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ADD/ADHD Homeschool Resources

Resources and Information about Curriculum to Help You Teach and Support Your Homeschooler with ADD or ADHD

ADHD Resources and ADD Resources
By: Mindy Scirri, Ph.D. 
Disclaimer: Throughout this series, we will be using the diagnostic language and terms that most people who are searching the Internet will use to find information. We fully understand that using any term to categorize children may result in generalizations that may not apply to every child, stigmas associated with that term, and the possibility of overlooking the many beautiful positive traits that exist when we look at the whole child. We celebrate the differences that make us unique individuals and learners, and we write everything in this series with the hopes of benefiting all children and their families. Resources are provided as options for you, may not represent the views and opinions of A2Z Homeschooling, and in no way are meant to replace medical or other professional advice. 

Homeschooling a child with ADD or ADHD can certainly keep you on your toes! You know that you will have good days and less-than-good days, and you also know that the flexibility of homeschooling is exactly what you and your child need. Because you are homeschooling, you can make adjustments when your child’s focus is on everything but academics, and you can add challenging activities when your child is on point. You can also modify your instruction by using more engaging materials, changing the pacing of lessons, or providing additional scaffolding to keep your child on task.

You will learn amazing things from your child who pays attention to everything (often at the same time!), and you will be forced to be a super-teacher in a lot of ways. There is a plethora of information out there, and you need ADD and ADHD resources that will work for you and your family. Sometimes a few words of advice—even a bit of direct help—can be useful. Here are some ADD and ADHD resources for parents who have thrown down the gauntlet in their child’s education and taken on homeschooling ADD or ADHD:

Homeschool Curriculum for ADD/ADHD

ADD/ADHD Homeschool Supplemental Resources

Homeschool Programs for ADD/ADHD

Free ADD/ADHD Homeschool Resources

*This post contains affiliate links. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission. Although most of the resources listed here are free, those marked with a $ have a cost or require a fee/subscription in order to access the full range of materials.


Homeschool Curriculum for ADD/ADHD

Part of homeschooling ADHD or ADD successfully relies on choosing a homeschool curriculum that best fits the needs of your family. That means you want a high-quality homeschool curriculum for ADHD or ADD that is both affordable and has the flexibility your child needs. While there may be a lot of possibilities out there, some are known for their ease of use and modification while others were designed with your homeschooler with ADHD or ADD in mind. Look for resources that help you learn how to pick the best homeschool curriculum for ADHD, check out sites that share suggestions for the best homeschool curriculum for ADHD, and talk to other families who are homeschooling ADHD or ADD in your network. In the meantime, here are a few homeschool curriculums for ADHD/ADD to get you started:

A+ Interactive Math  $
If your child finds math particularly difficult, this may be the curriculum that works for you. “Our Adaptive Math Curriculum w/ Placement Test program identifies learning gaps and creates a “customized plan” to close learning gaps in math. Our After School Math Help service includes 24/7 access to our online learning portal PLUS weekly live online sessions with the Math Coach to ensure success…. We help students get back on a desired grade level.”

Adaptive Curriculum (AC) Home $
“AC Home helps students discover the wonders of science and the joy of learning math by explaining difficult concepts in clear, easy-to-follow lessons. Learning is personal, enabling students to follow at their own pace, on their schedule, while giving them the homework help they need with specific topics. They explore basic principles, build knowledge through real-world examples, work through math equations, conduct virtual experiments, observe the results and draw conclusions that help them understand and master concepts.

All About® Reading $
If your child struggles with reading and spelling, you may find this curriculum beneficial. All About® Reading is a “complete program that teaches phonics, decoding, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.” It has “4 levels, plus a pre-reading program, multisensory instruction, and scripted lessons in an easy-to-follow format so you never miss a step. Fun and engaging!” An All About® Spelling 7-level program is also available. Remember to download the free “20 Best Tips for Teaching Reading and Spelling” at the bottom of the home page.

BookShark Curriculum $
BookShark’s all-subject curriculum can support your child with ADD/ADHD because the curriculum facilitates differentiated instruction, employs solid teaching methodology, uses music to help memory and attention, and incorporates the Handwriting Without Tears program for students who struggle with fine motor/visual-motor integration. It also builds in the Spelling You See program for those who need support with spelling and phonological processing, is well-organized and easy to follow, makes monitoring progress manageable, and is easily adaptable to the needs of your child.

Laurel Springs School $
“With nearly 30 years of experience, Laurel Springs is innovating and leading online education with an expansive and rewarding K-12 curriculum built around each student’s interests, talents and passions.” You can enroll your homeschooler with ADD or ADHD full-time in the program or choose individual courses from web-based, project-based, or textbook-based curriculums.

Odysseyware® by Global Student Network $
“Odysseyware is a multi-award-winning online curriculum with dynamic, engaging lessons and interactive features designed for students in grades 3-12.  Odysseyware has an easy-to-use learning management system and includes over 300 standards-aligned courses, enriching electives, more than 80 CTE courses, and AP and test preparation courses.” Your homeschooler with ADD or ADHD may benefit from text-to-speech features that allow for audio of passages or even full lessons and built-in supports like assignments lists that show students what is due on each day.

RightStart™ for Homeschool $
“The RightStart™ Mathematics homeschool program is set up with levels, rather than grades, so that your child can begin at the proper level and advance at their own pace.” Read this review from a parent of two boys with ADHD, and then find out how RightStart™ can help your child.

Time4Learning Online Curriculum $
Find out how ADHD can affect learning, about ADHD and homeschooling, and what to look for in a homeschool curriculum for ADHD. Discover how Time4Learning’s flexible K-12 online curriculum can help your child with ADD or ADHD succeed, including self-paced content areas that can be individually set for different grade levels and the option for your child to review material and retake quizzes and tests until mastery.

WriteShop $
Read how ADHD can affect writing and then discover how WriteShop can help your child with specific instruction, reinforcement and repetition, strict parameters, bite-sized assignments, and projects that build writing skills.


ADD/ADHD Homeschool Supplemental Resources

Teaching a child with ADHD or ADD requires that you can think on your feet. Because you may need to substitute or expand on learning activities with your child, having some additional ADD or ADHD resources in your back pocket can be useful. A2Z Homeschooling has done some of the research for you, so check out these materials as you look for ways to supplement the learning of your child with ADD or ADHD:

Child 1st Publications $
Read “Strategies that Work for Children with Learning Challenges,” and then browse the multi-sensory products available for teaching preschool, the alphabet, reading, and math. Find out how the SnapWords® program can build your child’s reading ability and confidence. Free resources are also available.

Cory Stories: A Kid’s Book about Living with ADHD $
By Jeanne Kraus (Author), Whitney Martin (Illustrator)
“In short statements and vignettes, Cory describes what it’s like to have ADHD: how it affects his relationships with friends and family, his school performance, and his overall functioning. He also describes many ways of coping with ADHD: medication, therapy/counseling, and practical tips for school, home, and friendships.



Do2Learn $
Browse supplemental resources to help your child with ADD or ADHD build skills in academics, social skills, behavior management, and more.

Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key $
By Jack Gantos (Author)
“Joey Pigza’s got heart, he’s got a mom who loves him, and he’s got “dud meds,” which is what he calls the Ritalin pills that are supposed to even out his wild mood swings. Sometimes Joey makes bad choices.  As Joey knows, if he keeps making bad choices, he could just fall between the cracks for good. But he is determined not to let that happen. In this antic yet poignant new novel, Jack Gantos has perfect pitch in capturing the humor, the off-the-wall intensity, and the serious challenges that life presents to a kid dealing with hyper-activity and related disorders.” 

Marvin’s Monster Diary: ADHD Attacks! (But I Rock It, Big Time) $
By Raun Melmed (Author)
“In the same humorous spirit of Diary of a Wimpy Kid comes Marvin’s Monster Diary: ADHD Attacks! (And I Rock It, Big Time). Using the “monstercam” and “ST4” techniques developed by Dr. Raun Melmed of the Melmed Center in Arizona, Marvin’s Monster Diary teaches kids how to be mindful, observe their surroundings, and take time to think about their actions. Marvin’s hilarious doodles and diary entries chronicle his delightful adventures, misadventures, and eventual triumph in a funny, relatable way.”

Mrs. Gorksi, I Think I Have the Wiggle Fidgets $
Barbara Esham (Author), Mike Gordon (Illustrator)
“This award-winning story is a simple introduction to ADD and ADHD and the creative ways of finding solutions to the challenges that ADHD can create. Used as a beginners ADHD workbook by many, Mrs. Gorski, I Think I Have the Wiggle Fidgets makes for the perfect addition to any home or school library.” 

No, David! $
By David Shannon (Author)
“Over fifteen years after its initial publication, NO, DAVID! remains a perennial household favorite, delighting children, parents, and teachers alike. David is a beloved character, whose unabashed good humor, mischievous smile, and laughter-inducing antics underline the love parents have for their children–even when they misbehave.

 Remedia Publications $
“At Remedia, we know that ‘one size does not fit all.’ Our mission is to provide materials to teachers, speech pathologists, curriculum specialists, and even parents who educate students with special needs and learning differences, as well as students struggling in regular education and intervention settings.” Find materials on life skills, electronic learning, and thinking skills, in addition to academic area resources.

Super Duper® Publications $
Find products here to help your child with ADD or ADHD in the areas of auditory processing, gross/fine motor skills, language, critical thinking, emotions and behavior, social skills, and more.


Homeschool Programs for ADD/ADHD

Because there are so many resources available, you can learn a lot about ADD or ADHD and homeschooling. ADD/ADHD special education is doable, but sometimes you—as the homeschool parent—may need to reach out for some support. Perhaps you only need to make a quick connection to get advice, or you may need more long-term support in the form of tutoring or a structured program. First, give yourself a pat on the back for accepting assistance. Then do some research. You can take a look at these resources to start:

3D Learner $
“Dyslexia. ADHD. Learning deficit? Now what? Your child’s brain processes things differently. We do things differently, too. We teach holistically, focusing on many aspects of your child. While teaching a particular subject, we also teach them how to cope with frustrations and positive behavior. We teach them how to succeed. Contact us for a free consultation.”

LD Hope $
“Instead of focusing on a specific subject matter and distracting exercises, LDHope pinpoints a means with which to address many of the causes of learning difficulties for individuals of any age, including discouraged students, ADHD, at risk, dyslexic, and special education students. LDHope is a multi-sensory, interactive learning system that individualizes remediation through technology. This educational therapy method has experienced significant success because it focuses on long-term solutions by strengthening the student’s learning patterns and permanently improving academic performance.”

Learn Differently $
“Wondering how to adapt homeschool for children who learn differently? If your children have dyslexia or other learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, or other challenges, Kathy can give you practical advice to keep you going and work smarter, whether you’re considering homeschooling or have taught your own kids or teens for years.” 

The National Academy for Child Development (NACD) Homeschool Programs $
Although not specifically for ADD or ADHD, NACD may be able to help in your planning. “Based on a neuro-educational assessment of your child, the NACD staff is able to customize a program of teaching strategies that will best allow the child to make rapid advancement. Not only does the program address your child’s educational needs, but it also provides activities to improve your child’s cognitive functioning. Parents wanting to use the instructional materials that they already have are given very specific instructional strategies to maximize the benefits of those materials…. Parents are provided with continuing support through phone conferences, video reviews, and a support staff standing by to answer any and all questions.”


ADHD Resources and ADD Resources


Free ADD/ADHD Homeschool Resources

Homeschooling kids with ADHD or ADD can add additional expense because you may need to expand the collection of materials you have available for learning. You may also pay more for specialized instructional resources. Luckily, there are free ADD and ADHD resources available to benefit your homeschool. Here are some that we have found:

Activities & Resources for While You’re Home with Kids with Special Needs | Exceptional Lives
Discover learning activities and therapy activities for your child, including materials to help with brain breaks, self-advocacy, handwriting, occupational therapy, and more.

ADHD | Free Spirit Publishing®
Browse this collection of free online resources that you can access from home for your child with ADHD.

ADHD | SEN Teacher
Explore the free special needs teaching resources collected here, including printables, downloads, search tools, and web links.

ADHD | TeacherVision
Discover free teaching resources for children with ADHD arranged by grade levels.

Can Do! Kids!
When kids struggle with academics, sometimes they forget about the many strengths they have. Try these activities that focus on helping your child “realize and appreciate their abilities as they try to accomplish their goals and reach their dreams.”

Free Calm Down Kit Printables | And Next Comes L 
Calm down kits can help your child build self-regulation and coping skills. Check out the suggested list of things to include in a calm down kit, and then use the printables to get you started. 

Learning Support Resources 
This is a public Facebook page that shares “free resources for kids, especially those who learn differently.” Feel free to browse since no membership is required. 

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Check out our Homeschooling ADHD and ADD page for tips, advice, support groups, and other resources, as well as our Special Needs section for even more ideas! 


Homeschooling Special Needs  

Have you found the best homeschool curriculum for ADD or ADHD or know of other teaching resources for families who are homeschooling kids with ADD or ADHD? Please share your comments below….

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