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Homeschooling Twice Exceptional / 2e

Tips, Advice, and Networks to Support Your Family when Homeschooling Gifted Students with Learning Disabilities

Gifted Children With Learning DisabilitiesBy: Mindy Scirri, Ph.D. 
Disclaimer: Throughout this series, we will be using the diagnostic language and terms that most people who are searching the Internet will use to find information. We fully understand that using any term to categorize children may result in generalizations that may not apply to every child, stigmas associated with that term, and the possibility of overlooking the many beautiful positive traits that exist when we look at the whole child. We celebrate the differences that make us unique individuals and learners, and we write everything in this series with the hopes of benefiting all children and their families. Resources are provided as options for you, may not represent the views and opinions of A2Z Homeschooling, and in no way are meant to replace medical or other professional advice. 

All kids are different. You know that. However, your child seems particularly able to confuse you and others, especially when it comes to learning. Your child seems to have extreme knowledge and skills in certain areas but has equally as much difficulty in others. You may have heard the term “twice exceptional” or “2e,” and you may have researched characteristics of gifted students with learning disabilities. Perhaps you even have official documentation of both of those labels. Now you are homeschooling this fascinating—but sometimes puzzling—child, and you need resources. We can help!

You may find what you need by looking at resources aimed at homeschooling gifted children or those that focus on homeschooling children with learning disabilities. You also need specific resources that bring both of these worlds together. You need resources that help you extend your child’s amazing potential while also supporting your child’s challenge areas and self-confidence. You need, essentially, resources that are designed specifically for homeschoolers of twice exceptional children, and these resources are out there.

Keep reading for information, advice, and sources of support as you and your incredible child continue this homeschooling journey: 

Tips and Considerations for Homeschooling Twice Exceptional/2e 

Advice and Stories from Families Who Are Homeschooling Twice Exceptional/2e
Support Groups for Homeschooling Twice Exceptional/2e 

Other Resources on Twice Exceptional/ 2e 

*This post contains affiliate links. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission. Although most of the resources listed here are free, those marked with a $ have a cost or require a fee/subscription in order to access the full range of materials. 


Tips and Considerations for Homeschooling Twice Exceptional/ 2e 

How do you homeschool learners with disabilities who also show high levels of giftedness and talents? You could go to school for… forever… and get a teaching certification and graduate degrees in special education and gifted education. Or you could simply study your own child… and then learn the rest as you go. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources out there for how to teach children who are twice exceptional:


Homeschooling 2e
Find information about homeschooling kids who are twice-exceptional, including blogs, resources, and free printables.


Making the Choice: When Typical School Doesn’t Fit Your Atypical Child (Perspectives in Gifted Homeschooling) $
By Corin Barsily Goodwin (Author), Mika Gustavson MFT (Author), Sarah J. Wilson (Editor)
“Do you sense things aren’t quite right with your child’s school experience? Maybe your child is clearly struggling or, perhaps, your child is doing all right, but you believe something is lacking? Instead of trying to force your child to fit into school, perhaps it is time to consider finding educational options that fully address your child’s academic and emotional needs. In Making the Choice, Corin Barsily Goodwin, Executive Director of the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum (GHF), and Mika Gustavson, MFT, discuss how giftedness and twice exceptionality (gifted plus learning differences or “invisible disabilities”) might affect the educational needs of your child. They also consider a variety of options regarding educational choices and the path to making them. Finally, they provide some questions (and hopefully answers) intended to help you make your way along this path.”


Micro-Schools: Creating Personalized Learning on a Budget (Perspective in Gifted Homeschooling) (Volume 9) $
By Jade Rivera, Sarah J Wilson (Editor)
“Gifted and twice-exceptional students often struggle to fit in traditional classrooms, and homeschooling isn’t always an option. Enter Micro-Schools: an educational option bridging the gap. Micro-schools offer personalized learning in a school setting led by instructors who understand the nuances and needs of gifted and 2e kids. Starting your own micro-school may seem daunting, but a successful micro-school doesn’t require a huge budget or the latest “everything.” Instead, it requires a passionate individual at the helm. One like Jade Rivera, author of “Micro-Schools: Creating Personalized Learning on a Budget.” In her latest book, Jade shares her successes and challenges working in and starting micro-schools. She discusses how to organize your school, hire the best instructors, work with parents, create an open and accepting environment, and so much more. After reading Jade’s book, you’ll be inspired to get your own micro-school up and running, ready to serve the gifted and 2e students in your community.”


Tips for Parents: Homeschooling Twice Exceptional Children | Davidson Institute
Find out why homeschooling is a good option for children who are considered twice exceptional.


Advice and Stories from Families Who Are Homeschooling Twice Exceptional/ 2e 

You are not the first family to have the opportunity to share in the education of a gifted child who also happens to have learning disabilities. Sometimes the stories and advice of other families like yours can be extremely valuable to you. Teaching gifted children with learning disabilities takes some figuring out and perseverance. Check out these stories and pieces of advice to see if they can help you in your homeschool:


BJ’s Homeschool
This site shares information from a family who homeschooled their daughter who is twice exceptional. Their daughter has since graduated from college, cum laude.


The Call to Brilliance: A True Story to Inspire Parents and Educators $
By Resa Steindel Brown (Author), Joseph Chilton Pearce (Introduction), and William Glasser (Foreword)
Resa Steindel Brown’s expertise is in building educational processes and environments that enable children to find their passion and develop their individual and innate brilliance. She has been involved in alternative education since 1970 and homeschooling since 1987. She homeschooled her own three children from kindergarten to college.” This original true story “describes the first successful school model where all children excel; it shows how to find a child’s interests, fuel interest into passion, and passion into brilliance. The book abounds in the success stories of children who achieved extraordinary accomplishments, many in spite of ADHD and learning disabilities, and all before the age of eighteen.”


Educating Your Gifted Child: How One Public School Teacher Embraced Homeschooling by [Celi Trepanier, Sarah Wilson]Educating Your Gifted Child: How One Public School Teacher Embraced Homeschooling (Perspectives in Gifted Homeschooling) (Volume 6) $
By Celi Trépanier (Author), Sarah J. Wilson (Author)
“What would make a dedicated public school teacher decide to homeschool her own children? In her new book, “Educating Your Gifted Child: How One Public School Teacher Embraced Homeschooling,” Celi Trépanier shares her journey from a top teacher in traditional schools to a disillusioned parent struggling to get an appropriate and challenging education for her gifted sons. How is the current educational system failing our gifted and twice-exceptional students? How can parents fight for the education their children need and deserve? What options do parents and their gifted children have? Celi addresses these concerns and more in ‘Educating Your Gifted Child’.”


Homeschooling Twice Exceptional Kids | Raising Lifelong Learners
Colleen Kessler, former public school gifted educator and homeschooler of four gifted/twice exceptional children, offers loads of information through blogs, podcasts, and books.



How We Got Here: Our Unexpected Journey into Homeschooling
Discover Mary Paul’s experiences while homeschooling her twice-exceptional child, including the difficulty of the choice to homeschool.


I Homeschool because… My Children are Twice Exceptional | The Homeschool Resource Room
Find out why a six-year-old little girl was thrown out of Kindergarten even though she was reading at a sixth-grade level. Discover her mother’s story about how homeschooling made the difference.


Learning Disabled and Gifted: A Homeschool Perspective | LD Online
Read Terrie Lynn Bittner’s account about homeschooling a daughter who was both gifted and had a learning disability. She shares how discovering more about her daughter led to an understanding of her own childhood.



Twice Exceptional | SEA Homeschoolers 2e
Blair Lee, parent of a son who is twice-exceptional, shares the family’s homeschooling experience.


Twice Exceptional Homeschooling | My Little Poppies
Cait Fitz, school psychologist and homeschool mother of three gifted/2e kids, shares experiences and resources for homeschooling gifted and twice-exceptional children. Find information, courses, books, and other resources about gifted and twice-exceptional kids.


Yes, Your 2e Child Should Be Homeschooled | Simplify Homeschool
Jill Harper is a homeschooler who shares why homeschooling can be the right choice for educating gifted students with learning disabilities.


Support Groups for Homeschooling Twice Exceptional/ 2e

Perhaps the best action you can take is to connect directly with other families who are homeschooling gifted children with learning disabilities. You can join general homeschool support groups or special needs homeschool support groups, but for your specific homeschool, you may need the guidance and moral support of other homeschoolers who have been down, or are on, the same road. Here are some support groups that are looking for families just like yours:


Gifted and 2e: For Secular Eclectic Academic Homeschoolers Members
Secular Eclectic Academics Homeschoolers Gifted and Twice-Exceptional is a support group for parents who are homeschooling gifted and twice-exceptional students. Twice-exceptional students are students who have been identified as being gifted and having a learning disability. Most children are identified as gifted or 2E during testing either at a school or in a private setting. This is a support group and is a shoot-off of Secular Eclectic Academics Homeschoolers…. Potential members need to be a member of the Secular, Eclectic, Academic Homeschoolers group.”


Gifted Homeschoolers Forum (GHF) Discussion Group
Gifted Homeschoolers Forum is a non-profit, volunteer organization that works to support, educate and advocate for families of gifted and twice-exceptional (2e) children around the world. We support individualized learning and are working to change the way the world views neurodiversity and education.”


“Homeschooling2e is a blog about our life: raising and teaching a twice exceptional child. Hi, I’m Mary. Mom to the Engineer (5) the Princess (3) and the Destroyer (almost 2.) We decided to homeschool the Engineer because he’s a 2e kiddo and won’t be able to function well in a traditional classroom setting. All free printables are for personal, educational use only.”


Homeschooling for Twice Exceptional-2e Kids
“This group was designed for homeschooling parents and educators of gifted 2E children. This is a place to get advice, support, and love from other parents going through a similar situation.”


Or you can look for local or regional gifted homeschooling support groups like these…

UK Gifted Home Educators
“For those home educating (or considering it) gifted/ talented/ high learning potential children and young adults. We are a group of home educating families who can offer support as well as sharing experiences and resources to help with the challenges and joys involved in bringing up and home educating gifted/ 2E children. We welcome all parenting and home educating styles.”


Other Resources on Twice Exceptional/ 2e 

Resources on homeschooling twice exceptional students are obviously most relevant, but sometimes reading about research, professional opinions, and teaching techniques can also be beneficial. Here are some resources that focus on gifted children with learning disabilities but do not specifically target homeschooling:


2e Twice Exceptional Newsletter
The subject of the bi-monthly publication is twice-exceptional children, those who are gifted and have learning and/or attention difficulties. You can also benefit from the service provider database.


The Challenges of Twice-Exceptional Kids | Understood
Discover how children who are gifted and have learning differences learn and think, are easily overlooked, can be identified, and often have social and emotional challenges. Find suggestions for how you can help your child.  


Gifted and Learning Disabled: Twice Exceptional Students | The National Research Center on Gifted and Talented – University of Connecticut
Read about student characteristics, identification, and curricular needs of gifted students with learning disabilities.



Gifted Today – Twice Exceptional | Duke University Talent Identification Program
Read these blog posts for parents and teachers, covering all kinds of topics related to educating twice-exceptional kids.


Intellectually Gifted Students Often Have Learning Disabilities | The Conversation
Read about identifying a gifted student with disabilities and the consequences of not doing so.


Misdiagnosis | Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG)
“Intellectually gifted people, whose needs are neglected or misunderstood, may exhibit traits and behaviors that resemble conditions like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), for example. Misdiagnosis can result in unnecessary medication and unintended harm.” Check the Mental Health Provider Directory for a list of professionals who can help with assessing of gifted and talented children, including those who are twice-exceptional. You also download a brochure on misdiagnosis to share with your provider.


Prufrock Press $
“For more than 31 years, teachers and parents have looked to Prufrock Press for professional learning resources, gifted child identification instruments, and curricula designed for gifted students, advanced learners, and twice-exceptional children.” Browse their collection of books, learning materials, and other resources.


Supporting Twice-Exceptional Students | National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC)
Find out how you can organize space and workload, focus on strengths, and find peers to support your gifted child with learning disabilities.


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Also be sure to check out our Special Needs section for more information and resources to help you teach and support your gifted homeschooler with learning disabilities! 

Homeschooling Special Needs

Have you been homeschooling a gifted child with learning disabilities? Help new homeschooling families by sharing your suggestions in the comments below….  If you are new to homeschooling, feel free to ask questions as well….

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