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Autism Homeschool Resources

Free Resources to Help You Teach and Support Your Homeschooler with Autism

By: Mindy Scirri, Ph.D.
Disclaimer: Throughout this series, we will be using the diagnostic language and terms that most people who are searching the Internet will use to find information. We fully understand that using any term to categorize children may result in generalizations that may not apply to every child, stigmas associated with that term, and the possibility of overlooking the many beautiful positive traits that exist when we look at the whole child. We celebrate the differences that make us unique individuals and learners, and we write everything in this series with the hopes of benefiting all children and their families. Resources are provided as options for you, may not represent the views and opinions of A2Z Homeschooling, and in no way are meant to replace medical or other professional advice.

Homeschooling is a great way for parents to provide an education that meets the individual needs of their children. This can be especially helpful when a child is on the autism spectrum. Homeschooling children with autism can be challenging but also extremely rewarding.

Before starting, it is important to understand how to meet the needs of a child with autism. Autism spokesperson Temple Grandin has great teaching tips for children and adults with autism. Many families find that homeschooling with online programs works best for their child and their family. Time4learning provides information about the benefits of online homeschooling programs for children with autism.

No matter what route you take, it is always great to have a collection of free resources available. We have compiled such a list just for you!

Autism Homeschool Resources

General & Academic

Autism Homeschool Resources

Communication & Social Skills

Autism Homeschool Resources

Self-Regulation & Executive Function

Autism Homeschool Resources

Sensory & Motor


Autism Homeschool Resources – General & Academic

Autism websites and resources are all over the Internet. You just have to look! However, searching through a bunch of irrelevant websites can be both time-consuming and frustrating. Here are some resources to get you started:

10 Best Assistive Tech Apps for Children with Autism | DailyWireless
“Looking for apps to help with education, daily life, and communication? We reveal the best assistive tech apps for children with autism.”

Activities You Can Do at Home! A Free Resource for Parents, Caregivers, and Children on the Spectrum! | Easterseals Michigan
“If you have a child on the spectrum, this activity book can help you find new, fun things that you can do together.

Autism Awareness Printables | ThoughtCo.
Learning about autism can be part of your homeschool experience. Find information as well as printable worksheets, door hangers, coloring pages, and more.

Autism Resources for Teachers | Noodle Nook
Find free printables for teaching language arts, including phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing; creating math centers; assessing vocabulary levels; and more. Also check out Noodle Nook’s 10 Free Printable Math Centers for K-5 & Autism Units.

Fabulous and Free Autism Resources for Parents | Special Learning House
“This collection of free autism resources will help you choose fun and engaging activities for your child with autism. These activities will help you build communication, interaction, self-help (think, teeth brushing!) and sensory skills, while also helping you to decrease frustration and meltdowns. Sound good?” Also be sure to access a free printable pointing book as a way to increase your child’s vocabulary.

Free Autism Resources | InfiniTeach
These resources are “created by InfiniTeach for families, teachers, and individuals with ASD.” Find resources that can support academics, behavior, communication, community, daily living, socialization, and more.

Free Printable Templates | Educate Autism
Here is a collection of free printable templates related to the body, colors, sight words, emotions and expressions, handwriting, and so much more.

Free Resource Library | Autism Classroom News & Resources
“Sign up and join thousands who have access to free materials, webinars, and tips in my resource library.” The site and resource collection are brought to you by Christine Reeve, Ph.D., BCBA-D.

Free Resources for Families of Children with Autism and Other Special Needs During the Coronavirus | Stages Learning Materials
In addition to suggestions for dealing with the pandemic, this site contains resources for organization and maintaining a routine and educating your child. Subject-specific resources are also available for language arts, math, science, social studies, arts, and more. Also be sure to browse the free downloads section for a free language builder app, emotion cards, and more.

Learning Support Resources
This is a public Facebook page that shares “free resources for kids, especially those who learn differently.” Feel free to browse since no membership is required.

Practical Autism Resources
“Browse through more than 100 pages of free printable items suitable for task creation and data collection. This site provides resources for word/picture associations, behavior, communication/social data, home/school logs, and much more.

Sesame Street and Autism
Find information on autism, videos and interactives for kids, storybooks, and parent videos. You can also sign up for a newsletter to keep in the loop.

Tech Safety Guide for Parents of Children with ASD | Internet Service Providers 
Even though technology can be such a benefit to your child’s learning, tech safety can be a related challenge. Learn how to safely use technology to help your child with autism learn and develop.

Utilizing Mobile Technology for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder | Verizon
Learn how to use technology to help your child with communication, social-emotional, and functional life skills.



Autism Homeschool Resources


Autism Homeschool Resources – Communication & Social Skills

Communication and social skills may be difficult for your child with autism, but there are many resources that can help. Here are just a few:

28+ Autism Activities: Communication, Fine Motor, Sensory Play, Playdough Stamping & More! | Special Learning House
This list of activities can help your child with autism build and practice important skills. Each activity is linked to more information, so you can try them all!

Autism Social Skills: How to Enhance Social Interaction | Autism Parenting Magazine 
Tips and ideas to help you enhance social interactions for your child with autism.

Free Social Skills Downloads | Autism Teaching Strategies
“Here are dozens of free autism social skills teaching resources, most with free downloads. The resources vary in difficulty and can be used to children between age 6 and age 18.”

Printable Picture Cards | do2Learn
Download and print these free printable picture cards to help your child with communication and identification. Use them for schedules or to tell stories, or lots of other uses.


Autism Homeschool Resources – Self-Regulation & Executive Function

Part of your curriculum may be working on identifying and self-regulating emotions or on related executive function skills like organization and planning. Here are some resources that can help you:

Free Calm Down Kit Printables | And Next Comes L
Calm down kits can help your child build self-regulation and coping skills. Check out the suggested list of things to include in a calm down kit, and then use the printables to get you started.



Minecraft & Autism | Learning Works for Kids 
Find out how you can use Minecraft as a learning tool for your child with autism. A series of projects are suggested, so your child can enjoy learning while building important skills like self-awareness, flexibility, self-control, and planning and organization.

Today I feel… Daily Emotions Activity
This free printable can help you get your child with autism to recognize facial expressions and talk about emotions.


Autism Homeschool Resources – Sensory & Motor

Arts and crafts can be a great way to build fine motor skills and sensory management in your child with autism. Here are lots of activities for you to try in your homeschool:

5 Simple Art Projects for a Child with Special Needs | Autism Parenting Magazine
Develop important motor skills with these fun art projects: Natural Art, Ice Cube Art, Play Dough Family, Make Your Own T-Shirt, and Sandpaper Art.

7 Sensory Arts & Craft Projects for Children with Autism | Red Tricycle
Paint with plastic bags, create sand art, or make Styrofoam sculptures. Have fun with these crafts while helping your child with autism manage the sensory input.

10 Easy Crafts for Kids with Motor Disabilities | Coach Art
“Our mission at CoachArt is to create a transformative arts and athletics community for kids impacted by childhood chronic illness. For parents, guardians, and caregivers who want to provide enriching crafts for children with physical conditions, we’ve compiled a list of resources along with these 10 Easy Crafts for Kids with Motor Disabilities.”



10 Fun Activities for Children with Autism | Education.com 
“Craft activities are fun for everyone, but for children on the autism spectrum, the opportunity to explore color, shape, and sensory experiences can stimulate attention, foster calm, and create loads of fun! Here are 10 activities that teachers and parents love to do with their special needs children.

28+ Autism Activities: Communication, Fine Motor, Sensory Play, Playdough Stamping & More! | Special Learning House
This list of activities can help your child with autism build and practice important skills. Each activity is linked to more information, so you can try them all!

42 Sensory Crafts for Kids with Autism, SPD, and ADHD | Sensory Mom Advocate
Find a collection of crafts that focus on input from each of the five senses. Enjoy these crafts while stimulating the senses.



Arts and Crafts Projects to Build Skills for Kids with Autism | Harkla
“When children are engaged in play, they are learning and developing critical fine motor, visual motor, and sensory motor skills that are often the focus of “therapy.” Parents at home can promote their child’s development by creating opportunities for play. Regardless of where your child is along their developmental journey, we’ve come up with a few therapy-inspired activities that are simple enough for parents and kids alike!”

Sensory Play! 101 Sensory Activities for Kids with Autism | Meraki Lane 
“By stimulating the senses through what’s called Sensory Play or Sensory Activity, we can help develop our children’s creativity while also encouraging social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and linguistic development. Sensory play also helps strengthen the brain’s neural pathways and connections which leads to greater learning potential.” Check out this collection of 101 activities!

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Remember to explore our Homeschooling Autism page for tips, advice, support groups, and other resources, as well as our Special Needs section for even more ideas!


Know of other free autism homeschool resources? Please share them in the comments below….

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