are interested in some of the activities we are planning, we figured we should be as inclusive as possible.

Orthodox Jewish Homeschooling
This is a discussion group regarding the topic of orthodox jewish homeschooling. The group for the moment is open, which means anyone can see anything posted here, but that may change in the future.

Torah Home Scholers Mailing List
Email Link. Shoshana Sloman ‘s e-list where homeschooling techniques, resources, activities, etc., can be discussed from a Jewish perspective. To subscribe, click on the email link above, put subscribe torch-d [your full name] in the body.


Behrman House Catalog
Jewish learning resources for the whole family. Some titles free online. Must call or fax to order.

Offers crafts, Torah learning and recipes to Jewish families and classrooms.

Davka Software
Davka offers discounts of 25% to 40% to schools purchasing our products directly. In addition, for schools in need of multiple copies of our products, we offer discounted site licenses.

Jewish Calendar
Short descriptions of the Jewish holidays with their specific dates, with links for more detail about each special time of the year.

Online School for Young Shluchim
Our online classroom makes long distance learning a stimulating and interesting adventure.

Torah Aura Productions
Catalog with a wide variety of resources for Jewish homeschoolers. Online ordering available.

Torah Educational Software
Check here for the top selling Jewish software for young and old alike. Newsletter available to get updates and sale prices.

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