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Religious Homeschooling

Religions and cultural groups for which I could find only 1-2 links are on this page.

Those with a larger online presence have their own pages and these are listed in the table of contents to the left. A to Z Home’s Cool is not a religious homeschool site, but attempts to remain neutral, and to help those of any religion, secular, or cultural group find compatible homeschool resources and groups on these pages. I leave it up to the religious and cultural sites to promote their own views.


Religious Homeschooling Editorial Policy
Link policy from your Homeschooling Guide for this page about specific cultures or creeds. “Where I’m coming from.” How you can help build this section.


Religious Programs
These distance learning programs cater to those of specific religious persuasions.

Religious Unschooling
Yes, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and even Libertarians unschool!


The Adventist Home Educator
Hundreds of SDA homeschoolers support the SDA church, but not the SDA school system as it is now.


Baha’i Homeschoolers
A support group for homeschoolers (or those thinking about doing so) who wish to educate their children within the guiding principles of the Bahá’í Faith.

Bahai Homeschooling
Contact admin about joining this Facebook group.

Baha’i Homeschooling
A Yahoo Group to support those of us who wish to educate our children using the guiding principles of the Baha’i Faith.

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witness homeschool
This list if for homeschool discussions between Jehovah’s Witnesses who homeschool their children. Discussions are to remain centered around homeschooling.


Quakers and Unschooling
Homeschooling also keeps us close to God’s creation. I know how difficult it would be for me to stay confined to an artificially lit room for seven hours a day—I sympathize with antsy school children everywhere! Inflicting boredom on others, too, is a kind of violence. Seres Kyrie lives with her partner and two children in southwest Wisconsin where they homeschool, make music, and cook delicious food.

The Quaker Homeschooling Circle
An email source of support for Friendly homeschoolers and families. Moderated by David Albert, author ofAnd the Skylark Sings with Me.

More Religious Homeschooling Resources

Catholic Homeschooling
Fundamentalist Christian Homeschooling
Islamic Homeschooling for Muslims Worldwide
Jewish Homeschooling
Unitarian Homeschooling


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