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Pagan Homeschooling

Sources for pagan educational material and homeschooling support.

Online Groups

Homeschooling Crafty Pagan Parents
“Welcome to our community! Here we will discuss homeschool, crafts, recipes, whatever your heart desires. EXCEPT those listed in the following rules…”

Homeschooling Pagan Momma
“A group for homeschooling parents/grandparents to come together and share pagan resources and to learn from one another. Everyone is welcome who would like to better educate the children in their lives on the pagan aspects and values important to them and their families. ”

Pagan Homeschool
Nothing sinful in making learning lots of fun! Lots of ideas and good resources.

Pagan Homeschool
“Whether you homeschool or not, have kids or not, the idea here is share our knowledge that those who do have young people around them or in their lives may be able to pass on calmly the love, honesty and respect one needs to be healthy and wise. That we can enlighten our young and build strong humans who are educated and free. To many times do we rush through life lessons, when speaking to the young, with angst because we are unsure. I hope we can share with each other so that we all can find serenity with in ourselves and to give each other the confidence to teach other productively and patiently. ”

Pagan Homeschoolers
“I know that there is a stigma among homeschoolers that pegs us all as religious zealots with an agenda of cloistering our children behind closed doors and teaching them only what we want them to know. I want to reach out to parents that are open-minded and awake to the real socio-political problems in brick and mortar public schools in America. I want to raise awareness among young parents in this country who have not yet considered the benefits of home schooling their children, because they are unaware of the myriad problems they will be faced with when they first send their kids off to kindergarten. If you agree that values can be taught to children outside of a strict religious framework, and agree that morality and common courtesy, etiquette, and decency are missing from public schools due not to a lack of religion, but due to a lack of good parenting, then this may be the group for you.”

Pagan Witchlings Homeschool
“This is a group for homeschooling Pagans. Although all are welcome. You do not have to be Wiccan to be here. ”

Sacred Grove Academy
Open to all pagan and pagan-friendly families in Alabama who homeschool. It is run jointly by Church of the Spiral Tree and Sacred Grove Academy.

Waldorf Homeschooling for Pagan Parents
Contact admin to join this Facebook group.


Homeschool Pagan
Homeschool Pagan is a website-in-progress that will provide reviews of curriculum available for pagans, and will hopefully eventually offer a pagan homeschool curriculum.

Pagan Federation
Pagans may be trained in particular traditions or they may follow their own inspiration. Paganism is not dogmatic. Pagans pursue their own vision of the Divine as a direct and personal experience.

Umbrella Schools

Sacred Grove Academy
An cover school for Pagans in Alabama. Our requirements are minimal, but so are our offerings. Hopefully this will change in the future, especially if we get some more volunteers to help out with the work load! Ideally, we’d like to be able to offer field trips, tutoring programs, driver’s education, etc.

Spiral Academy
Dedicated to serving the  needs of homeschool families, primarily in Colorado, who desire the benefits of private school enrollment and minimal oversight over their educational activities by their local school districts.

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