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Religious Homeschooling Editorial Policy

Sites that proport to help homeschoolers of a specific religion no matter where they reside

This is a religious tolerant website.

It is not in my long-range plan to make this a predominantly religious homeschooling website. Personally, I’m an “unschooler,” and though Christian, I don’t consider myself a fundamentalist, and I’m not homeschooling for religious reasons. Thus, you’ll find this a site, I hope, to be moderately comfortable for homeschoolers of all creeds and national origins.

Sometimes I have to make a determination: does a site primarily focus on the religious aspects of homeschooling or on another aspect? For example, some sites focus more on their state, and helping members of their faith homeschool within the laws of their state and the politics there. Should a “Regional” site have lots of information that would be helpful to members of a particular faith outside their geographic area, I may post it here, too.

While a homeschool site may well have a section on a particular religion, but it is not dominant at the site, it is probably linked elsewhere, according to its strengths. I am trying to link to the best pages of a site, those with the most help to the most homeschooling families.

Also, some religions just don’t have a website for homeschoolers of their faith, or don’t have a national or international association that I can find. The Christian fundamentalists are really pushing to have a presence on the web. Other denominations just aren’t focusing as much. It may be a “niche” you can help fill. If you see there is no homeschool site for your religion or cultural group with good links for resources, etc., perhaps you could create one, and then email me and let me know the site title and web address.

Personally, I’m uncomfortable with homeschool groups that advocate hitting children. If the organization that puts up a site says it requires a “statement of faith,” I may chose not to link it. If it has other redeeming features, I might, but also stating that it has requirements. This is, after all, my web site, and my goal is to provide as many good links as I can to homeschoolers in general.

I also will not attempt to link religious sites that are not directly related to homeschooling. I leave that up to the religious homeschooling sites themselves. They are in a better position than I am to determine if a religious website would be right for their particular religion, not I.

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