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Secular Homeschool Groups and Co-ops

Non-religious homeschool groups for your secular homeschool.

By: Andrea Dillon 

It can be difficult to find your place in homeschooling. There are so many different ways to homeschool and many different groups local and online to help you with your homeschooling journey. It can be even harder when you are looking for secular homeschool groups or non-religious homeschool group options. Luckily secular homeschooling is becoming more popular and, in turn, more non-religious and secular homeschool support groups are being formed each day. Find online and in-person groups below to help you and your secular homeschoolers!

*Note* While some groups claim to be secular and inclusive you will find that those terms mean different things to different groups. Please read the rules and descriptions of these groups before joining.


Secular Homeschool Groups

Add A Secular or Non-Religious Homeschool Group

Do you know of a secular homeschool group that we don’t have one the list? Leave a comment below or email me to get it added!

Online Secular Homeschool Groups 

While a lot of homeschool groups are location-based there are many times where you need to find a group of like-minded individuals to chat with. General online support groups can provide that!

We have our own secular homeschool group on Facebook to help you connect with others in the Secular Homeschool Community! Click the image below to go now.


Atheist Homeschoolers

“We hope for this to be a place members can find/share secular curriculum, websites, groups, and reading materials to supplement your child’s education. If you have expertise in education or a particular area of interest (Science, History, Philosophy, Anthropology, Maker Movement, Sociology, etc…) please share! We want an active group – if every member would post just one item to ‘move the bar’ educationally every month, it would make a huge difference!”


Black Secular Homeschoolers

“This group was created to provide a supportive, educational, resourceful, and non-religious environment for parents of Black/Biracial children who are homeschooled. Although all parents may not be of African descent, if their children are biracial (half-Black), they are also welcome to join this group!”


Charlotte Mason Secular Homeschoolers

“This group is intended to be a community for families of all faiths, backgrounds, and personal beliefs to be able to come together to discuss the methods and principles of a Charlotte Mason education in their home. CM Secular is a place to share non-religiously based resources with one another.”


Homeschooling an Only Child (Secular)

“This Group was created to provide a safe and supportive space for families with only one child (or with a large age gap between children) who homeschool secularly (without religion).”


Homeschooling for Black Freethinkers

“This group is for non-religious and freethinking people in our black community, who currently home-school or are thinking about homeschooling.”


Moving Beyond the Page (and more!) Secular homeschooling

“This group is for anyone using (or considering using!) Moving Beyond The Page homeschool curriculum as well as any other secular curriculums or supplements.”


Secular & Decolonizing Homeschooling Resources and Connections

“The mission of this group is to provide a place to share educational resources and help you along in your home school journey. This group is staunchly anti-racist and anti-bigotry and pro-science. Politics, systematic racism, inclusive/accurate/decolonized history, LGBTQ+ topics, Pro-science, Will all be openly discussed, as those things are essential parts of a well-rounded education.”


Secular, Eclectic, Academic (SEA) Homeschoolers

“The group is intended as a positive force, and only those people who want to have a constructive discussion should join. The group is open to people of any faith or lack thereof. We only discuss secular academics in this group. That does not mean people cannot discuss religion within education, but it has to be from the perspective of academics, and all resources discussed will be strictly secular.”


Secular Homeschool Curriculum Marketplace

“This page is for buying and selling SECULAR homeschool materials. You do not have to be secular to be here, but your ITEMS do. There are a multitude of pages on Facebook that sell other types of homeschool materials – if you are selling nonsecular items they belong there, not here.”


Secular Homeschool Curriculum and Materials Buy/Sell (RSO, HO, others)

“This group is for buying and selling History Odyssey, Real Science Odyssey, Build Your Library, Oak Meadow, and other secular materials. Please don’t post non-secular or neutral materials for sale, they will be deleted.”


Secular Homeschooling with Netflix & Other Media

This group shares the best in educational digital resources and streaming media! This group is firmly anti-racist. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, ableism, ageism, classism, xenophobia, and other forms of bigotry will not be tolerated.


Secular Unit Studies & Homeschool Baskets

“This is a secular (religion free) group. We welcome homeschoolers from all walks of life, any faith, or no faith. All science and history resources must be strictly secular. If any recommendations contain religion, they must be from an academic or historical perspective. We are here to have fun and share quality resources with each other. Please join with a positive attitude and open mind. We are all lifelong learners.”


Secular Virtual Homeschool Social Clubs

“Social distancing has made it so homeschooling is isolating for us. If you feel that way too, please join and lead some virtual club meetings.”

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Secular Homeschool Groups By State


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Alabama Secular Homeschool Groups

Central Alabama Secular Homeschool

“This group is intended for secular homeschool parents in the central alabama area to discuss and share ideas. It is not necessarily anti-religion, but for people that have chosen to minimize or keep religion out of the homeschool classroom.”


Mobile Secular Homeschoolers

“We are a diverse homeschool group that includes people from all educational approaches, races, beliefs, and family orientations. Our objective is to provide positive support in homeschooling while making friends, and most of all, having fun. We provide numerous educational and social events for families in Mobile county and surrounding areas.”


North Alabama Secular Homeschooling NASH

“This is a secular homeschooling group and we follow the Oxford English Dictionary’s first entry definition of secular: “Denoting attitudes, activities, or other things that have no religious or spiritual basis.” This term is not up for debate.”


Secular Homeschoolers Of Alabama

“A group for atheist and agnostic parents to discuss homeschooling and homeschooling events in the state.”


Secular Homeschooling in Gadsden / Etowah County

“This group is open to any secular homeschooling families in Etowah County.”


Secular Homeschooling Teens – Birmingham AL area

“This group is meant for secular homeschooling families in the Birmingham, Alabama area with teens and preteens (11 and up). For the purposes of our group, “secular” will mean families homeschooling for reasons other than religion. Families of all faiths are welcome, but we leave talk of religion at the door.”

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Alaska Secular Homeschool Groups

Anchorage Life Learners (unschoolers & homeschoolers)

“A secular and inclusive group for Anchorage area unschoolers and homeschoolers.”


Eagle River Homeschoolers

“We are a secular group for homeschooling families in Eagle River, Alaska. Our group is secular, meaning we are not affiliated with a specific religion, we welcome drama free religious reference (such as homeschool curriculum

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Arizona Secular Homeschool Groups

Arizona Homeschool Hub

“AHH is about creating relationships with fun & educational field trips, classes & events. No religious/political affiliation.”


Growing Together AZ Homeschool Co-op

“We are an all-inclusive, secular community of like-minded families who are committed to intentionally growing together while navigating our homeschool journey from age 5 through graduation.”


Northern Arizona Home Schoolers

“This is a secular group for home school families in Northern AZ.”


Sedona Homeschoolers R.O.C.K. (Restore Our Creative Kids)

“We are a secular un/homeschooling network of parents and supporters. We support all parents who are interested in or are currently un/homeschooling their children. We support children of all ages. We include families from Sedona, Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Jerome, Cornville, Rimrock, Lake Montezuma, Camp Verde, Flagstaff, Prescott and all surrounding areas.”


Sonoran Desert Homeschoolers

“SDH was founded in 1999 and is an all-volunteer, secular home education network serving homeschoolers throughout Tucson and Southern Arizona. We have families of all different homeschooling philosophies, and we like it that way! Some choose a curriculum based model and others choose unschooling, as well as everything in between.”


Valley of the Sun Homeschool Cooperative 

“The Valley of the Sun Homeschool Cooperative is a secular, inclusive group of homeschooling families who come together for the purpose of enriching our children’s educations.  Our parent-teachers lead classes that are based on their skills, interests, and backgrounds, providing our children with unique opportunities for learning and growth.”


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Arkansas Secular Homeschool Groups

Arkansas Secular Homeschooler’s Network

“This group is dedicated to bringing together secular homeschool families in Arkansas. From sharing resources and discussing secular curriculum, to developing co-op classes and planning social meetups, we aim to be inclusive of and accessible to all who wish to join.”


Little Rock Homeschool Playgroup

“This is an inclusive, nonsectarian, homeschooling group in the greater Little Rock area. All local homeschoolers are welcome!”


Secular Homeschoolers & Unschoolers of Central Arkansas

Secular homeschool group in Arkansas for field trips, movie dates, library activities. “A laid back group for open minded folks getting their kids together for good times.”

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California Secular Homeschool Groups

Alameda Oakland Home Learners

“(AOHL) was formed in the mid-90s by a group of parents committed to teaching their children at home. Our goals are developing friendships amongst members, organizing activities, sharing resources, creating liaisons with other home-learning groups, and providing information to those considering or new to home-learning. AOHL promotes tolerance and respect towards all members regardless of learning style; family configuration; or racial, cultural and religious background. We welcome diversity.”


Auburn Secular Homeschoolers

“A free secular home-schooling group for those that live in the areas of Auburn, Foresthill, Newcastle, Penryn, Loomis, Rocklin, Roseville & all the in betweens, California.”


Conejo Valley Homeschoolers

This is “an all-volunteer homeschool support group, accepting of all homeschool styles and religious faiths. “


Homeschooling TnT

“Formerly RK SoCal Teens. This is a diverse group of homeschooled and unschooled teens, tweens and their parents located in Southern CA who gather for dances, field trips, camp outs, movies and other fun events.”


NorCal Round Earth Homeschooling

“🌏Welcome to a group of science following, fact loving, history affirming homeschoolers. 🌍
Homeschool group serving Northern CA, including (but not limited to) Roseville, Folsom, Orangevale, Citrus heights, Fair Oaks, Rocklin, Sacramento …seriously, we are everywhere.”


OC Homeschoolers

“Designed to help homeschooling/unschooling families in North Orange County connect, build community, and share resources. We welcome all families: from unschoolers to charterschoolers, whether you stay at home or work full time… or even if you’re just curious about this whole homeschooling “thing” … join and share with each other your homeschooling experience!”


San Diego Secular Homeschoolers

“This group is for families who are secular homeschoolers. This means that religion does not guide or influence their educational choices.”


Santa Clarita Homeschoolers and Hybrid Schoolers

“This group will be posting various homeschool events (field trips, dances, game nights, moms nights, parkdays, beach days and much more), all social opportunities that any homeschoolers are welcome to attend in Santa Clarita and surrounding areas.”


Secular Homeschool Families – Galt/ Lodi/ Stockton

“SHF- Galt/ Lodi/ Stockton is a secular homeschool community where cultural, spiritual and educational diversity are honored. Families give one another encouragement, respect and support. We are an inclusive and diverse group of homeschoolers with a particular love of the outdoors, cultural arts and pure sciences.”


South Bay CIRCLE

“CIRCLE (Children Involved in a Respectful Co-operative Learning Environment) is an all-inclusive, secular homeschool community and does not discriminate against anyone regarding religion, politics, race, gender, sexuality, age, educational methods, or other differentiating factors. The group is open to families seeking a respectful co-operative learning environment and community. All ages are welcome, from infants through adults.”


Tri-Valley Explorers 

“This is an all-inclusive homeschool support group in the San Francisco East Bay Area (580 and 680 corridors). We welcome all homeschooling families regardless of worldview, lifestyle, or homeschooling method.”


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Colorado Secular Homeschool Groups

Colorado Homeschool Hike Days (secular)

“This is a safe environment for homeschool parents and their kids to be themselves in a world of unrealistic expectations. It’s a place to let go of stress and worry from the week, and enjoy laughter, nature, and support with new and old friends.”


Colorado Secular Homeschoolers

“A place to find support and share experiences on your secular homeschooling journey.”


Colorado Springs Secular Homeschool Support Group (SHSSG)

“Based in Colorado Springs, and providing on-line support throughout Colorado, this group caters to the diverse community we live in and all homeschooling families are welcome. Our members prefer that their religious and political beliefs not be a part of this groups identity or purpose.”


CRCO Secular Homeschoolers

Secular homeschool group located in Castle Rock.


Denver Inclusive Homeschoolers

“Home schooling families in and around Denver, CO. This group is for announcing and organizing social activities, field trips, classes and other opportunities for local home schoolers. It is also for the community of local home schoolers to support one another. This group is inclusive of all philosophies and thus respectful dialog is a requirement.”


Northern Colorado Homeschool Association

Northern Colorado Homeschool Association (NCHA) is a  non-profit group for homeschooling parents and children of all ages. The majority of our families live along the Northern Colorado Front Range (Fort Collins, Windsor, Loveland Area). We are an inclusive, secular, eclectic, local, member-run organization that honors the diversity of homeschoolers and provides a supportive community for our members.

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Connecticut Secular Homeschool Groups

Connecticut Homeschool Alliance

“Connecticut Homeschool Alliance is a diverse and inclusive coalition of homeschooling groups and individual homeschoolers from around the state of CT. We come together to provide a welcoming and collaborative environment that keeps homeschoolers connected, informed and supported.”


Secular Homeschoolers in Southeastern CT

“We are a group of secular homeschooling parents looking for like-minded people in Southeastern CT.”


Secular Homeschoolers of Connecticut

“This group is intended to be a place where homeschoolers can share and discuss secular curriculum as well as support each other.”

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Delaware Secular Homeschool Groups

Delaware Secular Homeschoolers

“Welcome to Delaware Secular Homeschoolers! People of ALL beliefs are welcome here. What we ask is simple respect towards all. Members either believe in teaching from a primarily secular point of view or by using secular materials.”


SLIME Homeschool CO-OP

“Socially Learning In Multiple Environments is a secular co-op and is open to any homeschooling family in Sussex County and surrounding areas.”


Sussex County Delaware Secular Homeschoolers

Secular homeschool group for Sussex.

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Florida Secular Homeschool Groups


Black Homeschoolers of Central Florida, Inc.

“Black Homeschoolers of Central Florida, Inc. executes that mission by providing classes, guest speakers in career fields, field trips, hosting an annual graduation/awards ceremony, a lending library, informative communications, support, motivation, family to family connections, and connections to other support groups at the local and state level. Black Homeschoolers of Central Florida empowers our children and inspires parents to harness the power within to educate their children. This organization is not affiliated with any one religion and is open to people of all faiths.”


Central Florida Rainbow Homeschoolers


“his is a secular space for homeschooling LGBTQ+ families and strong allies throughout Central Florida to plan meetups, share ideas, and be bright spots in each other’s lives. We have multiple ways to participate online and in person each week so please take advantage of them.”



“CIRCLE (Children Involved in a Respectful Co-operative Learning Environment) is an all-inclusive, secular homeschool community and does not discriminate against anyone regarding religion, politics, race, gender, sexuality, age, educational methods, or other differentiating factors. The group is open to families seeking a respectful co-operative learning environment and community. All ages are welcome, from infants through adults.


Coastal Tides Homeschoolers

“This is a  secular homeschooling group with members primarily in Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville, and surrounding areas.”


Crestview Secular Homeschoolers – Okaloosa/ Walton County

“We are an inclusive parent led group of active homeschool families in the Crestview, FL area. A group where everyone can be comfortable regardless of your homeschooling style or personal beliefs. Members can post questions, comments, get togethers, field trips, etc.”


Dade Broward Homeschoolers

“An inclusive homeschool group aimed at providing fun, friendship and enriching educational activities for our members and their families.”


Florida Homeschool Association

“Florida Homeschool Association Serving all families throughout the Sunshine State!”


Gainesville Area Secular Homeschoolers

“A Non-discriminating homeschool support group/co-op in Gainesville Florida. I recently changed the name to reflect our no religious content values. We want everyone to feel welcome here, no matter your beliefs.”


Hernando County Unschoolers/Homeschoolers

“School aged events/classes and home school type posts ONLY! Keep in mind, this is a diverse group. There are people here of all faiths, as well as nonbelievers. Different races, cultures, backgrounds, political views, etc.”


Hernando Homeschool Families

“A secular homeschool group for Hernando, Pasco and Citrus counties offering a place to coordinate and set-up homeschool activities, field trips, etc.”


Homeschool PBC

“an in-person support group for homeschoolers in Palm Beach County, Florida which is not associated with any religious group nor any particular faith; it welcomes people of all faiths or of no faith with a focus on homeschooling rather than faith and has park meetings twice monthly in the Royal Palm Beach area and also sponsors a variety of field trips, activities, clubs, events, etc. throughout the year.”


Homeschool Rocks! 

“A non-profit cooperative of homeschooling families in and around Southwest Florida. We have been operating since 2016 with the goal of providing quality and inclusive, secular, educational opportunities for local homeschool families. Homeschool Rocks! meets regularly for classes, playdates, field trips, and more from August through May!”


JAX Secular Homeschool Group

We are a casual Secular Homeschooling group, created to meet and chat with other like minded parents that live in or around the Jacksonville Florida area.


LOL Families 

“Love Of Learning Families (LOL) is a secular, open-minded community of homeschooling families in the Tampa Bay area. We strive for tolerance, respect, and friendship for our children and ourselves. We are supportive of attachment parenting and natural family living, and we welcome families of all faiths,cultures, nationalities, abilities, and are a LGBTQ+ friendly community.”


Ocala Homeschooling

“Ocala Homeschooling, founded in 2009, is Ocala’s longest running inclusive group for homeschooling families. All are welcome regardless of religious beliefs (or none at all) and homeschooling method.”


Orlando Homeschooling Rockstars

“This group is a resource and meeting spot for homeschooling families with middle and high school students in the Central Florida area. We are secular, non-discriminatory, open minded, and friendly.”


Parents’ Association for Teaching at Home

“P.A.T.H. Inc. is a secular, non-profit homeschooling co-op and support group run by parent volunteers. We collaborate to support families in Miami-Dade County who have decided to educate their children at home.”


PBC Homeschoolers, Inc.

“Palm Beach County Homeschoolers, Inc. is an inclusive volunteer-run homeschool support group open to local Palm Beach County, Florida homeschoolers regardless of beliefs, ethnicity, or homeschooling style. Our focus is on homeschooling with an aim to provide friendly, low-cost support with social and educational opportunities for all. PBCH is an incorporated, not-for-profit group.” Facebook Group


South Florida Secular Homeschooling for Teens

“We are a secular group of homeschooling families with teenaged children, living in the South Florida areas of Northern Dade and Broward counties.”


Sunshine State Homeschoolers

“We are a secular group of homeschoolers in central Florida hosting in person meet ups and online communication. We have coop classes, field trips and meet ups, parties, and our teen dances which always sell out! All are welcome!”


Tampa Bay Secular Homeschool Families

“This is a place for those of you who are homeschooling for non-religious reasons, want tolerance for all beliefs, or anything in between.”

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Georgia Secular Homeschool Groups

Atlanta Secular Homeschool

“This is an inclusive group for secular families who choose to educate their children primarily at home. Join or create your own outings, create meetups to meet families in your area, or share your curricula/ideas. Feel free to post and share any events, activities, discounts, co-op info, classes, comments/questions.”


Cobb & Cherokee Secular Inclusive Homeschoolers

“We are a geographically specific homeschooling activity group in and around the cities of Marietta, Kennesaw, and Woodstock, Georgia.”


Hybrid Education in Greater Atlanta (HEGA)

“This is an accredited non-traditional, secular school, located in Tucker, Ga. We are dedicated to the individual potential of each student, providing them with academically challenging courses in a vibrant and safe environment.  HEGA is inclusive and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color,  religion (creed), gender, gender expression, or sexual orientation.”


LEAD (Learners and Educators of Atlanta and Decatur)

“We are an inclusive, secular, volunteer-run homeschool group offering a la carte classes, parties, field trip opportunites, and more to homeschooling families throughout metro Atlanta.”


Northeast Georgia Home Education Group

“We feature monthly homeschool field trips and educational activities. We welcome all homeschoolers and expect you to make sure your children behave appropriately on all trips.”


Secular Homeschoolers In Athens

A secular homeschool group in Athens Georgia.

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Hawaii Secular Homeschool Groups

Hawai’i Homeschool Association

“HHA, is an inclusive support group of homeschooling families for Oahu. We are a diverse group of families with different backgrounds and many different approaches to homeschooling.”


Secular Home Education of Hawaii

“This Homeschooling Co-op is a place for homeschoolers to collaborate and create community on the Big Island, East side. We currently offer weekly meetings in the Hilo/Keaau area, monthly scouts (hacksperts), monthly field trips, and occasional family weekend potlucks. It is our goal to offer enrichment classes through this community as it grows. If you are a secular homeschooling family or even thinking about homeschooling / unschooling, please join and help us create community!”

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Idaho Secular Homeschool Groups

Lewis-Clark Valley Secular Homeschoolers

“Lewis-Clark Valley Secular Homeschoolers is a group for local homeschoolers in and around the Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho region.”


Secular Homeschoolers of Idaho – Treasure Valley

“We are a group of welcoming and inclusive secular homeschoolers living in the Treasure Valley of Idaho, a sub-group of our main group Secular Homeschoolers of Idaho.”


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Illinois Secular Homeschool Groups

ACES Education

“ACES is a community of educators and families who are mutually and intentionally invested in the growth and development of each individual learner. We believe that academic success is a path as unique as the child who travels it. At ACES, we strive to offer a broad scope of academic programs, family support, and community outreach all aimed at supporting our mission and belief that Together We Learn Better! Homeschool programs, tutoring, special events and more!” Located in Kendall County

Phone: 630.849.7624
Email: [email protected]
FB: @togetherwelearnbetter
IG: @aces_education

Grassroots Homeschoolers

“Grassroots is open to anyone with an interest in homeschooling. Based in Matteson, Illinois, we are a non-denominational, nonsectarian, registered non-profit organization. Our purpose is to support and nurture homeschooling families. We provide a social network of growth and camaraderie as well as practical information to our community members and all others who are either actively involved in homeschooling or considering embarking on the homeschooling adventure.”


Illinois H.O.U.S.E

“Illinois HOUSE is a statewide network of support groups for people involved in homeschooling. We provide email and phone support about issues related to Illinois homeschooling. Common questions include how to withdraw a child from public school, what the school district needs from homeschooling families and how to deal with officials who ask for more than they’re entitled to receive. We have member groups throughout the Chicago suburban area and more spread across the state.”


Metro-East Secular Homeschoolers

“This is a group to make like-minded connections with other homeschoolers (or those considering homeschool!) in the Metro-East area.”


Pekin/Peoria Area (Illinois) Secular Homeschool Families

“Any PARENT/GUARDIAN of a child 5-18 that is homeschooling in the Pekin/Peoria area is welcome to join this group. Our purpose is to connect and support other secular homeschool families in the area.”


QCA Secular Homeschool Group

“QCA Secular Homeschoolers is primarily geared toward families who are homeschooling for reasons other than religion and who are looking for an alternative to religious homeschool groups.”


Secular Homeschoolers of Bloomington-Normal

“We are an inclusive homeschool group that respects and values diverse perspectives. Our purpose is to connect and support Bloomington-Normal area homeschooling families in a non-faith based group for field trips, shared lessons, book clubs, and online discussions.”


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Indiana Secular Homeschool Groups


“BrightStars is a Hendricks County based Home School Group with the purpose of providing social interactions for home schooled children. We are a casual, informal, secular group that has weekly meetings at various parks and places in Hendricks County.”


Fort Wayne area Secular Homeschool Group

“If you started homeschooling for other reasons besides religious ones and you are open to other beliefs in a nonjudgmental way and you are located in or near the Fort Wayne, In area, you are welcome to join!”


Indiana Homeschool Support

“Indiana Homeschool Support accepts all faiths or non-faiths.”


Indiana Secular Homeschoolers

“A place for Indiana homeschooling parents to discuss homeschooling, events, ask questions and get help in a judgement free environment.”


Jefferson County Indiana Secular Homeschoolers

“JCISH) is an amazing group of homeschooling families that are here to support each other.”


Live and learn Ft. Wayne homeschool

“An inclusive homeschooling group in Fort Wayne, IN, offering activities for kids and topical discussion for parents. All ages, all homeschooling styles, all faiths and secular homeschoolers.”


LaPorte County Homeschoolers

“An inclusive group designed to support and connect homeschoolers in the LaPorte County area. The group is open to everyone regardless of race, age, marital status, sexual orientation, curriculum choices, religious affiliation or sock colors.”


NWI Whole Life Learners

“NWI Whole Life Learners is a co-op of unschooling/ eclectic /hybrid homeschooling families where students and educators can learn, find connections, and share resources.”

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Iowa Secular Homeschool Groups

Iowa City Secular Homeschool Group

“This secular homeschool association welcomes all Iowa City and surrounding area families who are interested in creating community with homeschooling families of all backgrounds and lifestyles.”


Secular Homeschool – Ames, Iowa

“Connecting secular homeschoolers, or those interested in secular homeschooling, in the Ames, Iowa area.”

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Kansas Secular Homeschool Groups


LEARN provides respectful and inclusive secular support, activities, and resources for homeschooling families in the Greater Kansas City region.

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Kentucky Secular Homeschool Groups

Bluegrass Homeschool Learning Cooperative 

“Secular and inclusive homeschool co-op serving the Greater Lexington, KY area since 2007.”


Free Range Homeschoolers

“This secular group is open to all individuals interested in homeschooling. The organizers are located near Louisville, Kentucky, so many group activities will be focused on that area (but are not limited to just Jefferson County).”


Louisville Homeschool

“This is  a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are dedicated to providing homeschooled children with opportunities to participate in educational classes, field trips, activities, et cetera. Louisville Homeschool, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion or lack thereof, gender, age, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or disability.”


Mid-West Secular Homeschoolers

“The Mid-West Secular Homeschoolers Facebook Group has been formed to give homeschooling families in the Mid-West (and beyond!) who prefer to take a secular approach to their children’s education a place for information, advice and support.”


River City Field Trip Group

“This group is for ALL HOMESCHOOLERS in the Kentuckiana area. We are excited to be able to offer a variety of field trip opportunities.”

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Louisiana Secular Homeschool Groups

Openminded Homeschoolers 

This is “is an all inclusive secular homeschool support group based in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana. We offer park days, field trips and support  for homeschool families.”


Shreveport Area Secular Homeschooling

“Shreveport Area Secular Homeschooling (SASH) is a support group whose mission is to host safe, welcoming, inclusive space for local homeschoolers seeking fully secular social and educational support.”


St. Tammany Parish Homeschoolers

This is an inclusive and secular homeschooling group in St. Tammany Parish and the Greater New Orleans area.

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Maine Secular Homeschool Groups

Central Maine Secular Homeschoolers

“While we are listed as secular, we are inclusive of all; we believe that religious instruction is a very personal choice. As such, we ask that you please refrain from discussing the religious aspects of your home/school life.”


Maine Unschooling Network

“This blog serves several purposes: to give the Maine Unschooling Network’s Facebook group a web home, to provide a place for community and calendar of events, to provide support and discussion, and to provide a platform to those who would like to share their perspectives on unschooling in Maine, who may not otherwise do so in a public forum.  This is not an Unschooling 101 group. New to unschooling folks are welcome, but the work of understanding and embracing unschooling is an individual’s responsibility, and not that of the group.”


Secular Homeschooling and Unschooling Families of Maine

“This is a community for parents in Maine who are homeschooling or unschooling, plan to unschool or home school, or are interested in learning more about homeschooling and unschooling, to come together, share ideas, and make friends.”

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Maryland Secular Homeschool Groups

Baltimore County Secular Homeschoolers

“This group is for homeschoolers who live in or near Baltimore County who homeschool for other than religious reasons and teach science from a secular perspective. This is a place for us to share resources and to find like-minded folks.”


Many Paths of Natural Learning Eastern Shore

“We are an inclusive homeschooling umbrella group, and welcome member families from all backgrounds and educational philosophies.”


Maryland Homeschool Association

“MDHSA seeks to understand the unique needs of Maryland homeschool families. From Western Maryland to the Eastern Shore, we welcome all families from varied and diverse backgrounds. We may differ in educational philosophies, skin color, religious choice, or countless other ways – but we share one powerful commonality: Our love for our children and our desire to protect homeschooling rights.”


Progressive Hagerstown Learning Circle 

PHLiC is a free-thinking, secular, all-inclusive support circle for homeschooling families in the Washington County Maryland and surrounding areas. Our goal is to support a holistic approach to lifelong learning, and to utilize the different interests, skills and abilities of member families to offer diverse learning and social opportunities.

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Massachusetts Secular Homeschool Groups

Essex County Inclusive Homeschool Group

Incluse homeschool group located in Essex Mass.


Secular Homeschoolers of Massachusetts

“This is a place to connect, share ideas, events and ask questions about homeschooling within secular parameters.”


Village Homeschoolers (Milford)

“The Village of Greater Milford Homeschoolers is a secular group of homeschooling families in central Massachusetts.”


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Michigan Secular Homeschool Groups

Battle Creek Secular Homeschoolers

“This secular group is for sharing local and secular resources with local homeschoolers from Battle Creek, Marshall, and surrounding area. Spiritual families are welcome, as long as you choose to homeschool using secular materials.”


Homeschoolers of Ann Arbor (HAA)

“We are a family-oriented, inclusive, secular, member-driven, 4-H group for homeschooling families in and around Ann Arbor. Our group is committed to building a close-knit, diverse community dedicated to raising and educating our children.”


Lansing Area Homeschool Families

“We are an inclusive group made up of both religious and secular homeschoolers. We strongly encourage respect for all of our members, regardless of beliefs and/or methods.”


Michigan Secular Homeschoolers

“This group is for secular homeschoolers in Michigan, it was not designed for online public school/distance or remote learning. We gladly welcome those using co-ops or partnerships but teaching their children the core subjects themselves.”


REACH Homeschool

“We are a diverse and inclusive support group open to all families that homeschool. With this in mind, we actively promote the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion to create a culture that is welcoming and respectful to all. As a homeschool group, we value and respect our different educational philosophies and we expect all members of Reach to respect each family’s chosen homeschool method.” Facebook group.

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Minnesota Secular Homeschool Groups

Home Educators For Excellence

HEdFEx a secular, inclusive homeschool co-op based in the Twin Cities, offering high-quality, professionally taught classes for ages 3-16, and friendship and support for kids and parents alike.


Homeschool Adventures

“Homeschool Adventures is an all-volunteer inclusive secular homeschool community-created online resource and communication network consisting of local homeschool families in (or near) the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area in Minnesota.”


Learning Together Mankato Homeschoolers (LTM)

This group is a homeschooling cooperative for families seeking to support one another and educate their children in the context of a fun, secular, inclusive homeschooling group without discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, handicap, familial status, homeschooling style or national origin.


Minnesota Homeschooler’s Alliance

“MHA is a volunteer run, non-profit corporation existing for the purpose of providing support and information about homeschooling to MN homeschoolers without bias for or against any religious or political group and without bias for or against any one approach to homeschooling.”


Plant Homeschool

This is a secular organization open to all faiths, beliefs and educational styles. In all that we do, we work to include, respect and learn from individual differences in ability, gender, culture, race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation and educational philosophy.


St. Paul, MN Homeschoolers

“This group is a place for St. Paul area homeschoolers to connect. This group is “secular” in that people of all faiths and belief systems are welcome. This group does not endorse any one teaching method/style or curriculum.”

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Mississippi Secular Homeschool Groups


PEAK Homeschool Network

“Parent Educators and Kids (PEAK) Homeschool Network is made up of member-led local groups for secular homeschooling families. If you are looking for a diverse, collaborative community of secular homeschoolers, join one of our local groups:


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Missouri Secular Homeschool Groups

Ethical Navigators of St Louis

“An inclusive group of families and scouting enthusiasts at the Ethical Society of St. Louis open to boys and girls, focused on caring for the earth, outdoor skills and ethical values.”



LEARN provides respectful and inclusive secular support, activities, and resources for homeschooling families in the Greater Kansas City region.


North County Secular Homeschoolers

North County Homeschoolers is a group for families who homeschool in or around the north St. Louis County area in Missouri.


Northland Families Learning Together 

NFLT is a secular and inclusive support group serving homeschool youth and their families in the Kansas City Northland and surrounding area.


Springfield MO Homeschoolers – Secular

“The focus of this group is to have somewhere to discuss, share ideas and information, and even vent respectfully about secular issues regarding homeschooling. If your teaching/life style is SECULAR, please feel free to join. No one will be excluded due to race, religion, life style, or other reasons.”


St. Louis Area Secular Homeschoolers

“This group is for all homeschooling families who are religiously unaffiliated or do not promote religion in their homeschooling.”


St. Louis Homeschool Network

“We are a secular co-op for homeschooling families and an information source for prospective homeschoolers.”


St. Louis Secular Homeschoolers

“We are families interested or involved in homeschooling and unschooling for non-religious reasons.”


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Montana Secular Homeschool Groups

Flathead Secular Homeschool

“This group is for all of those homeschooling for non-religious reasons in the Flathead Valley. Secular, eclectic, academic, and free thinking homeschoolers are welcome. This group is intended as an outlet for our unique needs, and a place to bring together like minded people. We are not a co-op but we encourage co-operation in learning.”

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Nebraska Secular Homeschool Groups

NESHE (Nebraska Secular Home Educators)

“Offering a range of activities and social opportunities for secular homeschoolers, NESHE is free to join”


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Nevada Secular Homeschool Groups

Alternative Homeschoolers of Las Vegas and Henderson

“This group is specifically for secular, non-religious homeschooling families in the So. NV area. We are open to all styles of homeschoolers – school at home, eclectic, and unschooling. We are also open to all kinds of families, from neurodiverse to LGBTQ+.”


Las Vegas Homeschooling Support

“Las Vegas Homeschooling Support is a secular homeschool community where we share info, answer questions, offer advice and online resources to help you in your homeschool journey.”


Reno Homeschoolers/Unschoolers: Adventure, discover, build, explode!

“All inclusive for homeschoolers/unschoolers and families within a 90-minute drive of Reno. We invite participation regardless of faith, ethnic background, style, and likelihood to do explosive science experiments.”

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New Hampshire Secular Homeschool Groups

Gear Up Homeschoolers

“Gear Up Homeschoolers is a secular group that provides a safe and inclusive environment for all homeschoolers.”


NH Homeschoolers

“A place ( all INCLUSIVE) for NH Homeschoolers to connect.”


Relaxed Homeschoolers of New Hampshire

“Relaxed Homeschoolers of New Hampshire is a social network of relaxed, eclectic homeschoolers living and learning in New Hampshire. Members might practice life learning or unschooling in some areas, follow interest-led unit studies in other areas, and loosely follow curriculum in yet others. Our membership is inclusive, and our events are purely secular.”



“UnschoolingNH is a secular group for New Hampshire unschoolers specifically created to discuss unschooling ideas, how to extend unschooling principles to the rest of our lives, peaceful parenting and the logistics of unschooling in New Hampshire.”

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New Jersey Secular Homeschool Groups

Homeschool Playgroup of NJ

“This group is intended for families that are interested in homeschooling, sharing ideas about homeschooling, planning meet-ups or field trips…. anything that homeschooling families can benefit together. “


KHN Kids Homeschool Network Hunterdon County NJ Secular Co op for ages 5-18

“Central New Jersey’s Longest running homeschool unschool co op for ages 5-18; secular co op New Jersey; KHN; Kids Homeschool Network; home school.”


Northwest New Jersey Secular Homeschool, Unschool, Life Learner Info Share

“A place to share what is going on in Northwest New Jersey’s growing secular homeschool, unschool, afterschool, alternative, life learning scene.”

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New Mexico Secular Homeschool Groups

Albuquerque Homeschool Resource List

“A secular group created to share events, classes, and educational opportunities for kids in the greater Albuquerque home school community.”


New Mexico Secular Homeschoolers

“A growing group of secular home school families in New Mexico.”


Otero County Home-school Educators (OCHE) EST June 2014 – Alamogordo, NM

“Welcome to the Otero County Homeschool Educators. We are a diverse, secular group of homeschool educators from Otero County and surrounding areas, which includes Alamogordo, Tularosa, High Rolls, Cloudcroft, Mayhill, Timberon and more.”

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New York Secular Homeschool Groups

Cayuga County Homeschooling

“A secular place for local Moms and Dads to learn about Homeschooling and unite with other families who have Homeschooling experience.”


East Side Homeschool Cooperative

“A secular homeschooling co-op located in Fayetteville, NY offering enrichment classes to homeschooling families…. Our mission is to provide a wide variety of quality enrichment and academic classes to homeschooling families in Central New York. Our co-op offers parent-led classes that range from dissection to sewing to strength training to drama. Our co-op offers four 6-week sessions (we meet on Fridays), plus two choral concerts, and one rocking field day in May. Our co-op welcomes families of all faiths. All co-op families are guaranteed classes for each and every child, during each period of the co-op day.  Children range in age from preschool to high school.”


F.E.A.S.T. – NY (Finding Educational Alternatives in the Southern Tier)

“FEAST (Finding Educational Alternatives in the Southern Tier) is an open, inclusive, secular homeschooling co-operative based in the Southern Tier of New York.”


Home Learners Association of Central New York (HLACNY)

“HLACNY is a secular homeschooling organization serving the CNY and Syracuse area.”


Homeschoolers-on-the-Hudson: 3 Rivers Homeschool Co-op

“We are a multi-aged secular educational and social homeschool co-op. We meet on Wednesdays from 11 to 3 in Stone Ridge NY. We are united by a belief in taking personal responsibility which is what allows us to function as smoothly as we do. We have 3 age groups, under 6, 6-9 and 10 and over but children are placed according to ability. We have 6-8 week sessions ending with a co-op swap/sale, using currency of our own creation.”


Long Island Homeschool—Learning Is Gathering Homeschoolers Together (LIGHT)

“LIGHT is a secular grassroots non-profit organization directed by member consensus. The common interest of our members is home-education and homeschool information. The purpose of this organization is to offer information, organize activities for members by members (and their children and families), hold meetings that support members in their home education choice and help members to introduce themselves to one another. All services are provided through the unpaid volunteer efforts of the members. All members are invited to attend business meetings or send written opinions.”


WNY Secular Homeschoolers

“This group is for secular homeschooling families in Western NY (west of Rochester). It is a place to exchange information, ask questions, and post about local activities. We welcome families from all walks of life!”

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North Carolina Secular Homeschool Groups

Apex Inclusive Homeschoolers

“A group of homeschoolers located in Apex, North Carolina and surrounding areas. It does not matter what your religious beliefs are or the lifestyle you choose to live, everyone is welcome!”


Cary Homeschoolers

“Founded in 2001 as a welcoming, all-inclusive, secular homeschool socialization and support group, Cary Homeschoolers, Inc. (CHS) grew rapidly and now has about 200 member families with almost 500 students of all ages. Membership is open to all homeschooling families in and around Cary, NC. We do not require or endorse adherence to any particular belief system, educational method, or philosophy.”


Catawba County Homeschool Community

“(CCHC) is a secular group for home educators open to families in and around Catawba County.”


Chapel Hill-Durham Homeschoolers

“Chapel Hill-Durham Homeschoolers (CHDH) is a non-sectarian, all-inclusive homeschool community for Chapel Hill, Durham, and surrounding communities.”


Fayetteville Secular Homeschoolers

“This group was created for families who wish to connect with fellow secular homeschooling in and around Fayetteville, NC. “


Gaston Adventures in Learning

“G.A.I.L. is a non-traditional secular homeschool group of freethinkers and life learners.”


Homeschool Explorers

“Homeschool Explorers is a diverse, secular, and inclusive homeschool cooperative serving Wake County, North Carolina and surrounding counties.”


Homeschool KIDS Group

“Homeschool Knowledge • Inclusion • Diversity • Secularism (KIDS) Group is designed for families in and around Western Wake County. Our goal is to build a welcoming, fun and active homeschool community with an emphasis on friendship, knowledge sharing and support for both kids and parents. In this group you will find social activities, field trips, classes and other opportunities designed to spark interest in young minds.”


NC Happy Secular Homeschooling

This is a Homeschool/Unschool page for families in the NC area who are teaching their children at home for reasons that are Not religion-based.


Onslow Secular Homeschoolers

“Onslow Secular Homeschoolers is an inclusive homeschooling organization in the Onslow County, North Carolina area, serving families across a diverse spectrum of home schooling styles and philosophies. Since we are an inclusive group, all members’ beliefs, racial, and cultural backgrounds will be respected.”


North Carolina Piedmont-Triad Secular Homeschoolers

“This is a place to share local events, organize outings and activities with one another, ask questions, and offer general support.”


North Charlotte Secular Homeschool Community

“This is an open social group based from the North Charlotte Secular Homeschool Co-op. “


The Mindfull Mentor

The Mindfull Mentor offers in person group math classes and extracurricular classes for Homeschool students in the Triad Area of North Carolina for homeschool students in grades 3-8. Classes are held in a laid-back, low stress environment where students will explore new concepts and collaborate with peers. When the weather is nice, we have class outside! Check out my current workshops for each level below to sign your student up today.


Wilmington CIRCLE

“CIRCLE (Children Involved in a Respectful Co-operative Learning Environment) is an all-inclusive, secular homeschool community and does not discriminate against anyone regarding religion, politics, race, gender, sexuality, age, educational methods, or other differentiating factors. The group is open to families seeking a respectful co-operative learning environment and community. All ages are welcome, from infants through adults.

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North Dakota Secular Homeschool Groups

Fargo-Moorhead Homeschooling Network

“This is an inclusive network for homeschoolers in the FM area, regardless of homeschooling method, educational philosophy, religion or lack thereof, age of children, political persuasion, etc.”

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Ohio Secular Homeschool Groups


Cincinnati Area Secular Homeschoolers

Non-religious/secular resources for those homeschoolers in the Cincinnati area.


Clermont Homeschooler CO-NNECTIONS

“Clermont Homeschool CO-NNECTIONS helps to support home education by providing a secular, inclusive, affordable, conveniently located, semi-cooperative learning experience.”


Inclusive Homeschoolers of Fairfield County

“ A homeschooling support group in, but not limited to Fairfield County, Ohio. Inclusive means it is open to anyone regardless of race, religion, homeschool styles, sexual orientation etc. Online public charter families are welcome to join our group and participate in our activities. Members can also be from any “area” although most of our activities will take place in Fairfield County, Ohio.”


Secular Homeschoolers of Northwest Ohio

“We offer a place for secular homeschoolers to offer advice, resources, and encouragement to each other. Feel free to discuss any aspects of your lives here. Post outings, make events, and anything you feel would apply to homeschooling!”


Secular Homeschoolers of Central Ohio

“A place for SECULAR homeschoolers to offer advice, resources, and encouragement to each other.”

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Oklahoma Secular Homeschool Groups

Norman Secular Homeschool Association

“NSHA is not anti-religious. We welcome people of any faith. When we gather for NSHA events, we simply set aside our religious views so they don’t prevent us from connecting as homeschoolers.”


OKC Secular Homeschooling (Oklahoma City)

“This group is for families with children living in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas who are currently living the secular homeschool lifestyle. “


Tulsa Inclusive Homeschool group

“Tulsa Inclusive Homeschoool group is a secular gathering place for home educators of all ages. We gladly welcome all those interested.”

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Oregon Secular Homeschool Groups


Salem Inclusive Homeschoolers 

“All Mid-Willamette Valley homeschoolers and people considering homeschooling are welcome here. Regardless of your religion (or lack-thereof), family structure, or homeschooling style – if you are in the area (or are considering moving here) and want to participate, join right in!”


Secular Homeschoolers in Oregon

“This a group for all secular families that live in the state of Oregon.”


Secular Homeschoolers of Portland, Oregon

“Join this group of secular homeschoolers living in Portland, OR, who homeschool without a belief in supreme beings. Share curriculum ideas, create events, discuss issues (this can include subjects NOT pertaining to homeschooling), and make friends!”

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Pennsylvania Secular Homeschool Groups

An Educated Life, In the City of Brotherly Love

“We are actively Anti-racist, Secular, Inclusive and Safe in this Homeschooling community.”


Franklin & Cumberland County, PA Secular Homeschoolers

“This group is for secular homeschoolers located in Franklin County, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. It is a LGBTQ-friendly, secular haven for those that teach evolution.”


Franklin County S.T.E.A.M. Ahead

“This group is open to anyone who appreciates the value of an academically rich education and is looking for ways to promote that within the community. This group is open to people of any faith, or lack thereof. This is a secular group, and all science discussions will be strictly secular. This group is for like-minded individuals to share ideas, ask questions, arrange meet-ups, etc.”


Homeschool Happenings in Montgomery County, PA

“First, we wanted a secular support community for homeschooling families of all types, in and around Western Montgomery County, PA. The group itself is secular, which means that we do not affiliate ourselves with any one faith.”


Lancaster Secular Homeschoolers

“We are a secular-based homeschool group in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania that fits somewhere between structured book learning and unschooling.”


PALS Pittsburgh

“PALS, which stands for People Always Learning Something is an eclectic, parent-run group of secular homeschoolers who run two 13-week sessions per year of enrichment classes, primarily taught by parents in our group.”


Pittsburgh Area Secular Homeschoolers

“This is a group for secular homeschool families in the greater Pittsburgh area with school aged children (5+) to share local information and get homeschool support. We aim for group participation with everyone contributing to the group in a meaningful way.”


Secular Homeschoolers of Clarion County (PA)

“SHCC is a secular, inclusive organization for home educators in Clarion County Pennsylvania (and surrounding areas). We promote learning in a non-faith-based, pro-science atmosphere and welcome all families and students who wish to learn with us. We offer support via local fieldtrips, enrichment classes, play-dates, and local outings. In the future, we hope to grow and provide multi-day trips, camp-outs, film screenings, book clubs, and more. “

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Rhode Island Secular Homeschool Groups


“ENRICHri is an inclusive, non-religious community which provides support, friendship, and guidance for homeschooling families in Southern New England and promotes homeschooling within the greater community. ENRICHri will achieve this purpose through promoting the development of a supportive homeschooling community for parents and children, providing opportunities for relevant, affordable, real-world learning and group homeschooling opportunities, and advocating for our members in the community.”

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South Carolina Secular Homeschool Groups


Hometown Homeschool Association of South Carolina (HHASC) 

“Hometown Homeschool Association of South Carolina (HHASC) is a secular, internet based option 3 homeschool association for South Carolina residents. We accept enrollment applications year-round.”


N.I.C.H.E. The Network of Inclusive Coastal Home Educators

“This is a Myrtle Beach to Pawley’s Island Home Schooling Support Group.N.I.C.H.E. is a diverse support group of home educating families tolerant of all members’ differences, be they religious, educational or political in nature. Thus we are inclusive and welcoming to all who desire to educate their own children in an atmosphere of mutual respect, tolerance and fun.”


Secular Unschoolers of South Carolina

“This is an online discussion/support group for unschoolers in South Carolina. We have no religious affiliation, and all are welcome. We can share ideas, resources, and support to help one another in our unschool journeys.”


South Carolina Secular Homeschoolers

“Just a place to share secular homeschool resources and activities and to meet other secular homeschoolers in the area. Our mission to create a safe space to offer support and community to homeschoolers who do not educate from a religious point of view.”

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South Dakota Secular Homeschool Groups

Black Hills Homeschool Association

“We are an inclusive group of home educating parents dedicated to empowering all homeschoolers in the Black Hills of South Dakota through Support, Encouragement and Education.”


Our Way of Learning Homeschool Collective

“We are an inclusive, nonprofit homeschool group serving the greater Sioux Falls area.  Our group is secular in nature, and is non-discriminatory on the basis of race, age, sex, religion, ethnic background, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or family composition.”

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Tennessee Secular Homeschool Groups

Chattanooga Area Secular Homeschoolers

“Secular, Non-Religious, Homeschooling families who live in the Chattanooga and surrounding areas.”


Homeschoolers of Memphis Eclectic

“The network’s membership includes various ethnicities and cultures, divergent spiritual and religious worldviews, assorted political and social philosophies, and a broad range of educational approaches involving children from all levels of ability in families of different shapes and sizes.”


Secular Homeschool Families of Southern Middle TN

“Secular homeschool families can be hard to find in our area. Our mission is to offer love, support, kindness, presence, understanding, inclusiveness, and a safe place for each other. “


State of Franklin Homeschoolers

“(SOFH) is an inclusive, secular home education support network, providing social, creative and educational opportunities for homeschooling families. Our homeschooling community supports all current or potential homeschoolers, regardless of their race, religion, creed, personal lifestyle, political ideology, or educational philosophy. Our members come from Northeast Tennessee, Southwest Virginia and Western North Carolina. Most meetings are held in Johnson City, TN or elsewhere in the Tri-Cities area.”

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Texas Secular Homeschool Groups

Austin Area Secular Homeschoolers

“This group is for Austin Area Secular Homeschoolers to network with each other and share events and other opportunities happening in the Austin and surrounding areas (Cedar Park, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Hutto, Georgetown, Dripping Springs, Leander, etc) .”


Baytown Secular Homeschool Chat

“This group will be for sharing links and resources as well as a place for those that are considering homeschooling and wanting to learn more or who have children that are under the age of 5 and looking for resources for their preschoolers. We welcome anyone here that is interested in Secular Homeschooling no matter what stage they are in the Homeschooling Journey.”


Burleson TX Secular Homeschoolers and Unschoolers

“For secular homeschool / unschool adults near Burleson Texas. For purposes of this group secular means that we keep religious beliefs separate from academic and from discussions in this group. “


Choice Homeschool Community

“CHC was born from one mom’s vision to maintain an inclusive and inviting space for all types of families in the Permian Basin. CHC welcomes everyone regardless of religion, political views, culture, learning abilities, or educational philosophy. Our vision is to encourage an engaging and fun learning environment, while also meeting everyone where they are!”


Cypress Inclusive Homeschoolers

This “is a non-hierachecal parent-led cooperative. Our philosophy revolves around mutual respect and communication. We are families of different backgrounds, beliefs, and homeschooling styles but we share one common goal: Join together to build a positive and diverse homeschooling community!”


Denton Area Association of Secular Homeschoolers (DASH)

“Denton area Association of Secular Homeschoolers (DASH) is a co-operative of homeschooling families based in Denton, Texas that meets every Friday year-round, except for the month of December…. Hanging out at the park, hands-on activities, classes and mini-camps, field trips and community service projects…all this and more are on our menu!”


Fort Hood Homeschoolers

This is “an inclusive group which welcomes families of all nationalities, races, spiritual beliefs, and homeschooling styles.”


Fort Worth Area Secular Homeschoolers

“This is a group for homeschoolers in the Fort Worth area looking for a community of friends that isn’t based on a common religion.”


Great Minds Learning Community

This is “a three-day secular, alternative micro-school catering to both gifted learners without learning differences and twice-exceptional learners (gifted with learning differences) grades 3-11 (for 2020-2021, adding 12th the following year). We welcome gifted students and twice-exceptional students with learning differences/challenges/disabilities, such as: dyslexia, ADHD/ADD, sensory processing challenges, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, chemical sensitivity and allergies, Asperger’s/High Functioning Autism, anxiety, or social difficulties.”


Homeschoolers East 

“Homeschoolers East (HSE) is a secular, inclusive, community-based homeschooling group in East Dallas, Texas. We are a thriving group of families with a wide variety of homeschooling methods and philosophies who have been coming together for over a decade. The families of Homeschoolers East meet weekly to hold classes, gather in community, and support each other in our choice to educate our children in our own unique way.


Inclusive Homeschooling Georgetown, TX

“A SECULAR (activities and discussions will have no religious basis) but INCLUSIVE group for anyone currently homeschooling. There are NO religious requirements…. Ideally, this should be a group for people roughly in the Georgetown, TX area. Feel free to share tips on curriculum, techniques, schedules, laws and more. Let’s meet up for play dates/breaks and educational opportunities. If this sounds like a good fit, and your child is at least 4 years of age, please request to join!”


Mid Cities Homeschool Group

“We are a secular homeschool group dedicated to providing friends, fun, field trips, and social gatherings.”


North TX Homeschooled Teens Social Group

“NTHTSG is a secular group for home schooled/unschooled teens (ages 13 through high school graduation), their families, and friends, who live within the Dallas/Fort Worth area.”


Parenting, Academics, and Leadership Support (PALS)

“PALS is an all-inclusive, secular, homeschool support group meeting in Humble, Spring and The Woodlands, Texas. All are welcome regardless of race, religion, home school style, etc…. No fees or statement of faith to join.”


San Angelo Inclusive Homeschoolers

“This group is for homeschoolers who wish to gather together from time to time to support one another, share ideas, and just have fun. This group is for all homeschooling families regardless of religion, ethnicity, or orientation.”


San Antonio Secular Homeschoolers

“This group is for those homeschooling specifically without a religious focus and is a place where questions can be asked or discussed without worry about opening religious or political debates.”


Secular Homeschoolers in Texas

“This group is for Secular Homeschoolers in Texas. Please understand that answering the questions to join are not optional. These questions help keep this group a positive and safe place to learn and help others.”


Secular Homeschoolers of North Texas

“A safe space for Secular Homeschoolers residing in North Texas proper to talk about the process of homeschooling, share ideas, events, curriculum, challenges and success stories.”


Secular Kids of NE Texas

“(SKoNET) is an activity group for families who believe in science as the basis for fact. It is a place for atheists, agnostics, and people of beliefs, but it has no religious affiliation.”


Triangle Homeschoolers

“Triangle Homeschoolers is a homeschooling support group for parents in the Golden Triangle area of Southeast Texas (Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange) and surrounding areas who are, or are interested in, homeschooling/unschooling their children.”


WORLDschool Co-op & Enrichment San Antonio

“WORLDschool Co-op & Enrichment SA History, Art, & Science homeschool enrichment A hands-on, project-based, Socratic centered enrichment classes and meet ups in SA.”

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Utah Secular Homeschool Groups

Northern Utah Secular Homeschoolers

“We live and homeschool in Northern Utah. We are SECULAR homeschoolers: our educational goals are separate from our religions (if any). We believe all religions should be respected, and at the same time many of us wish for curriculum that is not forced through a filter of a particular religion’s world view.”


Utah Secular Homeschool Crew

“This is a group to help accepting, open minded and secular homeschooling families come together to encourage and empower our children learn, free of bias, criticism or judgement.”

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Vermont Secular Homeschool Groups

Vermont Secular Homeschooling

“This is a group for secular homeschoolers in Vermont to share resources and support, to ask questions, and to gain a bit of community in the homeschooling world!”

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Virginia Secular Homeschool Groups

Compass Homeschool Program

“Compass Homeschool Program offers families in the northern Virginia and metropolitan DC areas a menu of high-quality, in-person classes in core, elective, and enrichment topics. Compass is a secular, inclusive program that offers a warm, welcoming community. Compass families represent a wide range of homeschooling philosophies, ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, races, religious beliefs, and political affiliations.”


Homeschool Out of the Box (HSOBX)

“Homeschool Out of the Box (HSOBX), a unique homeschooling co-op experience located near the intersection of Indian River Rd. and Military Highway. Two aspects of HSOBX set us apart from other quality home school experiences in the Tidewater, VA area: our commitment to high-level secular instruction and our dedication to developing a homeschooling community. We are known for our passionate instruction and strong bonds. If you’re looking for support, friendships and quality instruction for your homeschooling family, HSOBX is the home for you. We strive to maintain an inclusive community and would love for you to join us! Feel free to contact us, we would love to talk with you.”



“Secular and affordable, ala carte academic and enrichment classes for grades K-12 in Burke, VA.”


Secular Homeschooling in NoVA

This is a secular, inclusive group for those homeschooling/unschooling in Northern Virginia. People of all faiths are welcome, but the group is secular.


Secular Homeschooling in Virginia

“This group exists to facilitate the sharing of information, resources, curricula, events, advice, guidance, and experience, to help connect Virginia homeschooling families to each other, and to help all of us achieve a successful and rewarding homeschool life, together. We define “secular homeschooling” as an approach to education which relies on evidence-based texts and practices (as opposed to a strictly religiously determined approach to education) and rejects any oppressive and discriminatory norms that have come to be associated with a narrow and religious homeschooling. Secular does not mean atheist, and we emphasize that those of all faiths are welcome in the group. Additionally, a focus of this group will be to help each other incorporate anti-racist, anti-bias, anti-oppressive, and LGBTQ+ affirming curriculum into our personal homeschooling as well as any homeschooling groups we belong to.”

Tazewell Area Secular Homeschoolers 

“This group aims to serve Tazewell and the surrounding areas (even into southern WV if some secular homeschoolers are hanging out there). Hopefully, we can create some get-togethers, activities, and support.
Many define secular groups differently, so to be precise. This group will mean schooling without religion (regardless of faith or lack of faith). In addition, this group will be unapologetically science-minded, pro-unedited history, and support LGBTQ+.”



This is an inclusive organization for homeschoolers in the state of Virginia.

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Washington Secular Homeschool Groups

Awesome Vancouver WA Secular Homeschoolers

“An inclusive, secular group of homeschooling friends in the Vancouver, WA/Clark County metro area who get together for field trips and other fun events.”


K.A.S.H. of Clark County WA (Kick Ass Secular Homeschoolers)

“Many if not most of are Atheist/Agnostic, however we welcome all. However, being that we are secular, that means we view all religion as myths, not as fact. We are science based, so please no religious posts unless it relates to the study/comparison of religions, not as worship.”


Kitsap Secular Homeschoolers

“An *all-inclusive group of SECULAR Homeschoolers in Kitsap County, WA.”


Lewis-Clark Valley Secular Homeschoolers

“Lewis-Clark Valley Secular Homeschoolers is a group for local homeschoolers in and around the Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho region.”


North Kitsap Homeschool Community

“North Kitsap Homeschool Co-op is a secular group that meets weekly in Kitsap County.”


PNW Secular Homeschoolers

“This group a secular (non-religious), but totally inclusive, homeschooling group.”


Seattle Homeschool Group

“SHG is an inclusive community of Seattle-area homeschooling families supporting each other through resources, events, and online discussion.”


Sequim Secular Homeschool Co-op

“A Secular Homeschooling Co-op for families to play, learn and grow together. Grades k-12 (ages 5 to 18). We will do projects, and field trips.”


Spokane Secular Homeschoolers

“ A comfortable and safe place for secular homeschoolers to discuss ideas and curriculum.”


Washington State Secular Homeschoolers

“This group is for residents of Washington State who are homeschooling or unschooling without a religious focus in their homeschool. “

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West Virginia Secular Homeschool Groups

Mountaineer Secular Homeschoolers

“Mountaineer Secular Homeschoolers is a non-religious support group that reflects the diversity of the homeschooling community. Its members are committed to the idea that religious belief is a personal matter rather than a prerequisite of homeschooling support groups. Our members come from all over north central West Virginia (United States of America) and come with a variety of homeschooling styles and experience.”


Southern WV Secular Homeschoolers

“We are a Secular Homeschool Group serving the Beckley and surrounding areas. The goal is to find and unite the secular homeschool families in southern WV for activities and support.”


West Virginia Secular Homeschoolers

“This is an exclusively secular group for West Virginia homeschoolers. Secular means *no religion* so our members are free-thinkers, atheists, agnostics, and other non-religious homeschoolers. While we don’t deliberately offend those who are religious, we also won’t tiptoe around to avoid it.”

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Wisconsin Secular Homeschool Groups


“CIRCLE (Children Involved in a Respectful Co-operative Learning Environment) is an all-inclusive, secular homeschool community and does not discriminate against anyone regarding religion, politics, race, gender, sexuality, age, educational methods, or other differentiating factors. The group is open to families seeking a respectful co-operative learning environment and community. All ages are welcome, from infants through adults.



Sheboygan Secular Homeschool Group

“This is a secular homeschool group, if your family has religion you’re still welcome! Just ask that religion topics be kept off the board and if you recommend curriculum it be secular only.”


Wisconsin Secular Homeschoolers (Wi.S.H)

“This group is for secular homeschoolers in Wisconsin. By secular, this means not using religion in homeschooling materials.”

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Wyoming Secular Homeschool Groups

Cheyenne Secular Homeschoolers

“As we enter into our third year as an open, inclusive homeschooling group welcoming families in and around the Cheyenne, Wyoming area, we are working to become much more active.”


Sweetwater Homeschoolers

This is “is a loosely organized inclusive support group located in Rock Springs, Wyoming but serves all of Sweetwater County, including Green River, Wamsutter, Farson and Eden.”

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Canadian Secular Homeschool Groups

Canadian Secular Homeschoolers

“Just a nice little place to communicate with other secular homeschoolers. Share ideas/concerns, swap/sell books, find info, plan events and well anything that goes with homeschooling really.”


Homelearners South of the Fraser

“We are a secular Homelearners’ support network  for families   who live south of the mighty Fraser in the Lower Mainland of  Beautiful British Columbia.”


Secular Homeschoolers of Alberta

“This group is for all homeschoolers of Alberta – regardless of belief or educational philosophy – to share thoughts, ideas, resources, and for support.”


S.H.O.K. INFO Group (Secular Homeschoolers of Kamloops)

“This is a group for Kamloops and area homeschoolers and distributed learning families to get information and support each other.”


The Un/Homeschool Club Of Simcoe County

“Welcome to a safe, secular and inclusive Club for like minded families to connect and share homeschooling/unschooling resources, plan events and gain support from the community.”

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Secular Homeschool Groups In Other Countries

Secular Home Schoolers of Nova Scotia

“A support network for freethinking, agnostic and non-believers homeschooling in Nova Scotia.”

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